St. Louis Deaths (September 1857 thru December 1858)

Compiled by Dave Lossos © 2004

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This data is a part of the packet of information that I received from the Missouri Archives. It contains approximately 1400 death records recorded in the city of St. Louis from September through December of 1857. I will continue to publish here until I send the completed packet back to the Missouri Archives for publishing on their website.

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Administered by the State of Missouri's Secretary of State, this website will eventually contain all the early St. Louis Birth and Death records. This data is being transcribed by volunteers like you and me.

If you spot someone of interest please contact me for additional information that I might have recorded (some of the more commonly filled in fields include age, sex, location, cause of death, place of nativity, etc.) Send questions to Dave Lossos

Bellefontaine Abby E. Damon 40Y10M8D
Bellefontaine Abraham Cocker 50
Bellefontaine Agnes Eagles? 2y2m9d
Bellefontaine Alex T. Douglas 64
Bellefontaine Alfred Jones
Bellefontaine Alice Small 9m
Bellefontaine Alma May Wislon 29d
Bellefontaine Amanda Horvath 7m
Bellefontaine Amelia Coolidge 12
Bellefontaine Anna E. Bain 1y3m
Bellefontaine Annie Poulterer 1y?
Bellefontaine Aphia H. Baills 39
Bellefontaine Augt D. Pomeroy 38y1m29d
Bellefontaine Augustus R. Hynson 1y1m
Bellefontaine Byron Field White 1y5m
Bellefontaine C. M. Alexander 1Y5M8D
Bellefontaine C. McKay Moulton 36y7m11d
Bellefontaine Caroline W. Bosservie 30
Bellefontaine Charles Barbour 9
Bellefontaine Chas A Amos 2y27d
Bellefontaine Chas W. Saltmarsh 46
Bellefontaine Chas. Kindon 46
Bellefontaine Cosby Seaman 2
Bellefontaine Cudith M. Martin 73y22d
Bellefontaine Cyprian Rudolph 40
Bellefontaine D??? M Cauty 7m
Bellefontaine Danl Annfield 29y5m16d
Bellefontaine David I Morrow 40y9m
Bellefontaine David Warden 16d
Bellefontaine Delano Cotterel 62y9m
Bellefontaine Edwin Ba??? ???? 1y5m
Bellefontaine Eliot Clark 2
Bellefontaine Eliza D McNair 35
Bellefontaine Eliza Goodfellow 10m
Bellefontaine Elizabeth Ann Cool 34
Bellefontaine Elizabeth Hoge Lausing 1y10m14d
Bellefontaine Elizabeth W. Mem?? 45
Bellefontaine Emelie P. Shapleigh 5y3m12d
Bellefontaine Emma E Kist 6y10m
Bellefontaine Eudera V. Kneves 8y11m
Bellefontaine Eva Jane Boardman 2y9m
Bellefontaine Fanny King 38
Bellefontaine Frances Beardsley 24y9m29d
Bellefontaine Francis Berry 46
Bellefontaine Francis Rickman 29
Bellefontaine Gardner Goodrich 30d
Bellefontaine Ge?giana E Mudge
Bellefontaine Geo Smith 5
Bellefontaine Geo W. Diehl 33
Bellefontaine Geo. A. Gay 41
Bellefontaine Gertrude Fowler 5y5m17d
Bellefontaine Harry Bacon Reed 3y4m19d
Bellefontaine Helen Eliza McDowell 49y10m7d
Bellefontaine Henretta Hopkins 8y8m
Bellefontaine Henrietta Wilkinson 26
Bellefontaine Hy A McDonald 33
Bellefontaine Hy Whitehusrt 2
Bellefontaine Ida Jane Smith 1y8m
Bellefontaine Infant of Abel Seelye 10 hours
Bellefontaine Infant of Chas Burno 3 hours
Bellefontaine Infant of J & E. Dougherty 3d
Bellefontaine Infant of Jno F. Finney 0
Bellefontaine Infant of LeRoy Ringsland 0
Bellefontaine infant of R??l Ulrici 0
Bellefontaine Infant of Wm Flack 0
Bellefontaine Inft of Geo F Martin
Bellefontaine Inft of J. R. Baldwin ?
Bellefontaine Isaac I. Coope 32
Bellefontaine Jane Sterling 1y8m
Bellefontaine Jane T. Al?vdevard 10m11d
Bellefontaine Jas Cow?? 38y13d
Bellefontaine Jas H. Gillespie 72y9m21d
Bellefontaine Jas Heely 39Y9M12D
Bellefontaine Jas John Dunni 1y4m
Bellefontaine Jas Sylvester Pegg 2m2d
Bellefontaine Jas T King 42
Bellefontaine Jas. Harris Booge 1y8m
Bellefontaine Jno Peterson 40
Bellefontaine Jo? Connelly 36
Bellefontaine John Alf 24
Bellefontaine John Dunham 2
Bellefontaine John F. Altemus 42
Bellefontaine John Fenn 82
Bellefontaine John Spicer 40
Bellefontaine Jos R. Tyler 28
Bellefontaine Jos Wm Fyzack 26
Bellefontaine Julia A. ???ston 23
Bellefontaine Kate Ashbrook 1y6m4d
Bellefontaine Laura M. Blackwood 1y7m6d
Bellefontaine Laura White Tooly 2y6m
Bellefontaine Lena R??? 12Y2M23D
Bellefontaine Leo Strbl 4Y1M
Bellefontaine Levi C. Hathaway 1y5m28d
Bellefontaine Levi Churchill 44y3m8d
Bellefontaine Lewis A. Carr 1y6m23d
Bellefontaine Lizzie H Houseman 10y2m5d
Bellefontaine Lizzie Johann 4d
Bellefontaine Louisa Roye 1
Bellefontaine Lucien H. Whipple 1y2m
Bellefontaine Lydia A Whiting 6m17d
Bellefontaine Mabel T Tobias 7m23d
Bellefontaine Maggie Whitley 2m14d
Bellefontaine Margaret A. Welch ?m
Bellefontaine Margaret Gildersleeve 71
Bellefontaine Maria Louise Allen 1y22d
Bellefontaine Maria Nickman 22
Bellefontaine Marshal Whipple 5
