St. Joseph Catholic Church - Marriages from 1854-1869

Compiled by Gloria Dettleff © 2003

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These online databases were made from the records on microfilm roll #54 at the St. Louis County Library (Missouri). They include: Section 1 (1843-1853), Section 2 (1854-1869) and Section 3 (1870-1896). There is also a Section 4 (1897-1979) not transcribed here.

The majority of these marriages were people of German decent but there are also some Irish, Italian and Polish names, mostly in sections 2 and 3. It is also interesting to note that there are many people from Illinois in these records.

To save space and typing, all the brides' and grooms' fathers have the same surname as the bride or groom unless otherwise noted. Thus the parents column contains the father's given name and the mother's full maiden name.

These marriages were translated from Latin. Most of the given names have been translated to a probable German equivalent. There are a few exceptions where the surnames were obviously not German. Also note that the form of the name might not be the one that the person commonly used. For example, there might be a "Lena" who was actually Carolina or vice-versa. The transcriber could not possibly know which women went by Mary and which went by Maria so they are all listed as written - Maria. The same goes for Francis, Franz and Frank for the men and many other names as well.

Be aware of spelling variations due to nonstandard spellings in the early years. Also consider that there are errors in transcribing due to the difficulty in deciphering the handwriting from one priest to the next. Do your searches with this in mind. Searching a wide range of spellings is recommended. Try exchanging letters according to the sound they make. For example, search for a D and a T; a B and P, even a G and a K can be interchanged.

This German congregation originally gathered at the Jesuit's St. Louis University St. Aloysius Chapel (at 9th and Washington). It was first served by Rev. Cotting (1841-1845) and was later served by Father Helias D'Huddeghem when they celebrated their first Mass in the new parish church of St. Joseph in 1846. Another new church was erected in 1865. By 1870 St. Joseph's was the largest parish in the city of St. Louis with nearly 1200 German Catholics. The parish closed in 1979 and is now referred to as the Shrine of St. Joseph. The following is a partial alphabetical list and some approximate time frames for the other officiating priests.

ETTEN, Lambert (1882-1895)
HAGEMANN, Frederick (1877-1881)
HOFBAUER, John (1847-1851)
PATCHOWSKI, Joseph (1852-1858)
TSCHIEDER, Peter (1871-1876)
VALLAZZA, Francis J. (1896-1900)
VANDERVARENT, Constantin (appeared as a witness often)
WEBER, Joseph (1860-1890s)

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NOTE: Oct - Dec 1862 are missing (2 pages)
Groom Groom Parents Bride Bride Parents Witnesses Date Comments
ACHAMBAUD, Joseph Not listed SCHMIDT, Maria Not listed Heinrich BOHANNON & Maria BOLL 19 Jan 1869
ADAMS, Hilbert Peter & Clara LEONARDS ARMBRUSTER, Cecelia Georg & Magdalena HADER Mathias BLUM & Francis PATZOWSKI 19 Jul 1868
ADLER, Maximilian Andreas & Margaretha REIMELT ? BAUMGARTEN, Elisabeth Francis & Elisabeth SCHMIDT Wolfgang NEUMULLER & Francis Baumgarten 25 Mar 1856
AID, Francis Francis Anton & Anna Maria LIND LESSER, Louisa Laurent (Deceased) & Magdalena FRITSCH Not listed 7 Jul 1864
ALBERS, Bernard (Widower of Catharina RENKE) Not listed BETTULUS, Maria Elisabeth Johann Mathias & Maria Gertrud MARQUAS (Both deceased) Wilhelm BÜTTER [Buetter] & Maria Anna Renke 11 Oct 1859
ALBRING, Caspar Johann (Widower of Francis RAWSE) Not listed OSMANN, Catharina (Widow of Clement Osmann) Not listed Theodor NEUHAUS & Elisabeth ROBBES 20 Oct 1855
ALTMANN, Anton Herman Anton Herman & Elisabeth HAGENHOLD SCHULTE, Anna Elisabeth Johann Herman & Anna Elisabeth KÜSS [Kuess] Christophor & Anna Carolina SCHIERMANN 26 Nov 1857
ANTON, Johann Meinolphus Engelbert & Elisabeth SCHWARZENBERG PAUL [PAULI], Gertrud Engelbert & Anna Maria POEHLER Johann DRÜCKE [Druecke] & Maria Joergensmeier 28 Dec 1856
APPELHAUS, Gerhard August & Maria Elisabeth SIEGMANN SALZMANN, Johanna Elisabeth (Non-Catholic) Heinrich & Amalia GAERTNER Joseph KIRCHER & Georg KANNE 30 Nov 1859
APPREDERIS, Joseph Joseph & Anna Maria WISS (Both deceased) MÜLLER [Mueller], Barbara (Widow of Louis MOGEL) Not listed Philipp Mogel & August Mueller 5 Feb 1857
ASCHHOF (Asshof?), Heinrich Gottfried & Anna Maria LANGE (Both deceased) SCHROEDER, Elisabeth Heinrich (Deceased) & Margaretha POLLHAUS Anton Schroeder & Mathilda Lange 21 Jan 1864
ASCHHOF, Friederich Xavier Bernard & Angela BITTING (Both deceased) SCHOENE, Helena Joseph & Maria Anna BÜTER [Bueter] (Both deceased) Heinrich BERGER & Francisca Schoene 15 Oct 1865
AUSTERMANN, Anton Wilhelm & Maria BURGELT WÜLLING [Wuelling], Catharina Georg & Maria BÖRNER [Boerner] Heinrich Wuelling & Catharina Burgelt 20 Feb 1862
BACKER, Joseph Not listed SCHÜLEIN [Schuelein], Felicitas Not listed Gottfried VON LÜNINEK [Von Lueninek) & Bernard RENKE 24 Nov 1868 Renewed Vows date
BACKHAUS, Michael Johann & Anna Maria LÖRMER [Loermer] LUDOLPH, Christina Heinrich & Regina MÖLLER [Moeller] Philipp Ludolph Godofroid Backhaus 21 Nov 1859
BADER, Mathias Georg & Johanna SCHMIDT HITZLER, Anna (Widow of Georg Hitzler) Not listed Michael SIEL & Maria Anna HASENMÜLLER [Hasenmueller] 13 Jul 1869
BALAGE, Bernard Heinrich & Elisabeth HÖNIG [Hoenig] ERNST, Maria Heinrich (Deceased) & Catharina KÖLLNER [Koellner] Ferdinand BOLAND & Catharina VOS 28 Feb 1865
BALDASAR, Johann Johann Conrad & Clara Maria ERDBRINK ALFERMANN, Catharina Maria Johann Mathias (Deceased) & Clara Maria REMSCHNIER Hermann ESSELMANN & Josephina FANER 10 Nov 1863
BALTES, Christophor (Widower of Sophia MICHELS) Not listed GROETIN, Maria (Widow of Johann Gerhard Groetin) Not listed Theodor KOTENSTÄTTER [Kotenstaetter] & Helena SEGERS 12 Feb 1862
BANGE, Anton Joseph Johann Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Maria BRÜNS [Bruens] RAWE, Lucille Emilia Johann (Deceased) & Helena Adelheid MEST born HORMANN Bernard HELLMANN, Joseph SCHLOEMER, Catharina CABER & Maria RECHTIN 5 Jun 1866
BANTLE, Johann Joseph Francis & (Deceased) Conigunda HARTMANN OCHSNER, Paulina Xavier (Deceased) & Valentina MÜLLER [Mueller] Dennis WOCHNER & Verena Bantle 29 May 1860
BARKER, Edward (Non-Catholic) Not listed MERTENS, Maria Not listed Gottfried Von LÜNINEK [Von Lueninek) & Christina RINGLAND 30 Aug 1867 Witnesses appear to have signed this entry.
BARLMEIER, Johann Caspar Johann Heinrich & Anna Elisabeth HEMKE (Both deceased) SEHLPOEFER, Maria Elisabeth Caspar Mathias & Catharina Maria AUGSTMANN Johann Heinrich DORFMEIER & Anna Elisabeth WORTMANN 27 Dec 1859
BARTHELS, Anton (Widower of Catharina BUSCHKUHL) Not listed BUSCHKUHL, Anna Margaretha (Widow of Francis Buschkuhl) Not listed Bernard SCHROEDER & Gertrud NIEHAUS 27 Jun 1865
BAUER, Carl Not listed HERZINGER, Magdalena Not listed Theresia MEYER & Johann DICKMANN 26 Sep 1866 Renewed Vows date
BAUER, Christophor Georg Joseph & Anna Maria BOGNER MINGES, Catharina Benedict (Deceased) & Barbara QUIDON Joseph BICKER & Philomina HOLTE 24 Nov 1864
BAUER, Johann Johann & Margaretha BITTERHOF (Both deceased) SCHRAM, Catharina Johann (Deceased) & Margaretha Schram Johann ECKERT & J. Joseph FRIEDEL 29 Apr 1861
BAUER, Johann Peter & Anna ZEILMANN RAUCH, Theresia Andreas & Margaretha (Both deceased) Jacob RUNDER & Catharina Bauer 28 Feb 1865
BAUMANN, Stephan Conrad & Maria BUSMEYER BROCK, Maria Franc & Maria HESSE Francis KORS & Elisabeth GERISMEYER 20 Apr 1856
BAXMEYER, Johann Dietrich Jodoci (Deceased) & Catharina DÜCHTING [Duechting] NÜLLE [Nuelle], Anna Elisabeth Bernard & Catharina TIMMER (Both deceased) Johann Baxmeyer & Maria Nuelle 21 Sep 1865
BECKER, Heinrich Stephan & Elisabeth HOEKER OLDIGES, Catharina (Widow of Heinrich Oldiges) Not listed Heinrich DONNWALD & Gesina MÜNSTER [Muenster] 12 Jun 1866
BECKER, Louis Georg & Juliana WALTLINGER SCHAUB, Catharina (Widow of Conrad Schaub) Not listed Johann & Elisabeth PREISINGER 23 Jul 1857
BECKER, Wilhelm Johann & Elisabeth KNADEN NEUBAUER, Dorothea (Non-Catholic) Ernest & Dorothea SCHREIB Heinrich BRAMMER & Magdalena NOEL 17 Jul 1860
BECKERCORD, Heinrich Johann & Anna Maria BUSCHMANN OESTERMANN, Anna Maria Heinrich & Gertrud WALHAUS Heinrich TELDOTTO & Elisabeth Buschmann 30 Apr 1856
BEHR, Bernard (Widower of Anna Maria SIESENER) Not listed SCHRAGE, Mina Mathias (Deceased) & A. M. BORGMANN Heinrich SIESENEL & Elisabeth Schrage 18 Sep 1860
BEHRENS, Peter Joseph & Catharina VOGES KERN, Emilia Maurice ? & Carolina KUHE Ferdinand Behrens & Carolina KEREN 21 Sep 1854
BEHRENS, Peter (Widower of Emilia KÖRNER [Koerner]) Not listed JOLE (Jolle, Tole?), Sophia (Widow of Ferdinand Jole) Not listed Johann DEISTER & Maria SCHUMACHER 12 Feb 1863
BEHRINGER, Michael (Widower of Anna Maria RENNER) Not listed WEIK, Theresia Anton & Barbara BEHNKEN Nicolaus MÜLLER [Mueller] & Joseph SCHOP 8 Jan 1855
BEHRLE, Brodas Not listed CORNELIUS, Elisa Not listed Joseph Behrle & Elisabeth SEITER 2 Feb 1869 Renewed Vows date
BEILSTEIN, Friederich (Lutheran) Johann & Elisabeth RASS ASINGER, Theresia Caspar & Maria ABEL Fred Beilstein, George Beilstein & Elisabeth HOLLMENZ 30 Nov 1857 All witnesses appear to have signed this entry.
BELEFELD, Heinrich Francis & Elisabeth KEISER TOSSE, Elisabeth Conrad & Christina GOEKE Wilhelm Goeke & Christina NORTHHOF 22 Apr 1854
BELLMANN, Wilhelm Christophor & Maria HEIRSCHNEIDER ELLER, Christina Joseph & Maria RUHR Joseph Eller & Christina BEVRONG 28 Feb 1854
BERBERICH, Laurent (Widower of Sara ROTTEN) Not listed LODEKE, Margaretha Francis Anton & Anna Adelaide WARMES August Wolf & Adelaide ROLFES 7 Dec 1865
BERENZEN, Johann Gerhard Herman Heinrich (Deceased) & M. Margaretha WUBBEN MEINERS, Maria Adelheid Menrad (Deceased) & Anna PETERS Johann Bernard MÜLLER [Mueller] & A. Adelheid HULEWEG born Berenzen 27 Oct 1863
BERGER, J. Heinrich J. Heinrich & Anna Margaretha POHL SCHULZ, Francisca Johann Heinrich & Theresia SCHULTE Heinrich MEHR & Marianna MEHMANN 13 Jan 1859
BERGER, Johann Gerhard Heinrich & (Deceased) Anna Margaretha ENGEL BRINKMANN, Maria Anna Adolph & Anna Maria BENKEN Johann Heinrich Berger & Maria MEHMANN 11 Feb 1858
BERHORST, Stephan Francis & Gertrud REMPE LINNE, Maria Eva Libory & Angela Maria KOESTER Martin LAMPE & Elisabeth KROEKER 3 May 1864
BERKE, Wilhelm Herman & Maria MEEMANN ESSER, Elisabeth Anton & Barbara SCHMITS Heinrich Berke & Maria Anna VANDERHAH 22 Oct 1861
BERMENE, Anton Francis & Margaretha MATHEIS HABER, Theresia Carl (Deceased) & Cecelia WITTMANN Christian Bermene & Heinrich FUSE 29 May 1855
BERMENE, Francis Francis & Margaretha MATHEIS BUSCHE, Carolina Christian & Margaetha BURG Zacharias MAAS & Georg HOFMANN 29 May 1855
BERTELS, Andreas Joseph (Widower of Gesina Adelheid MITTENDORF) Not listed ABEL, Maria Catharina Johann Bernard & Maria Adelheid OTTEN Johann Bernard HERBERS & Maria GERLING 5 Sep 1854
BERTKE, Bernard Heinrich (Widower of Catharina Elisabeth HERDEBECK) Not listed GIESE, Maria Gesina (Widow of Johann Bernard WILLER) Not listed Bernard Heinrich Giese & Elisabeth Bertke 8 Jul 1863
BERTKE, Johann Wilhelm Johann Heinrich & Maria Catharina MEHMANN SCHLINGMANN, Clara Heinrich (Deceased) & Theresia KLOCK Bernard STADMANN & Francisca HOLTBERG 28 Oct 1856
BERTSCH, Johann (Lutheran) Johann (Deceased) & Josephina BAUER ZIEGEN, Maria Josepha Joseph & Elisabeth ALT Wilhelm Ziegen & Maria ACKERMANN 12 Nov 1865
BEUGE, Johann Heinrich Heinrich & (Deceased) Anna Maria ERNST ECKELER, Maria Magdalena Francis & (Deceased) Margaretha WAGNER Heinrich LUDWIG & Mary HOGAN 22 Aug 1867
BIEBER, Francis (Widower of Margaretha MORHED) Not listed KOENIG, Helena Mathias & Anna WEIRAUCH Philipp BECKER & Helena GAUGLER 25 May 1857
BIEBER, Heinrich Johann & Agatha ZAHN ECK, Josephina Georg & Josephina Helena Johann Adam HUFNER (Hutner?) & Johanna Maria Hufner 18 Jun 1860
BIELER, Caspar Not listed AESCHLI, Rosa Not listed Valentin HÜGLE [Huegle] & Christina Aeschly 28 Dec 1858
BIERMANN, Heinrich Ferdinand & (Deceased) Theresia LUIS NIPPER, Elisabeth Bernard & Gertrud WELPS (Welfs?) Bernard Heinrich SCHLÜTER [Schlueter] & Carolina Biermann 13 Jun 1863
BIEVER, Philipp Johann & Agatha ZANG VOLL, Rosina Norbert & Elisabeth SEIMER Francis Biever & Christian BECK 19 Apr 1855
BINDER, Wilhelm (Widower of Louisa HUNDERTMANN) (Non-Catholic) Not listed SPINDLER, Margaretha (Widow of Johann Spindler) Not listed Johann BAUER & Theodor ZEITLER 27 Aug 1865 Groom & witnesses signed the entry.
