St. Louis Asylums/Homes in 1925

Transcribed from the "Polk-Gould St. Louis Directory - 1925"
©David A. Lossos, updated August 29, 2007

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Altenheim The, 5408 S Bway, Gustav Hilmer, supt

Amity Assn, 312 Market, Joshua P Solven. director

Arthur Brittain Hall (Home for Boys), 1900 Louisiana av. Miss J M Upshaw, matron

Ben Akiba Home for Working Girls, 3646 West Pine blvd; Amelia Cook, matron

Bethany Rescue Home, 4205 N 11th; Mrs Laura Weber, matron

Bethesda Foundling Home and Maternity Hospital, 3651 Vista av ; Miss E J Schroeber, supt

Bethesda Home for Aged Old Ladies, 3660 Rutger; Miss Kath Funk, matron

Bethesda Hospital and Home for Incurables, 3649 Vista av ; Miss Marie M Schoenherr, supt

Bible College of Divinity and Clergymen's Home, 2324 Morgan ; N H Baynes, pres

Blind Girls' Home, 5235 Page blvd; Mrs Rosalie Vogelsang, supt

Catholic Outing Home, West Florissant and Gilmore avs; Mrs W D Henderson, supt

Children's Home Society of Missouri. Office and receiving home, 4427 Margaretta av ; Rev C C Stahmann, supt

Christian Old People's Home, 6600 Washington av ; Mrs J H Roberts, pres; Mrs W E Harrison, vpres; Mrs C C Payne, sec; Mrs C E Russell, treas

Christian Orphans' Home, 2951 N Euclid av ; Bettie R Brown, supt

Community Service Center, 1401 S Grand blvd

Concordia South Side Community Centre, 3227 S 13th

Episcopal Orphans' Home. Ellen S Humphreys, deaconess, 1711 S Grand blvd

Epworth School for Girls, 25 E Pacific av, Webster Groves, MO;

Euclid House for. Dependent Girls, 1753 Waverly Pl, Eunice E Griffin, supt

Evangelical Deaconess Home, 4125 West Belle pl; Rev F P Jens, supt

Everhardt Camp Inc (Summer Camp for Boys), F H Ewerhardt, pres-treas; J C Ewerhardt, sec, 5204 Kensington av

Father Dempsey's Home for Working Girls, 1421 Hogan ; Mary Coughlin, matron

Father Dempsey's Settlement, Rt Rev Msgr Timothy Dempsey, mgr, 1209 N 6th

Father Dunne's Newsboys' Home and Protectorate, 3010 Washington blvd ; Rev Peter J Dunne, Father and Son League. J Aug Wolf, sec; 316 N 8th

German General Protestant Orphans' Home, 4447 Nat Bdge av ; Mrs E Hoppe, supt

German Protestant Orphans' Home, on St Charles Rock rd, 10 miles from City Court House. Herman C Gralemann, sec, 4905 Maffitt p1

Gertrude Boys' Home, 3958 Washington blvd; Mrs Mary Stern, matron

Girls' Industrial Home, 5501 Enright av ; Miss Anne Hitch, supt

Good Samaritan Hospital (Altenheim), 1217 N Jefferson ay. Alwine Scheld, deaconess in charge Good Will Industries, 1724 N 13th

Grace Church-Holy Cross House. Philip S Russell. pres; J H Smith, v-pres; A A Bryden, sec; W C Stith, treas, 2600 N 12th

Guardian Angel Settlement, 1029 Marion

Hephziban Rescue Home, 2935 Morgan ; Mattie B Rice, matron

Home for Aged and Infirm Israelites, Mrs Amelia Spiegel, matron, 3452 S Jefferson av

Home of the Friendless, 4431 S Bway; Nona E Collins, matron

Home of the United Hungarian Society, 1921 S 9th; Calma Zorka, matron

House of the Good Shepard, 3801 Gravois av

Jewish Orphans' Home, 3117 Lafayette av; Lazar Grossman, supt

Jewish (Orthodox) Old Home, 1438 E Grand blvd; Gustav Cytron, pres

Jewish Shelter Home for Children, Mrs Ida Waldman, matron ; 2236 Tower Grove av

Josephine Hospital Nurses' Home, 3337 Lafayette av; Mrs Ada Toulouse, matron

Letmar Club for Young Women, 4310 Olive; Mrs Marion Cullen

Liberty Hospital Nurses Home. 1110 Washington blvd

Little Sisters of the Poor, 2209 Hebert and 3400 S. Grand

Lutheran Altenheim, 1906 Lafayette

Lutheran Convalescent Home, 4359 Taft av; Mrs Louisa Paul, matron

Lutheran Hospital Nurses' Home, 3528 Ohio av

Lutheran Orphans' Home, Des Peres, St Louis Co. Fredk H A Pieske, supt. Webster Groves

