1930 St. Louis Census - Missouri School for the Blind

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (September 10, 2002)

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Missouri School for the Blind, Transcribed by Joan Kaemmer

ED 96-29, Start page 3A line 45 to 3B line 82, City of St Louis, Missouri

37 Individuals Enumerated

Green, Samuel M Head M W 55 M 34 Missouri
Dodson, Elizabeth boarder F W 28 S Missouri
Lewis, Susan S boarder F W 50 S Missouri
Green, Emma L boarder F W 66 M 35 Tennesee
Mirick, Bess B boarder F W 48 S Missouri
Roth, Elsie K boarder F W 42 S Illinois
Cory, Elizabeth C boarder F W 72 S New Jersey
Force, Margaret J boarder F W 58 M 27 Kentucky
Green, Bell boarder F W 69 S Missouri
Frisby, Lane boarder F W 39 S Missouri
Forman, Lulu A boarder F W 56 Wd 22 West Virginia
Adzit, Marie, A boarder F W 42 S Missouri
Barger, Lutie B boarder F W 60 Wd 19 Missouri
Bassett, Elizabeth boarder F W 58 Wd 17 Missouri
Cook, Harriet A boarder F W 64 S Missouri
Smith, Lilah A boarder F W 47 S Missouri
Pues, Elizabeth C boarder F W 46 S Missouri
Bailey, Pearl V boarder F W 33 D 18 Missouri
Stone, Goldie O boarder F W 33 D 19 Missouri
Williams, Lou E boarder F W 60 D 32 Missouri
Rudiger, Charles P boarder M W 30 S Missouri
Unsell, Edith P boarder F W 18 M 17 Illinois
Clanton, Blanche boarder F W 20 S Kentucky
Muir, Edward J boarder M W 28 S Missouri
Kaenker, Geneva L boarder F W 28 S Missouri
Knapp, Peter boarder M W 58 S Bavaria, Ger
McDonald, James T boarder M W 31 S South Carolina
Bulrington, Nora E boarder F W 50 Wd 19 Missouri
White, Sue M boarder F W 62 Wd 15 Illinois
Nelson, Mary A boarder F W 18 S Missouri
Williams, Lulu B boarder F W 52 D 25 Kentucky
Larrison, Edna M boarder F W 22 S Illinois
McGrath, Margaret boarder F W 33 S Missouri
Duckwall, Iva B boarder F W 50 S Indiana
Tisch, Julius B boarder M W 64 Wd 27 Illinois
Hamilton, Maude boarder F W 45 S Pennsylvania
Boogher, Geraldine C boarder F W 52 M 45 Missouri