BISANTZ, Joseph Mathias & Magdalena BARADE MATH, Carolina Francis Xavier & Francisca KREMM Friederich RICHERT & Anna Maria KEMPER 23 Jan 1855
BISCHOFF, Johann Heinrich Johann Wilhelm & (Deceased) Anna Maria Elisabeth WULBREDE SCHRADER, Elisabeth Conrad & Maria Catharina ZIMMER Anton RÖSLEIN [Roeslein] & Dorothea BREHM 17 Sep 1863
BITTEL, Joseph Anton & Catharina VOLKEN PICKET, Catharina (Widow of Andreas Picket) Not listed Leopold RITTER & Francis LAUER 7 Apr 1863
BITTER, Heinrich (Widower of Anna Margaretha SPECKEN) Not listed LIEKE, Augusta Heinrich & Maria Margaretha OSTERMANN Joseph SCHLANGE & Maria Lieke 4 Aug 1864
BITTER, Johann Heinrich Herman Bernard & (Deceased) Helena Margaretha SCHMIDT SPECKEN, Maria Margaretha Anton & Maria Margaretha RÜSCHEN [Rueschen] Johann Bernard SPECK & Theresia BÖVER [Boever] 5 Feb 1861
BLAIS, Anton Not listed WIGLEY, Maria Angela Not listed Gustav COWLES & Maria Louisa GRAIN 26 Oct 1860 Renewed Vows date
BLANKE, Bernard Heinrich Francis & Margaretha OSTERMANN LACKE, Maria Catharina Bernard Heinrich & Gesina HUCK Bernard Heinrich SCHUMANN & Helen Maria Ostermann 24 Jan 1854
BLOMBERG, Bernard Heinrich & Anna Maria HEHR BRUNNER, Catharina Hermann & Gertrud MERTENS Anton Blomberg & Sophia PIEPER 30 Aug 1855
BLOS, Johann Not listed WEITMANN, Johanna Magdalena (Non-Catholic, widow) Not listed F. J. TEMME 8 Dec 1868
BOCKENPOHL, Hermann Francis & Anna Margaretha GÖCKE [Goecke] PROKAMP, Maria Bernadina Heinrich & Maria Catharina KLEINEMANN Heinrich PROKAM & Elisabeth Prokam 26 Mar 1856
BODE, Johann Anton & (Deceased) Gertrud BACKHAUS LÜKE [Lueke], Gertrude Francis & Christina SPILLERBERG Gerhard HANNIBAL & Maria Bode 27 Nov 1860
BOEHLE, Johann Lucas (Deceased) & Balbina KRONE KIEST, Stephania Ignatius & Francisca NIESELBUSCH Bernard GIRNOISCH & Johann ROSSEL 21 Mar 1854
BÖHM [Boehm], Joseph Francis & Veronica WILDE WESTMAYER, Maria (Non-Catholic) Heinrich & Elisabeth RICHTER Joseph Boehm & Heinrich Westmayer 22 May 1861 Witnesses appear to have signed the entry.
BOLTE, Wilhelm Johann Stephan & Angela Maria JUNGENBLAT KREMER, Maria Angela Johann Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria Elisabeth SCHULZ Heinrich KASS & Anna Maria DIGNEITE 21 Apr 1857
BOONE, Joseph Francis & Maria (Both deceased) HARTMANN, Catharina Joseph & Maria Anna PIPPEL Joseph & Agnes WILLS 26 Oct 1869
BOOS, Georg (Widower of Elisabeth DAUER) (Lutheran) Not listed KÖSTERS [Koesters], Margaretha Florian & Anna Catharina BUNTE Johann SCHMIDT & Clementina JUNGMANN 22 Apr 1855
BORCHER, Johann Not listed GAUSEPOL, Maria Not listed Joseph KIRCHER & Georg KANNE 19 Jul 1866
BÖSKEN [Boesken], Lucas Gerhard Herman & (Deceased) Elisabeth BLUMS KEMPER, Maria Angela Johann Heinrich & Johanna BRINKMANN Heinrich Boesken & Maria Anna FOSE 31 Jul 1860
BOVERSCHMIDT, Francis Pancrati (Paul Christian?) & Elisabeth SCHULTE, Louisa Not listed Joseph TENE & Augustine ROSTIGE 30 Jan 1858
BOWE, Herman Gerhard & Christina SCHAGEMANN (Both deceased) SCHLANGE, Maria Herman Heinrich & Margaretha REBERMANN (Both deceased) Anton Herman ALTMANN & Christina GROPENHOFF 7 Apr 1863
BRAKE, Joseph (Widower of Anna Maria SUHR ?) Not listed TASKA, Maria Anna Gerhard Heinrich & Elisabeth WAHKAMSARD ? Herrmann DANGER & Maria MARX 29 Nov 1859
BRAMEYER, August Joseph Jacob & Maria MESSMANN HAAGEN, Margaretha Wilhelm & (Deceased) Sussanna Catharina RIDHARD Wilhelm DIECKRIEDER & Louisa STEINBROECKER 30 Apr 1863
BRAND, Rudolph Johann & Maria JANSEN STÖBECK [Stoebeck], Maria Louise Bernard & Louisa (Both deceased) Heinrich BERTELSMANN & Rosina VANDENBERG 8 May 1860
BRANDIERS, Heinrich (Widower of Margaretha DIRKERS [Dierkers?]) Not listed BÜTER [Bueter], Maria Anna J. Bernard (Deceased) & Theresia BECKER Bernard DIERKERS & Maria Angela STENKEN 27 Feb 1865
BRANDIERS, Johann (Widower of Anna Elisabeth SIGMANN) Not listed HENDRICKS, Maria Gesina Johann & Helena Herman Hendricks & Maria BENKEN 28 Nov 1860
BRANDT, Hermann Heinrich Johann Bernard & Maria Gesina PETERS BROCKOFT, Maria Gesina Johann & Helena BRUNS Johann Philipp FELD & Antonette GRIESE 27 Nov 1855
BRAUN, Heinrich Francis & Maria Anna KOENIGMANN FEYE, Helena Bernard Anton & Angela BÜSCHER [Buescher] Jacob HOG & Maria Hog 3 Dec 1868
BRAUN, Heinrich (Widower of Theresia SCHWEMMANN) Not listed LUNGENBEIN, Rosina Johann & Maria (Both deceased) Carl NEUDEKE & Georg WEBER 17 Feb 1857
BREHM, Peter Georg (Deceased) & Maria ENGELLATH BUDEN, Maria Theresia Georg (Gerhard?) (Deceased) & Elisabeth LINNEMANN Georg Linnemann & Anna Maria Brehm 7 Feb 1860
BREIT, Theodor Johann Gerhard & Anna Maria (Both deceased) HOLZ, Gertrude Heinrich & Magdalena Wilhelm MÜHLE [Muehle] & Maria Agnes HEHL 5 Sep 1867
BRENEKE, Heinrich Daniel & Elisabeth WOLFERS HENSE, Clara Francis & Anna Maria HEINER Francis RADEMACHER & Maria SCHUHMACHER 26 Jul 1855
BROCKARD, Bernard Heinrich & Catharina DICKNEITE SNIEZ, Theresia Jodoci & Elisabeth BALKE [BATKE] Joseph JÖRGENSMEIER [Joergensmeier] & Maria Catharina FREDE 28 Dec 1854
BRÖCKLING [Broeckling], Georg Joseph Joseph & Catharina TOCHHEIMER KRIENERT, Catharina Maria Johann Heinrich & Catharina SCHNITTKER Joseph Krienert & Maria PETERMEIER 17 Apr 1855
BROCKRAD, Herman Mathias & Maria WIESMANN (Both deceased) LOTT, Elisabeth Heinrich & Elisabeth RINKLISS Heinrich SCHNITZ & Maria Elisabeth NOLTE 6 Oct 1864
BROEKELAND, Joahnn Heinrich Wilhelm (Deceased) & A. Maria ERDMANN OVERBECK, Josephina Elisabeth Bernard & Euphemia Maria WILMERS Herman JAEGER & Maria ALBERS 22 Oct 1863
BROEKER, Heinrich Gerhard & (Deceased) Alexandra POETTKEN HERMKAMP, Josephina Gertrude Johann & Anna Elisabeth KUHLENBECK H. BERGSTERMANN & Augusta HELMKAMP 18 Feb 1868
BROKHOF, Johann Bernard Johann Gerhard PROKHOF & Margaretha BRUNS GOLDBECK, Anna Maria Heinrich & Gertrud METZ Johann Gerhard Brokhof Francisca STOTTMANN 4 Sep 1860
BRÖMSCHWIG [Broemschwig], Herman Dietrich & Margaretha HAMMERMANN HUSMANN, Catharina Bernard & M. Adelheid WESSLIN Heinrich Hussmann & Carolina Broemschwig 24 Jan 1860
BRUCH, Adam Hermann & Anna Christina MULLER LETHE, Lina (Non-Catholic) Heinrich & Elisabeth BOCK Johann LANGE & Peter TUTZER 5 Jun 1855
BRÜGER [Brueger], Carl (Non-Catholic) Christian & Maria FUCHS KILLE, Francisca Jacob & Barbara DRESEL Karl Bruger, Philipp Friess & Christian JACOB 28 Apr 1857 The witnesses appear to have signed this page.
