1930 St. Louis Census - Visitation Convent/Academy

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (May 9, 2002)

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Visitation Convent/Academy - Transcribed by Joan Hunter
ED 96-197 - City of St. Louis
87 individuals enumerated.
Name Relation Sex Age Status Marital Age at 1st Marriage Birthplace
Anderson, Winnifred Inmate F 65 S MO
Atwater, Margaret Inmate F 62 S LA
Baker, Mary Baptista Inmate F 25 S MO
Bauer, Mary Martha Inmate F 61 S MO
Bolger, Mary Lucia Inmate F 47 S Canada
Bowe, Mary Helen Inmate F 25 S MO
Brinkman, Elizabeth Inmate F 21 S IL
Burke, Mary Columba Inmate F 62 S Irish Free State
Carey, Mary Salis Inmate F 54 S Irish Free State
Carroll, Mary Cecelia Inmate F 27 S England
Coffey, Mary Patricia Inmate F 56 S MI
Collins, Catherine Inmate F 37 S Irish Free State
Collins, Mary Charles Inmate F 39 S MO
Collum, Bernedette Inmate F 24 S MO
Collyer, Aurelis Inmate F 48 S IN
Comer, Mary Teresa Inmate F 61 S Irish Free State
Connar, Assissium Inmate F 60 S Irish Free State
Consandier, P Inmate F 38 S MN
Cotter, Benigna Inmate F 68 S IL
Dean, Claude Agnes Inmate F 33 S MO
De Campie, Marcelline Inmate F 72 S VA
Deffry, Elizabeth Inmate F 67 S MO
Deffry, Martina Inmate F 62 S MO
Dergan, M. Josephine Inmate F 62 S WI
Diarcy, Mary Angile Inmate F 71 S Irish Free State
Dougherty, Francesca Inmate F 76 S MO
Dowdall, Gertude Inmate F 57 S MO
Duffy, Mary Loretta Inmate F 70 S MO
Early, Mary Salesiac Inmate F 55 S MO
Ferrenbach, Jean Joseph Inmate F 31 S MO
Fuerst, Mary dePaul Inmate F 46 S MO
Furlong, G. Inmate F 42 S MO
Gartland, Mary Inmate F 31 S Irish Free State
Gaule, Mary Stanisilaus Inmate F 76 S IA
Gilligan, Mary Kevin Inmate F 57 S Irish Free State
Gorman, Mary Ragine Inmate F 58 S Irish Free State
Grieninger, Anna Inmate F 60 S MO
Hall, Mary Vincentia Inmate F 49 S MO
Hanna, Alphonsa M. Inmate F 68 S MA
Hawk, Jane Frances Inmate F 42 S MO
Hennessey, Mary Frances Inmate F 70 S Irish Free State
Hindenhan, Mary Rose Inmate F 59 S IL
Hornsby, Ann Madeleine Inmate F 66 S MO
Hornsby, Benedicta Inmate F 58 S MO
Hunter, Mary Ligouri Inmate F 64 S MO
Huschler, Agatha Inmate F 65 S MO
Kane, Mary Gabriel Inmate F 56 S MO
Kane, Mary Michael Inmate F 79 S Irish Free State
Keily, Mary Isadora Inmate F 47 S Irish Free State
Keily, Mary Raphael Head F 50 S Irish Free State
Kennedy, Mary Joanna Inmate F 50 S Irish Free State
Klingenberg, Alvine Inmate F 20 S IL
Ley, Mary Clare Inmate F 62 S Irish Free State
Ley, Mary Delores Inmate F 69 S Irish Free State
Lynch, Celestine Inmate F 33 S Irish Free State
Maginn, Ann L. Inmate F 27 S MO
Markoe, Ann Marie Inmate F 44 S MN
Markoe, Mary Joseph Inmate F 34 S MN
Martin, Mary Aquin Inmate F 70 S IA
Martin, Mary Berchmanus Inmate F 59 S IA
McBride, Mary Camilla Inmate F 59 S PA
McNamara, Mary Louis Inmate F 56 S IL
Meehan, Mary I. Inmate F 37 S OH
Moran, Mary Clotilde Inmate F 64 S NY
Naunheim, Aloysius Inmate F 43 S KY
O'Brien, Mary Florentine Inmate F 66 S MO
O'Connor, Francis Inmate F 66 S IL
Payton, Laetitia Inmate F 48 S MO
Phelan, Mary Alexia Inmate F 83 S Canada
Portridge, Emmanuel Inmate F 46 S IL
Purcell, Mary deChantal Inmate F 66 S MI
Renouard, Mary Ambrose Inmate F 33 S CO
Rice, Mary Bernasdine Inmate F 51 S IL
Riley, Mary Lawrence Inmate F 31 S MO
Ryan, Mary Inmate F 76 S Irish Free State
Ryan, Philomena Inmate F 67 S IL
Scurlock, Perpetua Inmate F 43 S MO
Shaggs, Charles H. Inmate M 56 W 35 MO
Shay, Mary Borgia Inmate F 39 S KS
Sommers, Frances X. Inmate F 30 S MO
Sours, Rose Marie Inmate F 24 S Mexico
Taylor, Mary A. Inmate F 66 S MO
Taylor, Edward Inmate M 53 S 40 IL
Tomlson, Agnes Inmate F 26 S NY
Walsh, Leo Inmate F 58 S Irish Free State
Wepfer, Jane Inmate F 29 S MO
Young, Frances Joseph Inmate F 48 S MO