Bellefontaine Martha Eliza Go?de 1y6m16d
Bellefontaine Mary ?. Andrews 1y5m3d
Bellefontaine Mary A Seal 24y2m18d
Bellefontaine Mary Amos 66
Bellefontaine Mary Ann Breden 10y11m15d
Bellefontaine Mary Ann Humphreys 58y3m18d
Bellefontaine Mary Clara Day 27
Bellefontaine Mary F. Hasg?? 26Y4M
Bellefontaine Mary Green 1y18
Bellefontaine Mary Hespis 15
Bellefontaine Mary Hitt 1y6m16d
Bellefontaine Mary S. Lake 1y1m2d
Bellefontaine Mary Wilson 20
Bellefontaine Mathau Sanford 42y7m
Bellefontaine Matilda Klipstem 9m15d
Bellefontaine May Keller 1y6m20d
Bellefontaine Michael Aliles 45
Bellefontaine Nancy Booge 1y10m
Bellefontaine Onelin Huff 19
Bellefontaine R???? Booth 61
Bellefontaine Richard S Blannerhasset 46y1m10d
Bellefontaine Robt Magraw 1
Bellefontaine Rowena Vaughan 1
Bellefontaine Sallie B. ??alters 8m
Bellefontaine Saml Coward?? 5d
Bellefontaine Sarah J. V. Barrows 32y6m
Bellefontaine Sarah Prockton 63y10m
Bellefontaine Sarah Sides 47Y10M28D
Bellefontaine Sophia H. Lamouseiue 1y8m
Bellefontaine Stephen Dugan 30
Bellefontaine Susan Holland 3m16d
Bellefontaine Susan M. Peuton 28
Bellefontaine Tanny Forbes Tooly 5
Bellefontaine Thos ?. Wile?? 21
Bellefontaine Thos Emery 1y2m9d
Bellefontaine Thos Jackson 35
Bellefontaine Thos Johnson 28
Bellefontaine Thos McAlleny 27
Bellefontaine Thos W. Owens 1y2m8d
Bellefontaine Virginia A. Morris 1Y11M3D
Bellefontaine Virginia G. Carson 1y109d
Bellefontaine Virginia Wood 2
Bellefontaine Webster Blow 7m17d
Bellefontaine William Clampalt 30
Bellefontaine Willie Gray 5y10m10d
Bellefontaine Wm Drysdale 5y2m6d
Bellefontaine Wm Garwood 35
Bellefontaine Wm H Allen 3m
Bellefontaine Wm T. Wright 6y5m18d
Bellefontaine Wm. ? Vanderslice 6y5m
Bellefontaine Wm. D. Markham 1
Bellefontaine Wm. E. Newman 1y5m28d
Bellefontaine Wm. F. Boyd 1m7d
Bellefontaine Wm. Larry 11m10d
Bellefontaine Wm. McCauly 3
Bellefontaine Wm. Pottle Grvslion 2y7m24d
Bellefontaine Wm. R? 1
Bellefontaine Wm. Williams 48
Bellefontaine Wm. Wilson 46
Beni El Hebrew Caroline Weil 8m
Calvary ?? Wilcox 28
Calvary A Kennerly 65
Calvary Agnes Slock 41
Calvary Amanda E. Taylor 4
Calvary Andrew Mitchell 38
Calvary Ann Cavanaugh 30
Calvary Ann Fasley 4.5m
Calvary Ann Murray 50
Calvary Ann O'Connor 68
Calvary Bridget Dwyer 2y6m
Calvary Bridget Flynn 50
Calvary Bridget Kennedy 2
Calvary Catherine Farley 32
Calvary Danl Bulfan 20
Calvary Danl McGleim 8m
Calvary Danl Quinlan 35
Calvary Denis Troy 21
Calvary Eliza Collins 4y9m
Calvary Eliza Quinlan 68y7m
Calvary Geo Cornet 13m
Calvary Hanna Smith 60
Calvary Helen J. Ivory 12d
Calvary Henry Harber 63
Calvary Hugh Corr ?5
Calvary J. Fannell 70
Calvary Jeremiah Galvin 25
Calvary Jn E Momb 22
Calvary Jno B. Jambres 6y6m
Calvary Jno C. Davis 4
Calvary Johann O'Brien ?m
Calvary John B. Taylor 38
Calvary John Coleman 61
Calvary John Keating 42
Calvary John McGlerin 30
Calvary John Sullivan 23
Calvary John Thornton 62
Calvary Jon Branick 6m
Calvary Jos C. Horrell 10m
Calvary Levinia McGee 20
Calvary Luke Castello 45
Calvary Margaret Jones 80y7m
Calvary Margt Genlen 12m
Calvary Martin Bierty 40
Calvary Mary A. Doran 3m
Calvary Mary A. E???ches 2y2m
Calvary Mary Cabil 60
Calvary Mary Dunn 39
Calvary Mary Galorn 4m
Calvary Mary Halpin 2d
Calvary Mary Laughman 16
Calvary Mary Lyons 11m
Calvary Mary Morgan 2y5m
Calvary Mary Murphy 2y2m
Calvary Mary Ryan 6d
Calvary Mathew Larken 36
Calvary Michael Lawler 49
Calvary Michael McAnulty 65
Calvary Michael Reilly 35
Calvary Michael Ryan 43
Calvary Michael Ryan 26
Calvary Octavia Beueke 30
Calvary P. ? Hennessy 39
Calvary Patk Holpen 40
Calvary Patk Lowrey 30
Calvary Patk Reynolds 33
Calvary Pezalt 21m
Calvary Philip Gredel 12y8m
Calvary Rich J. Moran
Calvary Richd Shea 1m
Calvary Rosanna McCarthy 2
Calvary Stephan Kaus 63
Calvary Susan M. Horrell 26
Calvary T. I. Ulright 1y7m
Calvary Thos ?ennelly 1y9m
Calvary Thos Carroll 2
Calvary Thos Donaran 33
Calvary Thos Fitzmorris 37
Calvary Thos McMahon 2y2m
Calvary Wm Branagan 60
Calvary Wm J. Smith 2y2m
Calvary Wm T. Knapp 38
Calvary Wm. Gallegher 47
Christ Church ? Jordan Turgee 21y9m18d
Christ Church Anthony Fuller 1y4m
Christ Church Chas R. Reter 2m
Christ Church Eliz. Lomfry 1y9m
Christ Church Emma L. Gray 10m
Christ Church Hampkins 10m4d
Christ Church Inft chd of F. W. Thompson 1y
Christ Church Inft Son of Ge??? 14d
Christ Church Jas Irwin 17m
Christ Church John ?. Grumsley child 0
Christ Church John M Forland 4y3m
Christ Church Jos Webb's Child 0
Christ Church Letitia Wilson 11d
Christ Church Lizzy 3
Christ Church Louisa Miller 7
Christ Church M?llgan Apol 1Y6M
Christ Church Mary Duviz 21d
Christ Church Mr. Greenes child 0
Christ Church Mr. J. Goodwin child 0
Christ Church Robt R. Humphreys 2???