BRÜGGEMANN [Brueggemann], Conrad Georg & Theresia RENART FECHTLER, Elisabeth Christoph & Clara RITZ Francis FOSTSTÖER [Foststoer] & Louise WEIMANN 14 Sep 1854
BRÜGGENJOERGEN [Brueggenjoergen], Herman Johann Heinrich & Catharina POMBERG RESSE, Victoria Joseph & (Deceased) Josephina Joseph Resse & Catharina GREVER 15 Apr 1869
BRUKK, Herman Carl August & Maria Theresia BODMAN HOHENDORF, Bertha Francis & Carolina SCHWARZ Georg CHACHTEL & Augusta MILROY 10 May 1863
BRUMER, Herman Bernard & Angala SCHLANGE BÜNTE [Buente], Gesina Adelheid (Widow of Johann Friederich Buente) Not listed Johann Heinrich MEIER & Adelheid MEST 4 Feb 1864
BRUMMER, Bernard Heinrich Johann Bernard & Gesina WIPKE GÖSSE [Goesse], Helena Maria Gerhard Heinrich (Deceased) & Helena Maria UHL Johann Bernard HERBERS & Theresia OTTEN 15 Jun 1858
BRÜN [Bruen], Johann Johann & Elisabeth SCHORT KÖHLEIN [Koehlein], Katharina Georg & Margaretha ZEIDLER Laurent BONE & Margaretha Zeidler 6 Jun 1860
BRUNDIERS, Johann Gerhard & Gesina CORDERS (Both deceased) SOTZMANN, Anna Elisabeth (Widow of Clement SCHAB) Not listed Caspar SIGMANN & Helena Brundiers 9 Apr 1856
BRÜNING [Bruening], Anton Caspar & Elisabeth WESTHOF FENJACOB, Anna Maria Johann & Anna Catharina FICHTERBUSCH Friederich Wedthof & Catharina NAMANN 23 Oct 1855
BRUNS, Gerhard Heinrich Anton & Maria Adelheid BOLEK SLOUTER, Maria Margaetha Peter & Helena SIRMAN ? Joseph KIRCHER & Theodor BRENTANO 10 Dec 1855
BRUNS, Gerhard Hermann Johann Hermann & Susanna DOLE LAMBERS, Elisabeth Gerhard Heinrich & Margaretha Lambers Johann Heinrich Lambers & Francisca TRANER 21 Nov 1859
BUB, Georg Georg & Catherina HUBER BECKER, Rosa Johann Heinrich & Anna Catherina MESCH Johann EHRET & Francis Anton Becker 5 May 1857
BUCHER, Georg Georg & Elisabeth RÖSCH [Roesche], Margaretha Johann & Cunigunde Georg WELKER & Johann Bucher 17 Oct 1869
BUCHHEIT, Wilhelm Heinrich & Maria Francisca MOLL LAUCK, Carolina Aloisius & Juliana FISCHER Conrad SIEDENBOPP & Catharina Buchheit 3 Mar 1867
BÜKER [Bueker], David Udalrich Georg & Anna Elisabeth HORSTMANN DIEKMANN, Maria Gerhard & Gertrud GRETEMEIER Heinrich Buker & Maria ROSENGARTEN 16 Aug 1860
BUNNING, Joseph Gerhard (Deceased) & Maria Helena TREER (Trëer) HAMSCHMIDT, Anna Libory & (Deceased) Theresia STOLLE Heinrich Bunning &^ Maria BROCKREITENS 30 Jul 1863
BÜNTE [Buente], Friederich (Widower of Theresia MENKE) Not listed HORMANN, Gesina Adelheid Johann Heinrich & Gesina HANIGFORT Johann Bernard HERBERS & Theresia OTTEN 15 Jun 1858
BUNTE, Anton Georg (Deceased) & Angela LAGENBURGES HOFFMANN, Elisabeth Gerhard & Maria HANIBAL Gerhard Hoffmann & Francisca BUSCH 15 Nov 1866
BURKHARD, Meinrad Timmonis ? & Catharina GREBER ARMBRUSTER, Stephania Tobias & Catharina WINDPOST Andreas BAUER & Alisardro NEEF 8 Jun 1854
BUSCH, Anton Friederich & (Deceased) Dina KÖCHLING [Koechling] SCHULTE, Francis Wilhelm (Deceased) & Elisabeth MARCKE Emilia KENTER & Anna Maria BOEVER 3 Apr 1862
BUSCH, Bernard Heinrich & Catharina ENGELKE NOTHDURFT, Elisabeth Francis & Maria SCHRADER Engelbert DEISTER & Mathais GOEBELS 4 Dec 1854
BÜSCHER [Buescher], Stephan Heinrich & (Deceased) Catharina JANKER OFFER, Anna Hermann (Deceased) & Elisabeth MENKE Heinrich Buescher & Maria Offer 22 Nov 1866
BUSCHER, Jakob Francis & Elisabeth FISCHER BIEBEL, Gertrud Johann & Maria SPINDLER Carl SCHAASSTEIN & Joseph KIRCHER 12 May 1856
BUSCHFELD, Wilhelm Heinrich Not listed DUIS, Louisa Not listed August SPRENGELMEYER & Johann Sprengelmeyer 23 Apr 1869
BUSCHMANN, Heinrich Johann & Elisabeth SCHROEDER STÜAR [Stuear], Elisabeth Christophor & Catharina BORKEMPER Friederich WESTHOF & Agnes MÜLLER [Mueller] 7 Nov 1855
BUSKEN, Johann Albert (Widower of Catharina THOMAS) Not listed KERTER, Margaretha Heinrich & Catharina MEIERATKEN Heinrich GOETHE & Maria Elisabeth Busken 7 Jan 1858
BÜSKER [Buesker], Joseph Herman Heinrich & M. Catharina MARTENS, Maria Gertrude Peter & Maria ZWARZ Heinrich Busker & Paulina Martens 30 Oct 1866
BÜTER [Bueter], Johann Tobias & Adelheid GRAF, Margaretha Francis & Eva BEIMER Clement Wilhelm SACUNKAMP & Anna Maria Büter 19 Jul 1855
BÜTMANN [Buetmann] (HOELTING), Bernard Bernard Heinrich HOELTING & Margaretha Buetmann ROSEN, Marianna Hermann Bernard (Deceased) & Catharina TIEKER Wilhelm HAPPEL & Anna Carolina Buetmann 29 Aug 1859
BUTTERBROD, Johann Johann & (Deceased) Elisabeth WELPERS WERKMEISTER, Clara Maria Johann David & Anna Elisabeth KÜDES [Kuedes] Heinrich Werkmeister & Elisabeth ESSLER 2 May 1861
BYRNS, John W. Not listed HARTY, Julia Not listed Timothy SULLIVAN & Catharina HANNON 14 Oct 1867
CAHIL, Jacob (James) Thomas & Margaretha MARTIN QUINN, Margaretha Patrick & Sara CARROL Anton ALBRACHT & Magdalena NOEL 9 Mar 1861
CAMPBELL, Jacob (James) Not listed MARTIN, Mary Not listed Rev. J. BLENIS & Rev. W. NIEDERCORN 2 Mar 1861
CAMPETER, Hermann Johann & (Deceased) Maria OTTBALS, Maria Stephan (Deceased) & Christina HANDING Heinrich Ottbals & Christina Campeter 28 Nov 1854
CASALAUS (Casselius?), Christian Wilhelm Carl & Dorethea LENZ BREITENBACH, Elisabeth Marci & Sophia LEHMANN Friederich OSBURG, Johann Casalaus, Gustav WAGNER & Carl GRESELER 23 Jul 1855
CASTROP, Peter Hermann & Maria STEINMEIER SCHNELT, Helena (Widow of Johann Schnelt) Not listed Heinrich BISHOF & Johann Friederich Castrop 10 Nov 1857
CHEWE, Heinrich Gerhard & Catharina EILERMANN HESPLING, Anna Angela Gerhard & Margaretha FERCAMP Bernard Theodore Chewe & Anna Margaretha Hespling 28 Feb 1854
COMPE, Wilhelm Not listed TAHLE, Theresia [Cheresia] Not listed Wilhelm DIEKMANN & Agatha Diekmann 24 Apr 1856
CONE, Carl Carl (Deceased) & Anna Maria ROTH SCHENK, Maria Eva Johann Peter (Deceased) & Margaretha ZIMMER Adam BALTES & Margaretha Schenk 15 Nov 1860
COOK, Thomas (Widower of Anna DIGESON) Not listed LIVERS, Joanna (Widow of Joseph Livers) (From Waterloo, Illinois) Not listed Joseph MULLER & Catharina LILLY 15 Oct 1855
CORDES, Heinrich Gerhard Bernard (Deceased) & Helena BEHRENS ABELN, Catharina Johann Bernard & Anna Catharina HERBERS Johann Herman THALKEN & Catharina BRUNS 24 Apr 1861
CORNET, August Anton & Christina WITTE KEISCHE, Margaretha Godefried & Margaretha Heinrich Cornet & Catharina BLECK 19 Jun 1855
CORNET, Francis (Widower of Anna Maria Cornet) Not listed DAMHOST, Gertrud Julia Joseph & Elisabeth KLEISCHMANN August Cornet & Juliana GLASS 14 Nov 1860
CORNET, Heinrich Georg Anton & Christina WITTE BLECKMANN, Catharina Friederich & Maria WILKMANN Heinrich BERTHELMANN & Elisabeth Gertrud Bleckmann 24 Nov 1857
CORNET, Heinrich (Widower of Catharina BLECKMANN) Not listed FEHNDRICH, Josephina Jodoci (Doctor) & Louisa WETZEL August Cornet & Beatrice Fehndrich 7 May 1861
CUPER, Heinrich Heinrich Anton & Anna Maria LÜBERS [Luebers] RÜTER [Rueter], Catharina (Widow of Wilhelm Rueter) Not listed Joseph Heinrich WILLE & A. Maria DABHORN (Taphorn?) 13 Jun 1861
DALHAUS, Francis Heinrich (Widower of Carolina GESEL) Not listed RUDOLPH, Catharina Susanne Vincent & Francisca Theresia HART Joseph DOTZLER & Anton PEINE 9 Aug 1854
DAVID, Leonard Andreas & Carolina KLEE RÖSER [Roeser], Catharina Jacob & Catharina REUS Heinrich BRAMER & Johann NAU 23 Jan 1860
DECKERT, Joseph Jacob & Antonia SIEGFRIED CHRIST, Catharina Carl Joseph & Catharina LEWATTER Georg CLAUS & Johann MEIER 20 Dec 1857
DECOCK, Johann Friederich & Amalia LIKINS SCHLEINIGER, Rosalia Joseph & Catharina BREINER Johann Baptist Schleiniger & Ida WALLES 12 May 1868
DEISTER, Engelbert Conrad & Gertrud BUSCH BEHRENS, Maria Joseph & Catharina FOYER Ferdinand Behrens & Mathias GÖBBELS [Goebbels] 27 Sep 1855
DEISTER, Joseph (Widower of Josephina ISSER ?) Not listed KUHN, Maria (Widow of Joseph GNANE ?) Not listed Peter BERNERS & Emilia KERN 13 May 1856
DEISTER, Wilhelm Conrad & Gertrud BUSCHE BUCHENBOT, Maria Francis (Deceased) & Margaretha HUGEN Francis Deister & Anton HOLZ 22 Jan 1856
DEKOCK, Johann (Widower of Anna MARKES) Not listed KLAUS, Anna Catharina (Widow of Dominic Klaus) Not listed Heinrich SENHÖFER [Stenhoefer] & Maria WILLERS 17 Sep 1867
DELSCHER, Wilhelm Conrad Francis BOEGEMANN & Gertrud KLUSEMANN (Both deceased) MÜLLER [Mueller], Thecla Wilhelm & Maria Helena KOSSEN Gerhard SELMEYER & Maria WITHAUPT 29 Dec 1868
DEPPE, Heinrich Ferdinand & Catharina MOEHLE HOLTGRÄFE [Holtgraefe] (Holtgrave?), Maria Friederich & Angela SCHÄFER [Schaefer] Bernard BÜHNE [Buehne] & Philomena HOLLE 17 Jan 1861
DETERT, Albert Johann Mathias & Maria Elisabeth STOLLE (Both deceased) SIESEL, Maria Magdalena Johann Bernard (Deceased) & Theresia BRUMER Heinrich & Helena VERBORG 28 Jul 1864
DETERT, Johann Heinrich (Widower of Maria Elisabeth RITTER) Not listed NIEDERMEIER, Catharina Gerhard & Gertrud THIMMELHAUS Louis FECHTEL & Anna Maria Niedermeier 15 Feb 1854
DICKHAUS, Gerhard Christophor (Deceased) & Lisetta STÜRWALD [Stuerwald], Catharina Wilhelm (Deceased) & Maria Alexander ABEL, Joseph HELLMANN, Helena & Maria Stuerwald 4 Feb 1869
DICKMAN, Francis David & Clara BRINKMEIER DETERS, Catharina Johann Gerhard (Deceased) & Anna Margaretha MÜLLER [Mueller] Heinrich Dickmann & Christina LAMBERS 18 Oct 1864
DIDERLE, Peter Not listed MILLER, Margaretha Not listed Not listed 9 Dec 1854 Church ceremony after "magistratu in Ducatu Badensi & imfrove Revolutionis."
DIECKMANN, Johann Heinrich David & Clara Maria BRINCKMEYER HOFFMANN, Catharina Josephina Francis (Deceased) & Sophia PETERMANN Hermann Heinrich BOESE & Elisabeth Dickmann 14 May 1867
DIETMAR, Otto (Non-Catholic) Not listed DIEKER, Maria Johann & Anna Dieker Wilhelm SCHMIDT & Heinrich BRAMM 14 Jun 1860
DIETSCH, Johann Not listed OTTEL, Elisabeth Not listed Not listed 19 Nov 1854 Church ceremony after civil marriage.
DINER, Joseph Conrad & Rosina STRUMER KRAEMER, Amalia Christian & Elisabeth SCHIK Not listed 2 Feb 1860 Indicates church ceremony to validate marriage and Amalia's promise to take Catholic instructions.
