1930 St. Louis Census - Y.M.C.A. (Railroad Branch)

Volunteer Transcriptions Project

David A. Lossos, (January 9, 2003)

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Y.M.C.A. (Railroad Branch)

Transcribed by Cheryl Laws

Portion of ED 96-344 Sheet 16-A St. Louis City

34 Individuals Enumerated April 11, 1930

Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital Status Age at 1st Marriage Birthplace
Black, Robert W. Lodger M W 64 WD 28 Kentucky
Dickey, Charles ?. Lodger M W 80 S New Hampshire
Montgomery, Charles H. Lodger M W 40 WD 21 Indiana
Griffin, James ?. Lodger M W 57 WD 22 Indiana
Lemmons, George Lodger M W 39 D 18 Kentucky
Connelly, Thomas J. Lodger M W 42 WD 27 Maine
Burke, Arthur E. Lodger M W 35 M 20 Pennsylvania
Tilden, Harry Lodger M W 46 D 23 Maine
Baltzell, Charles H. Lodger M W 42 M 30 Oklahoma
Carr, Harry S. Lodger M W 39 M 19 Texas
Allinghaus, William Lodger M W 40 D 22 Louisiana
Byars, Frank M. Lodger M W 33 S Georgia
Snuth, Floyd C. Lodger M W 37 M 23 Missouri
Detrick, Herbert H. Lodger M W 48 WD 24 Illinois
Dwyer, Joseph F. Lodger M W 42 M 19 Illinios
Carlson, Martin Lodger M W 61 S X Sweden
Morris, James E. Lodger M W 48 M 24 Arkansas
Cope, Atticus J. Lodger M W 46 M 21 Missouri
Bell, Guy R. Lodger M W 22 S Kansas
Worley, Ernest L. Lodger M W 41 M 21 Tennessee
Dougherty, Harry F. Lodger M W 29 D 23 Pennsylvania
Clarkson, Frank L. Lodger M W 31 D 24 Missouri
Dougherty, Guy D. Lodger M W 33 M 20 Missouri
Taggart, William ?. Lodger M W 54 D 29 Illinois
Walls, Raymond Lodger M W 33 D 24 Missouri
Hays, Harry N. Lodger M W 36 D 23 Missouri
Por?lter, James Lodger M W 16 S Arkansas
Lynch, Otis S. Lodger M W 55 D 31 Missouri
Thurman, Wilbar C. Lodger M W 30 S Missouri
Nash, Henry Lodger M W 45 M 31 Russia
Tru?, Wilbur M. Lodger M W 59 D 43 Illinois
Nai?, George A. Lodger M W 23 S Missouri
Barney, Rolla E. Lodger M W 48 S Indiana
Nelson, Edward L. Lodger M W 40 D 20 North Carolina