1930 St. Louis Census - Convent of the Helpers of the Holy Souls

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos

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Convent of the Helpers of the Holy Souls - Transcribed by S. Wilkins
4012 Washington Ave.
ED 96-142 - City of St. Louis - Sheet 1A, Page124A Census taken April 15, 1930
21 individuals enumerated.
Langer, Max - Widower - Married age 25

Transcribed by S. Wilkins (July 3, 2003)

Name Relation Color Age Birthplace Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Language Year of Immigration Occupation
Mother Eleutherius Mother Superior W 46 Belgium Belgium Belgium French 1911/Al None
Mother Goanna Mother W 75 England England England English 1892/Na None
Mother Berchanans Mother W 67 England England England English 1895/Na None
Mother Michael Mother W 70 France France France French 1899/Al None
Mother St. Andrew Mother W 57 France France France French 1901/Al None
Mother Clotilde Mother W 58 France France France French 1909/Al None
Mother Gonzeles Mother W 64 Belgium Belgium Belgium French 1910/Al None
Mother Leontine Mother W 55 France France France French 1912/Al None
Mother St. Bruno Mother W 46 France France France French 1908/Al None
Mother St. Frederic Mother W 52 France France France French 1919/Al None
Mother St. Louis Mother W 42 France France France French 1922/Al None
Mother St. Flora Mother W 38 Belgium Belgium Belgium French 1908/Al None
Mother Mary Austin Mother W 32 France Italy France French 1900/Na None
Mother Mary Ancilla Mother W 26 CA China CA None
Sister St. Alban Sister W 46 MO MO MO None
Sister Aloysius Sister W 42 Italy Italy Italy Italian 1890/Na None
Sister Mary John Sister W 40 NY NY NY None
Sister Teresa Sister W 26 NY NY NY None
Sister Rodriguez Sister W 32 Ireland Ireland Ireland English 1920/Al None
Langer, Max Janitor W 60 Germany Germany Germany German 1900/Na Janitor
Riskey, Carl Janitor W 53 Austria Austria Austria German 1920/Al Janitor