DIRKES, Johann Heinrich Bernard (Deceased) & Helena BRINKER OLIGES, Elisabeth Gerhard & Gesina KNOLL Bernard OTTEN & Margaretha Dirkes 24 Nov 1864
DISCHER, Heinrich Christophor (Deceased) & Elisabeth BOHLE SCHRAGE, Elisabeth Mathias (Deceased) & Catharina BORGMAN Theodor Discher & Maria NITEMEIER 3 May 1866
DÖBEN [Doeben, Toeben], Bernard Heinrich & Maria Helena WOLTERS BRUMER, Anna Margaretha Johann Bernard & Maria Elisabeth WITLAGE Lucas FELHAUS & Gesina THORN 17 Apr 1860
DOLDE, Heinrich Heinrich (Deceased) & Catharina HELLRICH ZENGLIN, Christina Thomas & Christina MÜLLER [Mueller] Johann Jacob SUTTER & Louisa Dolde 28 Dec 1861
DOLIS, Joseph Philipp & Maria NAGEL REIGELSSPERGER, Juliana Michael (Deceased) & Helena HOTAPP Stephan STEIGER & Catharina NAGEL 16 Oct 1859
DÖRING [Doering], Adam Not listed HILDEBRAND, Elisabeth Not listed Hermann NORTTMANN & Adelaide SAND 22 Oct 1858
DOTZLER, Joseph (Widower of Magdalena WINDISCH) Not listed GÖTZ [Goetz], Catharina Anton & Maria Anna WAKER Michael & Stephania BURKHARD 26 Sep 1854
DREES, Francis Heinrich Father not listed & Anna Maria ERNST KLEININGER, Bernadina Johann & Anna Maria HELLER Francis Joseph DEIMEL & Sophia Kleininger 8 Mar 1859
DREMEL, Georg (Widower Margaretha KÖSTENER [Koestener]) Not listed BÖHMER [Boehmer], Barbara (Widow of Johann Boehmer) Not listed Johann Joseph TRIDEL & Barbara LANG 25 Nov 1859
DRIFTKAMPER, Bernard (Widower of Wilhelmina ENGELKÄMPER [Engelkaemper]) Not listed BÖVER [Boever], Anna Herman Albert (Deceased) & Maria Anna STROOT Joseph MEIER & Theresia Boever 12 Aug 1862
DRÜCKE [Druecke], Gerhard (Widower of Francis KRAMER) Not listed BRÜGEMANN [Bruegemann], Elisabeth Heinrich & (Deceased) Gertrude Heinrich SCHRÖDER [Schroeder] & Catharina GÖTZ [Goetz] 14 May 1868
DRUSCH, Adam Andreas & Johanna SCHWINDEL HAESNER (Haefner), Cunigunda Johann & Elisabeth LINKARD Anton SCHWEMMER & Maria FUCHS 5 Jan 1858
DÜKER [Dueker], Herman Heinrich Johann Dietrich & Catharina ZUMDOM BAXMEIER, Anna Jodoci (Deceased) & Catharina DUCHLING Johann Baxmeier & Margaretha Dueker 25 Jan 1866
DUNSCHEN, Heinrich Theodor & Margaretha LOEHR GÖKEN [Goeken], Elisabeth Adolph & Theresia FOSSE ? (From Illinois) Wilhelm & Clement Goeken 27 Nov 1855
DÜNWALD [Duenwald], Theodor (Widower of Rosalia WEISS) Not listed WIPNER, Gertrude Jacob & Elisabeth KOHLMANN Michael & Maria Elisabeth FORST; Philipp & Eleonora KLASEN and Carl Wipner 7 Jan 1868
DÜSTERHAUS [Duesterhaus], Heinrich Francis Stephan & Anna Maria EVERS STAUPE, Anna Maria Heinrich Georg & Elisabeth REHAGE Heinrich ÖLSCHLÄGER [Oeschlaeger] and his wife Maria Catharina 13 Apr 1858
EBENSTREIT, Alan Nicolaus Joseph & Catharina SCHICK MARX, Margaretha Michael & Barbara HESSEL Zachary Ebenstein & Elisabeth MARSE 29 Apr 1867
EBERT, Joseph Ferdinand (Deceased) & Agatha ALBRAND NYHOF, Elisabeth Albert & Margaretha TEMPE Johann Nyhof & Clementina Ebert 4 Sep 1862
EBERT, Otto Anton & Gertrud WILM ISBECK [TSBECK?], Anna Maria Bernard & Elisabeth TÖRNS [Toerns] Gerhard VOSS & Elisabeth Isbeck 27 Nov 1855
EBLING, Heinrich Heinrich & Theresia KENTER (Both deceased) HORMANN, Margaretha Catharina Johann Herman & Margaretha BRINK Johann Heinrich WILLE & Margaretha Carolina KOCH 28 Nov 1861
ECKERLE, Ignatius Blasii & Elisabeth LEPPER WALTERSBÜHL [Waltersbuehl], Amalia Joseph & Magdalena SIGWART Joseph KRUI & Christian STECHER 28 Apr 1855
ECKSTEIN, Joseph Johann & Catharina HAAS VERBOGET, Catharina Johann & Bernadina VANBECK (Both deceased) Bernard HUSMANN & Helena VERBORG 10 Oct 1861
EDERER, Andreas Johann & Margaretha MAXEIN, Margaretha Peter (Deceased) & Anna Johann LEINDECKER & Nicolaus MEURER 10 Apr 1866
EDLER, Anton Christophor & Theresia POTT LANGE, Theresia Johann & Theresia KLAUS Christophor KROEGER & Francis MÜNCHE [Muenche] 8 Jan 1855
EICHHOFF, Stephan Theodor & Anna HANECKE, Catharina Bernard & Maria Bernard SCHMUKER & Maria Hanecke 6 Aug 1868
EICKS, Johann Wilhelm Not listed SCHENK, Francisca Not listed J. W. Schenk, J. W. Eicks & George Schenk 24 Apr 1866 Witnesses have signed the entry.
EIKELMANN, Johann Heinrich Conrad & Anna Maria BRUMMEL FINKE, Maria Catharina Francis Philipp & Anna Angela BRÖCKLMANN [Broeckelmann] Heinrich RELLER & Maria STOLLANS 5 Jun 1855
EILERS, Heinrich Ernest & Elisabeth KÖHLER [Koehler] NOTHDURF, Christina Heinrich & Christina Caspar MEIER & Anton HOLZER 7 Mar 1858
EISING, Bernard Caspar & Gertrud HERTRINK WIGGER, Gertrud Bernard & Catharina BLEIDEITER Not listed 23 Jun 1868
ELZNER, Nicolaus Andreas (Deceased) & Regina Elzner LESCH, Anna Maria Albert (Deceased) & Anna Maria KLOCK Friderich GOETZ & Cunigunda Lesch 25 Jan 1859
EMKE, Bernard Heinrich & Maria Anna SPROEK (Both deceased) WIPKES, Anna Maria Gerhard Heinrich & (Deceased) Elisabeth WITHOL Andreas WIEBELER & Johann POPPELMANN 26 Aug 1856
ENGEL, Michael Johann Jacob & Margaretha SCHAPP (Both deceased) SCHWENGLINGER, Catharina Johann Georg & Maria Anna RUSCH Alexander TEMM & Joseph WALCH 14 Aug 1866
ERNST, Jacob (Widower of Catharina WIEGMANN) Not listed KAUNE, Gertrud (Widow of Joseph Kaune) Not listed Conrad RANGE & Ferdinand Ernst 17 Jan 1854
ESCHKER, Johann Gerhard Dietrich & Margaretha KEMLAGE HALLERMANN, Maria Elisabeth Herman Gerhard & Maria Agnes WOLKING Gerhard GOLLBECK & Maria Anna Hallermann 14 Feb 1860
EUFINGER, Joseph Nicolaus & Agnes RICKER SANDERS, Margaretha Catharina Herman Gerhard & Helen BECKMANN Heinrich Sanders & Adelheid Sanders 22 Feb 1859
EYNOTTEN (Eÿnotten), Friederich Wilhelm (Deceased) & Bernadina LUMMER, Maria (Commonly called KRUSE) N. Lummer (Deceased) & Maria SCHROEDER born Kruse Bernard Nonenkamp, Bernard Kruse, Anna HEPPLER & Maria REMSCHNIER 7 Jun 1868
FALTER, Johann Johann & Elisabeth SCHMIDT JACOBI, Eva Heinrich & Margaretha WITZENBERGER Johann Heinrich VEIT & Casimir FEUERBACH 21 Nov 1854
FASTABEND, Gerhard Heinrich Wilhelm & (Deceased) Maria Adelheid HOLTHAUSEN SCHNIEDERS, Maria Adelheid Gerhard Hermann & Anna Maria Francis BROECKLAND & Maria Gesina MEEMAN 20 Apr 1865
FATUM, Adam (Widower of Maria Elisabeth ERDMANN) Not listed KOCH, Maria Anna Johann Gerhard & Margaretha Adelheid SCHULTE (Both deceased) Wilhelm WILLERS & Arolina SISSNER 12 Jan 1865
FELD, Bernard (Widower of Gesina Adelheid BÜTTMANN [Buettmann] Not listed HILGEN, Ida Albert & Angela Johann Philipp Feld & Maria Henrietta DICKMANN 30 Apr 1867
FELD, Johann Clement Bernard Heinrich & Catharina HEUER SCHONHOFF, Maria Anna Theodor & Anna Adelaide WIELAGE Bernard MENKE & Helena Maria Feld 7 Dec 1858
FELDHAUS, Lucas Johann Heinrich & Helena SCHNELLTEN TÖBEL [Toebel], Margaretha Adelheid Johann Heinrich & Helena Heinrich HOENE & Rosina Toebel 1 Sep 1859
FELLER, Christian (Widower of Crescentia Feller) (Non-Catholic) Not listed ROSE, Maria (Widow) Not listed Herman & Antonia LAMPE 24 May 1866
FERRARA, Gabriel Christian & (Deceased) Anna Barbara HILDEBRAND WANGLER, Maria Conrad & Theresia Joseph Wangler & Catharina HOLTMEIER 17 Nov 1864
FIEDLER, Anton Philipp & Carolina BALLOF SPRENGELMEIER, Maria Elisabeth Heinrich & Anna Maria TELKAMP Joseph SCHULZ & Bernard Heinrich SPRINGROSE 4 Dec 1855
FIEDLER, Edward Edward & Augusta MAN BURKE, Adelia Johann (Deceased) & Maria NUELL Valentin WIRTH & Margaretha (Diana) DOERNER 5 Feb 1863
FIESEL, Sixtus (Sisetus?) Joseph & Antonia RUSS SCHAEFER, Margaretha Johann & Anna Maria MÜLLER [Mueller] Heinrich GOSTEN & Anna KUMPF 10 Oct 1867
FINDLAND, Johann Francis & Catharina HAUSER, Paulina Engelbert (Deceased) & Christina Arnold HÜGLER [Huegler], Rudolph SCHLEGEL, Blandina SCHULER & Catharina REITER 26 Jul 1866
FINK, Peter Louis & Christina FREITHOF WISS, Regina Joseph & Maria BETTE Francis Wiss & Margaretha SCHICK 23 Feb 1857
FISCHER, Andreas Not listed QUARTE, Maria Not listed Mathias APPELHAUS & Joseph WEBER 24 Dec 1866 Renewed Vows date
FISCHER, Johann Heinrich Bernard & Anna Maria BURK SCHNITZMEIER, Theresia Heinrich & Elisabeth NIGEWEG Bernard Fischer & Maria GÖSSE [Goesse] 12 Jan 1858
FISCHER, Theodor Joseph & Elisabeth WENDE HELMSING, Maria Heinrich & Catharina KEMLAGE August BROMSCHWIG & Anna DOBELMANN 6 Dec 1866
FLEITER, Johann Heinrich Johann & Anna Maria SICHEMANN (Both deceased) ROEPER, Maria Theresia Georg & Anna Margaretha WICK (Both deceased) Johann HARKORTT & Anna Maria LANZETTEL 9 Feb 1858
FOERSTER, Michael Andreas & Barbara WILL (Both deceased) AMAND, Mathilde Johann & Magdalena KALSKIN Johann KUPFERLE & Maria BRÜGIN [Bruegin] 14 Jan 1864
FÖHRKOLP [Foehrkolp], Johann Simion & Cunigunda DENERLING FOEHR, Margaretha Johann & Eva KOTSCHENREUTER Johann KREMER & Andreas Foehr 15 Nov 1858
FÖRST [Foerst], Joseph Georg & Cunigunda NUGENBURT ? KLAUER, Margaretha Nikolaus (Deceased) & Elisabeth BERACH ? Carl NEUDELKLER & Carl STÖCKLEIN [Stoecklein] 30 Oct 1859
FÖRSTER [Foerster], Georg (Widower of Anna BRENDLING) Not listed KIENER, Maria Michael & Maria EHRHART Stephan TENZ ? & Johann LINHART 2 Oct 1860
FÖRSTER [Foerster], Peter Mathias & Catharina UBBER PICKER, Gertrud Jacob & Catharina BELL Jacob PECKEL & Emma PLEGER 1 Aug 1858
FORSTRÖER [Forstroer], Francis Heinrich (Deceased) & Gertrud VERNER BIERMANN, Maria Elisabeth Friederich & Maria Catharina BUNDE Wilhelm JACOBS & Catharina NACKE 24 Feb 1857
FRANK, Valentin (Widower of Maria GROTHAUS) Not listed BUDENBAUM, Sophia Heinrich & Maria SCHRÖDERS [Schroeders] Johann Frank & Catharina BACH 7 Jun 1864
FRANKEN, Johann Peter Not listed KUCK, Francisca Not listed Valentin WIRTH & Bernard BOEVER 4 Mar 1863
FREBEL, Carl Johann (Deceased) & Maria REICHART DÜNHÜFT [Duenhueft], Lissette Theodor & Lissette SCHLASSHORST Joseph GRELLNER & Joseph KIRCHER 28 Sep 1863
FREIHOF, Georg (Widower of Anna HELBUSCH) Not listed DICKMANN, Maria Catharina Conrad & Maria Elisabeth WESTERS Heinrich Dickmann & Maria WILLERS 11 Nov 1856
FREITAG, Caspar Heinrich Heinrich Bernard (Deceased) & Catharina TRÖNER [Troener] BURGMEIER, Gertrude Heinrich & Anna Maria LUDOLPH Bernard ALFERS & M. Catharina SCHLAAPER 20 May 1863
FREY, German Jacob (Deceased) & Maria VENEMANN, Dorothea Theodor & Elisabeth Fr. Xavier HAAS & Elisabeth HOEFELS 12 Apr 1866
FRIEDEL, Johann Johann & Waldburga HIMMER STOECKER, Agnes Georg (Deceased) & Cunigunda GLEICH Johann SCHREPFERMANN & Eva GRAS 3 Nov 1857
FRIEDERICH, Francis Joseph Jacob (Deceased) & Maria PFIRSCHIK MÜLLER [Mueller], Maria Anna Jacob (Deceased) & Anna Maria STEINER Mathias STOLL & Margaretha HEIL 2 Jan 1862
FRIEDERICH, Johann Conrad Johann Conrad & (Deceased) Barbara SCHNEIDER, Anna Katharina Michael & Margaretha Katharina Jacob Bernard HEILWECK & Elisabeth Schneider 14 Jun 1860
FRIELINGHAUS, Balthasar Heinrich Francis Heinrich & Anna Elisabeth ULMANN (Both deceased) RELLINGMANN, Anna Francis & Maria Gertrud HANSTERMANN Francis Heinrich SCHÜRMANN [Schuermann] & Anna M. Elisabeth NURRE 24 Oct 1865
FROEHLE, Francis (Widower of Christina HERRMANN) Not listed MEYER, Elisabeth (New Convert) Andreas & Maria LANGENFELD (Both deceased) Francis GEIGER & Elisabeth LOHMANN 27 Dec 1869
FUCHS, Johann Not listed ENGELHART, Margaretha Not listed Johann GRAF & Margaretha Fuchs 13 Oct 1864
FUCHS, Martin Johann Georg & Elisabetha Fuchs DOREN, Maria Anna Johann & Margaretha NEUBAUER Johann BÖHNER [Boehner] & Johann DIEKER 29 May 1860
FÜGLEIN [Fueglein], Joseph Michael & Ursula SCHAIPER HEINLEIN, Barbara Johann & Eva SCHMIDT Joseph DIEDERICH & Johann BITTNER 21 Sep 1858
FÜRST [Fuerst], Anton Georg & Cunigunda HALADY, Maria Mathias & Anna Carl HEILY & Catharina Halady 31 Jan 1865 See Foerst
FÜRST [Fuerst], Leon (Leontius) Francis J. Joseph & Anna Maria KOELKE (Both deceased) SCHIEBLE, Maria Caspar & Maria Georg BINZ & Agatha Fuerst 26 Sep 1865
FÜSSNER [Fuessner], Johann Andreas Francis & Magdalena EPPICH DEUTSCHMANN, Catharina Anton & Catharina SCHALLER Joseph Fuessner & Juliana Deutschmann 30 Apr 1854
GAHN, Johann Johann (Deceased) & Cunigunda WILL LORBEER, Margaretha Not listed Nicola Gahn & Conigende SCHÜTZ [Schuetz] 4 May 1859
GARBARINO, Joseph Not listed MOLINARI, Catharina Not listed Augustino ISOLA & Catharina DANERI 29 Mar 1869
GARTHEFNER, Nicolaus Mathias & Catharina SCHWAM FÖRST [Foerst], Catharina Aloysius (Deceased) & Catharina BOURDIN Jacob PICKEL, Michael Gaerthefner & Francis Foerst 22 Aug 1861
GARTHOEFER, Michael Mathias & Catharina SCHWAM WITTENMEIER, Margaretha Theobald & Catharina WERLE (Werb?) (Both deceased) Aloysius FORST & Catharina FRITZ 5 Nov 1863
GEIER, Peter (Non-Catholic) Not listed HOFFMANN, Elisabeth Not listed Joseph Hoffmann, Maria GEINER? & Peter Geier 16 Nov 1867 Witnesses have signed the entry.
