1930 St. Louis Census - St. Aloysius Convent

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (December 13, 2002)

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St. Aloysius Convent

ED 96-157

Transcribed by Ed Bregenzer

St. Aloysius Convent , 2655 Pearl Street, [this is located or bounded by South Magnolia, January, North Magnolia and Pearl Street].

25 people enumerated

Name Relation Sex Age Marital Status Age 1st Marr. Birthplace
Sister Mary Odilia Head F 59 S Germany
Sister Mary Finian Subordinate F 60 S Ireland
Sister Mary Josepha Subordinate F 41 S Mo
Sister Mary Lucentia Subordinate F 58 S Illinois
Sister Mary Lucina Subordinate F 36 S Illinois
Sister Mary Brunomis Subordinate F 60 S Mo
Sister Mary Canisia Subordinate F 29 S Mo
Sister Mary Claria Subordinate F 22 S Louisiana
5608 North Magnolia
Rev. Francis Reand Head Priest M 68 S Mo
Rev. Blase Scheffer Asst. Priest M 33 S Mo
Mary A. Stolz House Maid F 63 S Germany
5626 N. Magnolia
Paul H. Heidenfelder Janitor-Conv. M 46 M 21 Minnesota
Katherine Heidenfelder Wife F 47 M 22 Germany
Finton P. Heidenfelder Son M 19 S Illinois
Paul J. Heidenfelder Son M 16 S Illinois
Johanna Heidenfelder Daughter F 17 S Illinois
Christiana Heidenfelder Daughter F 15 S Illinois
Maargaret Heidenfelder Daughter F 11 S Illinois
Marie Heidenfelder Daughter F 11 S Illinois
Joseph Heidenfelder S on M 10 S Illinois
Virginia Heidenfelder Daughter F 9 S Illinois
Catherine Heidenfelder Daughter F 8 S Illinois
Bernard Heidenfelder Son M 6 S Illinois
Norvert Heidenfelder Son M 4 S Mo
Robert Heidenfelder Son M 2 S Mo