Christ Church Ulrich Buhman 5
Christ Church Wm Hodday's wife 1
City ? Aberlen 26
City ?. Kigginger 26
City ?. Nobel 32
City ?? Louis Strickley 10
City ?? Noland 36
City ??? ?ar??on unknown
City ??? Matosheck 35
City ?bb Shelton 20
City A. chnld 18
City A. Kramer 45
City Adolph ?ott? 36
City Agnes Kraus 1m
City Alice Martin 60
City Ann McQuillen 40
City Ann Stone 30
City Anna Kiseller 2y6m
City Aug Gray 19
City B. Sangsles 19
City Be??ng Shea 35
City blank 0
City C. Buesemann 29
City C. Gehner 32
City C. Wilson 20
City Caspar Bagel 50
City Catherine Bartzshuer 5d
City Catherine Collins 11M
City Charles Ewers 36
City Chas Bamhorst 30
City Chas Feep 30
City Chas H. Baker 2y2m
City Chas Walter 57
City Child 30d
City Child 15d
City Child 0
City child of ? Duffy
City Child of ?lla Mallory 0
City Child of C. Ri?all
City Child of Fostering
City Child of Mrs Pomery 10d
City Child of Patk Marnel? 7d
City child of T Salisbury
City Christian Fnay 30
City Christian Frabes 42
City Dernik Wellers 4
City Ed Burns 25
City Edwd Bradley 27
City Elizabeth Parkenson 2m10d
City Ellen Garner 30
City F. Darnau 50
City F. Hesserbeck 50
City Fanny Reinb??? 19
City Ferd Weil 15
City Frank Harney 17
City Franz Robert 1
City Fred Amed 20
City G G Weberspoon 40
City G. Gleason 27
City Geo McDonald 45
City Geo Tehmirs 29
City Geo W Gist 30
City Geo. Gasper 27
City Geo. W. Coleman 8d
City George Fuller 26
City Gud??? Werlbach 32
City Harry? Perkinson 32
City Hy Beckmann 25
City Hy Bupehlieu 20d
City Hy Dooms 38
City Hy Feissner 19
City Hy Mack 36
City Hy Omer 18
City Hy Ulcery 31
City Hy Yonkers
City Isaac Bell 46
City J. C. Wederwilt 26
City J. Duncan 31
City J. W. Oaks 32
City Jacob Applekeh 2
City Jacob Kauffer 52
City Jacob Keller
City Jacob Mona 40
City Jacob Polls child 4d
City Jacob Schau
City James ???id 52
City James Gregg 30
City James L. M?elein 7m
City James Masterson 44
City James White 66
City Janes Carraw 37
City Jas Cutter 24
City Jas Hubbard 23
City Jas Matthews 30
City Jenny Fruzer 26
City Jesse Leoch 41
City Jno Maguin 33
City Joab Spengler 19
City Johanna Theil 23
City John ???ell 22
City John Andrew 30
City John Arpe?t 20
City John Babington 35
City John Carr 29
City John Carrol
City John Cramer 55
City John Dailey 29
City John Devay 30
City John Dunieu 1y2m
City John Fore 32
City John Graser 23
City John Kelvey 28
City John King 57
City John Lovelt 24
City John McCauly 22
City John McClearty 26
City John McGrath 55
City John McKinney 38
City John Murphy 35
City John Norm??? 40
City John O'Brien 40
City John Obrist 45
City John Schultis 13y11m
City John Slevin 45
City John Sluther 25
City John Smith 23
City John Smith 46
City John Stock 40
City John Wagus 47
City John Wallgast 30
City John Walser 23
City Jos Dine 32
City Jos Hell
City Jos McFadden Strong 1y7m
City Joseph Jules 40
City Joseph Pepper unknown
City Julia Bane 16
City L. Smith 44
City Louis Peter 23
City Louis Walsh 45
City Louisa Wulochapv?? 3y21d
City M. Fuller 36
City M. L. Crow 35
City M. Lyon 40
City Mag Johnson 18
City Mana S?vesbft 3
City Margaret Laoy 48
City Mary ???? 20
City Mary Benson 40
City Mary Innis 16
City Mary Kane 29
City Mary Malion 40
City Mary T Jordan 22d
City Mathew Kitz 32
City Mer? Kennede UNKNOWN
City Michael D. Mott 21
City Michael Thompson 39
City Michael Walsh 18
City Micheal Geary 23
City Michel Gong 33
City Michel Kennedy 26
City N. O. Conner
City Nancy Rounds 59
City Owen Dovels 32
City P. Lehrig 33
City Pat Bartle 27
City Pat Murphy 32
City Pat O'Neil 26
City Pat Ryan 48
City Patk Dougherty 25
City Patk Gibbons 40
City Patk Walsh 30
City Peter Flower 31
City Puralla Dunbar 60
City R. A. Neff 57
City Raymond Furst 31
City Richard Carr
City Rinner Manus 29
City S. Baum 38
City Saml Bar 34
City Sarah Allen 2
City Sarah Borden 29
City Sophia Mobre 5
City T. Butterwin 41
City Th? ?y??? 26
City Theresa Newton 45
City Thomas Calahan 30
City Thomas Smith 21
City Thos Bay 38
City Thos Collins 22
City Thos Dearley 23
City Thos Dougherty 31
City Thos Murphy 40
City Thos Powers 54
City Tws O'Neal 42
City U. Nurchl 23
City Unknown 25
City W. Maren 54
City Wendel Miller 48
City Wilhema Hanneman 2
City William Taylor 26
City Wm Amara 36
City Wm Balla 30
City Wm Clores 35
City Wm Frug 28
City Wm Jeppan
City Wm Jones 24
City Wm McKeene 57
City Wm Stuman 46
City Wm. Hillare 26
City Wm. Hopkins 42
City Wm. Jones 19
German Protestant ?? Gerland 1
German Protestant ??na Prusner 14d
German Protestant A. M. Uding 5m
German Protestant A??a ? Borchurding 32
German Protestant Anna M Scott 2m
German Protestant August Hasse 3
German Protestant Barbara ?ager 1
German Protestant Bertha Kahmann 2
German Protestant Carl Bogt 4m
German Protestant Chas Schoenbeck 1y5m12d
German Protestant Child Denters
German Protestant Edwd Spoleder 4
German Protestant Elisabeth Werner 9m
German Protestant Emelia Sahre 1y11d
German Protestant Ernst Sch???bec? 1y5m12d
German Protestant Eva M Stock 2y5m
German Protestant F. Wm. Hoke 1y11m
German Protestant Fredk Geoche 55y27d
German Protestant Hy Konbrink 1y7m
German Protestant Hy Luttmer
German Protestant Hy Tempel 7M
German Protestant Hy Ulenner 0
German Protestant Jacob Gleich 3y9m
German Protestant Jacob Horn 37
German Protestant Jno V. Bentrup 10m
German Protestant John Lied 0
German Protestant John Tybernd 8m14d
German Protestant K. Edmund Kehraus 23d
German Protestant Karl Peterson 8d
German Protestant Louisa Berr 5y6m
German Protestant M. Oekel
German Protestant Margaretta Schemmer 54
German Protestant Maria Eaoh 1y1m
German Protestant T Battilia 14d
German Protestant Wm Eerd 3
Holy Ghost ?? Kill??