GEIGER, Francis F. Haveri (Xavier?)(Deceased) & Ursula HERMANN TRUTMANN, Maria Caspar & Sophia (Both deceased) Martin GESS & Theresia Geiger 18 May 1869
GEIMER, Jacob Christoph & Barbara DINENBERG WIPPERFÜRTH [Wipperfuerth], Cecelia Johann & Anna Gertrud ASSELBORN Joseph MÜLLER [Mueller] & Elisabeth BÖHNER [Boehner] 6 Mar 1855
GEMKE, Johann Heinrich Johann Anton & Maria Elisabeth STROBEK STEINBERGER, Margaretha Elisabeth (Widow of Clement STRALMANN) Not listed Albert KUTER & Elisabeth Gemke 14 Feb 1854
GEPPERT, Francis Carl & Barbara STARAST SCHRADER, Magdalena Benedict & Elisabeth HAGEMANN Christian BORGDORF & Marianna ESSELMANN 22 Feb 1857
GERST, Friederich Jacob & Magdalena HABOCKER HEM, Carolina Johann (Deceased) & Anna Maria VESTRICK Louis WEIDIG, Joseph MEYER, Regina & Magdalena Gerst 4 Jun 1868
GESSENER, Joseph Jacob (Deceased) & Anna Maria GRAF, Maria Laurent & Genoveve Philipp FRITZ, Clemm MILLER ? & Joseph Gesner 1 Jun 1869 One of the couple is Non-Catholic. Witnesses have signed the entry.
GILDEHAUS, Johann Dietrich Johann & (Deceased) Maria BAUTHE BRUST, Paulina Carl & (Deceased) Mina HEDEMANN Francis PERHE & Theresia Brust 29 Dec 1863
GILLMANN, Conrad Christian (Deceased) & Juliana DERZOP OSTHEIMER, Maria Ignatius (Deceased) & Margareth STEINWAND Charles DILLMANN & Catharina Elisabeth DIETRICH 21 Apr 1868
GINGAR, Johann Heinrich & Anna Maria (Both deceased) MÜLLER [Mueller], Maria Gesina (Widow of Theodor Mueller) Not listed Bernard DIERKERS & Maria Angela STENKEN 27 Feb 1865
GLAS, Georg Mathias & Margaretha AUSENADER FEGES, Magdalena Johann & Catharina MEIER Johann Wofgang NEUMÜLLER [Neumueller] & Johann Glas 2 Mar 1857
GLASS, Johann (Widower) Not listed ZEITLER, Margaretha (Widow) Not listed Francis & Margaretha GRIMM 10 Jun 1869
GLEICH, Adam Georg & Elisabeth KIESEL RUTH, Barbara Michael & Christina HERTEL Johann BECKERT & Georg VOGEL 26 Aug 1858
GÖBEL [Goebel], Francis Joseph & Josepha Elisabeth KALSCH (Both deceased) PETZOLD, Maria Sigmund (Deceased) & Josepha FISCHER Anton KRAEMER & Anna Maria MEER 30 Oct 1866
GÖBELS [Goebels], Heinrich (Widower of Louisa WATTEN) Not listed FUNKE, Wilhelmina Heinrich & Magdalena VOLLMER Heinrich Funke & Christina Göbels 3 Jan 1855
GÖBELS [Goebels], Wilhelm Andreas & Gertrud BRENEKE GEHRING, Catharina (Lutheran) Louis (Deceased) & Catharina WILBERGER (Lutherans) Heinrich Goebels, Michael & Barbara PFEIFER 7 Nov 1854
GÖCKE [Goecke], Johann Bernard Hermann & (Deceased) Gesina SCHÜTE [Schuete], Maria Adelheide J. Bernard (Deceased) & Maria Adelheide Johann Goecke & Catharina SCHAPER 17 Sep 1867
GOEDDE, Caspar Anton Clement & Anna STIEL BONNING, Maria Anna (Widow of Anton OLIGER) Not listed Joseph KORS & Catharina Oliger 31 Dec 1857
GOEGE (Coge), Wilhelm (Widower of Margarita URMAST) Not listed BIEBER, Maria (Widow of Wilhelm BUS) Not listed Heinrich SCHNAPP & Catharina VICTOR 6 Jul 1861
GOEHR, Jodocum Bernard Heinrich & Eva SCHULZE WILLING, Maria Catharina Fr. Georg & Maria Catharina KAMPMEIER Bernard Willing & Catharina LUMMER 23 Jan 1858
GOELLNER, Francis Hermann & Bernadina DECKENBROCK ROESLEIN, Mathilde Friederich & Rosalie LESQUIT Johann Goellner & Maria BOKEREKOT 9 Feb 1858
GOETZ, Andreas Andreas & Otilia SCHÄBLER [Schaebler] KLEINENBERG, Elisabeth Anton & Maria BLASÉ Michael BACKHAUS & Christina LUDOLPH 26 Apr 1859
GÖHL [Goehl], Johann Sebastian & Margaretha MEISEL STOCK, Juliana Francis Joseph & Catharina CAPES Francis Ignatius Stock & Georg FÜRST [Fuerst] 28 Oct 1858
GOLBECK, Gerhard Heinrich Gerhard Heinrich & Gertrud METTING (Both deceased) HALLERMANN, Maria Anna Hermann Gerhard & Maria Agnes WOLLKIN Bernard STOTTMANN & Elisabeth Hallermann 25 Oct 1859
GOLDKUHLE, Felice Felicis & Bernadina TRIBELER METZEN, Maria Mathias & Barbara SCHEINEDER Goldbeck & Elisabeth ROTH 3 Feb 1859
GÖLNER [Goelner], Anton (Widower of Agnes STAHLSCHMIDT) Not listed BOOS, Sophia Georg (Non-Catholic) & (Deceased) Elisabeth Gideon ROESLEIN & Heinrich Roeslein 25 Aug 1863
GÖRDES [Goerdes], Mathias (Widower of Catharina Angela ROBBERS) Not listed VANDERAHE, Maria Anna Johann Gerhard & Maria Catharina GÖSSEN [Goessen] Bernard MÖLLMANN [Moellmann] & Theresia OTTEN 16 Jan 1855
GOSS, Joseph Not listed MOSER, Theresia Not listed Bernard HERR & Elisabeth MEYER 12 Aug 1863 Renewed Vows date
GÖSSE [Goesse], Bernard Heinrich Gerhard Heinrich & Helena Mar. ULM (Both deceased) LAGER, Anna Christina Bernard & (Deceased) Anna Margaretha JANSEN Bernard Joseph Goesse & Bernard Heinrich Lager 31 Jan 1854
GÖSSE [Goesse], Johann Bernard Gerhard Heinrich & Helena Maria UHL FISCHER, Margaretha Bernard & Maria PORK Bernard Fischer & Helena Maria Gösse 20 Jun 1854
GÖSTENKOHRS [Goestenkohrs], Joseph Not listed DUNIGAN, Christina Not listed Joseph SCHNITZ & Anna BRADY 4 May 1864
GRABENSCHROER, Heinrich Hermann & Gertrud EGGLENPELLER, Maria Conrad (Deceased) & Anna Maria (She may also be deceased) Wilhelm Grabenschroer & Margaretha BAUMJOHAN 6 Sep 1864
GRABER, Aloysius Ignatius & Cunigunde STEINMANN WIEST, Maria Johann & Maria BACKLES Bernard BROKET & Gertrud MERGEMEIER 16 Jun 1857
GRADLING [GRELLING?], Conrad ? Peter & Magdalena GRADLING WANGLER, Maria Joseph & Beatrice ZIMMERMANN Johann GRADEL & Joseph FÄHNDROCH [Faehndroch] 9 Jun 1856
GRAF, Johann Johann (Deceased) & Eva FUCHS, Margareta Georg & Maria Anna Joseph STUMPF & Magdalena HIMMERS 26 May 1868
GRAT, Johann Johann (Deceased) & Eva BEUMEL HOLTGRÄFE [Holtgraefe], Regina Friederich & Maria SCHAEFER ? (Both deceased) Heinrich ARENZ & Maria Holtgraefe 9 Oct 1860
GRAUS, Johann (Non-Catholic) Not listed DULI (DUTI ?), Anna Not listed Peter MAHR & Elise Mahr 20 Feb 1867 Witnesses signed the entry.
GRELLE, Bernard Heinrich Nicolaus & Helena BRUNS KRUSE, Maria Anna Joseph & Adelaide GORDES Heinrich DULLE & Adelaide Bruns 26 Oct 1858
GRELLNER, Johann (Widower of Margaretha STROBEL) Not listed SCHMIDT, Catharina (Widow of Johann Schmidt) Not listed Johann & Catharina ECKERT 20 Nov 1855
GRELLNER, Joseph Johann (Deceased) & Margaretha TRORLICHT, Maria Stephan (Deceased) & Margaretha Christophor Grellner & Dina ROSCHE 17 Apr 1866
GRIESE, Heinrich (Widower of Antonette KELTKER) Not listed SCHAPER, Gesina Adelaid Johann Gerhard & Gesina Adelaid BLUMS Johann Gerhard Schaper & Francisca STATTMANN 19 Jan 1858
GROLL, Georg Joseph Johann & Maria SCHATZ, Margaretha Johann & Anna BRAUN Martin STEFFEN & Conrad MOLLING 18 Jul 1854
GRONER, Simon (Widower) Not listed BALGENBUSCH, Maria Not listed Bernard RUHR & Maria MÜSENFECHTLER [Muesenfechtler] 14 Apr 1864
GROSCH, Friederich Nicolaus (Deceased) & Anna Catharina THELER RUPERT, Barbara Josepha Joseph (Deceased) & Elisabeth Heinrich & Maria HERBERT 5 May 1868
GROSS, Johann Jacob & Catharina CORNELI (Cornelius?) GOEKE, Christina Susanna Jacob & Christina Heinrich DIEL & Wilhelmina GRIMM 8 Aug 1854
GROSS, Johann (Widower of Margaretha EICH) Not listed WISCHMEYER, Maria (Widower of Heinrich Wischmeyer) Not listed Johann HILGER & Johanna APPELHAUS 7 Jan 1867
GROTE, Heinrich Bernard Bernard (Deceased) & Thekla Maria KOLMER HAASE, Johann Wilhelmina Conrad & Johanna Friedericka WALLENDROP Heinrich VANFELD & Carolina Wilhelmina MEINERT 21 Feb 1860
GROTEPELLER, Francis Jodoci SCHMALHORST & Ida KUHLAGE BISMEIER, Theresia Christian & Margaretha REHMSCHNIER (Both deceased) Peter Kuhlage & Maria SCHROEDER 4 Sep 1860
GRUNER, Johann Johann & Cunigunda REBHAM LOTT, Margaretha Heinrich & Elisabeth Johann Ignatius Lott & Catharina POTZ 8 Mar 1859
GRUPENHOF, Gerhard Heinrich (Widower of Christina SCHLANGE) Not listed REUBER, Maria Johann (Deceased) & Angela DRANSMANN Joseph Schlange & Elisabeth Grupenhof 17 May 1866
GULDE, Anton Benedict (Deceased) & Magdalena UMSCHEID EUFINGER, Anna Maria Nicolaus & Agnes RIEKER Conrad LÜCKE [Luecke] & Anna Elisabeth HECHTEL 12 Feb 1867
GURTFELD, Friederich Friederich & Johanna MÜLLER [Mueller] BAUMGARTNER, Carolina (Born FISCHER) Not listed August Gurtfeld & Ida SCHULZ 8 Sep 1861 Bride & Groom appear to have signed entry.
