Crawford County, Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources

David A. Lossos, updated September 24, 2007

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There's only one thing worse for a genealogist than finding that the cemetery inscription he or she needs has never been transcribed. And that is that it's been transcribed, but they don't know it. Hopefully the following list will help in that case. So get out those old death certificates and obits that listed the cemetery, and take a look at the work that some dedicated volunteers have already done for you.

Listed with each cemetery is the source material in which the headstone inscription can be found. In some cases there is more than one source; often this includes the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. If the source is not available to you locally be sure to verify the film number before ordering it from SLC. The vast majority of the hardcopy sources are available at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters location and the the main branch of the St. Louis Public Library. In a few cases there are other repositories listed where the inscription source can be found. Most of this information came from Elizabeth Kot and Shirley Thomson's Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources: Print and Microfilm (Vallejo, Calif.: Indices Publishing, 1995) via the Ancestry database web site. I've tried to update the more recent activity. If you see errors or omissions please let me know so that I can keep this list as up-to-date as possible.

The abbreviations that I used can be found at the end of this list.

Alexander Cemetery/Union Township - LDS1705372

Allison Family Cemetery/Liberty Twp. - LDS1705372

Anderson Family Cemetery/Knob View Twp. - LDS1705372

Arnest Cemetery - SLGSQ 15:1 (Spr 1982).

Asher Cemetery - LDS1705372

Avery Cemetery - SLGSQ 17:4 (Win 1984).

Avery Family Cemetery/Liberty Twp. - LDS1705372

Bacon Cemetery/Hill Twp. - LDS1705372

Bacon Cemetery/near Bourbon - SLGSQ 4:4 (Dec 1971). 17:3 (Fal 1984).

Bass Family Cemetery/MeramecTwp. - LDS1705372

Benner Family Cemetery/Hill Twp. - LDS1705372

Berryman Cemetery/Courtois Twp. - LDS1705372

Boon Creek Cemetery/BoonTwp. - LDS1705372

Bourbon Cemetery - SLGSQ 10:4 (Dec 1977).

Bourbon Cemetery - ECMCR DAR-MoVol. 5. SLC: GSU, 1974.FHL film 0962589:3.

Bourbon Cemetery/Boon Twp. - LDS1705372

Brown Cemetery/Courtois Twp. - LDS1705372

Burley Cemetery - LDS1705372

Burnett Family Cemetery/Boon Twp. - LDS1705372

Campbell Family Cemetery/Knob View Twp. - LDS1705372

Carr Cemetery/Union Twp. - PHB

Carr Cemetery/Union Twp. - LDS1705372

Charistoher Family Cemetery/Liberty Twp. - LDS1705372

Cherry Valley Cemetery/Courtois Twp. - LDS1705372

Cherryville Baptist Church Cemetery/Union Twp. - LDS1705372

Civil War Grave/Benton Twp. - LDS1705372

Clayton Family Cemetery/Liberty Twp. - LDS1705372

Coleman Family Cemeteries/Union Twp. - LDS1705372

Cook Family Cemetery/Union Twp. - LDS1705372

Coppage Cemetery - LDS1705372

Craig Cemetery/Union Twp. - LDS1705372

Cross Roads Cemetery - SLGSQ 17:2 (Sum 1984).

Cross Roads Cemetery/Liberty Twp. - LDS1705372

Crow and Greage Cemetery/Boon Twp. - LDS1705372

Czar Cemetery/Union Twp. - LDS1705372

Czar Church Cemetery - SLGSQ 21:3 (Fal 1988).

Davisville Cemetery/Union Twp. - LDS1705372

Delhi Cemetery - SLGSQ 18:4 (Win 1985).

Delhi Cemetery/Hill Twp. - LDS1705372

Dillard Cemetery - SLGSQ 4:4 (Dec 1971).

Dobkins Cemetery/Courtois Twp. - LDS1705372

Earle Cemetery/Liberty Twp. - LDS1705372

Earney Cemetery/Union Twp. - LDS1705372

Eaton Family Cemetery/Union Twp. - LDS1705372

Ebb Family Cemetery - SLGSQ 18:2 (Sum 1985).

Eldredge Family Cemetery/Hill Twp. - LDS1705372

Enkee Cemetery/Hill Twp. - LDS1705372

Fairclough Cemetery/Benton Twp. - LDS1705372

Fairview Cemetery/Courtois Twp. - LDS1705372

Fleming Cemetery/Benton Twp. - LDS1705372

Frederickson Family Cemetery/Knob View Twp. - LDS1705372

Freeman Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Garr Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Garth Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Gibson Cemetery - NGSQ 56:1 (Mar 1968).

Gibson Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Gorman Cemetery/Union Twp. - PHBC

Gorman Family Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Greage and Crow Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Gregory Family Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Haack Family Cemetery - SLGSQ 17:2 (Sum 1984).