Holy Ghost ??? 2m
Holy Ghost ??? 57
Holy Ghost ??? ??apmann 10m
Holy Ghost ??? Ecke 6m2d
Holy Ghost ??? Era????? 1y11m4d
Holy Ghost ??? G???bach 48
Holy Ghost ??? H?? 0
Holy Ghost ??? Hafmeister 3m15d
Holy Ghost ??? Ham??? 1
Holy Ghost ??? Hollerach 0
Holy Ghost ??? Littig 5
Holy Ghost ??? Schumann 1y3m
Holy Ghost ??? Strohmeier 14d
Holy Ghost ???? 1y7m
Holy Ghost ???? 1y9m13d
Holy Ghost ???elia ??? 11
Holy Ghost ??a W. Carl 1y8m
Holy Ghost ?au? Stumpf 1
Holy Ghost ?n Setzer
Holy Ghost ?on Ferre 5d
Holy Ghost Adam Weile 1y6m16d
Holy Ghost Adelheide Fieganspan 30
Holy Ghost Adolph Schaefer 11m
Holy Ghost Albert Gross 1Y2M
Holy Ghost Ann M Bodermann 3y4m
Holy Ghost Anna Bruning 27
Holy Ghost Anna Mary Hezel 65
Holy Ghost Anna Mary Mohlmann 3y4m
Holy Ghost Anna Mehl 1y2m
Holy Ghost Anna Parkhaber 1y8m
Holy Ghost Anna Viergge 1y11m
Holy Ghost Arthur Schenkman 11m
Holy Ghost Augt Williams 6d
Holy Ghost August ?oller 1
Holy Ghost August Barlmeier 2m
Holy Ghost August Kohn 3y8m
Holy Ghost Barbare Ort 8m
Holy Ghost Bertha Mohlman 1m14d
Holy Ghost Bertha Wetzel 6y8m
Holy Ghost Bonne Freg 6y11m12d
Holy Ghost Boy Pobst 0
Holy Ghost C Maria Tressel 14d
Holy Ghost Carl N. Bamnitz 1y4m15d
Holy Ghost Carl W. Voss 1d
Holy Ghost Carl Wilshusen 1y11m
Holy Ghost Carolina Hop??? 5y7m
Holy Ghost Caroline Kellner 1m8d
Holy Ghost Caroline L. Maschmein 2y10m
Holy Ghost Caroline Pobst 21
Holy Ghost Cath. Benninger 34
Holy Ghost Cath??? Bauer 30y2m
Holy Ghost Catherina Volmen 39
Holy Ghost Catherine Jones 10
Holy Ghost Cathrina Bieber 26
Holy Ghost Cathrina Wagner 38
Holy Ghost Caths Wolf 41y1m
Holy Ghost Charles Gruenhider 39
Holy Ghost Charles Maus 7.5m
Holy Ghost Charles Schill 35y5m
Holy Ghost Chas Burger 6y8m
Holy Ghost Chas F. Mathews 5m
Holy Ghost Chas Kolp?? 8
Holy Ghost Chas Lueka 34
Holy Ghost Chas Sicker 5m
Holy Ghost Chas Weber 8m15d
Holy Ghost Chas Wetzel 4
Holy Ghost Chas Windwalber 1y2m
Holy Ghost Chatrine Schulling 6
Holy Ghost Christian Kegclein 2y1m
Holy Ghost Christian Schaefer 44
Holy Ghost Christina Tasterling 1y9m
Holy Ghost Chs Goehle 9m
Holy Ghost Conrad H. Humer? 2
Holy Ghost D Althauser 0
Holy Ghost D. Dinkelm??? 0
Holy Ghost D. Faszhold 19d
Holy Ghost Dan Alba
Holy Ghost Dorette Cunst 31
Holy Ghost Doug Wagne? 10d
Holy Ghost E. Nolmann 11m
Holy Ghost Ed??d G???s 9m
Holy Ghost Edna Moner??? 9
Holy Ghost Edwd Notze 6m
Holy Ghost Elisabeth Mueller 20
Holy Ghost Eliza Eckard 9m
Holy Ghost Elizabeth Zilch 1y4m
Holy Ghost Emelie Spress 1
Holy Ghost Emilee Haupt 2
Holy Ghost Emilie Hampler 1y4m
Holy Ghost F. Siefer 26
Holy Ghost Fartus Breisse 14d
Holy Ghost Frances Wetzel 2y6m
Holy Ghost Franics H. Beckman 1y7m
Holy Ghost Franz Gebhard 3y1m
Holy Ghost Fraz Beudor 41
Holy Ghost Fred W. Dierring 21
Holy Ghost Fredk Greter 32
Holy Ghost Fredk Springmeier 1y3m
Holy Ghost Fredr Gesking 39
Holy Ghost Geo Duhmer 1y6m
Holy Ghost Geo Maurer 9m
Holy Ghost Geo Schuster 0
Holy Ghost Geo Taub 7y10m
Holy Ghost Geo W. Loderle 1d
Holy Ghost Geo. Ge??t? 9m
Holy Ghost Geo. Londerbach 12
Holy Ghost George Kohlhauf 41
Holy Ghost Gerhard Humberg 30
Holy Ghost Girl Pobst 0
Holy Ghost Gottleb Beekemier 2y6m
Holy Ghost He????l Althof 6y6m
Holy Ghost Heinrich Linemier 41
Holy Ghost Henrietta Lehling 34
Holy Ghost Herman Fules 18
Holy Ghost Herman H. Germer 8d
Holy Ghost Herman Wobbe 9
Holy Ghost Hg Dollner 5m
Holy Ghost Hy Becke???? 19
Holy Ghost Hy Boyer 51
Holy Ghost Hy C. Long 3
Holy Ghost Hy Domernik 21
Holy Ghost Hy Fla 33
Holy Ghost Hy H. Hurn 52
Holy Ghost Hy Ka?p 37
Holy Ghost Hy Kausel 38
Holy Ghost Hy Krome 17
Holy Ghost Hy Lahrmann 2m
Holy Ghost Hy Lohr 7m24d
Holy Ghost Hy Lumport 52
Holy Ghost Hy Meier 35
Holy Ghost Hy Wurk 3d
Holy Ghost Hy Zeiers 16
Holy Ghost Hy. C. Eichmeier 1m8d
Holy Ghost Ida Brass 2
Holy Ghost J?a Deubach 6m
Holy Ghost Jacob Borchof 1y1m
Holy Ghost Jacob Bruner 1d
Holy Ghost Jacob Geiner 48
Holy Ghost Jacob Stehl 59
Holy Ghost Jacob Waldmann 33
Holy Ghost James Wilson 1
Holy Ghost Jno C. Meier 1y3m
Holy Ghost Jno Krapf 1m14d
Holy Ghost Jno Meier 0
Holy Ghost Jno S??gel 41
Holy Ghost Jno Von A?e 56
Holy Ghost Jno. Laede 1d
Holy Ghost Joh H. Eichmeier 2y2d
Holy Ghost Johan Born 21
Holy Ghost Johan G. Sehreiber 62y8m
Holy Ghost Johan Geringer 1y3m
Holy Ghost Johan Hartmann 1
Holy Ghost Johan Hinder 4m15d
Holy Ghost Johan Hy Herder 8
Holy Ghost Johan Weber 48
Holy Ghost Johanna Cassel 60
Holy Ghost Johannes Fischer 25d
Holy Ghost John ? Hasslrut 2m15d
Holy Ghost John ?hler 35
Holy Ghost John ?ie? 51
Holy Ghost John Bock 0
Holy Ghost John Brinkmeier 36
Holy Ghost John D???brok 1
Holy Ghost John Dreker 60
Holy Ghost John Laet?e 36y5m
Holy Ghost John Nogestorg 5m
Holy Ghost John Schmidt 0
Holy Ghost John Soderer 3y3m
Holy Ghost Joseph Dietz 1y2m
Holy Ghost Josephine M. Schliek 4y8m
Holy Ghost Katherina Baugen 27