GÜTTEMANN [Guettemann], Joahnn (New Convert) Johann & (Deceased) A. Maria ECKERTZ (Lutherans) JÜTTEN [Juetten], Maria Johann Heinrich (Deceased) & Sussanna PESCH Peter Joseph ZIMMER & Margaretha Juetten 10 Sep 1863
HAAG, Anton Johann & Jeromina SCHAAR HERRIG, Barbara Johann & Catharina SOFFER Peter HÜSGEN [Huesgen] & Johann Haag 26 Aug 1854
HABERSTOCK, Francis Joseph Anton & Maria Josepha WELZIN ZELLER, Crescentia Dominic & Theresia BROTCHERA Johann & Walburga BECK 18 Aug 1855
HAESCH (Haësch), Bernard Hermann Heinrich & Clara WESTHAUPT JUDENKAUF, Elisabeth Hermann Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Maria VANHUSEN Heinrich GLEICE & Catharina GUT 30 Nov 1854
HAGEMANN, Francis Heinrich (Widower of Sophia LÜRSMANN [Luersmann]) Not listed LINNEMANN, Anna Maria Johann Wilhelm & Gesina Adelheid VOLKE Johann Heinrich MOHMANN & Gesina Adelheid Linnemann 22 Nov 1854
HAGEMANN, Johann Joseph (Deceased) & Magdalena SCHENKMEIER MEYER, Elisabeth Conrad & Magdalena SCHÖTTMEIER [Schoettmeier] Heinrich SCHRADER & Catharina MEIER 25 Aug 1864
HALLERMANN, Hermann Gerhard Hermann & Maria SCHULTE VANDENBRINK, Maria Christina (Widow of Heinrich Vandenbrink) Not listed Andreas RODE & Maria Elisabeth TOSSAGE 16 May 1854
HAMBEL, Wolfgang (Widower) Not listed DIETSCH, Maria Martin & Catharina BOEMANN Joseph BOERNSTEINER & Louis MÜLLER [Mueller] 20 Mar 1854
HAMSCHMIDT, Adam (Widower of Francisca GOTTSCHALK) Not listed SIMON, Maria Georg & Helena (Both deceased) Joseph ROHRMANN & Catharina HALTERMANN 4 Jul 1865
HANIBAL, Joseph Arnold & Elisabeth WIEBOLD (Both deceased) KAMPETER, Gertrude Johann & Anna Maria GELHAUS (Both deceased) Gerhard HOFMANN & Theresia BODE 7 Jan 1862
HANNIBAL, Gerhard Arnold & Elisabeth WIEBOLD (Both deceased) BODE, Maria Bernard & (Deceased) Maria-Clara RESS Joseph Hannibal & Gertrude KAMPETER 12 Nov 1861
HANNIBAL, Heinrich Arnold & Elisabeth WIEBOLD BODU, Catharina Anton & Gertrud BACKHAUS Hermann Hannibal & Heinrich BERTHELMANN 24 Nov 1857
HANNIBAL, Hermann Arnold & Elisabeth WIEBOLD (Both deceased) EVERSMANN, Maria Mathias & Anna Elisabeth OBERNÜSSENMANN [Obernuessenmann] Gerhard Hannebal & Carolina BROMSWIG 15 Nov 1859
HANSEN, Johann Johann & (Deceased) Dorothea SCHWEBACH REIF, Maria Peter & Maria FLAMAN Heinrich SCHIEBER & Carolina BERLE 29 Apr 1869
HANSMANN, Francis Xavier Andreas & Maria SCHILL BERTSCHE, Maria Magdalena Johann & (Deceased) Catharina DOLLE August BEGELSPAYR & Louisa BIEHLE 14 May 1863
HAPPEL, Wilhelm Georg (Deceased) & Elisabeth LIENESCH, Anna Maria Gertrude Bernard & Gertrud Bernard Lienesch & Elisabeth BAUNING? 21 Nov 1861
HARCK, Johann Georg & Gertrud DREYE GÖTTEN [Goetten], Margaretha Heinrich (Deceased) & Sussana PESCH Carl BECK & Eva Goetten 20 Oct 1864 See GÜTTEN
HARIG, Clemens (Widower of Dorothea GLUH) Not listed BRONSWIG, Carolina Dietrich & (Deceased) Marianna Sophia SÜDHOF [Suedhof] & Herman Bronswig 10 Nov 1864
HARKORD (Harkort), Heinrich Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria LOHRMEYER HOFFMANN, Margaretha Johann & Maria Anna BIENS Herrmann Harkord & Catharina BORGELT 27 Apr 1865
HARKORT (Harkord), Hermann Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria LOHRMEIER THIROLF, Margaretha Johann & Catharina HELWIG Otone SCHROEDER & Maria Thirolf 11 May 1865
HARTMANN, Heinrich Joseph & Elisabeth HILKER (Both deceased) TOMM, Catharina Justin (Deceased) & Elisabeth RENT Johann SCHENK & Catharina HOLTERMANN 10 Sep 1867
HARTMANN, Wilhelm Peter (Deceased) & Catharina STEFAN ? WENDEL, Anna Maria Wilhelm & Margaretha SELINGER (Both deceased) Albert HOLTGRAEFE & Anna SAUER 25 Aug 1863
HARTTHUNK (Harttunk), August Jacob & (Deceased) Maria Anna KÖHLER [Koehler] STRUNCK, Catharina J. Joseph & Maria Anna VOSEN Not listed 14 Apr 1868
HARWIG, Carl Christian Friederich & Charlotte BERTIBCH OTTEN, Maria Heinrich & Helena HOLTERMANN Lucas LAMBERS & Hermann KARE 22 Aug 1854
HASELHORST, Martin (Widower of Elisabeth BRUNNERT) Not listed BRÖCKLMANN [Broeckelmann], Anna Maria Stephan & Anna Maria HERMES Jodoco Broeklmann & Anton Haselhorst 13 May 1856
HASENSTAB, Georg (Widower of Christina HARTMANN) Not listed LOHNER, Barbara Andreas & Catharina PANG (Both deceased) Georg KRUTWIG & Magdalena Lohner 27 Apr 1863
HATTEL, Friederich August Wilhelm & Francisca SCHMIDT METTEN, Augusta Laurent & Francisca MARTOM Caspar BRINCKMANN & Maria HEER 30 Oct 1854
HAUER, Michael Johann & Maria KREINER WEINGÄRTNER [Weingaertner], Margaretha Carl & Anna PETER Georg HABERBERGER & Michael KOERBER 5 Dec 1854
HAUG, Friederich Not listed HÜGLE [Huegle], Agatha Not listed Valentin Huegle & Juliana ASCHLE 19 Jan 1859
HAUSMANN, Conrad Mathias & Anna Maria SUTTMÖLLER [Suttmoeller] DIERKER, Catharina Johann Heinrich & Elisabeth GROWE Oscar WEBER, August BOTT, Catharina STÜVE [Stueve] & Louisa Dierker 7 Oct 1869
HEHR, Maximilian Mathias & Elisabeth HÜGLER [Huegler] LÖFFLER [Loeffler], Victoria Fidelis & Eleonora STÜKLY [Stuekly] Jacob WORTNER & Georg HEIER 25 Nov 1856
HEIDEMANN, Gerhard Heinrich & (Deceased) Elisabeth SPECKER JETZING, Gertrude Gerhard & Catharina WORKING Herman LOHBECK & Elisabeth Heidemann 9 Jan 1862
HEIDER, Johann Johann & Magdalena WEINGAERTNER TIETSCH, Barbara (Widow of Johann Tietsch) Not listed Johann JEVANESCHÜTZ [Jevaneschuetz] & Johann BOEHNER 31 Mar 1856
HEILMANN, Georg Georg (Deceased) & Catharina KUHN, Regina Martin & Barbara Gabriele THIROLF & Margaretha WIERS (Wiërs) 22 Sep 1862
HEILMANN, Johann Georg & Catharina DEGNER FOCHT, Margaretha Georg & Francisca MORGOT Friederich OSBURG & Georg LACKMANN 25 Jun 1855
HEILWECK, Georg Christian Gangolph & Margaretha JUNG KLEIN, Catharina Johann & Carolina STEMMLER Louis Klein & Catharina Heilweck 2 Feb 1860
HEILWEG, Jacob Bernard Wolfgang & Margaretha JUNG VIERMEIER, Maria Angela (Non-Catholic) N. (Deceased) & Anna Maria GÖSLING [Goesling] Michael KANTZMANN & Johann ERNST 16 Dec 1858
HEIMANN, Francis Anton & Elisabeth ESSMANN GRAS, Catharina (Widow of Anton SPECK) Not listed Friederich BOCKRAD & Thimann 3 Mar 1857
HEIMANN, Johann Johann & Anna HEGER ARNOLD, Anna Georg & Magdalena KREINER Georg HABERBERGER & Michael KOERBER 5 Dec 1854
HEIMANN, Johann Conrad & Barbara MAIER DOETZER, Margaretha Conrad (Deceased) & Margaretha ROESCH Mathias Kroepel & Mathias Weiss 3 Nov 1857
HEINRICHSMEIER, Francis Martin Stephan & Maria Catharina MEINES (Meives) GRUNDMEIER, Elisabeth Heinrich & Maria Catharina EVERSMEIER Johann Grundmeier & Barbara ZENGER 20 Oct 1857
HEINS, Jacob Not listed KAUFMANN, Maria Not listed Caspar BAUMGÄRTNER [Baumgaertner] & Bernard BOEWER 20 Sep 1865 Renewed Vows date
HEITKAMP, Friederich Rudolph (Widower of Maria Adelheid MUSTERMANN) Not listed GROTE [GROTEPEGA ?], Catharina Jodoci & Ida KUHLAGE Joseph Heitkamp 15 Nov 1855
HELFRIG, Georg (Widower of Louisa ROBLING) Not listed MARKS, Elisabeth (Widow of Peter Marks) Not listed Georg LAUTERBACH & Barbara ENGELHART 5 May 1868
HELGÄRTNER [Helgaertner], Herman Anton & Maria NIELANDER BLANKENKAMP, Anna Maria (Lutheran) Johann Heinrich & Elisabeth RELIKS Heinrich KRACHT & Margaretha Blankenkamp 4 Jun 1857
HELL, Peter Not listed KOHL, Agnes Not listed Gottfried VON LÜNIAK [Von Lueniak) & Johann THIROLF 2 Jun 1867 Renewed Vows date
HELLER, Philip Georg & Catharina (Lutherans) KAMP, Elisabeth Martin & Thaddaea Joseph MÜLLER [Mueller] & Francis TSCHENHENS 14 Oct 1855
HELLMANN, Bernard Gerhard Heinrich & (Deceased) Elisabeth ROLFUS KREYMER, Catharina Bernard & Louise BUSCHMANN (Both deceased) Henrich Hellmann, Joseph Hellmann, Catharina & Magdalena STIERWALD 20 Feb 1868
HELLMANN, Francis Bernard & Adelheid GROSSE (Both deceased) MATHLAGE (MATLAGE), Adelheid Rudolph (Deceased) & Cristina FRESE Johann SCHEFER & Anna Catharina HORMANN 15 Jan 1861 Hellmann is written Hellermann with the (er) crossed out.
HELLWEG, Heinrich Wilhelm Heinrich Wilhelm & Clara Maria LIXONMÜLLER [Lixonmueller] SCHNECKER, Elisabeth Joseph & Wilhelmina BREISERMANN Bernard Heinrich KALCHMANN & Maria Angela SAND 31 Oct 1854
HEM, Hermann Hermann & (Deceased) Anna Maria PLAMBERG BRANDIERS, Helena Gerhard (Deceased) & Gertrud SCHUMACKER Joseph BENKEN & Maria VANDERA 6 Nov 1856
HEMPEN, Henry (Listed as Hempe) Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Maria SCHNIEDERALBERS, Elisabeth (Widow of Heinrich Schniederalbers) Not listed Heinrich HEGER & Elisabeth SCHULTE 10 Nov 1864
HEMSCHENMEIER, Joseph Heinrich & Anna Maria REMP BRÜNIG [Bruenig], Maria Elisabeth Bernard Heinrich & Maria Anna BOLLMANN Heinrich MEIER & Helena Maria GOESSEN 8 Sep 1857
HENGESBACH, Heinrich Adam & Regina SCHNIER (Both deceased) DETERT, Catharina (Widow of Johann Heinrich Detert) Not listed Caspar CLAES & Maria Detert 21 Feb 1865
HENKE, David Johann Heinrich & Maria Elisabeth SCHULZE FORSCHE, Anna Maria Johann Heinrich & Anna Maria NIERMANN Georg SANDERS & Catharina Elisabeth NIEKAMP 2 May 1854
HENKE, Friederich Wilhelm Johann & Elisabeth SCHULZE (Both deceased) WIEMEIER, Maria Agnes Johann Caspar & Maria Gertrud JOSTWEHER (Both deceased) Francis Heinrich HUPE & Heinrich HELKER 18 Feb 1856
HERBST, Joseph Adam & Theresia NADERMANN TELKAMP, Margaretha Heinrich & Elisabeth RIEMENSCHNEID Johann Heinrich LOHBECK & Theresia Herbst 29 Apr 1854
HERBSTSTRET, Johann Baptist Joseph & Genofeva SCHARP LÖFFLER [Loeffler], Maria Fidelis & Eleonora STICKEL Jacob & Genofeva WITNER 3 Feb 1856
HERGERT, Alexander Peter Joseph & Maria Anna OTT WEISS, Gertrud Aloysius & Elisabeth SCHNELLBACH Joseph Weiss & Wenzeslaus BREINING 4 Aug 1857
HERLETZ, Francis Francis & Anna STEIN DIETRICH, Barbara Johann & Barbara BAIERLEIN Johann Dietrich & Heinrich LUDOLF 22 Nov 1858
HERMANN, Bernard (Widow of Elisabeth MARTIN) Not listed MEIER, Elisabeth Martin & Elisabeth Joseph Hermann & Helena BURGER 4 Sep 1860
HERMES, Georg (Widower of Christina WITTE) Not listed SCHROEDER, Maria Christina (Widow of Herman Heinrich Schroeder) Not listed Henrietta MERSCHMANN & Catharina OSTMANN 10 Jul 1855
HERZING, Simon Johann BERSAU & Conigunda Herzing LEHNHART, Conigunda Johann & Catharina Johann & Catharina GRELLNER 29 Nov 1859
HERZOG, Felicem Not listed JÜTTEN [Juetten], Maria Not listed Bernard BÖWER [Boewer] & Valentin WIRTH 9 Mar 1863 Renewed Vows date
HESCHENMEIER, Francis Anton Anton & Clara MEIER WESSEL, Maria Anton & Maria RUDIHIESER Stephan BAUMANN & Maria Baumann 1 Jan 1857
HESPEN, Johann Bernard Johann Heinrich & Elisabeth MIERMANN KUHLMANN, Anna Maria Heinrich & Anna Maria DETERS Benedict MOELLER & Anna Christina CÜSTERS [Cuesters] 21 Apr 1854
HESPONK, Johann Bernard Johann Gerhard & Anna Maria FERGANG REKERS, Helena Johann Hermann & Maria WILMS Heinrich KEEVE & Margaretha HISBECK 16 May 1855
HESS, Johann Nicolaus (Non-Catholic) Johann Nicolaus & Sophia SCHMID, Regina Maurice? & Catharina Adolph SCHENK & Franz Schenk 3 Mar 1862 Witnesses appear to have signed the entry. Also the bride and groom.
