Masonic Home - St. Louis, Missouri

David A. Lossos

Updated 2/27/2017

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Photo provided by James R. Martin, taken in 1990
"The Masonic Home for Children and the Elderly was established in 1889 for dependents of members of the Fraternity and of the Eastern Star. Both orphans and children of destitute parents were admitted to the children's home. No payment was required. If orphans arrived with an inheritance, it was held in trust for them until they left the Home. Children were supported and educated until they completed their training of choice. But records were not preserved. Some few children are mentioned in A Consolidated Version of the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge, but this is by no means an extensive record of children provided for between 1889-1981. And even this record has been temporarily misplaced due to disorganization associated with a move to Chesterfield after almost a century on Delmar."

NOTE FROM DAVE LOSSOS (11/25/2011): As you can see, there are very few records available on residents of the Masonic Home. It is incredibly fortunate for researchers that the following information was preserved by Barb Matchett. Her Aunt and Uncle spent time there when they were kids. She recently came across a document that her Mom had locked away in her closet. It was a record of sorts, of children who had stayed at the home, and it has several pages of the children's names. These pages contained the children's names (including maiden names) and all have addresses of children next to their names. Thank you Barb.

NOTE FROM DAVE LOSSOS (6/18/2012): Here's a note I received from another resident of the Masonic Home that is including in the list below: I was 13 when I left the Masonic home, much healthier than when I went in. At 17 I joined the Navy and volunteered for submarine service. I lived in them for 12 years. I read the letter from Ms Wallace. It is not exactly like the way I remember her. I remember her as whipping me with belts and making me learn the 23rd Psalm."
Bill Adams age 75 (My address is 1703 Marlock Ln. Pasadena, TX 77502 and e-mail [email protected] My web sites are and

This list contains more than 350 names, and there are at least that many more names (not listed here) that had no addresses.
August 28, 1952

Dear Alumnus:
I am sending you herewith a list of all of the alumni of the Masonic Home showing the latest address which we have for each one of you. In many cases we do not have the present address, so after studying the lists, if you can furnish us with a new or better address, I will greatly appreciate hearing from you. The star beside some of the names on the list indicates that that person was present at the Homecoming which was held on August 2. It was a very real pleasure to welcome those who were able to be here, and it is a matter of regret that some or you could not attend. I have now received a print of the group picture which was taken in front of the Administration Building and I am happy to tell you that it is very good. I can obtain copies of this picture for $1.00. If you want a copy of the picture, send me your dollar immediately and I will order them without delay. It will be necessary that I have your orders within the next two weeks in order to get the pictures for you. I am also enclosing a copy of the booklet about the Masonic Home which was published in June of this year. Some of you got a copy while you were here at the Reunions but I am quite sure that many failed to do so. There is also enclosed a new aerial vew card of the Home and a picture card of the Woman's Building, both of which I thought you would like to have. I would like to take this opportunity of extending to each one of you a very cordial invitation to call on us whenever you are in St. Louis.
Very sincerely yours,
Lewis C. Robertson
Dear Masonic Home Children:
Thank you a million for the gift. I have bought a wonderful chair and beautiful lamp so every time sit down to turn on the lamp a think of you. Each one has contributed to my comfort an pleasure for the rest of my life.
God bless you,
Mother Waller
James Adams
*Ruth Adams - Mrs. Joe Ewing, 5168 Waterman Ave., St. Louis 1, Mo.
*William J. Adams - 1852 North 55th St., E. St. Louis, Ill.
Ethel Allen -- Mrs. Young, 16781 Ehle St., San Leandro„ Calif.
*Mary. Baird -- Mrs. Thomas Decker, Route 5 E. St. Louis, Ill.
Alice A. Baker - Mrs. Baldridge, Route 1, Box 99, Robertson, Mo.
John F, Baker -- Route 2, Union, Mo.
*Rosa Lee Baker -- Mrs. Harry Rosenblum, 610aa Ridge Ave., St. Louis 14, Mo.
William Leonard Baker - Rainbow Park, Sullivan, Mo.
Mary Lou Baldwin -- Mrs. Wm, Westmorland, 1817 E. San Mosel, Phoenix, Ariz
Elmo S. T. Barrett -- 497 Palm Ave., Los Altos, Calif.
Warren G. Barrett - 497 Benvanue Ave., Los Altos Calif.
*Clara J. Bartlett - Mrs. Robert E. Harrison, 22432 Stabler Blvd., St. Clair Shores, Mich.
*Jans F. Bartlett -- Mrs. Rothwell, 1910 Delaware, Detroit 6, Mich
Anna M. Baty - Mrs. Floyd Baker, Box 442, Tekoa, Wash,
John D. Baty, Box 442, Tekoa, Wash.
*Edna Izella Beck - Mrs. Fred E. Brown, 3528a Franklin Ave., Apt. 210, St. Louis 6, Mo.
*Murriel Beck -- Mrs. Robert Williams, Steelville, Mo,
Mercedes Berlin - Mrs. David B. Hall, 1435 Lafayette Ave., Denver 6, Colo.
