This Email was received in March 2011 from Michael Meyer,
a senior historical archaeologist working for MoDOT.

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My name is Michael Meyer, and I'm a senior historical archaeologist working for MoDOT. For the past 5-6 years, I've been responsible for the archaeological/historical work on the New Mississippi River Bridge currently under construction in St. Louis. In the course of that work, we've conducted a tremendous amount of research into the history of Central St. Louis. In 2008, we started conducting archaeological field investigations; we've been working fairly regularly (probably spending 5-6 months a year conducting excavations in St. Louis) and expect to finalize our field work sometime this summer or fall.

Starting last fall, we started looking for new and better ways to share information, especially with the general public, concerning our work. We've established a web site ( that provides an overview of the project as well as some detailed discussion of specific properties. We've also talked with newspapers and written articles for a variety of regional and national publications. However, I feel that there is more that we can and should do, and that's why I'm emailing you: I'm looking to get some public input on the topics we're researching and how we can share that information, and thought you might be able to help.

I am primarily interested, at this point in our research, in sharing and exchanging information concerning this area of St. Louis (basically, between Cass and Tyler, N. 12th and the Mississippi River). We've researched a large number of properties and individual families, and would be more than willing to share whatever information we've collected (archaeological or historical) with anyone. We would also want to hear from people with information to share with us.

Properties that we're researching include:

1. The Worthy Woman's Aid and Hospital, including the various families associated with this home:
* Carrie and Charles Harding
* Sarah and Samuel Harriot
* Margaret Gibson
* Mary Livingston
* "Mattie" and Dr. P.D. Yost
Carrie, Sarah, Margaret and Mary were all matrons at the aid, while "Mattie" Yost was the president.

2. The Gestring Wagon Factory, including the family of Caspar Gestring

3. The Luedinghaus-Espenschied Wagon Factory, including the Luedinghaus, Espenschied, and Arensmann families

4. The Kupferle Brass Foundry

5. The Mullanphy Park and Pool

6. Mound Fire House No. 9

7. John F. and Margaret Tolle (and family)

8. Henry Ische (or Ischer)

9. Sebastian Hoffman

10. Robert S. and Mary Graham (and Robert's sister Harriet)

11. Johnson T. Handley (and family)

12. Charles Loring (and family)