HESSEL, Johann Vitalis & Anna HELDÖFFEL [Heldoeffel] (Both deceased) BERGHOF, Wilhelmina (Widow of Edward Berghof) Not listed Michael MARX & Sophia LIST 24 Apr 1864
HETZER, Georg Johann & Catharina BECK ENGLER, Cunigunde Laurent & Cunigunde BARBERICH Johann & Carolina Hetzer and Heinrich JUNG 27 Dec 1855
HEUER, Georg Anton & Catharina ZAHN HINKER, Juliana Nicolas & Magdalena KRAUSE Magdalena Hinker & Gertrud SPAKE 24 Jul 1857
HEYER, Martin (Widower of Maria Angela VODDE) Not listed FELD, Maria Anna (Widow of Bernard Joseph Feld) Not listed Hermann Heinrich WESTERBEKE & Helena Maria BRUMMER 3 Nov 1868
HIGELMANN, Mathias Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria WIRMANS BOLTE, Maria Joseph & Elisabeth GEISEMEIER Joseph OVERBRÖKEM [Overbroekem] & Louisa KINAUSE 24 Feb 1857
HILGER, Johann Johann & Magdalena MÜLLER [Mueller] SCHULTE, Maria Anna (Widow of Heinrich Schulte) Not listed Johann Arnold STRICKER & Maria Catharina Schulte 29 Dec 1856
HILKE, Georg Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria Anna FREISE BEIER, Helena Joseph & Clara ULZMANN Otone Hilker & Catharina BAUMGÄRTNER [Baumgaertner] 16 May 1865
HILKER, Francis (Widower of Anna JOHR) Not listed RÖSSLER [Roessler], Maria Magdalena (Widow of Jacob Roessler) Not listed Francis ZWARTS & Louisa KILIAN 23 Jul 1867
HILL, Heinrich Anton & Maria Catharina PREISS STOEGER, Theresia Johann & Barbara HOFMEISTER Wilhelm KUCHEBUCH & Christina LUDOLPH 28 Dec 1858
HILPERT, Georg (Non-Catholic) Georg & Margaretha OCHS SCHÖNLE [Schoenle], Maria Anna (Widow of Rudolph Schoenle) Not listed Johann Baptist ALTMANN & Itta LÜEDKER [Luedker]? 5 Jan 1864 Witnesses appear to have signed the entry.
HIMMER, Mathias (Widower of Margaretha HOFFMANN) Not listed SCHUEKER, Margaretha (Widow of Nicolaus ECKERT) Not listed Johann REH & Johann GRIEBEL 26 Apr 1858
HOCH, Heinrich (Widower of Margaretha RITTER) Not listed MEYER, Eva Johann & Margaretha Johann & Catharina GRELLNER 18 Oct 1866
HOEFNER, Friederich Johann & (Deceased) Magdalena Hoefner KROEPEL, Margaretha Friederich & Margaretha WEISS (Both deceased) Mathias Kroepel & Mathias Weiss 3 Nov 1857
HOERMEYER, Gerhard Heinrich Mathias & Anna Maria BERSTERMANN HANNIKEN (Haniken), Anna Margaretha Bernard Heinrich & Maria Margaretha LINNEMANN Heinrich VARING & Rosa Hanniken 23 Nov 1869
HOFFMANN, August Anton & Susanna Hoffmann LEHNHOF, Elisabeth (Widow of Joseph GRAF) Not listed Heinrich Lehnhof & Maria GUSCHIN 2 Oct 1858
HOFFMANN, Gerhard Gerhard & Anna Maria POLLHANS, Catharina Philipp & Maria Louis BÜTER [Bueter] & Julia STOLLE 10 Jun 1869
HOFFMANN, Jacob Georg (Deceased) & Margaretha HIMMER HOFFMANN, Josephina Sebastian & Anna Maria Hoffmann Georg REH & Maria JEBANNOSCHÜTZ [Jebannoschuetz] 31 May 1864
HOFFMANN, Sebastian Sebastian & Anna Maria HERKERT (Heckert) LÖFFLER [Loeffler], Helena Fidelis & Eleanora STICTHLY Louis & Maria Hoffmann 3 Sep 1857
HOHMANN, Caspar Johann (Deceased) & Elisabeth SCHÖNE [Schoene] BÜSKER [Buesker], Theresia Heinrich (Buesker born WILKENMEIER) & Catharina Buesker Joseph Buesker & Anna BAXMEIER 28 Jan 1862
HÖLDORFER [Hoeldorfer], Johann Johann & Margaretha BITTNER SCHMIDT, Catharina Friederich & Margaretha HAAS Johann ECKSTEIN & Martin STEFFEL 12 Dec 1854
HOLMAN, Bernard (Widower of Adelheid GERDES) Not listed HOLWIG, Francisca Heinrich & Gertrud METTENS Gerhard Holwig & Bernadina ROSCHE 13 May 1856
HOLTERMANN, Wilhelm (Widower of Dorothea Holtermann) Not listed LIPOLD, Catharina (Widow of Stephan Lipold) Not listed Heinrich Wilhelm MEYER & Angela Maria SUNKE ? 20 May 1869
HOLTGRÄFE [Holtgraefe] (Holtgrave?), Friederich Friederich BECKMANN & Angela Holtgraefe (Both deceased) HEIL, Margaretha Peter & Veronica KLÜBER [Klueber] Heinrich Heil & Margaretha WAGNER 24 Apr 1862
HOLTHAUS, Anton Joseph Engelbert (Deceased) & Antonette SCHRÖDER [Schroeder] HEYER, Julia (Widow of Georg Heyer) Not listed Arnold Holthaus & Carolina FUNK 28 Jul 1864
HOLTHAUS, Johann Joseph Johann David & Anna Maria BRÖKE [Broeke] MÖLLER [Moeller], Anna Sophia Johann Hermann & Maria Elisabeth KRIEGE Carl Holthaus & Maria ALTERMANN 12 Jan 1858
HOLTMANN, Benedict Johann Bernard (Deceased) & Not listed GRAVEMANS, Maria Louisa (New convert) Heinrich & Maria Louisa BIRKEMEYER Johann ZWARTS & Maria SCHÄFER [Schaefer] 12 May 1864
HOLTMANN, Gerhard Gerhard Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria WESTERBECKE, Christina Bernard Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria Anna KRIEGER Herman Westerbecke & Elisabeth KOCH 20 Apr 1869
HOLTMANN, Herman Gerhard Christian & Elisabeth STEFENS UHL, Maria Christina Bernard Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria Adelheid LAU Peter SCHNIEDER & Maria Uhl 4 Sep 1856
HOLTMANN, Johann Christian & Elisabeth BUDDE BLANGENBACH, Margaretha Elisabeth Mathias & Margaretha Elisabeth BEHRENS Joseph MÜLLER [Mueller] & Joseph KIRCHER 9 Nov 1854
HOOD, Carl R. Nathan & Henrietta RUDRICK FEN [TEN ?], Catharina Peter & Margaretha SCHULEIN (Both deceased) Johann GREINER & Johann TOPF ? 18 May 1856
HOORMANN, Gerhard Hermann & Margaretha DRÖGE [Droege] HAFKEMEIER, Catharina (Widow of Joseph Hafkemeier) Not listed Anton KUPER & Gesina PRAG 24 Oct 1854
HORACH, Wilhelm Francis (Deceased) & Anna SURMEYER, Catharina Not listed Friederich Wilhelm __TSCHMOR & Elisabeth SCHROEDER 26 Jan 1869
HORMANN, Anton Hermann & Margaretha DROEGE MADLAGE, Catharina Rudolph & Gesina FRESE Gerhard Hormann & Margaretha Hormann 24 Feb 1857
HORMANN, Anton (Widower of Catharina MATLAGE) Not listed BRÜGEMANN [Bruegemann], Anna Gerhard & Anna (Both deceased) Hermann Hormann & Maria HELLMANN 8 Jan 1867
HUBER, Johann (Widower of Margaretha BRENDEL) Not listed WEBER, Elisabeth (Widow of Laurent FRANK) Not listed Joseph RAUT & Meihard KERBER 4 Sep 1854
HUBER, Wilhelm Not listed ALTHUSER, Maria Not listed Johann Althuser & Emilia SIENER 18 May 1868 Couple from St. Joseph Church in Westphalia, Osage County, MO
HÜGEL [Huegel], Valentin Not listed HERR, Josepha Not listed Maxim. Herr & Josepha WIEGELI 5 Aug 1856 Church ceremony after civil marriage.
HÜGELE [Huegele], Barnabas Johann & Rosina KLOPFER (Both deceased) VORLÄNDER [Vorlaender], Magdalena Lucas (Deceased) & Catharina MUTTON Bernard BÖWER [Boewer] & Caspar BAUMGÄRTNER [Baumgaertner] 9 Jul 1866
HÜGLE [Huegle], Valentin August & Ursula ESCHLE, Bernadina Sebastian & Agatha HÜGLE [Huegle] Maximilian HERR & Rosa Eschle 5 May 1857
HUHN, Joseph Anselmi (Deceased) & Elisabeth NÜLLE [Nuelle] VERBORG, Elisabeth Johann & Dina VANBECK (Both deceased) Adolph Huhn & Regina GERST 22 Apr 1869
HULWEG, Joseph Wilhelm & Theresia NOLTE BIERNZEN, Adelheide Herman Heinrich & Anna Margaretha WÜBBEN [Wuebben] Wilhelm ISENBERG & Johanna Maria FOTZ 10 Jan 1859
HUMBÄCHER [Humbaecher], Heinrich Wilhelm Theodor & Elisabeth SCHLISSER PIEPER, Sophia Anton & Sophia RIEKE Conrad MENKE & Carolina Pieper 6 Sep 1855
HUMMERT, Heinrich (Widower of Margaretha HINKAMP) (From Illinois) Not listed HINCAMP, Maria Catharina Bernard Philipp & Margaretha GOMARS Tobias BUTER & Johann HUSMANN 6 Sep 1855
HUNTZINGER, Georg Not listed RUPRECHT, Maria (Non-Catholic) Not listed Godfried LUNTUK & Francis HEILEN ? 9 May 1867
HURTER, Joseph Nicolaus & Anna ADEN KESZLER, Sophia Peter & Catharina WIRTH Simone WENDEL & Leonhard LUSEUM 14 Aug 1859
HUSKEN, Johann Peter Johann & Anna Catharina HERING, Helena Johann & Catharina SEFFER Anton HAAG & Anton WOHLFRO 4 Oct 1855
HUSMANN, Georg (Widower of Anna Elisabeth SANDER) Not listed HORMANN, Adelheide (Widow of Heinrich MEST) Not listed Heinrich Husmann & Angela Mest 27 Nov 1866
IKEMEIER, Anton Johann & Francisca REINEKE SCHAEFERMEIER, Theresia Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Maria STEATER Johann Heinrich HANSEN & Catharina POTZ 4 Sep 1860
IKEMEIER, Georg Johann & Francisca REINEKE HARTMANN, Theresia Jodoci (Jacob ?) & Wilhelmina NEISEN Anton Ikemeier & Sophia KLEINECKER 26 Oct 1858
IKEMEIER, Herman (Widower of Elisabeth HEISSING) Not listed NONENKAMP, Maria Theresia (Widow of Joseph Nonenkamp) Not listed Heinrich Ikemeier & Anna SCHNEIDER 5 Apr 1866
IKMEIER, Heinrich Johann & Francis REINEKE STÜVE [Stueve], Anna Maria Heinrich & Anna Maria LÜCKE [Luecke] Heinrich & Maria BEKENKOT 12 May 1857
ILL, Theodor Johann & Agatha HUNSTÄTTER [Hunstaetter] NEUBAUER, Barbara (Non-Catholic) Caspar & Margaretha (Non-Catholics) Caspar Ill? & Philomina Neubauer (Woman's name crossed out) 11 May 1862
ILSKEN, Conrad (Widower of Elisabeth DANEMEIER ?) Not listed EMKEN, Maria (Widow of Bernard Emken) Not listed Gerhard Ilsken & Maria WIBLER 29 Dec 1863
INGELMANN, Joseph Christophor & Elisabeth VOOS (Both deceased) KLARE, Josephina Maurice & Maria ENGELERUST (Both deceased) Christophor INGERMANN & Wilhelmina BEITZER 3 May 1866
JACOBS, Wilhelm Conrad & Maria Catharina FISCHER SANDERS, Theresia Gerhard & Adelheid VANDERHEI Joseph MEIER & Francis SCHYSE 22 Jan 1861
JAEGER, Conrad Caspar & Francisca GUTSCHER BRAGMEIER, Elisabeth (Widow of Francis SCHROEDER) Not listed Heinrich GÜTTENREITER [Guettenreiter] & Maria DIKNEITE 15 Feb 1855
JANSEN, Bernard Johann Bernard & Anna Maria BURS JARING, Carolina Johann Bernard & Margaretha OSTERMANN Joseph GLASKER & Theresia Ostermann 7 Dec 1858
JANSEN, Clemens Christian & Maria Adelheid DARKER SCHROEDER, Elisabeth Wilhelm & Sophia ROLVES Bernard LAGER & Helena Angela Schroeder 13 Feb 1855
JANSEN, Heinrich Bernard & Anna HANDELMANN KORS, Maria Lambert & Regina BRAUCH Friederich NIEMEIER & Margaretha THOMES 3 May 1859
JAUS, Joseph Joseph (Deceased) & Otilia TANGEMANN, Elisabeth Gerhard & Elisabeth Jacob KUSSMANN & Catharina Tangemann 4 Nov 1869
JENNEMANN, Peter Conrad & Anna ZINNER (ZIMMER ?) HOHMANN, Paulina Joseph & Veronica KELLER Caspar & Conrad PREIS 27 Dec 1854
JOERGENSEN, Johann Peter (Non-Catholic) Not listed KAISER, Elisabeth Not listed Hans Peter Jörgensen, Andrew FINDLEY, Theobald SCHOTTLER & William MEDLEY 6 Jan 1869 Witnesses have signed the entry.
