2943 (Chouteau Avenue)
An Immigrant Girl's Childhood in St. Louis

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I just finished reading a book entitled "2943" which represents the street address on Chouteau Avenue where Millie Petrov and her parents and seven siblings lived during the 1920s. The book is filled with memories of growing up in St. Louis, and loads of pictures too. Probably not everyone would have been quite as captivated as I was while reading the book. What keep me turning page after page was the fact that I could literally see my family walking in the footprints left by the Petrov family. You see, my grandparents and their family (including my father) lived literally a few houses away from the Petrovs.

Here's a copy of the 1930 Census of Millie and her family:

The Petrov family used the Teuteberg Pharmacy and the services of Dr. L. V. Garvin. So did my dad...

For a glimpse of the book you can go to 2943: An Immigrant Girl's Childhood in St. Louis by Millicent Petrov Shyne ... Six Sisters Publishing.