1930 St. Louis Census - Old Folks Home

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (August 31, 2005)

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To sign up to help in this project send an e-Mail to Dave Lossos and identify which ED you'd like to transcribe. (The transcriptions can be at the library directly from the microfilm or at home from paper copies made at the library). If you don't live in the St. Louis area you can "rent" the appropriate roll of microfilm through your local LDS Family History Library or your local library. I cannot provide copies of these census pages.
Transcribed by Joan Kaemmer (8/31/2005)
49 individuals enumerated
Old Folks Home
ED 95-4

Radcliff, Minnie Matron F W 57 D Missouri
Rhode, Laura Nurse F W 61 Wd Mississippi
Monnier, Ida L Inmate F W 69 S Missouri
Runk, Martha J Inmate F W 69 S Illinois
Bailey, Mary E Inmate F W 85 Wd Missouri
Kuntz, Louise C Inmate F W 68 S Missouri
Bedell ?, Leonora Inmate F W 77 S Illinois
Smith, Katherine L Inmate F W 88 S Missouri
Roost, Andrew Inmate M W 78 Wd Denmark
Nagel, Eugenia LT Inmate F W 65 S Missouri
Relitz, Mari H Inmate F W 67 Wd France
Carrico, Mary C Inmate F W 82 Wd Kentucky
Cooper, Minnie M Inmate F W 65 S Ohio
Mansfield, Rose Inmate F W 79 Wd Northern Ireland
Kinyon, Isabella Inmate F W 82 Wd Iowa
deLatourette, Anna Inmate F W 77 S Missouri
Hysong, Nannie Inmate F W 63 Wd Illinois
Farrington, Mary S Inmate F W 85 S New York
Barker, Ida Inmate F W 69 S Indiana
Bennett, Aruelia Inmate F W 64 S Missouri
Robyn, Louise Inmate F W 74 S Missouri
Frehamann, Clara E Inmate F W 75 S Missouri
Frehamann, Frances Inmate F W 80 S Missouri
Riche, Elizabeth Inmate F W 73 Wd Pennsylvania
Sullens, Francis M Inmate M W 71 S Missouri
Cox, William W Inmate M W 66 S Missouri
Cox, Ida M Inmate F W 66 S Missouri
Osborne, Sally Inmate F W 68 S Missouri
Wilson, Martha J Inmate F W 75 S Ohio
Henson, Sarah J Inmate F W 84 S Missouri
Brorarch, Ernistine Inmate F W 79 Wd Germany
Cook, Estella Inmate F W 70 Wd Ohio
Goodfellow, Florence Inmate F W 69 Wd Ohio
Jones, William Inmate M W 68 Wd Tennesee
May, Emma C Inmate F W 78 Wd Pennsylvania
Jones, Cyrus M Inmate M W 74 Wd Missouri
Harsha, Albert R Inmate M W 69 Wd Illinois
Baird, Amanda T Inmate F W 68 Wd Kentucky
Jones, Emily M Inmate F W 81 S Indiana
Jones, Phoebe Inmate F W 78 S Indiana
Sharon, Annie Inmate F W ?? S Missouri
Wisser, Louise Inmate F W 44 S Missouri
Grissom, Daniel M Inmate M W 101 Wd Kentucky
Smelzer, Mary B Inmate F W 46 S Indiana
Armstring, Augusta J Inmate F W 73 S Missouri
Maguire, Sarah A Inmate F W 82 S Louisiana
Miller, Flay S Cook F W 49 M 23 Missouri
Washington, Minerva Maid F Neg 28 M 18 Mississippi
Kirly, Joseph Janitor M Neg 25 S Kentucky