1930 St. Louis Census - Bethesda-Dillworth Home for Old Ladies

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (October 26, 2002)

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Bethesda-Dillworth Home for Old Ladies

Transcribed by Cheryl Laws

Portion of ED 95-14 Sheet 7A Oakland Town

42 Individuals Enumerated Date of Census 10 April, 1930

Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital Status Age at 1st Marriage Birthplace
Funk, Katherine N. Head F W 56 S Missouri
Funk, Nellie E. Sister F W 55 S Missouri
Benson, Jinella Inmate F W 85 WD 20 Illinois
Bigelow, Victoria A. Inmate F W 78 WD 18 Austria
Cu?berly, Carrie E. Inmate F W 76 S Missouri
Douglas, Tie S. Inmate F W 57 S Missouri
Dumont, Jessie Inmate F W 64 S Kansas
Fisher, Laura E. Inmate F W 67 S Missouri
Gaebel, Laura A. Inmate F W 75 S Missouri
Halley, Mary Inmate F W UN WD UN Ohio
Kaiser, Katherine ?. Inmate F W 65 S Illinois
Kirkpatrick, Harriet Inmate F W UN S Missouri
Manly, Mary A. Inmate F W 87 WD 20 Ohio
Moore, Frances A. Inmate F W 73 WD 19 Alabama
Patterson, Agnes A. Inmate F W 72 S Missouri
Schmelig, Mary J. Inmate F W 70 WD 23 Missouri
Triplett, Kittie Inmate F W 66 WD 18 Missouri
Kumt?el, Elizabeth Inmate F W 74 S Missouri
Raork, Sarah R. Inmate F W 82 WD 23 Missouri
Wilson, Ellen Inmate F W 82 S England
Donaldson, Nellie C. Inmate F W 83 WD 19 Massachusetts
Smith, Annie Inmate F W 46 S Missouri
Storry, Martha E. Inmate F W 63 WD 20 Pennsylvania
Thomas, Laura P. Inmate F W 74 S England
Barclay, Isabelle Inmate F W 90 S Scotland
Carson, Carrie S. Inmate F W 68 WD 24 New York
Marsh, Emily Inmate F W 61 S England
Whyte, Isabella H. Inmate F W 58 S Missouri
Read, Mary Inmate F W 65 WD 19 Missouri
Wilking, Anna V. Inmate F W 76 S Missouri
Torbet, Clara N. Inmate F W 72 S Indiana
Tare, Isabelle H. Inmate F W 75 M 18 Wisconsin
Tare, Harry S. Inmate M W 69 M 22 Missouri
Gindra, Fanne Inmate F W 63 S Missouri
Armstrong, Dora Inmate F W 58 S Missouri
Bulgin, Catherine Inmate F W 41 S Missouri
Nelson, John L. Inmate M W 65 M 23 Sweden
Nelson, Carrie S. Inmate F W 65 M 18 Illinois
Caultar, Mary Inmate F W 62 M 26 Illinois
Lindsay, Lillian B. Inmate F W 25 S Arkansas
Weird, Henry Inmate M W 42 S Missouri
Thone, May Inmate F W 49 WD 13 Tennesse

Here Ends the Enumeration of Bethesda-Dillworth Home for Old Ladies