1930 St. Louis Census - St. Mary's Infirmary

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (June 19, 2002)

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St. Mary's Infrimary
ED 356 City (96)
Population 85
Transcribed by: Joan Kaemmer

Name Rel Sex Age Marital Status Age at 1st Marriage Birthplace
Kappus, Mother Florentine Superior F 41 S   Missouri
Book, Sister Sebastian Sister F 28 S   Missouri
Mane, Borrita Sister F 28 S   Illinois
Plaska, Alcantara Sister F 40 S   Wisconsin
Frank, Leonis Sister F 31 S   Missouri
Wahl, Decideria Sister F 45 S   Germany
Ostoff, Clementia Sister F 37 S   Illinois
Farris, Michaeline Sister F 35 S   Ireland
Robinson, InezsI Sister F 31 S   Iowa
Boland, Wilhelmine Sister F 31 S   Missouri
Bettels, Francis M Sister F 29 S   Missouri
Marmitt, Succurra Sister F 34 S   Germany
Hille, Aquina Sister F 38 S   Ireland
Wagner, Concepta Sister F 25 S   Missouri
Almesberger, Francetta Sister F 28 S   Germany
Heildebrandt, Pacifica Sister F 54 S   Germany
Rockers, Cyrilla Sister F 55 S   Germany
Franklin, Edward M Sister F 28 S   Missouri
Domnick, Ceslas Sister F 40 S   Illinois
Heimericks, Maxelinda Sister F 27 S   Missouri
Orf, DePadna Sister F 32 S   Missouri
Walsh, Bertha Sister F 31 S   Wisconsin
Witte, Josetta Sister F 32 S   Missouri
Rahill, Verena Sister F 35 S   Ireland
Hollerbach, Anna C Sister F 27 S   Germany
Hotze, Anita Sister F 31 S   Illinois
Stenger, Placida Sister F 27 S   Missouri
Hoog, Simon Sister F 41 S   Missouri
Sellmeyer, Carola Sister F 31 S   Missouri
Schruffer, Cecelia Sister F 24 S   Missouri
Haywood, Thomasine Sister F 36 S   Wisconsin
Holmstedt, Consilia Sister F 29 S   Illinois
Heywang, Felicitas Sister F 67 S   France
Trapp, Cordilia Sister F 26 S   Missouri
Lanifermann, Lamberta Sister F 53 S   Germany
Thomas, Mildred Sister F 34 S   Wisconsin
Bertram, Octavia Sister F 36 S   Illinois
Kaulig, Leontia Sister F 31 S   Ohio
Schafer, Endocia Sister F 26 S   Missouri
Oligechlaser, DePaul Sister F 37 S   Missouri
Kane,Stella Sister F 31 S   New York
Fester, Herman J Sister F 30 S   Missouri
Engelmeyer, Ludwig Sister F 51 S   Missouri
Forck, Justina Sister F 26 S   Missouri
Holthaus, Eushraia Sister F 37 S   Illinois
Renterhem, Lucina Sister F 32 S   New York
Matzenbacher, Emma Sister F 36 S   Illinois
McRory, Francis Sister F 49 S   Missouri
Boland, Bonaventure Sister F 70 S   Missouri
Leveling, Cousolatrix Sister F 36 S   Illinois
Telgmann, Sabina Sister F 34 S   Missouri
Scherer, Anastasia Sister F 41 S   Missouri
Rosenberger, Salvatore Sister F 38 S   Germany
Rosenberger, Annsenciata Sister F 37 S   Germany
O'Connor, Salone Sister F 46 S   New York
Dewes, Igustia Sister F 48 S   Missouri
Ludachka, Evelyn Sister F 51 S   Wisconsin
Straub, Agnella Sister F 42 S   Missouri
Orf, Virginai Sister F 30 S   Missouri
Nathe, Therese M Sister F 25 S   Missouri
Busch, Amato Sister F 33 S   Missouri
Eckholt, Imocentia Sister F 47 S   Germany
Moran, Lactitia Sister F 25 S   Missouri
Lang, Valerie Sister F 63 S   Illinois
Wallner, Adelheit Sister F 43 S   Austria
Mertens, Appolonia Sister F 57 S   Germany
O'Neill, John B Inmate M 26 S   Iowa
Devine, John B Inmate M 23 S   Missouri
Smith, Clifton Inmate M 32 M 28 Missouri
Iven, H Bernard Inmate M 26 M 25 Hawaii
Budjinsky, Francis X Inmate M 26 S   Ohio
Conway, Maurice M Inmate M 21 S   Washington
Marsten, Warren G Inmate M 30 M 25 Illinois
Kelly, Thomas J Inmate M 26 M 23 Massachusetts
Howlett, Roger G Inmate M 32 M 21 Missouri
McGinn, William J Inmate M 62 Wd 27 Missouri
Stubee, Elizabeth Inmate F 55 Wd 18 Missouri
Heywood, Marie Inmate F 66 S   France
Ribling, Bernard Inmate M 53 S   Illinois
Howard, D Stucky Inmate M 27 S   Iowa
Adrian, Herman C Inmate M 65 S   Missouri
Murtha, Lucille Inmate F 31 S   So Dakota
McRory, Anna Inmate F 40 S   Missouri
Meryer, Geo. F Inmate M 65 S   Germany
Granes, Luella Inmate F 23 S   Illinois