*Dorothy S. Boyle -- Mrs. Hugo Hottelman, 3427 St. Martin Lana at, Loads 14, Mo.,
James Boyle -- 271 S. New Hampshire Ave., Los Angeles 4, Calif.
Marie E. Boyle -- Mrs. French, 5054 Washington Ave., St. Louis 8, Mo.
*Ruth E, Boyle -- Mrs. Harold Austin, 4948a Kemper Park, St. Louis 9, Mo.
Forest Henry Bradshaw -- 6518a Rita Ave., Huntington Park, Calif.
Virginia Ruth Bradshaw -- Mrs. James Paver, 122 Pine Wood Road, Virginia Beach, Va.
Hazel Mildred Branson -- Mrs. L. E. Thomas, 218 S. Pleasant St., Independence, Mo.
*Elzora Brooks -- Mrs. Theo Heldenfelder, 2351 Hood Ave., St. Louis 14, Mo.
*Fay Brooks - 2324 Broadway, Lubbock, Texas
Ruby Brooks
Deloris Maxine Brown - Mrs. John Brum, 173 Detain St., Providence, R. I.
*Irene Fay Brown - Mrs. Harry Phillips, Bridge Trailer Ct„ 9050 Natural Bridge, St. Louis 2, Mo
Jewett E. Brown - Chappell„ Neb
*Constance F. Bryan -- Mrs, Harry Niedringhaus, 9092 Patrica Lane, St. Louis 21, MO.
Albert Thomas Buckner - Shurtleff College, Alton, Ill.
John R. Bucker -- 4195 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas
Paul Marion Buckner -M/Sgt, R.A. 16262274, ASU 3000, HQ Third Army, Ft. McPherson, GA.
Ruth Aynette Buckner -- 5633 Page Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.
Francis A. Butler - Mrs. Harry Berning, 547 N. Clay Ave., St. Louis 22, Mo.
Nellie S, Butler - Mrs. John C, Miller, Route 1, Don. 214, Valley Park, Mo.
Betty June Campbell -- 9101 Riverview Dr., St. Louis 15, MO.
Leslie Burk Campbell - 5238 Quincy St., St. Louis 6, Mo.
Laura Louise Carnahan - Mrs. Harmon, 5657 Fountain Ave., Hollywood 38, Calif.
Nellie M. Carnahan -- Mrs. Earl Connett, 11665 Wicks St., Sun Valley, Calif.
*Hadley Carney-- 214 W. Tenth Ave., Flint 4, Mich.
*Leonard L. Carney -- 1104 Jefferson Ave., Aurora, Mo.
*Levy A. Carney -- Mrs. Bisby, 17 West South St. Aurora, Mo.
Mary Jane Carney - Mrs. Robert Edwards, 4312 McPherson Ave., St. Louis 8, Mo.
*Janet Carty -- Mrs. Piikey, 416 W. 14th St., Wichita, Kan.
Mary Evelyn Carty -- Mrs. E. E. LaFollette, 1139 N. W, 24th St., Oklahoma City, Okla.
William J. Carty -- Merchant Marino
Arthur Clayton, Brunswick, Mo.
Claud F. Clayton -- 3610 Talahi Dr., Knoxville 19, Tenn.
Gladys E. Clayton -- Mrs. Koelb, 4 Woodford Rd., Barrington, R. I.
Luther Guy Clayton -- 6507 Riverton Ave., N. Hollywood, Calif.
Ella May Clifton -- Mrs. T. R. Morris, Routs 3, Williamstown, Mo.
*Evelyn Clifton Mrs. Forrest Washburn; R. F. D., Canton, Mo.
Lordell Clifton -- Mrs. Dennis Washburn, Augusta, Ill.
Mildred Clifton -- Mrs, Carl Brown, 2108 Cheat;iut St., Hannibal, MO.
*Gene L. Cochran -- 4635 Agnes, Kansas City 4, Mo.
Gurdon E. Cooper -- Asbury Station Road, Swedesboro, New Jersey
William H. Cooper -- 402 Arnold Lana, Alamogordo, New Mexico
*Altone N. Corbin -- 147 Pettys Hill, Valley Park, Mo.
George B, Corbin -- 624a N. Central, Glendale 3, Calif.
Arthur Frank Crowell -- 212 Evans lane; Normandy, Mo.
*James F. Crowell -- 4654a Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.
*Zada Crowell -- Mrs, Ray Thompson, 3905a St, Louis Ave., St. Louis 7, Mo.
*Cornell Curtis -- 9419 Liberty Ave., St. Louis 14, Mo.
*Frederick B. Curtis Florrissant, MO.
*Teddie Miller Curtis -- 8603 Beauregard, Dallas, Texas
*Alice E. Dalton - 4259 Russell St. Louis 10, Mo.
*Lillian L. Dalten -- 4257 Russell Ave., St. Louis 10, Mo.
Myrtle A. Daniels -- Mrs. Bella Lake, 1108 Ruth Drive, St, Louis 22, Mo.