Haack Family Cemetery/Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Haffer Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Hamilton Cemetery - ECMCR DAR-Mo - Vol. 3. SLC: GSU, 1974.FHL film 0962589:3.

Hamilton Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Hardy Cemetery - SLGSQ 17:3 (Fal 1984).

Hardy Cemetery/Liberty Twp- LDS1705372

Harrison Cemetery/Liberty Twp- LDS1705372

Heidenty Family Cemetery/Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Hibler Cemetery/Meramec Twp- LDS1705372

Higgins-Steele Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Hill Cemetery - SLGSQ 17:3 (Fal 1984).

Hill Cemetery - ECMCR DAR-Mo - Vol. 5. SLC: GSU, 1974.FHL film 0962589:3.

Hill Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Hill-Peek Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Hiller Family Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Hodge Cemetery - SLGSQ 18:4 (Win 1985).

Hodge Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Holy Cross Cemetery/Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Houston Cemetery/Meramec Twp- LDS1705372

Jacobson Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Keffer Family Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Kehner Family Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Keysville Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Kinder Cemetery/Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Laffingwell Crossing Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Lambert Family Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Lea Cemetery - SLGSQ 19:1 (Spr 1986).

Leasburg Catholic Cemetery - SLGSQ 17:2 (Sum 1984).

Leasburg Catholic/Sacred Heart Cemetery/ Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Lee Cemetery/Liberty Twp- LDS1705372

Leezy Cemetery - SLGSQ 18:2 (Sum 1985).

Leezy Cemetery - LDS1705372

Liberty Cemetery/Liberty Twp- LDS1705372

Lick Creek Cemetery/near Cuba - SLGSQ 17:2 (Sum 1984). 18:3 (Fal 1985).

Lick Creek Cemetery/Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Licklider Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Logan Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Lower Morrison Cemetery - Phelps County Genealogical Society Quarterly 5:4 (Oct 1989).

Lower Morrison Cemetery/Union Twp. - PHBC

Lower Morrison Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Maple Grove Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Martin Cemetery - SLGSQ 17:3 (Fal 1984).

Martin Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Martin Family Cemetery/near Sullivan - SLGSQ 12:2 (Sum 1979).

Martin Family Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Martin Family Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Matlock Cemetery/Meramec Twp- LDS1705372

Meramec Hills Memory Lawn Cemetery/Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Meramec Springs Cemetery - MO Cem Records -HAGS Vol. 1. KC 1981.FHL fiche 6101174.

Miller Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Mitchell Family Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Mount Calvary Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Mountray Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Mounts Cemetery/Knob View Twp- LDS1705372

Mullen Family Cemetery - across Hwy PP (Cuba, Benton Township) - access through Wm. Delbert Mullen's ranch

New Dillard Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

New Home Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

New Hope Cemetery - SLGSQ 17:4 (Win 1984).

New Rock Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Oak Grove Cemetery - LDS1705372

Oak Hill Cemetery - SLGSQ 19:4 (Win 1986).

Oak Hill Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Oak Ridge Cemetery/Knob View Twp- LDS1705372

Old Dillard Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Old Ferris Farm Cemetery - Pioneer Times 7:3 (Jul 1983).

Old Lamine Cemetery/Blackwater - CISFOL

Parson Cemetery/Boon Twp- LDS1705372

Peek-Hill Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Perkins Cemetery/Meramec Twp- LDS1705372

Pinnell Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Pinnell Family Cemetery/Liberty Twp- LDS1705372

Pleasant Hill Cemetery - Missouri Ancestors Hopper, RosaleaVol. 1 MO [1980].FHL fiche 6049995.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery/Meramec Twp- LDS1705372

Pleasant Point Cemetery/Meramec Twp- LDS1705372

Potters Field Cemetery/Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Pyatt Family Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Reed Cemetery/Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Roberts Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Sacred Heart/Leasburg Catholic Cemetery/ Benton Twp- LDS1705372

Salt Fork Cemetery/Blackwater - CISFOL

Sanders Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Schwieder Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Sellers Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Shole Creek Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Skaggs Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Soffray Family Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Steele-Higgins Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Steelville City Cemetery/Meramec Twp- LDS1705372

Straightway Missionary Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Taff Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Taylor Farm Cemetery/Oak Hill Twp. - NGSQ 56:1 (Mar 1968).

Towe Cemetery - SLGSQ 19:2 (Sum 1986).

Towe Cemetery/Hill Twp- LDS1705372

Turnbough Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Unknown Soldiers Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Unnamed Cemetery - SLGSQ 19:2 (Sum 1986).

Unnamed Cemetery/Knob View Twp- LDS1705372

Unnamed Cemetery/near Maramec Springs - Kansas City Genealogist 3:1 (Jul 1962).

Unnamed Cemetery/near Sullivan - SLGSQ 16:2 (Sum 1983).

Waller Cemetery/Courtois Twp- LDS1705372

Wesco/Wilson Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Wilkinson Family Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Wilson/Wesco Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Woodlock Family Cemetery/Union Twp- LDS1705372

Wright Family Cemetery/Liberty Twp- LDS1705372


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