1930 St. Louis Census - Jewish Sanatorium

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (August 9, 2002)

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To sign up to help in this project send an e-Mail to Dave Lossos and identify which ED you'd like to transcribe. (The transcriptions can be at the library directly from the microfilm or at home from paper copies made at the library). If you don't live in the St. Louis area you can "rent" the appropriate roll of microfilm through your local LDS Family History Library or your local library. I cannot provide copies of these census pages.

Jewish Sanatorium, St. Louis County (St. Ferdinand Township)
Portion of ED #95 - 109, taken April 21, 1930, Sheet 3B
Ancestry online images 5 and 6
98 Individuals Enumerated
Transcribed by Dave Lossos
Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital Status Age at 1st Marriage Birthplace
Barber, Henry Inmate M W 77 S Germany
Braun, Maurice Inmate M W ?? S Russia
Brodden, Da??e Inmate M W 38 M 22 Russia
Brooks, Wlbeut Inmate M W 48 M 23 Russia
Chech, Michael Inmate M W 15 S US
Chotinsky, Rose Inmate F W 18 S Russia
Leldman, Pauline Inmate F W 44 D 17 Rumania
Galt, Rose Inmate F W 30 S 23 MO
Glaser, Jacob Inmate M W 53 M 27 Russia
Goldman, Sadie Inmate F W 27 M 18 TN
Jordan, Lena Inmate F W 27 S Russia
Greenburg, Jos Inmate M W 67 M 30 Russia
Greenburg, Laura Inmate F W 53 M 35 Rumania
Hornste?d, Sam Inmate M W 46 M 27 Egypt
Kaplan, Joe Inmate M W 38 S Russia
Kober, Chas Inmate M W 23 S MO
Koffman, Mair Inmate M W 41 M 35 Russia
Le?ick, Ben Inmate M W 42 S Russia
Levine, Minnie Inmate F W 60 S GA
Lewsan, Cyril Inmate F W 25 S Poland
Lorig, Sam Inmate M W 50 S Germany
Marcus, Sam Inmate M W 33 S MO
Moscowitz, Dan Inmate M W 22 S MO
Moskoitz, ??en Inmate M W 36 ? 18 Russia
Be??, Newman Inmate M W 44 S Russia
Pallo, Harry Inmate M W 41 M 25 Russia
Pankewer, Minnie Inmate M W 27 S Russia
Paul, Saul Inmate M W 62 M 30 Russia
Pearl, Fay Inmate F W 27 S US
Perey, Fannie Inmate F W 23 M 21 Russia
Racowsky, Ben Inmate M W 39 M ?2 Russia
Rosen, Freda Inmate F W 25 S Russia
Rosen, Fanny Inmate F W 33 M 23 Russia
Shulman, Maurice Inmate M W 57 M 26 Russia
Shadow, Ben Inmate M W 44 Wd 30 Russia
Shadow, Maurice Inmate M W 15 S MO
Skolnich, Phillip Inmate M W 27 S Russia
Spilker, ?dbie Inmate M W 36 M 20 Russia
Ganzer, Minnie Inmate M W 38 S MO
Taylor, Orma Inmate M W 36 M 25 MO
Tepper, Rachael Inmate F W 46 M 22 Russia
Tobin, Hyman Inmate M W 54 M 29 Russia
Unger, Fanny Inmate M W 61 S MO
Weinberg, Frances Inmate F W 26 S NY
Applebaum, Sarah Inmate F W 63 M 28 Russia
Burkler (no first name) Inmate M W 65 M 26 Russia
Fadem, Edith Inmate F W ?? M 29 Russia
Fra?zel, Sam Inmate M W 50 S Russia
Garson, Rubin Inmate M W 49 M 30 Russia
Goldberg, Ben Inmate M W 52 Wd 32 Russia
Goldberg, Lilly Inmate F W 62 Wd 25 Germany
Hysinger, Silad Inmate M W 82 Wd 20 US
Lapin, Anna Inmate F W 63 Wd 30 Russia
Levan. Louis Inmate M W 50 Wd 29 Russia
Lepkofsky, Dobe Inmate F W 60 Wd 40 Poland
Gertrude Inmate F W 66 ? 41 Austria
Movitz, Max Inmate M W 61 M 32 Russia
Newman, Emanuel Inmate M W 76 Wd 43 England
Rothman, Rebecca Inmate F W ?? M 25 Russia
Shulman, Anna Inmate F W 55 Wd 22 Russia
Silverman, Davia Inmate M W 55 M 20 Russia
Serkin, Sarah Inmate F W 63 S 26 Russia
Waterman, Bella Inmate F W 69 S NY
Clark, Mary Employee F W 29 M 18 PA
Callahan, Agnes Employee F W 28 S IN
Haden, Clara Employee F W 26 S IN
Sullivan, Iva Employee F W 21 S US
Sullivan, Gladys Employee F W 20 S US
Stroyd, Mytrle Employee F W 24 S US
We??, Margaret Employee F W 29 S US
Boland, Leonard Employee M W 23 S US
Boland, ?org? Employee M W 27 S US
Bydd, William Employee M N 21 M 20 US
Byrne. J?? Employee ? W 44 M 21 Ireland
Denson, Waymon Employee M N 33 D 25 US
Harris, Armstead Employee M N 50 M 36 US
Houston, Janse Employee M N 35 M 17 US
Hughey, Lam Employee M N 46 S US
Mendelstamm, Ralph Employee M ? 30 S MO
Taylor, Irene Employee F N 30 ? US
Taylor, Emma Employee F N 25 S US
Mitchell, Elvina Employee F N 22 S US
Edward, Emma Employee F N 27 S US
Taylor, William Employee M N 48 Wd 22 US
Thomas, Wilford Employee M N 25 S US
W??t, Eugene Employee M N 35 S US
St. John, Jack Employee M N 48 S US
Adams, Dr. Employee M ? 26 S US
Kutcher, Edga? W. Employee M W 42 S Russia
Brown, Naoma Employee F W 37 S US
Rumbuhl, Lillenn Employee F W 37 M 24 US
Seitz, Barbara Employee F W 38 M 26 US
Winkle, Catherine Employee F W 42 S US
Williams, Wallice Employee M N 43 S US
Blair, William Employee M N 25 S US
Hempt??, Otis Employee M N 25 S US
Wood, Clarence Employee M N 23 S US
Gryam, Edna Employee F W 35 S US