Lizzie Davies -- Mrs. Wm. E. Lending, 3435 Dunnica Ave., St. Louis 18, Mo,
Thomas H. F. Davies Bak 77, Rockaway Beath, Mo.
*Rose Marie Deadman - Mrs. J. R. Butterworth, 7328 Floyd St,, Overland Park, Mo.
*Dollie Decker -- Mrs. Ziegfried, 3523 Holt Ave. St. Louis 16, Mo.
*Thomas Deer -- Crest Drive (Route 5), E. St. Louis Ill.
Dennis C. Denton -- 7272 E. 9th St., Buena Park, Calif.
Janet Denton -- 7272 E. 9th St., Buena Park, Calif.
Joan Denton -- 7272 E, 9th St., Buena Park, Calif.
Margaret Ann Derfler - Mrs. A. E. Wright, 5709 Chillum Hts, Dr., Hyattsville, Md.
Gerald O. Dewhirst 310 South Doer Creek Drive, E., Leland, Miss,
Lester E. Dewhirst 720 Highway 26, Kilgore, Texas
*Rexford E. Dewhirst 738 Belt Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo,
Betty Ross Dickey -- Mrs. Lewis Wendel, General Delivery, Velpariso, Fla.
Kathryn Maxine Dora -- 2167 3, Spring Ave., St. Louts 10, Mo.
Norma E. Dora -- 2167 S. Spring Ave. St-, Louie 10, Mo,
Homer Nestor DuVall 5333 Racine Drive, Dallas, Texas
Mary Frances DuVall -- Mrs. F. H. Eversole, Jr., 0,-101839, A.P.O. 225, New York, N. Y.
*William Chester DuVall -- 1503 N. Kolin Ave., Chicago 51, III.
David Robert Edwards -- 4312 McPherson Ave., St. Louis 8, Mo.
*Dorothy May Edwards -- 3117 Elliott Ave., St. Louis 7, Mo.
*Marjorie Fern Ekhords -- Mrs. Lowell Crocker, 2717 Sullivan Ave., St, Louis 7, Mo,
Richard Wm. Edwards -- Army
Alpha Elberfield c/o Alpha Floral Co. 1111 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo.
Lola V. Farrow -- Mrs. Iola Lee, 2631 Louis Ave., St. Louis 17, Mo.
Elliott Ferrer -- 3509 Clarence Ave., St. Louis 15, Mo.
Maggie I. Flavell -- State Hospital, Fulton, Missouri
*Burnett Ford -- 422 Tower Grove Pl., St. Charles, Mo.
Edna Ford - Mrs. Arthur O'Brien, 2925 Barrett St., St. Louis 7, Mo,
Hartial Ford route2, Senath, Mo.
*Vernice Ford - Mrs. Don Grooms, 8248 Brenner Ave., St, Louis 14, Mo.
*Vernon V. Ford -- 6243 Ella Ave., St. Louis 14, Mo.
*Charles K. Franklin -- 5641 Kennerly Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo,
Jeanne F. Franklin -- Mrs. James Stewart -- 6018 Pershing Ave. St. Louis 12, Mo.
*E. Vivien Frier -- Mrs. A. T. Thorell, 1030 Curran Ave., St. Louis 22, Mo.
Eugene Holly Friar -- 2622 Osage St., St, Louis 18, Mo.
Nannie Louise Frier -- 5419 S. Broaiway, St. Louis 11, Mo.
*Clarence L. Goetz -- 6545 Joseph Ave., St. Louis 14, Mo
*Lavern May Goetz -- 4143a Shenandoah Ave,St. Louis 10, Mo.
*Lucill Ida Goetz -- Mrs. Frank Delaney, 5248a Bancroft Ave,, St, Louis 9, Mo.
Gladys M. Goodding Hotel Belvedere 319 W. 48th St., Now York 19, N. Y..
Melfreda E. Groper -- Mrs. Albert W. LogIand, 1927 S. Douglas, Mt. Vernon, Wash.
Dorris F. Graupnor -- Mrs. G. J. Erwin, 218 Douglas Blvd., Effingham, Ill.
*Charles P. Grissom -- 3510 Miami St., Apt. 118, St. Louis 18, Mo.
Ruth W, Grissom -- Hrs. Arthur Carpenter, 16 Vendola Dr., San Rafael, Calif.
Walter Scott Grissom 110Sa Mission St., San Rafael, Calif.
Curtis Lee Hackworth -- 6015 Maple Ave.,.St. Louis 12, Mo.
Gordon Neal Hadkworth -- 6015 Maple Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.
Lillian Anne Hackworth -- 6015 Maple Ave„ St. Louis 12, Mo.
*Milton A. Hahn -- 4024 Oleatha Ave., St. Louis 16, Mo.
Nebel Hall -- Mrs. Peacock, Carnegie Library, Oklahoma. City, Okla.
Taua Harris — Mrs. Forrest Bradshaw, 6518a Rita Ave., Huntington Pk., Calif.
*Dorothy M, Hartman -- Mrs. V. Kirkpatrick, 4339 Olive St., Apt, 323, St. Louis 8, Mo.
Carl William Hellmann -- Route 3, Box 501, Belleville, Ill..
