Statistical Facts About St. Louis in 1925

Transcribed from the "Polk-Gould St. Louis Directory - 1925"
©David A. Lossos, updated February 9, 2005

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ST. LOUIS - Metropolitan district contains 197,757.1 acres, city proper, 39,040 acres, outside territory 158,717 acres.

ST. LOUIS - A well balanced city; 53 per cent Industrial Activity; 47 per cent Merchandising.

ST. LOUIS - An ideal city for wood working industries, Furniture, Sash, Doors, Trunks - a leading woodenware center.

ST. LOUIS - Nationally prominent as a leading millinery center.

ST. LOUIS - More hogs handled in St. Louis District packing plants than Kansas City, Omaha, South Omaha combined - 3,000,-500 is the number.

ST. LOUIS packing houses handle more hogs than any other city except Chicago, and decisively lead all other hog-packing centers; 3,900,000 hogs received at St. Louis yards for market in 1924.

ST. LOUIS - The leading interior wool market; thirty million pounds shipped in 1924.

ST. LOUIS as Steel Center - Illinois coal can be used for blast furnace coke. A fact on which the future of St. Louis as a steel center is founded.

ST. LOUIS - Metropolitan area spreads over 260 square miles - embracing 1,250,000 people.

ST. LOUIS - Railroad Center. Where East meets West in interchange. Twenty million tons of freight was the 1924 total. Eleven Million Bushels of grain elevator capacity in St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS - Special machinery center. Leading producer of crushers and pulverizing machinery, mill and mine installations.

ST. LOUIS - The most convenient and recognized center for special medical attention; 58 Hospitals; 6,400 beds. Over $5,000,000 in new projects under way.

ST LOUIS - Third largest Flour Milling center in the Mississippi Valley. Forty-eight million bushels of wheat receipts in 1924; 1,600,000 barrels of Flour manufactured in St. Louis flour mills last year.

ST. LOUIS as a Packing Center - 265,000,000 pounds of dressed beef shipped outbound in 1924.

ST. LOUIS as a Cotton Market - 850,000 Bales of Cotton St. Louis receipts in 1924.

ST. LOUIS - Does an annual Commercial business of One Billion and a Half Dollars.

ST. LOUIS-Leading inland Coffee roasting point in America - Barge line service from tidewater.

ST. LOUIS - Greatest Fur Market in the world.

ST. LOUIS - Famous for its home life and recreation - the real charm of the city.

ST LOUIS - 1878: Fifteen telephones; 1924, 150,000 telephones; 3,000 employees.

ST. LOUIS - Cattle Market: Over one million cattle received at St. Louis yards in 1924.

ST. LOUIS-Insurance Center: $67,343,806, total resources. Seven legal reserve companies with home offices in St. Louis; 290,806 Policies in force; $636,456,885 insurance in force. -

ST. LOUIS-Vast banking resources. Number of Banks In City: National 13; State Banks and Trust Companies, 51; Savings, 0; Federal Reserve Bank, 1. Total Banking Figures for City:

Capital, $57,082,000; surplus, $45,080,000; deposits, $603,751,000; loans, etc., $568,433,000.

ST. LOUIS - Shaw's Garden. The outstanding place of its kind in America. A greater Diversity of specimens than any similar institution in America.

ST. LOUIS - Western center of Greenhouse and Floral industry. Over four million square feet under glass. A most remarkable business.

ST. LOUIS - Surrounded by the most highly developed food producing area in the world and the largest.

ST. LOUIS - Steel Center. Leads in open-hearth Steel Castings.

ST. LOUIS - Metal working industries consume 800,000 tons of Pig Iron annually, and growing all the time.

ST. LOUIS - Lower Humidity-Greater working efficiency. St. Louis humidity averages 62 per cent. The humidity of other cities, Cleveland, Chicago, Buffalo, Boston, New York, San Francisco, higher in every case, averaging 67 to 80 per cent.

ST. LOUIS - Covers 61.37, square miles:

ST. LOUIS - Parcel Post Center. Advantageous location the reason.

ST. LOUIS - Medical Center. Two leading universities with national fame as medical schools.

ST. LOUIS - City of Home Builders. Resources of incorporated Building and Loan Associations doing business in St. Louis over eighteen million dollars.

ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Post Office and branches directly serve nearly a million people.

ST. LOUIS - Publication and Printing Center. Over 250 periodicals and newspapers published here.

ST. LOUIS - Climate: Temperatures, 1923-January, Average Maximum, 46.1 degrees Average Minimum, 32.3 degrees; splendid Winter climate. August, Average Maximum, 86.4 degrees; Average Minimum, 68.6 degrees; Average ~t. Louis Summer climate; October, Average Maximum, 69 degrees; Average Minimum, 50 degrees; the Harvest month St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS - A leading distributing center for spices and canned goods.

ST. LOUIS - Paint and Roofing Center. Over 3,000 persons employed in this class of industry.

ST. LOUIS - Leading Hardwood Lumber center-the shipping market for the Mississippi Valley.

ST. LOUIS - The traffic gateway; eleven million tons of westbound freight in 1924 through St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS - Direct barge line connection with the export trade of the world via Mississippi River and New Orleans.

ST. LOUIS - Over three million separate farms in cultivation within the immediate St. Louis trade territory. Value of Farm Land, Buildings, Implements and Live Stock within St. Louis trade territory-over Thirty-five Billion Dollars-U. S. Census.

ST. LOUIS - Education: Two leading Universities, one Teachers' College, seven High Schools, ninety-two Elementary' Schools, nineteen special, schools, seventeen colored schools.

ST. LOUIS - Open-air Municipal Theatre. Eight weeks of light opera each summer and financially self-supporting.

ST. LOUIS - 50,000 passengers per day pass through the gates of the St. Louis Union Station.

ST. LOUIS Public Schools conceded to be the finest.. Total registration over 150,000.

ST. LOUIS has the largest Municipal open-air Theatre. in the world. Seating capacity, 10,000.

ST. LOUIS - Shoe Center. Headquarters of the largest shoe producing companies in the world.

ST. LOUIS - Stove Center. Stove and range production three times~greater than in any other city in the world.

ST. LOUIS - The leading market center for horses and mules.

ST. LOUIS - One of the Nation's leading hide markets-the requirement of a growing tanning and leather industry.

ST. LOUIS - Special Machinery Center. The leading manufacturing city producing Sugar Mill installations.

ST. LOUIS - The Home of Diesel-type Engines. For Marine, Submarine, Industrial purposes.

ST. LOUIS - Special Machinery Center. Stencil cutting machines, Bakers Machinery, Piston Rings, Stampings.

ST. LOUIS - Manufacturing center for street railway cars. Largest output in America. Shipments both domestic and for export.

ST. LOUIS - Annual interest charge per capita for city indebtedness is $1.17. Compares with Cleveland, $5.03; Kansas City, $2.19; Pittsburg, $4.28; Minneapolis, $3.28.

ST. LOUIS - Communication Center. First City west of the Mississippi to have a telephone exchange (1878); 700,000 messages handled daily.

ST. LOUIS - The lead and zinc market of America. World prices base F. 0. B. St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS - Refining point for the mid-continent oil fields. The largest petroleum area in the United States.

ST. LOUIS - Pure Water Supply. Typhoid death rate decreased from 36 per 100,000 to 2.7 in the last fifteen years.

ST. LOUIS - Exports and Imports: Sulphate of Ammonia from Japan, Sisal from Yucatan, Machinery to Hawaii, Coffee from Brazil -a few of the items passing daily over St. Louis water front.

ST. LOUIS - Outdoor recreation, golf links, parks, streams the Ozarks-a distinct feature of St. Louis life and health.

ST. LOUIS - The great traffic gateway: Nine Million tons of freight Eastbound in 1924.

ST. LOUIS serves the Millions in every day wants. For instance, St, Louis is the outstanding hardware distributing center of the United States.

ST. LOUIS - Food Products Center. The largest manufacturing and distributing center for Grocery items in the United States.

ST. LOUIS - An ideal city for Wood-Working Industries, Furniture, Sash, Doors, Trunks.

ST. LOUIS - Fabricating center for Structural Steel, Beams, Plates and structural parts cut and drilled to exact measurement ready for assembly. For buildings, bridges and factories.