1930 St. Louis Census - Missouri Pacific Hospital

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (April 26, 2003)

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Missouri Pacific Hospital - 1755 South Grand - Transcribed by S. Wilkins

ED 96-27 - City of St. Louis - Sheet 10A, Page 209 - Ancestry.com Image #19 Census taken April 21, 1930

48 individuals enumerated.

1 Veteran - Joseph A. Lembeck - WW

Name Relation Sex Color Age Marital Status Age First Married Birthplace Birthplace Father Birthplace Mother Native Language Year of Immigration Occupation Industry
MacNicol, Ethel Head F W 39 S Canada English Canada English Canada English English 1909/AL Supt. Of Nurses Hospital
Pepperkern, Hertha Inmate F W 42 S NY NY CT Reg Nurse Hospital
Gates, Esther M. Inmate F W 36 S MO MO MO Reg Nurse Hospital
Glaser, Marie Inmate F W 42 S Germany Germany Germany 1923/PA Reg Nurse Hospital
Schmidt, Martha Inmate F W 30 S MN Germany MN Reg Nurse Hospital
Hamilton, Lottie Inmate Entire entry lined out
K???per, Rose Inmate Entire entry lined out
Bowden, Lillian Inmate F W 27 S MO IN MO Reg Nurse Hospital
Schilling, Regina Inmate F W 29 S KS KS KS Reg Nurse Hospital
Holdaway, Marie Inmate F W 31 S UT UT UT Reg Nurse Hospital
James, Murl F. Inmate F W 24 S IL IL IL Reg Nurse Hospital
Crettol, Christine Inmate F W 28 S MO MO MO Reg Nurse Hospital
Darby, Luella Inmate F W 26 S KY KY TN Reg Nurse Hospital
Basler, Frances J. Inmate F W 29 S IL IL IL Reg Nurse Hospital
Wyatt, Irene Inmate F W 26 S KY KY KY Reg Nurse Hospital
Bode, Elizabeth Inmate F W 27 S OK Germany Germany Reg Nurse Hospital
Bacon, Anne Elizabeth Inmate F W 34 S England England England English 1928/AL Reg Nurse Hospital
Hodsell, Elsie Inmate F W 31 S IL IL IL Nurse Hospital
Fowler, James Orderly M W 20 S MS MS MS Orderly Hospital
Sample, Lengy Orderly M W 20 D 19 MO TN IL Orderly Hospital
Crawley, Bernard Intern M W 23 S MN IL WI Student Worker Hospital
Bowers, Beatrice W. Inmate F W 42 M 21 IL IL IL Housekeeper Hospital
Kran?al, Anna Inmate F W 50 Wd 22 Germany Germany Germany German 1898/NA Housekeeper Nurses Home
Holt, Rufus Inmate M W 20 D 18 MO MO TN Hash man Hospital
Szceih, Raymond Porter M W 43 S Poland Poland Poland Polish 1914/AL Porter Hospital
Rubuti, Alex Inmate M W 43 S Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania Lithuanian 1906/PA 3rd Cook Hospital
Pfiffner, Joe Inmate M W 18 S LA LA LA Yard man Hospital
Mohler, Lee Inmate M W 50 M Left ? MO OH PA Pot Washer Hospital
Boyce, Vergil Inmate M W 24 S MO MO MO Laborer Hospital
Rodden, Hettie Inmate F W 21 S AR United States United States Dietarian Hospital
Lipscomb, Gladys Inmate F W 18 S IL IL IL Waitress Hospital
Hammel, Eckla Inmate F W 32 S MO IN IN Kitchen Work Hospital
Hayes, Dulcie Inmate F W 20 S MO MO MO Waitress Hospital
Van Pelt, M. M. Inmate F W 51 Wd 19 MO IL MO Cook Hospital
Woodall, W.W. Inmate M W 23 S AR TN AR Asst. Druggist Hospital
Gaulding, W. B. Inmate M W 51 S IA Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Chauffeur Hospital
Myers, William Inmate M W 39 M 20 IL IL IL Yardman Hospital
Japps, Julius Inmate M W 33 S NY Germany Germany Hospital Work Hospital
Gertel, Fritz Inmate Lives out of building Entire entry lined out
Wulfurt, Elmer Inmate M W 22 S MO MO MO Painter Hospital
Cavenar, Charles Inmate M W 27 S AR MO AR Fireman Hospital
Lembeck, Joseph A. Inmate M W 31 S MO Germany MO Surgeon Medical Surgery
Harrison, Lee B. Inmate M W 28 S United States United States United States Physician Medical
Stoler, Jack Inmate M W 31 S OH Germany Germany Physician Medical
Hanson, Arthur Inmate M W 29 M 28 IA Denmark Norway Physician Medical
Reichman, Martin A. Inmate M W 25 S IL Germany Sweden Physician Medical
Arjmond, Branch J. Inmate M W 27 S LA LA LA Physician Medical
Mesner, Robert R. Inmate Report filed from residence 5532 Cote Ave. Entire entry lined out