*Paul Heine -- 6225 Arsenal St., St. Louis 9, Mo.
Mary Margaret Helm -- Mrs,, Don Smith, 209 E. New York, Midland, Texas
Mildred Louise Helm -- Mrs. Gerald Lynch, 7510 N. Boyne Ave., Chicago, Ill.
*Zaide Hogan -- 221 E. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis 22, Mo.
May Holmes -- Mrs. K. S. Bergstrasser, 739 Forty Second St., Los Alamos, N. Mex.
Ruth Holmes -- 4228 Wyoming St., St. Louis 16, Mo.
Bernadine Holstein -- Mrs. Francis LaPorte, 1206 Carmelite, Burlingane, Calif.
Bernard H. Holstein -- 506 S. Monterey Ave., Villa Park, Ill.
Joseph K. Holstein -- 2107b S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis 4, Mo,
Margaret B. Holstein -- Mrs. George R. Funk, 3147 S. Fanshawe St., Philadelphia, Pa,

Mary C. Holsten-- Mrs. Kenneth S. Frazier, Detroit, Mich.
Martha Ellen Holt -- Mrs. Sam Warren, Three Rivers., Calif.
Richard Carter Homen - 7311a Pennslvania Ave., St. Louis 11, Mo.
Bernice Home - Mrs, Robert C, Nanglesdorf, 11805 Manhattan Ave., St. Louis 22, Mo.
Roger B. House -- 4446 Bireher Blvd-., St. Louis 15, Mo.
Wm. Gordon House -- 940 Joanna Ave. St. Louis 22, Mo.
*Betty Mae Hughes -- Mrs. Albert Davis, 133 Willett Terrace, St, Louis 23, Mo
James West Hughes - 111 E. Decatur St., Apt. 5, Decatur, Ill. \
*Jerry Arthur Hughes -- 320 E. Kansas City St., Rapid City; S. Dak.
*Virginia Lee Hughes - 320 E. Kansas City St., Rapid City, S. Dak,
*James Kenneth Irvin - 115 N. Mersington, Kansas City 1, Mo.
John Eugene Irvin - 346 Cypress, Kansas City, Mo,
James Thomas Jenkirm Bisaarck, Mo.
*Donald O. Johnson - 5122 Washington Ave., St. Louis 8, Mo.
*Vautren I. Johnson -- Mrs. E. J. Childers, 5122 Washingtoa Ave., St. Louie 8, Mo.
Virginia M. Johnson - Mrs. Norman Falkenhainer, 16 Westwood Forest Dr.; St. Louis 22
*Dorothy S. Jones -- Mrs. David Lee, 3830a Shenandoah Ave., St., Louis 10, Mo.
Helen Elizabeth Jones - Mrs. LaTourelle, 1420 S. Sunol Dr., E. Los Angeles 23, Calif.
*Lois Wells Jones --Mrs. Royce Meyer, 5840 Cabana Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo,
Frank P. Kershaw - 5212 Miles Drive, Oakland, California
*Minett Kershaw - Mrs. W. B. Walker, 7418 Canton Ave., St. Louis 14, Mo.
Olivette Kershaw -- Hes. George D. Roberts, 1575 Plum Ave., San Diego, Calif.
Violette Kershaw - Mrs. Delmar Wilson, 4829a Kossuth Ave., St. Louis 15, Mo.
*Mary J. Kersten - 5352 Bermuda Drive, St, Louis 21, Mo.
*William C. Kersten - 9843 Rivermont Dr., .St. Louis 15, Mo.
*Agv A, Zing -- Mrs. L. G. Saeger, 1221 Mascoutah Ave., Belleville, Ill
*Austin B. King - 8368 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis 24, Mo.
*Doris King -- Mrs, Gayle Brink, 4931 McPherson, St., Louis 8, Mo.
Harry E. King -- 961 S. Fair Oaks, Pasadena, Calif.
Milton A. King -- c/o Hotel Governor, Jefferson City; Mo.
William L. King - 8838 Walt Lawn Ave., St. Louis 17, Mo.
Edward Philip Koehler - 1331. Clara-Ave., St, Louis 12, Mo.
*Jeanette M. Kramer - Mrs, Garrison, 415 Jefferson, Hannibal, Mo.
*Jevita A. Kramer -- Mrs. Billings, 1617 Broadway, Hannibal, Mo.
Lawrence Lake -- 8819 Park Lane, St, Louis 21, Mo.
Roland Lake -- Auto Repair Shop, 3944 Clayton Ave., St. Louis 10, Mo.
Rolla Lake -- 1108 Ruth Drive, St. Louis 22, Mo.
*Charles O. Lamb - 3820 Meramec St., St. Louis 16, MO.
*Clara Lamb -- Mrs. Francis T. Free, 3304 Weisberg Dr., St. Louis 21, Mo.
Nellie Lamb Mrs. Rowland Carter, Route 2, Box 71B, St. Charles, Mo.
*Waldo Lamb -- Glasgow, Mo.
Kathleen Lancaster -- Lt. N.A.S. 3.0.Q., Room 2138, Alameda, Calif.