Lyon Camp Co (Summer Camp for Girls), Leslie W Lyon, director, 7415 Carleton av. U C Marguerite Non-Sectarian Old People's Home, 1315 S Vandeventer av

Markham Daily Free Under-Age Kindergartens, 1506 S 3d and 1614 Menard; Rev George Vales King, DD, supt

Masonic Home of Missouri. 5351 Delmar blvd: Sol E Waggoner, pres ; John T Short, v-pres; Clarence L Alexander. sec, J H Gundlach, tress

Memorial Home, 2609 S Grand blvd; Susan Shaw. supt

Merry Home for Girls, 314 N 23d, 22 28 Locust and 307 S Euclid av

Methodist Orphans' Home, 1385 Maryland av ; Leona B Stiles. supt

Mission Free School and Home of the Church of the Messiah, 369 N Taylor av ; Mrs M L Anderson, supt

Missouri Baptist Orphan Home, Pattonvllle, St Louis Co; Mrs A K Messerly, cor sec

Missouri Baptist Sanitarium Nurses' Home, 4529 McMillan av

Mothers' and Babies' Home, Ferguson, Mo; Mrs J M Harris, pres; Mrs Anna Leet, sec: Mrs Martha Byerly, treas; office 6600 Washington av

Mullanphy Hospital Nurses Home. 3218 St Louis av

Mullanphy Orphan Asylum, 324 N Taylor av

Newsboys' Home, 3010 Washington av ; Rev Peter J Dunne, director

Non-Sectarian Old People's Home, Mrs Agnes Toon supt. 3129 Bell av

Pentecostal Training Home, 2829 Washington blvd; Mrs Mary 0 Moise, supt

Provident Assn Da y Nursery, 2221 Locust

Queen's Daughters Home The, 3730 Lindell blvd, Annex, 3701 Lindell blvd; Mrs A M Butner, pre Mrs Aug Goessling, v-pres: Mrs C E Touhill. sec; Miss Pauline Welnsberg. trea

Russell Home, Branch of St Louis Women's Christian Assn, 1214 N Garrison ay; Mary G Weyand. supt

St Ann's Foundling Asylum, 5301 Page blvd

St Ann's Widows' Home, 5301 Page blvd

St Frances Orphan Asylum. Oblate Sisters of Providence. Normandy

St Joseph's Convent of Mercy Mother-house Novitiate and Industrial School for Girls. Webster Groves

St Joseph's Deaf Mute institute, 901 N Garrison av

St Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum. 4701 S Grand blvd

St Louis Altenheim, 5405 S Bway

St Louis Baptist Nurses Home, 912 N Garrison av

St Louis City Hospital Training School for Nurses. City Hospital. 1515 Lafayette av

St Louis Colored Orphans' Home, 2614 Goode av Mrs Josephine H Briscoe. supt

St Louis Home of Redeeming Love. 4310 Enright av Mrs Lydia A Newberry, pros ; Mrs Grace Jeffrey, 6336 Wells av, sec : Mrs lda Graham, treas and matron

St Louis Maternity Hospital Nurses Home, 4530 Washington blvd

St Luke's Nurses' Home. 721 Belt av and 5535 Delmar blvd

St Mary's Female Orphan Asylum. 5451 Emerson av

St Vincent Institution for the Insane, Wellston Station

St Vincent's German Orphan Asylum. Normandy pk Salvation Army Corps No 5, 1901 Hodiamont av : James Samson. adjutant

Salvation Army Young Women's Boarding Home, 1234 Dillon Adjt Laila Turner, supt

Salvation Army industrial Home, 15 N 3d

Salvation Army Rescue Home, 3740 Marine av ; Adjt Gertrude Bishop, supt

Sanitarium The (City) Arsenal, opp Macklind av ; Chas Schumaker, M D, supt and res physician Serbian Home, 722 Barry

Sharpe Nurses' Home, 3673A Olive

South Side Day Nursery, 1621 S 10th

Springer Cath Home, Spring av

Union Mission Assn Girls' Preventive Home and Training School, 2947 Morgan : Mrs O C Myers, mgr

Walther League Hospice Home; Marie Hauser, matron; 3001 Rauschenbach av

Washington Maternity Home, 4103 Lindell blvd; Mrs Lolie Capps. mgr

Washington University Nurses' Home, 416 S Kings-highway blvd

Wesley House. 1004 N Cardinal av : Grace Sears, supt

Woman's Christian Home, 1S14 Washington av ; Miss Suss Ryder, supt

Working Girls Industrial Home, 4344 Cottage a Georgia A Mackey. supt

Y M C A Residence, 744 Walton av