1930 St. Louis Census - Salvation Army

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (January 9, 2003)

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To sign up to help in this project send an e-Mail to Dave Lossos and identify which ED you'd like to transcribe. (The transcriptions can be at the library directly from the microfilm or at home from paper copies made at the library). If you don't live in the St. Louis area you can "rent" the appropriate roll of microfilm through your local LDS Family History Library or your local library. I cannot provide copies of these census pages.

15th Lighthouse District U.S. Lighthouse Service (Salvation Army)

232 N. 3rd

Transcribed by Cheryl Laws

Portion of ED 96-332 Sheets 19A St. Louis City

23 Individuals Enumerated

Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital Status Age at 1st Marriage Birthplace
Hines, Harry E. Head M W 44 S Missouri
Berniard, Charles B. Lodger M W 35 M 21 Louisiana
Shrodes, Clifford Lodger M W 53 WD 24 Missouri
Clifton, Clay Lodger M W 30 S Missouri
File, Penney W. Lodger M W 26 M 21 Mississippi
Webb, Frank M. Lodger M W 23 S Indiana
Biffa, Lawrence J. Lodger M W 22 S Missouri
Burnison, Raephael C. Lodger M W 22 M 19 Missouri
McIlrath, Robert A Lodger M W 27 S Illinois
Overton, Ulysses Lodger M Neg 59 M 30 Louisiana
Martin, Joseph Lodger M Neg 26 M 19 Louisiana
Miller, Lucious Lodger M Neg 18 S Mississippi
William, Steve Lodger M Neg 23 S Louisiana
Scott, Matt Lodger M Neg 43 M 32 Washington
Green, Eddie Lodger M Neg 24 M 22 Arkansas
Smith, Claud Lodger M Neg 26 M 24 Arkansas
McAlpine, Rufus Lodger M Neg 44 M 19 Mississippi
Charles, Morris Lodger M Neg 44 WD 17 Louisiana
Thornton, Pinkney Lodger M Neg 39 D 21 Louisiana
Brown, Ed Lodger M Neg 30 M 25 Mississippi
Orton, John V. Lodger M Neg 33 S Missouri
Brown, Dewey Lodger M Neg 30 M 26 Tennessee
Gleen, David Lodger M Neg 23 M 21 Wisconsin