Lyle Glen Lancaster -170 Panoramie, Pittsburg, Calif.
Thelma Lancaster - Mrs. W. G. Maws, 1249 Made, Meehie, Tenn.
*Frank Land - 1075 N. Avalon, Memphis 7, Tenn.
Ella Mae Latham - Mrs, Howard R. Walkup, 504 Maple Ave., Rolla, Mo.
Velma Ruth Latham - Mrs, Patrina, 1151 E, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Vera Frances Latham -- Mrs. Edw, C. Wind, Jr., 7308 Lyndover Pl., St. Louis 17, Mo.
Wallace F. Leeker -- 529 Linda Lane, St. Louis 23, Mo.
Walter F. Leeker 4680 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis 31, Mo.
Raymond Lenz, Jr. - 3518 Central Place, St. Louis 20, Mo.
Evelyn Lindsay - Mrs. Walter Campbell,
*Anna A. Linn - 5791 Kingsbury Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.,
Eva K. Linn - Mrs. Carl H. Johnson, 550 Jackson St., St. Charles, Mo.
*Franklin L. Limn - 5953 Cates Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.
Willie M. Linn - Bird City, Kansas
Bonnie Juae Lloyd -- Mrs. T. L. Collier, P. O. Box 67, Shell Beach, Calif.
Donnie Mae Lloyd -- Mrs, A, F. Hopkins, 246 E. Carlton Way, Box 439, Tracy, Calif
Henry Albert Lloyd -- 1628 Palm Avenue, Stockton 5, Calif.
Owen H. Lloyd -- 807 Cayuga, Santa Cruz, Calif.
******* Note received November 2016:
My grandfather Thomas A. McWilliams died suddenly in 1930 in Appleton City MO and left some eight children of whom the three youngest were placed in the Home. The older ones were old enough and able to work, and went with the mother to Kansas City. My father, Richard (Dick), was four when he went into the Home, Melvin was six, and Margaret was 12. My grandmother felt if they all stayed in Appleton City they would amount to nothing, and was helped by my grandfather’s Masonic brothers there to get these youngest three into the Home in St Louis.
Margaret married Ted Brown (spelling correction) had three children and died in 2002.
My father was Richard H McWilliams (altho actually he was baptized and registered as merely “Dick” but everyone assume that was a nickname so used Richard, but he never did). He stayed at the Home from the time he was four years old until he graduated from the old Blewett High School in 1944. He married, had two children and died in Boston in 2007. He worked for General Motors his entire life, retired early and enjoyed all the benefits that eventually caused the company to go bankrupt.
Emily Jean Marshall (note spelling corrections) did marry my uncle Melvin. He dropped dead suddenly from a heart attack in 1961 in Cleveland, leaving four children all of whom now live in California. She was always called Jeannie as she hated the name Emily. Jeannie died in 2014.
Her brother John B. Marshall was with the service for a while (thus the VA address) but moved with his wife back to St Louis eventually running a very successful ice cream parlour chain there, the last of which was at the new St Louis airport for some years. He was always called “JB”..don’t know when exactly he passed away but he died before Richard (below) did in 2013.
Richard Marshall was a businessman in St Louis and at one point involved with Missouri government. He died in 2013.
Margaret McWilliams - Mrs. Ted Brawn, 421 West 70th St., Kansas City, Mo.
*Melvin H. McWilliams -- 6406 Marty, Overland Park, Kans.
*Richard H. McWilliams -- 514 li, 44th St. Kansas City, Mo,
*Bmily Joan Marshall - Mrs, Melvin McWilliams, 6406 Yarty, Overland Park, Kan.
John B. Marshall -- Capt., 1021 Columbia Drive Alexandria, Va,
*Richard M. Marshall -- 7721 Lile Ave., St, Louis 17, Mo. Margaret hated being there, not wanting to be a baby like the younger kids but out in the world like her two older sisters. She trained as a secretary and married her boss (Ted Brown). My father loved the Home..said he had the best treatment anyone could ask for. The Matrons were kind..he never remembered being hit or mistreated. He would take the bus in the summers back to Kansas City then his mother would take him to the older sister’s home with her husband in Clinton. He would spend the summers fishing and working on the farm with the mother and other siblings visiting from time to time, then the mother would come for him before school started and take him back to KC, then the bus on his own over the old 40 Highway back to St Louis. I would imagine someone would have gone with him when he was 4,5,6 or so but I never heard that..just that they put him on the bus and off he went.. For some years Dick Marshall and my Dad had rooms that shared a wall in their closets: they carved a hole through the closet door and passed things back and forth at night without being discovered. At least through the late 1960s Dad corresponded with one of the Matrons from the Home at Christmastime. He had nothing but wonderful memories of his time there.
Scott McWilliams, Newton Centre, Massachusetts
******* End of note received November 2016
Margaret McWilliams - Mrs. Ted Brawn, 421 West 70th St., Kansas City, Mo.
*Melvin H. McWilliams -- 6406 Marty, Overland Park, Kans.