Holy Ghost Kelty Jacoby 4m
Holy Ghost Lizzie Kuhlman 1y10m
Holy Ghost Lon Ullid 14d
Holy Ghost Louis Muller 1y5m
Holy Ghost Louis Stocker 3d
Holy Ghost Louisa Barth 1y8m
Holy Ghost Louise Monken 2
Holy Ghost Louise Mullen 6m
Holy Ghost Margeta Schmid 75y5m
Holy Ghost Mary Cameron 53
Holy Ghost Mary L. Kallemen 1y8m
Holy Ghost Mary Meyer 19
Holy Ghost Mary Nichaus 23
Holy Ghost Mary Strakalgau 1y3m
Holy Ghost Math? Meier 2Y2M
Holy Ghost Mella Nefineier 3m5d
Holy Ghost Michael Martin 25
Holy Ghost Michael Sutter 70
Holy Ghost Mrs. Mull 27
Holy Ghost O. Hohmann 0
Holy Ghost Otto R. Schwavenberg 10m15d
Holy Ghost Paul Robert
Holy Ghost Philip ???? 1y6m
Holy Ghost R??? ?ender 20
Holy Ghost Rudolph Schroeder 6m1d
Holy Ghost Saleni Schubest 22
Holy Ghost Schild Birkerrelants 0
Holy Ghost Schleider 40
Holy Ghost Son ????? 11m
Holy Ghost Son Baurchenbach
Holy Ghost Son Claus 0
Holy Ghost Son Feltman 0
Holy Ghost Son Goesling 0
Holy Ghost Son Mohle 0
Holy Ghost Son Rose 0
Holy Ghost Sophia Weber 69
Holy Ghost Sophie Stolte 36
Holy Ghost Teorder Schmidt 4
Holy Ghost Theodore Schnieder 36
Holy Ghost Valentine Kensler 35
Holy Ghost W. Van Deraiden 80y3m
Holy Ghost Wilhelm Altenberger 27
Holy Ghost Wilhelm Brinkmeier 9m
Holy Ghost Wilhelm Henrick 1y9m
Holy Ghost Wilhelm Shepper 17d
Holy Ghost Wilhelm Tiebrecht 11d
Holy Ghost Wm Dailonter 7d
Holy Ghost Wm. Bu?dorf 1y4m
Independent Protestant Catharine Brandh??? 30
Independent Protestant Charlotte Shuhmacke 17
Independent Protestant John ? Gaerden? 27
Mount Olive Hebrew Nathan Myes 55
Rock Spring ? ?leozan 0
Rock Spring ?? Loutson 2m
Rock Spring ??? Healy 5
Rock Spring ??? McDermeth 1y11m10d
Rock Spring ???? Schwartz 6D
Rock Spring ?ohn Mott 1M14D
Rock Spring Alex Dreusclaus 0
Rock Spring Alex Malloy 36
Rock Spring Alice Connolly 1m14d
Rock Spring Alice Heste 30
Rock Spring Alice M. Kensila 10m
Rock Spring Alinor Roderick 1
Rock Spring Alva Steine 1y2m
Rock Spring Andrew Smith
Rock Spring Ann Carroll 4d
Rock Spring Ann Fo? 9m
Rock Spring Ann Hays 1y2m5d
Rock Spring Ann Mulally 9m
Rock Spring Ann Shea 20
Rock Spring Anna Dinius 14d
Rock Spring August Heselman 3
Rock Spring Benedict Behler 49
Rock Spring Bridget A. Donnell 45
Rock Spring Bridget Cunningham 2
Rock Spring Bridget Darsey 9D
Rock Spring Bridget Dobbins 15d
Rock Spring Bridget Eagen 15
Rock Spring Bridget Fleming 5
Rock Spring Bridget Gallaghan 35
Rock Spring Bridget Haugh 42
Rock Spring Bridget O'Brien 1y2m
Rock Spring C??? Kennedy 5
Rock Spring Caroline ? Daly 10m
Rock Spring Catherine A Gimes 5
Rock Spring Catherine Bagley 1d
Rock Spring Catherine Butler 24
Rock Spring Catherine Coughlin 10m
Rock Spring Catherine Devitt 7d
Rock Spring Catherine Dillon 11m
Rock Spring Catherine Fennessy 2y7m
Rock Spring Catherine Fitzmorris 2
Rock Spring Catherine Griffen 34
Rock Spring Catherine Henesy 3m
Rock Spring Catherine Herneker 8d
Rock Spring Catherine O'Neal 42
Rock Spring Catherine Savage 21
Rock Spring Catherine Tully 8
Rock Spring Charles Baker 1m
Rock Spring Chas. B. Demet 10d
Rock Spring Chas. Cassedy 11d
Rock Spring D J Carey 4y5m
Rock Spring Danl Cochan 2
Rock Spring Danl Donough 9m
Rock Spring Danl Hays 32
Rock Spring Dyonocuis Hanken 1d
Rock Spring Edward Kennedy 3m2d
Rock Spring Edwd Cooke 1y20d
Rock Spring Edwd Essex 1y22d
Rock Spring Edwd F. Nelson 9m
Rock Spring Edwd McCabe 9m
Rock Spring Edwin Cody 2
Rock Spring El??mia Jones 1y5m
Rock Spring Eliza Kennedy 3
Rock Spring Elizabeth Musbach 34y10m
Rock Spring Elizabeth Shannon 50
Rock Spring Ellen ? Gallighen 9m
Rock Spring Ellen A. Byrne 1y1m
Rock Spring Ellen Blake 1y3m
Rock Spring Ellen Delaney 2
Rock Spring Ellen Donnelly 10
Rock Spring Ellen McAndrew 1y6m
Rock Spring Ellen McMahon 2y6m
Rock Spring Ellen Morrison 1y7m
Rock Spring Ellen Whelan 1d
Rock Spring Falk Morrisey 2
Rock Spring Francis ??a?? 5y7m
Rock Spring Francis Devien 1m14d
Rock Spring Francis LeDuc 18m
Rock Spring Francisco Trendor 1y6m
Rock Spring G. S. K. Haslett 1y4m
Rock Spring Gustine Mola 5d
Rock Spring Hanna Kiley 5d
Rock Spring Hannah Byrne 1m
Rock Spring Hannah Dennies 21d
Rock Spring Honora Parker 1y4m
Rock Spring Hugh Kelley 1y10m
Rock Spring Hy Byrnes 37
Rock Spring Hy Guitar 45
Rock Spring Infant of J. Reillys 0
Rock Spring Isabella M Connell 8m
Rock Spring Jacob Hamilton 47
Rock Spring James Coughlin 1y11m
Rock Spring James Curran 2
Rock Spring James Garrity 35
Rock Spring James Maccum 50
Rock Spring James Powers 37
Rock Spring Jas O'Brien 9
Rock Spring Jas P. Doyle 5m
Rock Spring Jeffery Powers 40
Rock Spring Jeremiah Coughlin 1
Rock Spring Jeremiah Whalan 1y8m
Rock Spring Jno Manning 20
Rock Spring John B. Bennett 2Y14D
Rock Spring John Callahan 21
Rock Spring John Connelly 1
Rock Spring John Duggan 33
Rock Spring John Eshu 30
Rock Spring John Gallagher 6y11m12d
Rock Spring John Gocham 0
