1930 St. Louis Census - Concordia Seminary

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (April 22, 2005)

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Enumerated April 5
Pages 93-94
74 Individuals - Faculty Row

Transcribed by Joan Kaemmer

Name Relation Sex Race Age 1st married Marital Status Age Birthplace
Arndt, William F Head M W 49 M 26 Wisconsin
Emma J Wife F W 50 M 27 Missouri
Eva H Daughter F W 20 S Missouri
Isle P Daughter F W 16 S Missouri
Keith, Elizabeth boarder F W 23 S Illinois
Grachros, Theodore Head M W 53 M 22 Wisconsin
Selma Wife F W 52 M 22 Wisconsin
Oliver Son M W 23 S Missouri
Alexander Son M W 21 S Illinois
Margaret Daughter F W 15 S Missouri
Fuesh?ing, Ludwig E Head M W 66 M 33 Michigan
Ann Wife F W 55 M 22 India
Agnes Daughter F W 31 S Missouri
Otto Son M W 19 S Missouri
Maier, Walter A Head M W 36 M 30 Massechuttes
Hrelda A Wife F W 37 M 31 Indiana
Walter A Jr Son M W 4 3/4 S Missouri
Fritz, John H Head M W 55 M 24 Ohio
Emilia AJ Wife F W 53 M 22 Missouri
Ruth Daughter F W 19 S New York
Henry AP Son M W 17 S Missouri
Kourler, Caroline Mother In Law F W 80 Wd Missouri
Pieper, Franz AO Head M W 78 M Germany-Prussia
Minnie K Wife F W 71 M Wisconsin
Lucy Daughter F W 45 S Missouri
Mueller, John T Head M W 45 M 25 Minnesota
Adeline Wife F W 43 M 25 Missouri
Armand ET Son M W 21 S Louisiana
Favia P Daughter F W 19 S Louisiana
Norbert C Son M W 15 S Louisiana
Arlo M Wife M W 13 S Michigan
Marilyn E Daughter F W 5 S Missouri
Engeldy, Theodore Head M W 65 M 25 New York
Ella Wife F W 57 M 17 Ohio
Clara Daughter F W 33 S Michigan
Katherine Daughter F W 26 S Michigan
Alfred Son M W 25 S Michigan
Esther Daughter F W 22 S Michigan
Heinty, Richard W Head M W 62 M 23 Germany-Berlin
Anna Wife F W 63 M 24 Wisconsin
Herbert Son M W 28 S New York
Rudolf Son M W 25 S New York
Niederstein, Josyline Aunt F W 70 S Missouri
Somoner, Martin S Head M W 61 M 28 Maryland
Mary F Wife F W 72 M 41 Pennsylvania
Polack, William G Head M W 39 M 23 Wisconsin
Iona Wife F W 38 M 22 Indiana
William P Son M W 14 S Indiana
Paula W Daughter F W 13 S Indiana
James P Son M W 11 S Indiana
Robert T Son M W 8 S Indiana
Charles W Son M W 6 S Indiana
Shirley J Daughter F W 1 11/12 S Missouri
Kretzmann, Paul E Head M W 47 M Indiana
Louise Wife F W 41 M Kansas
Elinora Daughter F W 19 S Colorado
Theodore Son M W 18 S Colorado
Carolin Daughter F W 15 S Minnesota
Hilda Daughter F W 11 S Missouri
Powers, Amanda A Matron F W 63 D 25 Missouri
Werner, Lena S Cook F W 39 Wd 29 Missouri
Gerdes, Ahura C Cook F W 20 S Missouri
Serafan, Emilie Cook F W 51 Wd 25 Missouri
Rameier, Emma C Cook F W 31 S Illinois
Miller, Ida Cook F W 23 D 17 Illinois
Altlad, Adelle Servant F W 18 S Missouri
Schroeder, Ida Servant F W 37 S Missouri
Stichmann, Frieda Servant F W 24 S Illinois
Rohlfive, Clara Servant F W 31 S Illinois
Kracht, Ema Servant F W 22 S Missouri
Ruethuer, Edua Servant F W 28 S Illinois
Lohmeyer, Eleanore Servant F W 18 S Arkansas
Flessdorf, Arthur Janitor M W 42 S Alsace Loraine