1930 St. Louis Census - Convent of Our Lady of Good Counsel

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (May 25, 2002)

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Convent of Our Lady of Good Counsel Transcribed by S. Wilkins

ED 96-276 - City of St. Louis - Sheet 1A, Page 42A Census taken April 15, 1930

1849 Cass Avenue

89 indivduals enumerated

Name Relation Sex Age Birthplace Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Year of Immigration Occupation
McGinnis, Mother Rose C. Superior F 65 AL Ireland Ireland Teacher
Anderson, Sister Fidelia Inmate F 31 MO NY IL Teacher
Belanger, Marie B. Inmate F 22 WI WI WI Teacher
Bereswill, Rosamond Inmate F 22 MO Bavaria IL Teacher
Birkner, Cornelia Inmate F 28 IL IL IN Teacher
Bompart, Cecelia M. Inmate F 20 MO MO MO Teacher
Breman, Anna C. Inmate F 27 MO NY MO Teacher
Byrne, John J. Inmate F 30 MO OH IA Teacher
Cain, Rose Inmate F 53 IL Ireland Ireland Teacher
Casey, Anacleta Inmate F 50 WI MS Ireland Teacher
Cassidy, Ellen M. Inmate F 29 MO Ireland Ireland Teacher
Coessens, Matthew Inmate F 52 NY Belgium Belgium Teacher
Corcoran, Marie M. Inmate F 24 MO Ireland Ireland Teacher
Coughlin, Regina Inmate F 30 MO NY MO Teacher
Courtois, Eucebia Inmate F 32 MO MO MO Teacher
Cunningham, Henrietta Inmate F 36 KS MO MO Teacher
Dailey, Rose E. Inmate F 35 IL NY MI Teacher
Danaher, Loyola Inmate F 43 IL Ireland Ireland Teacher
Dayton, Lucilla J. Inmate F 42 MO OH KS Teacher
Dillon, Doleres Inmate F 33 OH OH OH Teacher
Donovan, Agnes. J. Inmate F 29 MO MO MO Teacher
Dunn, Philip Inmate F 79 IL Ireland Ireland Teacher Retired
Ely, Virginia J. Inmate F 41 MO MO MO Teacher
Fritz, Matilda Inmate F 35 MO MO MO Teacher
Gahagan, Edmund Inmate F 51 NY Ireland Ireland Teacher
Geatley, Beatrice Inmate F 46 MO LA MO Teacher
Haley, Priscilla Inmate F 48 MO Ireland Ireland Teacher
Hennessy, Angela Inmate F 64 CA Ireland Ireland Teacher
Herrold, Agatha Inmate F 41 IL IL IL Teacher
Hickey, Maureen Inmate F 31 MO Ireland Ireland Teacher
Higgins, Josepha Inmate F 25 MO Ireland MO Teacher
Hussey, Rosita Inmate F 25 WI WI WI Teacher
Huster, Eustace Inmate F 34 MO Germany Germany Teacher
Janson, Loyola M. Inmate F 21 MO IL IL Teacher
Jones, Rose C. Inmate F 36 MO South Wales PA Teacher
Jones, St. Bernard Inmate F 66 TN Ireland Ireland Teacher
Kennealy, Mary Inmate F 49 MO Ireland Ireland Teacher
Konop, Charlotte Inmate F 27 WI WI WI Teacher
Lanigan, Bernardine Inmate F 81 Ireland Ireland Ireland 1865-Na Teacher Retired
LaRose, Crescentia Inmate F 26 IN MO MO Teacher
Leneau, Bertina Inmate F 23 WI WI Canada - French Teacher
Lessard, Marie T. Inmate F 25 MI Canada - French Canada - French Teacher
Long, Mary J. Inmate F 39 MO Ireland Ireland Teacher
Looby, Jeannette Inmate F 31 IL Ireland Ireland Teacher
McGrath, Una Inmate F 33 Ireland Ireland Ireland 1910/Na Teacher
McLarney, Hugh Inmate F 30 MO NY OH Teacher
McNamara, Frances Inmate F 36 IN NY IN Teacher
McNamara, Theodosia Inmate F 35 IL IL IL Teacher
McVeigh, Stephen Inmate F 37 CO Canada - English Ireland Teacher
Monahan, Lillia M. Inmate F 36 MO PA MO Teacher
Mooney, Eva J. Inmate F 24 PA PA MO Teacher
Moore, Viola M. Inmate F 21 MO MO MO Teacher
Neels, Sophia Inmate F 36 MO Holland Holland Teacher
Noble, Alfred Inmate F 23 MO MO MO Teacher
O'Brien, Theresa J. Inmate F 43 IL NY IL Teacher
Oudotte, Norbert Inmate F 47 MI France NY Teacher
Pickard, Gerald Inmate F 37 WI WI Canada - French
Prussing, Corona Inmate F 36 KS Germany At Sea Domestic
Rassetta, Emelina Inmate F 29 MI Canada - French Canada - French
Reed, Sabina Inmate F 29 OH NY MO Teacher
Ritter, Teresa J. Inmate F 21 MO MO MO Teacher
Rockford, John B. Inmate F 60 IL Ireland Ireland Teacher
Ryan, Irma Inmate F 30 IL Ireland Ireland Teacher
Ryan, Fidelis Inmate F 55 MO Ireland Ireland Teacher
Sanford, Caroline Inmate F 33 MI MI Canada - English
Schaefer, Bonaventure Inmate F 44 MO MO MO Teacher
Schaafer, Leontine Inmate F 34 MO Germany Germany Teacher
Scharfenberger, Ernesta Inmate F 22 MO MO MO Teacher
Schmidt, Pelagia Inmate F 28 KY IN KY Teacher
Schwarz, Agnes L. Inmate F 24 MO Germany Germany Teacher
Schweitzer, Clarita Inmate F 29 MO Germany Germany Teacher
Sheridan, Urban Inmate F 38 IL IL Ireland Teacher
Smith, Jane M. Inmate F 33 IL NY Ireland Teacher
St. Pierret, Octavia Inmate F 37 MI Canada - French MI Teacher
Sullivan, Huberta Inmate F 27 MO OH MS Teacher
Surkamp, Rosaline Inmate F 31 MO OH MO Teacher
Swinehoski, Anna C. Inmate F 27 MO Germany Germany Teacher
Thomas, Reginald Inmate F 27 MI Juga-Slavia Juga-Slavia Teacher
Tucker, Bernadette Inmate F 37 MO MO MO Teacher
Ulsar, St. Clare Inmate F 35 MO Germany MO Teacher
Vogt, Antoinette J. Inmate F 75 NY Germany Germany Seamstress
Vogt, Justa M. Inmate F 24 MO MO MO Teacher
Walsh, Aggtha I. Inmate F 25 MO Ireland Ireland Teacher
Walsh, Georgia Inmate F 54 IL Ireland PA Nurse
Watrone, Benita Inmate F 39 IA IA IA Teacher
Westendorf, Vincentia Inmate F 28 MO MO MO Teacher
Wiegand, Justine Inmate F 40 IL IL IL Teacher
Wright, Rose L. Inmate F 24 MO MO LA Teacher
Young, Rita Inmate F 57 NV Ireland NJ Teacher
Ziegenfuss, Dolorosa Inmate F 33 MO MO MO Teacher