Rock Spring John Going 7m
Rock Spring John Keenan 7m17d
Rock Spring John Kehoe 1y10m
Rock Spring John Martin 28y5m29d
Rock Spring John McCann 4
Rock Spring John O'Connell 6d
Rock Spring John Phalen 4
Rock Spring John Reilly 2y3m
Rock Spring John Stack 11m
Rock Spring John Whaney 12d
Rock Spring Jos Ceolonane 30
Rock Spring Joseph Oshinger 14d
Rock Spring Josephine Mauten 7d
Rock Spring Jov Crawley 6m11d
Rock Spring Julia Walsh 2y6m
Rock Spring Julie Murphy 7m
Rock Spring Julius A. Russell 5
Rock Spring Lawrence Kelly 1y4m
Rock Spring Lawrence Ryan 37
Rock Spring Leonhard Teger 67
Rock Spring Leonore Burchumme 67
Rock Spring Lisette Paquette 70
Rock Spring Louisa Beneke 1m
Rock Spring Louisa Schmeker 2y6m
Rock Spring M?hl Kelleen 1d
Rock Spring Margaret Burey 4y6m
Rock Spring Margaret Galagan 42
Rock Spring Margaret Hogan 1m8d
Rock Spring Margaret Howard 1y11m
Rock Spring Margt Fenlon 6y6m
Rock Spring Margt Fitzshannons 19
Rock Spring Margt Griffin 7d
Rock Spring Maria Concoran 9d
Rock Spring Martin Malloy 15d
Rock Spring Mary A Campbell 10m
Rock Spring Mary A. Jennings 3m
Rock Spring Mary A. Keary 1
Rock Spring Mary A. Kelley 3mo
Rock Spring Mary A. Rourk 1y8m
Rock Spring Mary Agen 1y7m
Rock Spring Mary Ann Walsh 16
Rock Spring Mary Carrigan 22
Rock Spring Mary Carroll 62
Rock Spring Mary Cohen 1m
Rock Spring Mary Costello 4m
Rock Spring Mary Donough 1y22d
Rock Spring Mary Dreuten 7
Rock Spring Mary E Daily 9m
Rock Spring Mary E. Dennis 1y9m
Rock Spring Mary E. M???coby 8m15d
Rock Spring Mary E. Scott 3y7m
Rock Spring Mary Ellen Wood 1m
Rock Spring Mary Fo? 1D
Rock Spring Mary Gibbins 8m
Rock Spring Mary Gilleway 10m
Rock Spring Mary Grisman 2d
Rock Spring Mary Holding 60
Rock Spring Mary Hortiz 1y2m
Rock Spring Mary Hunt 2m
Rock Spring Mary J. Dolltring 7m
Rock Spring Mary Kalayhan 19
Rock Spring Mary Kennedy 0
Rock Spring Mary Latour 52
Rock Spring Mary McAlevy 32
Rock Spring Mary Nagle 5
Rock Spring Mary Newport 60
Rock Spring Mary O'Brien 1y6m16d
Rock Spring Mary Powers 70
Rock Spring Mary Simpson 35
Rock Spring Mary Tell 9
Rock Spring Mary Walsh 3mo
Rock Spring Matilda Carrey 25
Rock Spring Matilda Francis 37
Rock Spring Michael Barry 35
Rock Spring Michael Collins 30
Rock Spring Michael Galvin 26
Rock Spring Michael Gavin 8m
Rock Spring Michael Manahan 40
Rock Spring Michael Morgan 20
Rock Spring Michael Morris 47
Rock Spring Michael Reddy 15d
Rock Spring Michael Sweney 68
Rock Spring Michael Walsh 10d
Rock Spring Michael Walsh 8m
Rock Spring Michel Gordfver 5m
Rock Spring Morgan Murphy 3
Rock Spring Morton Fleming 1m7d
Rock Spring Mrs Gilmen 80
Rock Spring Neil J?? 3d
Rock Spring Patk Coffer 75
Rock Spring Patk Conner 1y9m
Rock Spring Patk Dunlan 38
Rock Spring Patk Flanigan 30
Rock Spring Patk Kerns 11m
Rock Spring Patk Mahon 2m3d
Rock Spring Patk Mallay 9m
Rock Spring Patk McCarty 2y6m
Rock Spring Patk O'Brien 68
Rock Spring Peter ?ake 40
Rock Spring Peter Barrett 3
Rock Spring Peter Clark 26
Rock Spring Peter Connor 35
Rock Spring Peter Mulle?? 30
Rock Spring Peter Williams 1y1m
Rock Spring Philip Harney 6m
Rock Spring Richd Pierce 1d
Rock Spring Robt Bradshaw 3y7m
Rock Spring Rosanna Maila 1y3m
Rock Spring Samuel Dundass 8m
Rock Spring Sarah Moore 30
Rock Spring Sarah Moran 30
Rock Spring Sarah Owens 39
Rock Spring Sarah Summers 8m
Rock Spring Sarah Walsh 1y1m
Rock Spring Sebastien Fulterer 60
Rock Spring Stephen White 30
Rock Spring Terisa Madden 5
Rock Spring Thomas Grady 6d
Rock Spring Thomas Laford 30
Rock Spring Thomas Mulloy 27
Rock Spring Thos Green 1y1m
Rock Spring Thos Hogan 23
Rock Spring Thos Lynch 47
Rock Spring Timothy Hags 2y10m
Rock Spring Timothy Haunzan 19
Rock Spring Timothy Healy 34
Rock Spring Timothy Murphy 33
Rock Spring Victorine Duerow 9m
Rock Spring William Connell 1m7d
Rock Spring William Jones 7y6m
Rock Spring Wm Burks Child 3m
Rock Spring Wm Cavagna 1
Rock Spring Wm J Fagen 1m14d
Rock Spring Wm J Treacy 40
Rock Spring Wm Mackin 36
Rock Spring Wm P Housman 4m
Rock Spring Wm Sullivan 50
Rock Spring Wm Thos Daly 2y2m2d
Rock Spring Wm. Freeman 3y2m
Rock Spring Wm. M. Donnell 64
Salem Abram B. Barnes 5d
Salem Casper Hemmilla
Salem Edwd Post 3m
Salem Elisabeth Teppel 1y4m
Salem Henrich Dunkenbrug 4y5m4d
Salem Henrich Moller 57
Salem Jno ? Fergeson 1y6m
Salem Maria Kost 21
Salem Mary ??elheide Klafer 2y3m2d
Salem Salome Fewein 11
Salem Unknown 0
St. Marks ??line Fras?eben 49
St. Marks ?abeth Houser 11m
St. Marks Adam Lannerth 33
St. Marks Anna Maria Echler 1M14D
St. Marks Anna Mary Lanher 19
St. Marks August Hafman 1y1m14d
St. Marks Caroline ??? A??ma 2
St. Marks Chas H. Maehle 1
St. Marks Child Mack 0
St. Marks Daughter Hebel 0
St. Marks Fred Hauser 43
St. Marks Geo Wa?der 9m
St. Marks George How 1y5m
St. Marks Hy Hoffman 6y3m24d
St. Marks Hy Leonard 1y4m
St. Marks Jacob Gettelman 6d
