1874 St. Clair County, Illinois Atlas

David A. Lossos, (December 2, 2002)

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Partial List of Patrons (81 persons enumerated)

Town 1 South, Range 9 West (aka Millstadt/Centerville)

(Note: Correct spelling of surnames courtesy of Bob Buecher)
Christian Albe [should be ALBERT] Farmer Germany 1870
Charles Alberter Hotel Germany 1852
Charles T. Askins. Farmer Kentucky 1825
Fred Backer Miller Germany 1861
Edward Baird Farmer Illinois 1837
Phil. Baltz, Sr Merchant Germany 1834
Phillip Baltz, Jr. Barber and Constable Germany 1853
Win. G. Banger [should be Wm. G. BANGERT] Butcher Germany 1849
Franc Baur Merchant Germany 1850
Frederick Boener [should be BOEMER] Farmer Illinois 1847
Caspar Boener [should be BOEMER] Farmer Germany 1840
Valentine Brenfleck Brewer Germany 1848
Henry Briesacher Farmer France 1828
H. Bruggenjuergen Merchant Germany 1873
George Cajacob Constable Germany 1850
John H. Diesel Wagon Maker Illinois 1842
Louis Diesel Farmer Missouri 1837
William Doerr Farmer Germany 1836
Frederick Eckert Farmer Germany 1836
Christian Fischer Soda Manufacturer Germany 1847
Charles Grossmann (Smithton) Farmer Germany 1844
Fred. Hartman Wagon Maker Missouri 1840
Win. Holcomb (Smithton) Retired South Carolina 1812
nines M. Holcomb Farmer Illinois 1838
Emery Holcomb (Smithton) Farmer Illinois 1844
Henry Huber Retired Germany 1853
Henry Imkens Barber Germany 1849
Anton Jacobi Farmer Germany 1841
Charles Jacobus Clerk Germany 1859
Charles Jung Merchant Germany 1850
Joseph Karl Saloon Keeper Germany 1860
John Keck Farmer Illinois 1846
Leonhard Kropp Farmer Germany 1834
James Laughlin Farmer Illinois 1849
Mrs. Mary A. Laughlin Farmer Louisiana 1838
Mrs. Nancy Little Farmer Illinois 1825
Joseph Marxer Teacher France 1845
W. E. McBride (Belleville) Farmer Illinois 1849
C. Merkel Blacksmith Germany 1862
Jacob Miller, Jun. Merchant Illinois 1848
Louis Mueller Farmer Germany 1842
Theobold Mueller Farmer Germany 1834
Christian Mueller Farmer Germany 1847
Jacob Muren Merchant Illinois 1852
Lorenz Muren Farmer Germany 1844
Daniel Muskopf Farmer Germany 1836
Adolph Nenbarth [should be NEUBARTH] Farmer Illinois 1848
George Nolte Stoves, Tinware, etc Germany 1850
John Oldendorph Machinist Illinois 1851
George Oldendorph Blacksmith Illinois 1842
Henry Oldendorph, Jr. Wagon Maker Illinois 1849
Henry Oldendorph,Sr Retired Germany 1840
John Olinger Saloon Germany 1858
Jacob Pfeiffer Farmer Illinois 1845
1. Jacob Pfeiffer Farmer Germany 1845
Hy. Plate Merchant Germany 1858
Fr. Plate, Jr. Watchmaker Germany 1857
Louis Pornmer [should be POMMER] Catholic Priest Germany 1871
Charles Probstmeyer Justice of the Peace Germany 1858
James L. Proffitt Teacher Missouri 1851
John Rehg Farmer Germany 1863
Frederick Rodemich Farmer Germany 1836
Valentine Roos Farmer Germany 1835
Adam Sander Farmer Germany 1847
Win. Sattenberger [should be Wm. SALTENBERGER] Farmer Germany 1847
Adolph Schlerintzauer [should be Physician France 1843
J. J. Schmahlenberger Farmer Germany 1834
John C. Schmidt (Smithton) Farmer Missouri 1843
Phil. Schmidt (Smithton) Farmer Germany 1843
Henry Schneider Tailor Germany 1852
Elizabeth Seib Farmer Germany 1849
Wm. Sieber Wagon Maker Illinois 1852
Christian Stern Miller France 1843
Isa W. Thomas Justice of the Peace Ohio 1864
Frederick Ullrich Farmer Germany 1852
Louis J. Wagne [should be WAGNER] Saddler Illinois 1850
George Wagner Saloon Germany 1838
George F. Weggandt [should be WEYGANDT] Farmer Germany 1849
J. F, Weible Farmer Illinois 1851
John Werner Farmer Germany 1848
H. R. White Farmer Georgia 1814