*Richard H. McWilliams -- 514 li, 44th St. Kansas City, Mo,
*Bmily Joan Marshall - Mrs, Melvin McWilliams, 6406 Yarty, Overland Park, Kan.
John B. Marshall -- Capt., 1021 Columbia Drive Alexandria, Va,
*Richard M. Marshall -- 7721 Lile Ave., St, Louis 17, Mo.
*Betsy Martin — Mrs. Dale Blackwell, 1138 Laredo Ave., St. Louis 15, Mo.
*Robert James Martin — 6743 Page Blvd., St. Louis 14, Mo.
*Cornelia Matlack -- Mrs. Rexford Dewhirst, 736 Belt Ave., St, Louis 12, Mo.
Frederick G. Matlack -- 1904 Lexington, Lawrenceville, Ill.
Corda Moore - Mrs. Harvey Burgdorf, St. Petersburg, Fla.
*Dolly May Moore -- Mrs. Harry Fink Sr., 811 McKnight Rd., St. Louis 24, Mo.
*Edna Moore --Mrs. Arens 5550 Bartmer Ave., St. Louis, 12, Mo.
*Festus Moore - 5321 Bartmer Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.
*Ira Moore - 12000 Highway 99,- St. Louis 21, Mo.
John Moore - 12000 Highway 99, St. Loads 21, Mo.
*Keeley Moore - 12000 Highway 99, St. Louis 21, Mo.
Charles Ronald Musick --N. Market St., Ottreawa, Iowa •
James Everett Noland - Lt., B.T.U., lot F.A.A.S., Whiting. Field, Milton, Fla.
Mary Noland - Mrs, William Morgan, 90 Thorncliff lane, St. Louis 22, Mo.
*Beatrice Ody - Mrs. Earl Pelster, 38 Montague Court, Affton 23, Mo.
Mary Betty Orsech Mrs. Joe LaRico, Jr., 1942 Burd Ave, St. Louis 12, Mo.
Wallace B. Orsech - 3733 Sullivan Ave-., St. Louis 7, Mo.
Walter A. Orsech - 3733 Sullivan Ave., St. Louis 7, Mo.
Charles W. Overton - 4613 Loughborough Ave., St. Louis 16, Mo.
Cora L. Overton - Mrs. Ray G. Milz, 964 Curmood Dr., St. Louis 19, Mo.
Olin H. Overton - 101 McCallie Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Ruth Overton - Mrs. Swam]. S. Scott, 4611 Loughborough Ave. St. Louis 16, Mo.
Douglas B. Owens - Lt., 5303 Surry Ave., Warwick Gardens, Newport News, Va.
Anne Palmore - Mrs. Canze 139 E. White Ave., San Antonio, Texas
Geraldine Palmore - Mrs. Sandidge 1507 Texas Street, Fort. Worth 3, Texas
Pearl Palmore Mrs. Grover W. Dahne, 7567 Stanford Ave., St. Louis 5, Mo.
*Francis Earl Penrod - 5741 Wells Ave., St:, Louis 12, Mo.
Robert Lee Penrod - 2500 South Hanley Rd., St. Louis 17, Mo.
Viola Penrod -- Mrs. Dan Simon, 2613a Cherokee St. St. Louis 18, Mo.
Eleanor Pollock - Mrs. Jerome Adreon, 2600a Clara Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.
*Glen Edward Pollock -- 8311 Page Blvd., St. Louis 14, Mo.
*Bertha Poston - Mrs. A. Eugene Waldrop, 1314 Nebraska Ave., St. Louis 4, Mo.
*Edith Poston - Mrs. Robert F. Brewer, 5246 Fairview, St, Louis 9, Mo.
Robert Earnest Poston - 5246 Fairview, St. Louis 9, Mo.
*Roy Walter Poston - 1292 Pennsylvania Ave., St. Louis 14, Mo.
*Ruth Poston - Mrs. John E. Monfort, 5635 Clemens Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.
James Power -- 122 Pinewood Road, Virginia Beach; Va.
*Vernon Price - 2119-68th St., St. Louis 20, Mo.
Jane E. Rawson - Mrs. James A. Dillon, 4132a. Lafayette, St. Louis 10, Mo.
Roberta Rawson - Mrs. R. W. Queen, 3700 Edwards St. Alton, Ill.
George W. Ray - Capt.; A,0. 886774, P. 0. Box 698, St.,AFB, Houston, Texas-
James H. Ray - S/Sgt., 62nd Ftr. Intep, Sqdn, O'Hara Air Force Base, Park Ridge, Ill.
John Richard Ray - Box 636 T, Route 11, Lemay 23, Missouri
*Leslie Earl Ray - Lt., VC - 61 - NAS, Miramar, San Diego 45, Calif.
*Dora Olive Reckart - Mrs. Edw. Sullivan, 143 N. Woodlawn,- Decatur, Ill.
*Edna A. Reckart - Mrs. Harshaw, 4511a Natural Bridge Ave., St. Louis 15, Mo.
Martha Jane Redd - Mrs. Hawk, 4310 Ave., F., Austin, Texas
*Frederick B. Reece -- 6033 Helen Ave, St,. Louis 21, Mo.