St. Marks Jno Jacob Necker 32
St. Marks Jno Kirn 2y3m
St. Marks John Hoffman 3
St. Marks Lacy Stertz 23
St. Marks Maria ??ninier 10m4d
St. Marks Maria Strusser 35y6m
St. Marks Maria Sulthaus 1m14d
St. Marks Maria U?olf 8M
St. Marks Matilda G???? 2y4m
St. Marks Nicholas Yung 1y11m
St. Marks Peter Arnold ?9
St. Marks Son Kautz
St. Marks Sophia Denhelder 5m20d
St. Marks William Mounig 2m
St. Marks Wm Schaaf
St. Mary's Franz H. Portnu 11m
St. Mary's M. Louise Meier 20
St. Paul Anna Wynders 24
St. Paul Child of M. Conrad 2d
St. Paul Fredk Wm. Bivkel 7m
St. Paul John Powell 1
St. Paul Thos Balton 16
St. Peter ?. ?nn?ick 1
St. Peter ??? 2y2m
St. Peter ??? Kroecker 30
St. Peter ???? 10m
St. Peter ???? Bramann 3m
St. Peter ???ina Haunfelds 6m
St. Peter ???na Augusta D??? 2y2m
St. Peter ??na Alard 3m
St. Peter A. Maria Husselfeldt 3m9d
St. Peter A. Reinaka 3M
St. Peter Albert Abmeyer 0
St. Peter Anna K????eb??? 5y2m
St. Peter August Bok??kamp 1
St. Peter Brockhard Meier 23
St. Peter C. Romer 2m
St. Peter Carl ? ??grund 56y6m3d
St. Peter Carolina Nasting 38
St. Peter Catherina & Hy????han 1 HOUR
St. Peter child of Stra?kelfn 1Y5M
St. Peter Eliza Needabramger 3
St. Peter Emilie Kotternhous 3m
St. Peter Emma Coock 1
St. Peter F. Baselm?? 1y11m
St. Peter Fred W. Tieman 2y4m16d
St. Peter Gustav Helwey 4m
St. Peter H. Brettendorf 2
St. Peter H. Bruggenhorst 34
St. Peter H. Geiselmany 9d
St. Peter Henrietta Westheide 2M
St. Peter Johanna Rothman 1y10m
St. Peter John F. Pohlman 54
St. Peter John Hedrich 1m14d
St. Peter John Hoflfunaa 1y1m13d
St. Peter Laura Russell 60
St. Peter Louisa Naltenhorst 9d
St. Peter M. Louisa Lauman 1Y16D
St. Peter M???a Sebrig 2y3m
St. Peter Maria ?regmeyer 1y3m
St. Peter Maria Schreienbecker
St. Peter Maria Toleka 8d
St. Peter Maria W. Bolles 11m
St. Peter Oscar Seuits 28
St. Peter P. Adam 23
St. Peter Peter Lohmann 5m
St. Peter Philipine Shield 1
St. Peter Son of C. Cans 1y10m
St. Peter ??eilemann 4
St. Peter Anna C. Ruscher 51
St. Peter Anna Hanzing 54
St. Peter Anna Marie Wiegman 41
St. Peter Anna S. Dettmer 60
St. Peter Carl Sendruck 31
St. Peter Catharina Foeberg 28
St. Peter Catherine L. Filex 7
St. Peter Eliza Appel 23
St. Peter F Riggs 41
St. Peter Fredk Gerhardt 20y4m
St. Peter Fredk Schulte 10m
St. Peter Geo F N Kaiser 40
St. Peter Hanna Eapeto 3
St. Peter Henrietta Broer 8m
St. Peter Herman Wehmeyer 16
St. Peter J. Hy Vogt 14d
St. Peter Jacob Fishbeck 5
St. Peter Jno Buchanan 2
St. Peter Johana Frireh 47
St. Peter Johanna Wollbrink 26
St. Peter Maria L. Westholt 3
St. Peter Matilda A. Dieckman 1m
St. Peter Otto Schmel 23
St. Peter Paul Kemtell 60
St. Peter Peter Strouker 24
St. Peter Pohlman 0
St. Peter Sophia Eliza Schantoetle 1y6m
St. Peter Wilhelmine Broer 32
St. Peter Wm Barnes 1y5m
St. Peter Wm Hollanhost
St. Vincent ??? Dung 8m
St. Vincent ????ight 65
St. Vincent ???mpt?? 43
St. Vincent A. Magdelena ????muth 1y1m
St. Vincent Anna ??ch?? 1y4m
St. Vincent Anna Ganmann 18d
St. Vincent Anna Nagel 2d
St. Vincent Anton Fey 5d
St. Vincent Anton Shirley 38
St. Vincent Augt Londermann 1y14d
St. Vincent Barbara Graft 25
St. Vincent Bartel Bollman 3
St. Vincent Bernard Kolker 38
St. Vincent Bernhard Thama?? 45
St. Vincent Bernhardine W. Blanke 21d
St. Vincent C. Burke 29
St. Vincent Carl Brodbeck 3m
St. Vincent Casper Loffner 56
St. Vincent Catherine Walleneier 35
St. Vincent Chas Heb 8d
St. Vincent Child Fairbank
St. Vincent Child Ternuk 5d
St. Vincent Chrena Greib 29
St. Vincent Christy Levtge 33
St. Vincent Cptrina Denbelt 25
St. Vincent Elisabeth Bruner 23
St. Vincent Emma S. Achermann 1y6m
St. Vincent Ernst Smith 10m4d
St. Vincent Ferdinand Kellner 17
St. Vincent Francis Gramer 43
St. Vincent Franz Stach 50
St. Vincent Fredk Kloser 58m????
St. Vincent Geo Hoffman 67
St. Vincent Geo Vaustz 24
St. Vincent Geo Winkel 3y8m
St. Vincent Ger Carry 25
St. Vincent Hapshu Leyser 28
St. Vincent Herman Lodke 21d
St. Vincent Hy Gerhards 1y6m
St. Vincent Hy Henneke 45
St. Vincent Hy Krapf 2y6m
St. Vincent Hy Meier 1y7m
St. Vincent J. W. Garring 31
St. Vincent Jacob ?eier 44
St. Vincent Jacob Bluter 32
St. Vincent Jno B?ocob 6
St. Vincent Jno Bpt Eggard 17
St. Vincent Jno Schneider 31
St. Vincent Jno W. Aucher 1y2m
St. Vincent John B??? 2y3m
St. Vincent John Bauer 27d
St. Vincent John Buret 1
St. Vincent John Forster 10d
St. Vincent John Henry 15
St. Vincent John Lenz 14d
St. Vincent John Peter Mausolit 65
St. Vincent John Shmit 45
St. Vincent John Thole 38
St. Vincent Jos Hanses 1
St. Vincent Jos. Heilkamp 4y6m14d
St. Vincent Jos. Winkler 9d
St. Vincent Kunigande Klem 36
St. Vincent Lubina Kariliver 5
St. Vincent Magdalena Dos???? 9
St. Vincent Margrete Funk 11m
St. Vincent Maria Donterwill 20
St. Vincent Maria E. Prickel ?
St. Vincent Maria Kapperman 1y4m
St. Vincent Maria Schefer 9m
St. Vincent Mary Beile ?
