1930 St. Louis Census - Frisco Employees Hospital Association

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (May 31, 2003)

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Transcription of 1930 Census of Frisco Employees Hospital Association

ED # 96-178

Transcribed by L. Applebaum on 05-30-03

35 persons enumerated.

Name Relation Sex Age Marital Status Age at 1st. Marriage Birthplace
Cresswell, Elmer L. Head M 46 M 27 Missouri
Smith, Margaret E. Boarder F 26 S Arkansas
Stewart, Ann Boader F 27 S Illinois
Quirck, Mary Boarder F 48 S Free State
??dinger, Frank A. Boarder M 59 S Germany
Bourdeaux, Charlotte Boarder F 33 WD 20 Missouri
Frazier, Jack S. Boarder M 31 S Missouri
Rustin, Dorothy M. Boarder F 74 S Missouri
Foley, Patrick Boarder M 57 S Free State
Hartman, Max D. Boarder M 56 S Germany
Kelly, Anthony Boarder M ?1 S Kansas
Benson, James Boarder M 31 WD no age England
Johnson, Edward Boarder M 44 S Massachusetts
Rice, Earl R. Boarder M 36 M 35 South Dakota
Givan, Vernon Boarder M 33 S Kentucky
Stouesaul, Howard T. Boarder M 20 S Missouri
Holloway, Thomas H. Boarder M 55 S Mississippi
Johnson, James C. Boarder M 24 S Illinois
Wootten, Walter Boarder M 38 S Texas
Woodell, James E. Boarder M 35 S Georgia
?isle, Hazel E. Boarder F 25 S Iowa
Green, Henry Boarder M 32 S Georgia
Williams, Alice Boarder F 24 S Missouri
Pollock, Agnes Boarder F 41 S Scotland
Gristol, Nita Boarder F 34 S South Dakota
Martin, Cecil Boarder F 27 M 27 Illinois
Campbell, Leila B. Boarder F 41 M 18 Missouri
Eaton, Dorothy E. Boarder F 24 M 24 Missouri
?eus, Margie Boarder F 28 S Missouri
Mall, Carl Boarder M 26 S Kentucky
Mason, Lillian Boarder F 30 S Illinois
Becker, Henry Boarder M 57 S Iowa
Shaw, Edward H. Boarder M 57 S Iowa
Boston, Martha Boarder F 24 S Missouri
Hornberg, Ida Boarder F 51 S Missouri