Harris Teacher's College Class of 1925

Harris Teacher's College Class of 1925
St. Louis, Missouri

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Photos and information provided by Sharon (Hartzell) Smith - March 2007

The Commencement was Friday, January 23, 1925 at Soldan High School. Highlighted individuals attended the reunion 25 years later.

Hilda E. Abramson, Dorothy Arhelger, Loretta Beckmann, Thelma G. Bohle, Mary Brassil, Mildred Brennecke, Violet Brezany, Edna May Broer, Ruth Butler, Bernice Coleman, Eunice Crisp, Alice Davis, Rosemary Derby, Marian Dienstbach, Erna M. Esslinger, Maureen Farrow, Althea Fisher, Grace E. Godron, Lulu Goeckeler, Dorothy Grealish, Myrtle Grossenbacher, Edith Hildebrand, Gladys Kennel, Otilia G. Korngold, Laura Langehennig, Alice Langendorf, Elinor C. Loeffel, Helen McMichael, Mariada Mathias, Ruth ?. Meyer, Marie C. Mitchell, Leona Mueller, Virginia B. Myers, Katherine Pfeifer, Zelda Priver, Vivien E. Quentin, Annabelle Schlueter, Phillippina M. Schneider, Mathilda Schwink, Lucille C. Shupp, Freda Solomon, Ella Tart, Charlotte Vandegrift, Charlotte Wendt, Angela R. Westerman, Helen ?. Wheatly, Anne E. Wood, Kathryn Wood

The 1925 Class' 25th Annual Reunion was held at the Sheraton Hotel in 1950.

Second Row: Ella Tart, Zelda Priver Epstein, Marian Dienstbach, Thelma Bohle, Leona Mueller Hellwege, Angela Westerman, Mary Brassil, Ruth Meyer, Laura Langehennig, Erna Esslinger, Katherine Pfeiffer Chambers, Charlotte Vandegrift Osborn.

Fisrt Row: Edna Broer, Mariada Mathias, Mildred Brennecke, Marion Begeman, Dorothy Arhelger Hahn, Alice Davis Brueckner, Rosemary Derby, Freda Soloman Priwer, Charlotte Wendt Breer, Lucille Shupp Slusher, Maurine Farrow Mollman

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Class of 1925
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Reunion in 1950