Florence E. Reynolds -- Mrs. F. E. Cox, 521 Maple Blvd.; Kansas City, Mo.
Lillian Rivers - Mrs. Edwin Weidlich, 8 Eastchester Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y.
Betty Ann Roberts - Mrs. Samford, Holland, Mo.
Clara Jane Roberts - c/o Frank Roberts, Route 3, Elsinore, Mo.
John Anthony Roberts - c/o Frank Roberts, Route 3, Elsinore; Mo.
Nancy F. Roberts - c/o Frank Roberta Route 3, Elsinore, Mo.
William A. Roberts - 601 Ferguson, Centerville Mo.
*Addie Kathleen Robinson - Mrs. Morris, 5821 Lindenwood Ave., St. Louis 9, Mo.
Eldridge Ione Robinson - 5404 Magnolia. Ave., St. Louis 9, Mo.
Willie Aslie Robinson - Mrs, Edw. Schulz, 3651 McRee Ave. St. Louis 10, Mo.
Howard E. Rogers - 1013 E. Jefferson Blvd., South Bend, Ind.
Juanita W. Rogers - Mrs. Weisgecher; President St., Lynbrook, N. Y.
Lillian Rogers - Mrs, Boke, c/o Mrs. James Cairn, Gilisam Valley Stream, Long Island, N. Y.
Lotta Louise Rogers - Mrs. A. W. Apke, 5189 Raymond Avenue, St. Louis 13, Mo.
Eva E. Ross - Mrs. Earl D. Smith, 9004 Bareda, St. Louis 14, Mo.
*Henry H. Ross - 4910 College Ave., Hannibal, Mo.
Lewis V. Ross -- 1427 Branard, Houston, Texas
Lula Jane Roush - Deceased
Philip P. Roush -- 418 Sixth Street, S. W., Great Falls, Mont.
David Philip Royster -- 5923 Susan Place, St. Louis, Mo.
Frank P. Royster - 5923 Susan Place, St. Louis Mo.
Frances May Ruppert -- Mrs. Don McClure, 4077 Lynd, Arcadia, Calif.
Bertha May Ryan -- Mrs-. Johnoon, 204 N. Glenvood, Fairmount Sta. Kansas City, MO.

Edwin Lee Ryan - 316 North Belmont, Glendale, Calif.
Herbert Earl Ryan - 316 North Belmont, Glendale, Calif.
Philip Henry Ryan -- 3437 Jefferson Kansas City, Mo.
Robert William Ryan - Route 3, Harrisonville, Mo.
*Walter Harvey Ryan - 2523 Cleveland, Kansas City, Mo.
*John Clarence Sanders -- 3734 Carter Ave., St. Louis 7, Mo.
Thomas Curtis Sander - 3641 McRae Ave., St., Louis 10, Mo.
*William Edward Sanders - 2542 E. Dodier St., St. Louis 7, Mo.
*Gloria Jean Schiller - Mrs. Woodrow Ashlock, Route 1, Box 77a, Arnold, Mo.
*Victor Hugo Schiller - 22 N. Lotus, Chicago 44, Ill.
*Virginia Lee Schiller -- Mrs, Lucien Nieto, 330 North Hamlin, Chicago, Ill.
*Anna E. Scott -- Mrs. T. L. Scanland, 805 S. Broadway, Havana, Ill.
Bonnie Elane Scott - Mrs. Mayrard Cole, Route 3, Gouverneur New York
Delpha I. Scott - Mrs. Thomas Nelson, 1111 Winchester, Middleboro, Ky.
Emmett Wayne Scott - 3806 Philbrook Ave., St. Louis 20, Mo.
*Marion Evelyn Scott -- Mrs. Frank Gianino, 5137 Wilson Ave., St. Louis 10, Mo.
*Edith F. Sinclair - 5696 Kingsbury, St. Louis 12, Mo.
Nancy F. Sinclair -- Mrs. Walter E. Frazier, 341 Budlong, Adrian, Michigan
*Nellie T. Sinclair - Mrs. Henry Hein, 928 Main St., Boonville, Mo.
Albert M. Smilie - 1112 Larkin St. Apt. 214, San Francisco, Calif.
Earl E. Smilie - c/o Bob Parsons Trucking, Inc., Ft. Scott, Kans,
Irene Z., Smilie - Mrs. Howard Harper, Rapier, Kansas
Lucile Mildred Smilie - Mrs. Lee, 733 N. Kansas St., Kansas City, Mo.
*Claude H. W. Smith - Route 1, Campbell, Mo.
*Percy Truman Smith - Routs 2, Box 511, St, Louis 5, Mo.
Jessie May Smith - Mrs. Donald E. Harris, Box 893, Gideon, Mo.
*Richard Smith - East Mechanic, Independence, Mo.
Jeanne M. Sotier -- Mrs, William Cooper, 402 Arnold Lana, Alamogordo, New Mex.
Raymond O. Sotier 5352 Maple Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.
*Harry B. Spilker -- c/o Mrs. Lorraine Gray, 2246a Montgomery St., St, Louis 6, Mo.
