1930 St. Louis Census - Memorial Home

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (June 28, 2002)

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To sign up to help in this project send an e-Mail to Dave Lossos and identify which ED you'd like to transcribe. (The transcriptions can be at the library directly from the microfilm or at home from paper copies made at the library). If you don't live in the St. Louis area you can "rent" the appropriate roll of microfilm through your local LDS Family History Library or your local library. I cannot provide copies of these census pages.

Memorial Home - 2601 South Grand Blvd. - Transcribed by Dave Lossos
ED 96-30 - City of St. Louis
85 individuals enumerated

Name Relation Sex Age Marital Condition Age at 1st marriage Birthplace
Shaw, Susan ?. Superintendent F 54 Wd 24 NY
Lewellen, Cinderella Nurse F 45 S MO
Strouthers, William Inmate M 81 Wd 27 Scotland
Kuntz, Martin Inmate M 93 Wd 21 MO
Knoder, Louis Inmate M 67 WD 28 MO
Jones, Charles C. Inmate M 81 WD 24 TN
Leason, Edward F. Inmate M 84 WD 22 Northern Ireland
Brooks, Oliver Inmate M 74 WD 25 MO
Enderbrock, George Inmate M 70 WD 40 Germany Bavaria
Hart?y, Charles B. Inmate M 72 S MO
Morgan, Elizabeth J. Inmate F 89 WD 23 IL
Wiley, Mary E. Inmate F 76 WD 26 PA
Carnes, Annie Inmate F 74 WD 18 England
Hartmsyn, Letta Inmate F 73 WD 18 NY
Davis, James R. Inmate M 75 M 22 MO
Davis, Emily Inmate F 77 M 20 IN
Clark, Eliza B. Inmate F 82 WD 20 MO
Meara, John G. Inmate M 74 D 32 OH
Howard, Robert L. Inmate M 83 WD 35 PA
Sello, Edward Inmate M 70 S IA
Bolh, David Inmate M 71 M 26 Scotland
Leath, Samuel B. Inmate M 81 M 40 TN
Leath, Christina Inmate F 73 M 20 MO
Kalbfleisch, John Inmate M 76 M 23 MO
Kalbfleisch, Caroline Inmate F 74 M 21 MO
Jobe, Hardy Inmate M 90 M 28 MO
Jobe, Mary Inmate F 80 M 18 IA
Bouman, Adrian M. Inmate M 83 WD 23 Holland
Shanker, Jacob Inmate M 91 WD 21 IL
Kuechler, Emil F. Inmate M 75 WD 21 MO
Hughes, John B. Inmate M 85 WD 31 England
Nicolay, Henry Inmate M 88 WD 26 LA
Adams, James Inmate M 79 WD 30 OH
Shoemaker, George Inmate M 69 WD 21 IN
Lively, Charles ?. Inmate M 85 WD 26 AL
Cogan, Mary Inmate F 77 WD 21 NY
Noble, Elizabeth Inmate F 67 WD 18 NY
Kirsch, Maria Inmate F 76 WD 20 IL
Lambrecht, Florett Inmate F 74 WD 21 OH
Kreiger, Caroline Inmate F 88 WD 22 Denmark
McCabe, Hal. L. Inmate M 80 WD 26 Irish Free State
Swineford, Robert W. Inmate M 79 S PA
Str?nnberg, Frederick W. Inmate M 73 M 25 MO
Torrey, Levi F. Inmate M 78 WD 31 NY
Rathel, Adam F. Inmate M 70 WD 27 Germany Hof
Harper, Alexander Inmate M 85 WD 28 England
Gardner, Augustine Inmate M 79 M 22 MA
Gardner, Augusta Inmate F 80 M 21 NJ
Pawly, Harrison A. Inmate M 79 M 30 MO
Pawly, Mary L. Inmate F 79 M 30 IL
Krellman, John Inmate M 76 WD 38 Germany Bavaria
Nelson, Nels Inmate M 88 WD 30 Sweden
Plessant, George W. Inmate M 84 WD 23 MO
Schmidt, Paul Inmate M 81 WD 26 Germany Glogan
Wheeler, Frank B. Inmate M 80 WD 40 NY
Fisher, Frank Inmate M 74 WD 21 MO
Gantz, Henry Inmate M 89 S MO
Bullard, James M. Inmate M 76 M 39 NY
Phillips, John I. Inmate M 67 D 44 Latvia
Lackey, James Inmate M 89 WD 30 Scotland
Case, Edwin M. Inmate M 71 S VT
Wegner, Herman C. Inmate M 82 WD 40 Germany Berlin
Miller, Charles Inmate M 77 S Germany Baden
Bartosch, Joseph Inmate M 75 WD 21 Austria
White, Fulton, S. Inmate M 79 WD 20 TN
Ritter, George Inmate M 76 WD 25 IL
Dodge, Charles H. Inmate M 70 WD 31 NH
Riley, James Inmate M 74 WD 21 England
Lewis, Abraham Inmate M 75 M 26 NY
Lewis, Gallaher Inmate F 72 M 23 MO
Thomas, James B. Inmate M 76 WD 21 KY
Ernst, George Inmate M 71 WD 25 MO
Rillin, David Inmate M 79 WD 33 Germany Bavaria
Brown, Carrie C. Inmate F 74 WD 22 OH
Washington, Joseph Attendant M 46 S MS
Knight, Gertrude Cook F 42 WD 24 DC
Gray, Mary Waitress F 37 WD 21 KY
Gander, Edwin Houseman M 40 S MO
Rexrot, William Houseman M 56 WD 35 IL
Caruthers, Martha Laundress F 41 WD 17 MO
Wood, John Fireman M 32 S MO
Zeller, Frank Houseman M 36 M 26 IL
Gage, Jennie L. Housekeeper F 58 WD 18 MO
Condon, Sarah Night Watch F 57 WD 16 OH
Beattie, Charles F. Dish Washer M 31 S NY