1930 St. Louis Census - Mt Rose Sanitarium

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (December 27, 2005)

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Transcribed by Joan Kaemmer (12/27/2005)

Mt Rose Sanitarium

ED 95-141

Pages 44A-B

Enumerated April 22

73 names

Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital Status Age at 1st Marriage Birthplace
Ehlers, Charles W Head M W 28 M 21 Illinois
Ehlers, Mary Louise Wife F W 24 M 18 Illinois
Ehlers, Charles V Son M W 6 S Illinois
Seymanski, Veronica Servant F W 27 S Germany
Duggan, Anna Servant F W 45 S Missouri
Smith, Irene Servant F W 31 S Missouri
Roof, Anna Servant F W 60 S Missouri
Ketter, Mary Servant F W 70 S Missouri
Worf, George Servant M W 49 M 30 Illinois
Walters, James H Servant M W 71 Wd Kentucky
Kolkmeyer, Alma Servant F W 15 S Missouri
Grimm, Carl Inmate M W 80 S Germany
Robinson, Grace Lodger F W 40 S Indiana
Hensisck, Frances Lodger F W 24 S Pennsylvania
Knuff, Christina Lodger F W 58 S Germany
Kebenstreit, Agnes Lodger F W 16 S Missouri
Jacobsmeyer, CT Inmate F W 56 S Missouri
Weimer, Katharine Lodger F W 21 S Kansas
Silk, Josephine Lodger F W 18 S Illinois
Koenig, Carl Lodger M W 26 S Germany
Holtmeyer, Theresa Lodger F W 18 S Missouri
Loethen, Anna Lodger F W 32 S Missouri
Wegener, Theodore Lodger M W 35 S Illinois
Riley, James Lodger M W 18 S Missouri
Helenstreet, Carl Lodger M W 25 S Missouri
Seehra, Theresa Lodger F W 28 S Germany
Meyer, Eva Lodger F W 17 S Missouri
Jacobs, Richard Lodger M W 62 S Missouri
Komper, Sr Theotalda Sister F W 48 S Germany
Smith, Sr M Hildegard Sister F W 59 S Germany
Meis, Sr M Isabella Sister F W 51 S Germany
Dickmann, Sr M Febian Sister F W 48 S Germany
Hartmann, Sr M Me??ad Sister F W 33 S Russia
Sigwart,Sr M Winifred Sister F W 70 S Missouri
Kabbe, Sr M Bronysia Sister F W 54 S Germany
Vanalen, Sr M Armeliana Sister F W 47 S Germany
Stubbe, Sr M Lorenzia Sister F W 58 S Germany
McMhon,Sr M Rose Marie Sister F W 26 S Missouri
K??????,Sr M Stephana Sister F W 30 S Nebraska
Donchue, Sr M Richard Sister F W 29 S Missouri
Henz, Sr M Adina Sister F W 51 S Germany
Richel, Sr M Edwina Sister F W 35 S Missouri
Le Mire, Sr M Deonetia Sister F W 38 S Michigan
Lingin, Sr M Floranca Sister F W 53 S Germany
Ro??s, Sr M Christina Sister F W 48 S Missouri
Baumhoy, Sr M Liobi Sister F W 52 S Germany
Baur,Sr M Mantoinette Sister F W 41 S Missouri
Wacebern, Sr M Ernest Sister F W 52 S Germany
Muckelbuch, Sr M Georgia Sister F W 33 S Missouri
Suchomel, Sr M Teresita Sister F W 45 S Wisconsin
Trobbe, Sr M Narcissa Sister F W 51 S Germany
Riche, Sr M Mancilla Sister F W 36 S Missouri
Dank, Anthony F Lodger M W 27 S Missouri
Schneidley, Sr M Patricia Sister F W 37 S Illinois
Heinz, Sr M Silveria Sister F W 55 S Germany
Wallan, Sr M Loretta Sister F W 43 S Missouri
Ha?ndorne, Sr M Paulina Sister F W 40 S Austria
Ma???, Sr M Fidelis Sister F W 52 S Missouri
Ma???, Sr M Hedwig Sister F W 52 S Missouri
Ba??, Sr M Doreatha Sister F W 64 S Germany
Micheel, Sr M Benigna Sister F W 42 S Illinois
Busch, Sr M Sophia Sister F W 60 S Germany
Ser??, Sr M Agnes Sister F W 55 S Missouri
Freckmann, Sr M Nicola Sister F W 44 S Germany
Ernst, Sr M Olivia Sister F W 41 S Michigan
Gross, Alva Inmate M W 39 S Illinois
Glennon, Finley Inmate F W 20 S Missouri
Tuholski, Cominic Inmate M W 45 M 40 Missouri
Schmitz, Theresa Inmate F W 66 S Missouri
Biggs, Anna Inmate F W 75 Wd Missouri
Pope, Catharine Inmate F W 85 Wd Germany
Wilcox, Sr M Beatrice Sister F W 30 S Missouri
Gabre, Sr M Rose Sister F W 75 S Missouri