1930 St. Louis Census - Hessoun Orphanage

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (October 26, 2002)

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To sign up to help in this project send an e-Mail to Dave Lossos and identify which ED you'd like to transcribe. (The transcriptions can be at the library directly from the microfilm or at home from paper copies made at the library). If you don't live in the St. Louis area you can "rent" the appropriate roll of microfilm through your local LDS Family History Library or your local library. I cannot provide copies of these census pages.

Hessoun Orphanage
ED 95-11
Roll 1223
Page 189 Transcribed by Ed Bregenzer
47 individuals enumerated

By the way, Ed has also transcribed the Hessoun Orphanage in the 1920 St. Louis Census and that can be seen HERE.

Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital Status Age at 1st Marriage Birthplace
Sr. Margaretta Yiorchova F 45 Czechoslovakia
Sr. Erasma Dohnalova F 39 Czechoslovakia
Sr. Loyola Papala F 52 Czechoslovakia
Sr. Agatha Jahle F 27 Germany
Sr. Magdalene Vogoli F 32 Germany
George Enolena M 15 MO
Fransiska Sake F 2 MO
Sr. Adesodata F 42 Czechoslovakia
Josef Fenders M 12 Czechoslovakia
Thomas Bastalaky M 15 MO
Josef Strabil M 14 MO
Peter Strabil M 11
Frantisk Strabil F 9 MO
Andrew Holland M 11 MO
Mary Bosman F 13 Czechoslovakia
Antone Bosman M 11 IA
Frank Bosman M 9 IA
Jeslosan Bosman M 6 IA
Mary Jakovic F 6 IA
Eugene Jakovic M 5 MO
Aubrey Matosisebe M 11 MO
Rosemary Matosisebe F 9 MO
Robert F. Jesjich M 4 MO
Mark Jesjich M 2 MO
Edwin Kamp M 7 MO
Oskar Kamp M 13 MO
Josef E. Mechalik M 4 MO
Margaret Mechalik F 11 TN
Josef Mechalik M 9 TN
Frank Mechalik M 12 TN
George Mechalik M 10 TN
William Mechalik M 9 TN
Louis Muhla M 11 TN
Anthony Muhla M 10 MO
Josef Muhla M 4 MO
Mary Muhla F 8 MO
George Antonash M 14 MO
Stephan Antonash M 13 MO
Helen Antonash F 11 MO
Robert P. Seeker M 9 MO
Julie Sevcik F 15 MO
Henry Sevcik M 12 MO
Travis Stanycrynski M 15 MO
Marie Stanycrynski F 14 MO
John Stanycrynski M 12 MO
Benjamin Stanycrynski M 9 MO
Richard Dean M 14 MO