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Luigi's Pizza

One of my most vivid memories in high school is the Friday night visits to Luigi's on Watson after the football games. Since it always seemed to be before midnight (under the old "no meat on Friday rule") I quickly adopted a habit I still can't break - my love of shrimp pizza.

The 1963 St. Louis City Directory states that Luigi's Pizza and Cocktail Lounge at 3121 Watson Rd. was run by Luca P. Meglio. Back in June (2006) I got a "St. Louis Memories" submission from Tony Meglio who now lives in Texas. He told me that the Meglio family owned and operated Luigi's Restaurants in the St. Louis area from 1953 until 1981. He also pointed out that, although Luigi's Restaurants are no longer in operation, his brother (John L. Meglio) had opened a new restaurant in Bridgeton in December, 2005. His restaurant is called Meglio's Italian Grill and Bar on St. Charles Rock Road near I 270. He also let me know that this new restaurant will feature original Luigi's dishes (marked with the old Italian chef logo) as well as his own recipes. For Luigi's pizza lovers like me, John Meglio has brought back the original.

I mentioned all this to my younger brother, and he now regularly visits Meglio's. As a matter of fact, he took a few pizzas to go to a party of longtime St. Louisians, and everyone raved about it. I've been there twice now myself, and spoke with both John and his father (still active in his seventies). I asked John to send me a photo of one of the original pizza menus (see below). Meglio's still serves the pizza in the same rectangular pizza pans. Just looking at the photo makes my mouth water. For those so inclined, Meglio's Italian Grill & Bar is located at 12490 Saint Charles Rock Rd, Hazelwood, MO 63044 Phone: (314) 344-1010