St. Vincent Mary Gallagher 23
St. Vincent Mary Holland 2
St. Vincent Michael Saups 25
St. Vincent Miss Becker 6m
St. Vincent Noal Sierotte 36
St. Vincent Orvew Morgan 30
St. Vincent Pat Lonsterty 16
St. Vincent Pauline Bauder 6m
St. Vincent Son Ha????chuld 4
St. Vincent Sophia Biri 3
St. Vincent Theodore Nettler 50
St. Vincent Therese Bowr 1m1d
St. Vincent Thresia Krohn 9d
St. Vincent Wehelm D. Coble 3m27d
United Hebrew Abraham Levi 1m8d
United Hebrew Abraham Morriss 3y2m16d
United Hebrew Esther Lichestern 1y5m
United Hebrew J. B. Fassett 60
United Hebrew Jacob Phillipdon 29y20d
United Hebrew Joseph Levi 27d
United Hebrew Mark Samuels 62
United Hebrew Moses Morriss 52
Wesleyan ?? S. W. B. Bryan 5
Wesleyan ??? S. L??kesham 3
Wesleyan ??? Woman ??? 28
Wesleyan ??us Brooks 10m
Wesleyan ?ami A. Ballentine 1y14d
Wesleyan ?arah Mel???? 9m
Wesleyan Ahi Ballard 53y1m
Wesleyan Albert A Long?y 1y7m
Wesleyan Albert Englebart 1y9m
Wesleyan Amelia Parker 22
Wesleyan Amy Johnson 38?
Wesleyan Andrew Given 3
Wesleyan Ann Haywood 8m22d
Wesleyan Ann Hirams 4y5d
Wesleyan Antoinette Gray 7y4m9d
Wesleyan Bob slave of ?? Roberts 4
Wesleyan C. B. Moury 45
Wesleyan Charles Gandle 52
Wesleyan Charlotte Menolt 2y3m
Wesleyan Chas A. Holelead 4m
Wesleyan Chas H. Nichel 9m
Wesleyan Chas M Wyckoff 1y2m9d
Wesleyan Chas V. Caollay 2
Wesleyan Child of Geo A Keer 0
Wesleyan Christina Crawford 5d
Wesleyan David Forbes 3y9m
Wesleyan David R Sloan 28
Wesleyan David W. negro 50
Wesleyan Doctr V. Ludwig 55
Wesleyan E. Gegen Brooks 5
Wesleyan Edwd Tenney 30
Wesleyan Edwin Latham 11m
Wesleyan Edwrd M Saferly 2y2m
Wesleyan Elisabeth R. Armstrong 38
Wesleyan Eliza Steele 4y10m
Wesleyan Ellen C. Kinney 3y9m
Wesleyan Emma M King an 1y11m
Wesleyan Emme Cora Bramble 1y8m
Wesleyan Evelyn Porter Braineu 3
Wesleyan Fanny Wilson 1y4m20d
Wesleyan Female slave of W. T. Christy 3
Wesleyan Flora Shorts 1m20d
Wesleyan Florida Sleets 2m10d
Wesleyan Frank Farley 10m4d
Wesleyan G. H. Bauldron 42
Wesleyan Geo Kelly 1y8m
Wesleyan Geo McDowell 5d
Wesleyan Geo S. Williams 40y6m
Wesleyan Georgeann R. Aulsebrook 6y1m17d
Wesleyan Grace Farmer 80
Wesleyan H. B. Golding 32
Wesleyan Herman Hanson 6d
Wesleyan Hudson 35
Wesleyan Hugh Miller 52
Wesleyan Hy G?der 7
Wesleyan Hy I. Wyman 1m15d
Wesleyan Hy Slave of Dr. Basset 10m
Wesleyan Hy Wood 52
Wesleyan Hy. Moore 1
Wesleyan Infant of Jno Johnson
Wesleyan Infant son of Geo W. Thorp 1m12d
Wesleyan Isaac N. Field 21
Wesleyan James Baldwin 8
Wesleyan Jane Flint 28
Wesleyan Jane McKilgore 13m
Wesleyan Jas Brady 37
Wesleyan Jas Greenfield 30
Wesleyan Jas Rubrumas 24
Wesleyan Jas. W. Wolff 4m
Wesleyan Jefferson A Dye 10m
Wesleyan Jno Smith 61
Wesleyan Jno. Cooters 0
Wesleyan Jno. H. Bayley 1y23d
Wesleyan John ? Boone 23
Wesleyan John Percy 2y6m
Wesleyan John R. White 23
Wesleyan John Westley 37
Wesleyan Jos A. Baternan 2m
Wesleyan Jos Grvilau 26
Wesleyan Josephine Comstock 5
Wesleyan Lawson Cook 1y1m
Wesleyan Louisa Hempstead 56
Wesleyan Louisia Fitzsimmons 1m1d
Wesleyan Lydia slave of Geo Hoyle 50
Wesleyan M & M McDonald child 1y6d
Wesleyan Magnus F. Taylor 28
Wesleyan Manau Turnbull 12d
Wesleyan Marcus A. Wright 1y8m
Wesleyan Margaret I. Beard 17y5m
Wesleyan Maria Bates 70
Wesleyan Maria slave of B M Lynch 16
Wesleyan Marian Turnbull 33
Wesleyan Martin J. Eads 1y3m
Wesleyan Mary A K Cummins 5
Wesleyan Mary A. Moyles 1m
Wesleyan Mary Ann Moore 2y2m
Wesleyan Mary Ann Rollet 53
Wesleyan Mary Bedford 44
Wesleyan Mary M Biddle 24
Wesleyan Mary of J. R. White 15
Wesleyan Mary Whittle 31
Wesleyan Michel Cleary 2y8m
Wesleyan Morris B. Johnson 21
Wesleyan Mrs Ann Mitchell 51
Wesleyan Mrs Serilda Ausbrook
Wesleyan Mrs. E. Yule 50
Wesleyan Mrs. Jones 33
Wesleyan Nallie Low?y 28d
Wesleyan Nelly slave of R R Lee 1m17d
Wesleyan Peter Berry 5
Wesleyan Peter Stubbs Roberts 2
Wesleyan Rachel Dikens 52
Wesleyan Richard Brent 2y11m
Wesleyan Richard Powell 35
Wesleyan Richd A. Seaver 10m
Wesleyan Robert Nelson 29d
Wesleyan Robt D. Goodfellow 28y9m
Wesleyan Romeo Garwood 3y1m
Wesleyan Sam Sinau 1m20d
Wesleyan Saml Brewer 7m
Wesleyan Saml Brown 26
Wesleyan Sara Wright 28d
Wesleyan Sarah A. Balb 31
Wesleyan Sarah Jane Harber 52
Wesleyan Sarah Novis 2
Wesleyan Sarah Thornberry 23
Wesleyan Silas H. Lawrence 38
Wesleyan Slave of Dr. Smith 1y6m
Wesleyan Stephen R. Miller 35
Wesleyan Still born child of Geo Ty??
Wesleyan Still born child of Mr. Atkinson 0
Wesleyan Still born child of Wm Wyley 0
Wesleyan Thomas ???? 4
Wesleyan Virginia Robinson 3m16d
Wesleyan William Slave of JRM Intyre 2m10d
Wesleyan Wm. A. Ferguson 26
Wesleyan Wm. B. Connell 54
Wesleyan Wm. C. Beard 1
Wesleyan Wm. F. Roberts 2m15d
Wesleyan Wm. H. Lewis 3y13d
Wesleyan Wm. J. Anderson 45
Wesleyan Wm. P. White 37
Wesleyan Wm. Turner 7m
Wesleyan Wm. Williams 33