David Wayne Stark -- 2841 Wismar Rd., St. Louis 14, Mo.
Mary Helen Stark -- Mrs. Wm. F. Crafton, Jr., 8961 Tudor Ave., St, Louis 14, Mo.
Robert Lee Stark -- 2615 H, 11th St., Terre Haute, Ind.
Joseph B. Stewart - Lake Shore Hotel, Chicago, Ill.
Arthur J. C. Stoltz - 8749 North Ave., St. Louis, 21 Mo.
Leota May Stolz - Mrs. Nick Stewart, 5456 Wren Ave. W. Florissant 20, Mo.
Deloris So Stone -- Mrs. Belcher, Box 74, South Pekin, Ill.
Granville Earl Stone A. A.F., England
Jessie Frances Stone - Mrs. Bill Stone, Doniphan, Mo.
Josephine M, Stone - Mrs. William Hurless, Box-93, Heber Springs, Ark.
*Robert Stone (William Fred).- Route 2, Bbx 698, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
*Melba Storm 3825 Wisconsin Ave., St. Louis 18, Mo.
*Norma Storm - Mrs. Emil Wasem, 3936 Nebraska Ave., St. Louis 18, Mo.
Anna L. Story - Mrs. L, E. Bright
*Kathryn Ione Stuart -- Mrs. Nubley, 6772a Dolan Place, St. Louis, Mo.
Kenneth W. Stuart 1199 E. 66th St., Kansas City, Mo.
Charles A. Swift army
Mildred Marine Swift -- Hawaii
*Robert D. Swift - 5601 Washington Court, St. Louis 12, Mo.
Ethel T. Ternatz -- 4169 Oleatha Ave., St, Louis 16, Mo.
*Theodore F. Ternetz 5280 Washington Ave., St, Louis 8, Mo.
*Ernest T. Theodore 4548 Forest Park Blvd., St, Louis, Mo.
*Lula Theodore Mrs. George Gentithes, 367 Trumbull, S. E. Warren 10, Ohio
Marcus T. Theodore 1112 Louisville, St. Louis 10, Mo.
*Ray Thompson 3905a St. Louis Ave., St. Ave.,Louis, MO.
James W. Tittle -- 4244 Penrose St. St; Louis 15, Mo.
*Marie B. Trimble-- Mrs, Leonard Carney, 1104 Jefferson Aurora, Mo.
*Betty Jane Ward -- Mrs. Zito, 2702 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore 15, Md.
Carolyn Louise Ward Mrs. L. G. Pence, 3992 Casanova Dr., San Mateo, Calif.
Edith Laura Wells Mrs. Ralph Mattick, 1665 Andrew Drive, St. Louis 22, Mo.
Georgia Sarah Wells - Mrs. James Smith, 5824 Cabanne Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
*Cora Belle Whitacre -- Mrs. Frank Dill, 1133 N. Oswego, Tulsa 12, Okla.
*Etta Leona Whitacre — Mrs. H. B, Frys, General Delivery, Ave, Mo,
*John Jo Whitacre -- 1404 Ea 3rd St., Tulsa, Okla.
LaVerne Whitacre — Mrs. H. H. Ford, Overland Park, Kans,
Edward T. White — c/o Neil's Club, Cedar Hill Tavern store, Cedar Hill, Mo.
June Marie White -- Mrs._Clarence Rahn, 3138 Pearl Harbor Dr., St, Louis 14, Mo.
*Virginia May White -- Mrs. Robert Baker, 308 Bayless, Lemay, Mo.
Benjamin F. Whitlock -- 3301 Dawney Way, Sacramento, Calif.
Clara May Whittaker Mrs. Willis, General Delivery, Crane, Mo.
*Bernice L. Whitwell -- Mrs. Lawrence Winkler, 3616 Fannie Ave., St. Louis 23, Mo.
*Georgia Ann Whitwell — Mrs. Wilbert just, 20 S. Bartlett, St. Louis 21, Mo.
*Katie A. Whitwell Mrs, Stetson, 8 St. Margaret Court Florissant, Mo.
Leila J. Whitwell - Mrs. Just, 16 Floraval, Florissant 21, Mo.
Chestley Williams -- 611 Socth St. John, Lyons, Kansas
Lorine Williams -- Mrs. V. E. Bloch, 738 Interdrive„ St, Louis 5, Mo.
Velma Jo Williams -- Mrs. Leon Moors, 515 N. Sumner St., Tampa, Texas
*Lalla C. Winningham -- Mrs. Handles Summon, Palmyra, Mo.
William T. Winningham -- 635 Burry St., River Park, Portsmouth, Va.
Anna B. Withers -- Mrs. John Cleary, 5712 Julian Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.
*Elmer H. Wohlschlaeger - 1112 Lanvale Dr., Webster Groves 19, Mo.
Rufus H. Woodring Caseyville, Ill.
*Teresa Woodring-- Mrs. G. I. Moseley, 4016 Donovan Ave., E. St. Louis, Ill.
Marie Gladys Yates -- Mrs. Edw. Kraager, 1316 Woodruff Ave., St, Louis 14, Mo.