JOERGENSMEYER, Joseph (Widower of Anna Maria HOEWEK) Not listed ROBES, Anna Rosina Johann Heinrich & Elisabeth BRAUN Wilhelm Heinrich MEYER & Maria Robes 19 Aug 1856
JONSGERDES, Mathias (Widower of Maria Anna VANDERAH) Not listed JANSEN, Elisabeth (Widow of Wilhelm MÖLLENKAMP [Moellenkamp]) Not listed Johann Heinrich RÖBER [Roeber] & Helena MÜLLER [Mueller] 16 Sep 1862
JÖRGENSMEIER [Joergensmeier], Joseph Heinrich & Catharina BALK HÖVEKE [Hoeveke], Anna Maria Theodor (Deceased) & Not listed Bernard BROCKOT & Anna Maria DIEKNEIT 21 Jun 1855
JOSEPH, Andreas (Widower of Elisabeth ISELE) Not listed ALBERS, Catharina (Widow of Herman Albers) Not listed Herman OVERBECK & Joseph KIRCHER 6 Jul 1857
JOSSEN, Johann Nicolaus & Gertrud JENNEMANN, Mathilde Conrad & Anna Cunigunde BRUMM Theodor Jennemann & Elisabeth PREIS 14 Oct 1865
JOST, Peter Georg & Maria Anna RUNDE GEIER, Helena Carl & Maria REIKSEL Michael ZIEGLER and Bartholomew & Elisabeth HEILIG 7 Aug 1855
JUNGERMANN, Heinrich Bernard Heinrich (Deceased) & Elisabeth WORMANN STRICKER, Philomena Johann & Elisabeth Joseph J. JAUS & Elisabeth Jungermann 2 Feb 1869
JUNGMANN, Johann Hermann (Widower of Maria Adelheid ROLVES) Not listed NEISE, Maria Catharina Bernard & Elisabeth PÖHNER [Poehner] Heinrich Neise & Margaretha PHILIPP 5 Jul 1854
KAISER, Johann Georg & Margaretha GLAMLACHER SCHMIDT, Johanna (Non-Catholic) Carl & Maria WENINGER Johann LEHNHART & Catharina KETTEL 21 Jul 1857
KAISER, Johann Bernard (Deceased) & Gertrud KOKS THIELE, Maria Anna Ernest & Lisetta HARIG August Thiele & Carolina HAGEMANN 27 Apr 1865
KALMER, Caspar (Widower of Sophia MEILAENDER) Not listed MOLLEN, Catharina Richard (Deceased) & Sophia August STIERMANN & Catharina OECHSMANN 21 Jul 1868
KAMP, Wilhelm Not listed BUSE, Elisabeth Not listed J. M. TORULINSEU & H. C. CLARK 12 Feb 1866 Bride & groom from St. Joseph Church in Westphalia, Osage County, MO
KAMPERT, Theodor (Widower of Sophia HÖLSCHER [Hoelscher]) (From Teutopolis, IL) Not listed WREDE, Anna Maria Joseph & Theresia APPELMANN Johann SANDBOLT & Maria Anna Kampert 16 Jan 1854
KAMPMEYER, Heinrich Eberhard & Anna M. MINKHAUS LAKE, Anna Maria Bernard & Margaretha JANSEN Heinrich Lake & Catharina MEYER 8 Jul 1856
KANNE, Georg Joseph & Sussanna ADAM SIBRASSE, Maria Johann Friederich & Anna Margaretha RENNER Joseph HEIL & Elisabeth Sibrasse 9 Feb 1858
KANNE, Johann Not listed CONRAD, Ernestina Not listed Joseph Kanne & Jos. Wilhelm RÜBSAM [Ruebsam] 20 Mar 1860
KAPEL, Joseph (Widower of Elisabeth KALEFELD) Not listed LÜCKE [Luecke], Elisabeth Johann (Deceased) & Theresia HASSE Gerhard MOHRMANN & Louisa SCHULTE 13 Jun 1867
KARTMANN, Theodor Francis & Margaretha PETERS OFFERMANN, Helena Bernard & Margaretha Offermann Johann Kartmann & Maria LÜCKE [Luecke] 23 Nov 1858
KAVE, Ferdinand Heinrich & Maria ROSE MISCHLER, Francisca Eberhard & Theresia HÜLLS [Huells] Heinrich SCHARP & Katharina KOELE 21 Jul 1859
KEI, Georg Christian & Catharina SCHNIEDER LORENZ, Theresia Francis & Elisabeth EICHSTADT Georg ULRICH & Margaretha NUTZINGER 22 Oct 1855
KEILY, Thomas Thomas & Johanna BROWN, Helena Mauriti (Maurice?) & Catharina Adelaide & Heinrich SAND 20 Aug 1858 Relationship issues discussed.
KEISKER, Rudolph (Non-Catholic) Not listed WEINHOFF, Elisabeth Not listed Friederich Wilhelm KÖNIG [Koenig] & Mar. Elisabeth EILERS 11 Jul 1867
KELLER, Johann Johann & Barbara DESCHING HERBERT, Christina Johann KELLER & Barbara Herbert Francis GRIM & Wenceslaus BREUNING 17 Jan 1854
KEMLAGE, Carl Gerhard Dietrich & Catharina BRUNS WEBER, Anna Katharina Not listed Gerhard HEIDEMANN & Margaretha HELMTING 26 Jan 1860
KEMLAGE, Gerhard Herman (Deceased) & Catharina SCHAEFER WESSENDORF, Maria Anna Gerhard (Deceased) & Angela MEYER Heinrich BRÖMSCHWIG [Broemschwig] & Margaretha HELWIG 2 Dec 1865 Written as 2 Sep
KEMPF, Heinrich Simon & Elisabeth SCHULTIES HOFFMANN, Agnes Johann & Margaretha SCHMAUSNER Heinrich SCHNEIDER & Ada HAMM 5 Jul 1854
KENTER, Friederich Wilhelm Friederich Wilhelm (Deceased) & Elisabeth BENTLER BUDEN, Anna Maria Gerhard (Georg?) (Deceased) & Elisabeth LINNEMANN Francis Bentler & Anna Maria Brehm 14 Feb 1860
KERKMANN, Heinrich Gerhard & Anna Maria JUNGFERMANN SCHNAUS, Maragretha Heinrich & Margaretha NAU Valentin Schnaus & Theresia TIRLE 22 Sep 1864
KETTELMANN, Hermann Heinrich (Widower of Margaretha MORMANN) Not listed KAMKÖTTER [Kamkoetter], Anna Elisabeth Mathias (Deceased) & Catharina POPENMEIER Heinrich GERLING & Anna Maria MEIER 9 Jun 1859
KETTERER, Anton Bernard & Francisca GROPP MILLHEUSLER, Amalia Andrew & (Deceased) Francisca KUCHER (Kircher ?) Julius LEDERLE & Josephina STRAUB 24 Jul 1865
KETTMANN, Heinrich Heinrich & Catharina HEINKE (Both deceased) ROSSMANN, Maria Theresia Bernard & Gesina Adelheid JANSEN Dietrich DUKER & Anna Maria Rossmann 17 Jul 1858
KIFMEIER, Johann Heinrich Johann Heinrich & Clara MOOLER ? SCHRÄDER [Schraeder], Maria Catharina Francis Heinrich & Maria Catharina SCHMIDT Johann Mathias STOLTMANN & Emilia GREIVE 10 Jan 1856
KILANOWIEZ, Albert (Widower of Wilhelmina BREITENBACH) Not listed WISHNOWSKI, Apalonia Simeon & Veronica MUTHAUS Julius SCHULZ, Helena GUTSCHEWISCH and Rudolph & Bertha Schulz 28 Apr 1868
KILIAN, Friederich Philipp (Deceased) & Magdalena RESSLER HETTEL, Louisa Andreas (Deceased) & Carolina ZIMMER Francisca FUNKE & Anna LAUTENBACH 19 Feb 1867
KILIAN, Heinrich Philipp (Deceased) & Magdalena RESSLER SCHERR, Margaretha Johann & Catharina HAAS Friederich Kilian & Friederich GROETING 1 Nov 1863
KILKER, Heinrich (Widower of HAMBROC) Not listed ELSTRY, Anna Margaretha ? Herman & Maria SILBOWESTO ? Eberhard ORTBALS & Maria Anna LARKER 18 May 1858
KIRCHMER, Michael Michael & Christina LAGMÜLLER [Lagmueller] HOCHSTRASSE, Anna Maria Johann & Maria Catharina KIERHAUS Michael BROD & Josephine SCHRODER 10 Nov 1857
KLAUS, Georg Francis & Anna Maria SCHAEFER DECKERT, Elisabeth Jacob & Antonia SIEGFRIED Carl KLEIN & Joseph SCHOPP 2 Feb 1856
KLEIN, Carl Johann & Carolina STEMBER SCHMIDT, Apolonia Bernard & Barbara BAPST Johann Klein & Margaretha Schmidt 28 Aug 1855
KLEIN, Louis Johann & Carolina STÄMLER [Staemler] KIMEL, Elisabeth Johann & (Deceased) Gertrud KIRCHER Carl Klein & Appalonia SCHMIT 9 Apr 1861
KLERSCH, Carl Johann (Deceased) & Maria STRUNCK, Theresia Joseph & Marianna August HARTUNG & Hermann BAXMEYER 19 Jul 1868
KLOCKENKEMPER, Johann Not listed OTTE, Maria (Widow of SCHNEIDER) Not listed Francis HASELHORST & Maria Anna BRINKMAN 2 Oct 1854
KLÖPPER [Kloepper], Francis Heinrich (Deceased) & Elisabeth RICHMS APELHAUS, Johanna (Widow of Heinrich Apelhaus) Not listed Valentin KANNE & Veronica METTEN 7 Nov 1867
KLÜBER [Klueber], Francis Johann & Anna Maria SCHNEIDER BRAMHAAR, Johanna Georg & Francisca Emile WEBRE & Christina Bramhaar 10 Mar 1855
KLÜBER [Klueber], Johann Ignatius Johann & Anna M. SCHNEIDER KUHEN, Francisca Bernadina Peter & Gertrud BRUHNE Carl BAULIGNIERE & Bernadina DIRKER 8 Nov 1855
KLÜSPIES [Kluespies], Valentin Friederich Andreas (Deceased) & Margaretha LINK URBACH, Regina Carl (Deceased) & Dorothea GINNEMANN (Jinnemann?) Georg Ada LOOS & Caspar SCHMIDT 18 May 1858
KNIEDESCHECK, Thomas Joseph & Anna DOENER, Anna Gabriel & Anna Maria Georg KANNE & Maria Doener 3 Mar 1863 Renewed Vows date
KOCH, Heinrich Francis & Elisabeth BESTE RICKER, Elisabeth (Widow of Heinrich Ricker) Not listed Gerhard & Maria Anna ESSELMANN 20 Apr 1854
KOCH, Joseph Johann & Maria WIESER MAYER, Barbara Christian & Theresia MOSER Conrad WANGLER & Laurent BÜRKLI [Buerkli] 23 Jan 1854
KOERBER, Johann Georg & (Deceased) Margaretha HUBER SCHAFFER, Elisabeth Johann & Elisabeth Michael Koerber & Johann HOELZEL 8 Jan 1855
KOERBER, Johann (Widower of Margaretha KINDER) Not listed STEIGER, Theresia Johann & Maria BLAATMANN Jodoco FAEHNDRICH & Michael Koerber 29 Oct 1855
KOERNER, Johann Friederich Wilhelm (Non-Catholic) Johann (Deceased) & Carolina FLINT HAAGEMANN, Elisabeth (Widow of Friederich SCHRODER) Not listed Not listed 10 Aug 1857
KÖNIG [Koenig], Moertinum (Martin?) Peter & Magdalena Maria KLE (Klee) LOURENT, Adelheid Moises (Deceased) & Waldburga LIEBE Johann EHRET & Wendelin MAHRBACH 24 Apr 1860
KORDES, Heinrich Lambert & Regina SPECHT, Helena Wilhelm & Anna Helena Arnold OLDIGES & Maria JANSEN 26 Nov 1868
KORS, Joseph Heinrich & Gertrud SCHLÖMER [Schloemer] (Both deceased) HAGENKORT, Margaretha Peter & Elisabeth BERENSBRINKER (Both deceased) Johann HANSEN & Maria MARSE 11 Apr 1861
KORS, Nicolaus Jacob (Deceased) & Christina HÜNTELMANN [Huentelmann] HANECKEN (Haneken), Maria Heinrich & Pionna OTTEN Gerhard BROCKHAUS & Louisa WOLF 10 Sep 1868
KORTE, Gerhard Heinrich Johann Wilhelm (Deceased) & Maria Elisabeth HOLLKAMP MITTENDORF, Adelheide Sophia Hermann (Deceased) & Adelheid KEHRS Johann Bernard STONE & Anna MÜLLER [Mueller] 16 May 1865
KOSS, Heinrich Georg & Theresia ROSEMANN TEGEMEIER, Maria Anna Ernest & Maria NIEMEIER Wilhelm & Elisabeth WEFFERS 26 Jun 1855
KÖSTER [Koester], Gerhard (Widower of Angela SCHROEDER) Not listed GROTE, Christina (Widow of Johann Gerhard SUER) Not listed Clement Grote & Anna KOTEN 10 Feb 1861
KÖSTER [Koester], Richard Johann Joseph & Maria Catharina GUTERICH BEEHLER, Maria Francis & (Deceased) M. Catharina STUTTE Sebastian HUSSMANN & Amalia ZEPFANFELD 13 Jun 1867
KÖSTERS [Koesters], Gerhard Theodor & Anna Adelheid SCHRÖDER [Schroeder] SCHRÖDER [Schroeder], Angela Wilhelm & Sophia ROLVES Heinrich LAKE & Elisabeth JANSEN 5 Feb 1856
KOTSCHENREITER, Johann Sebastian & Magdalena TOLBILSI ECKSTEIN, Cunigunde (Widow of Georg Eckstein) Not listed Johann Eckstein & Johann Kotschenreiter 10 Jan 1855
KOTTENSTAEDT, Theodor Friederich & Anna Maria LUCKENRENKE BALTES, Johanna Christophor & (Deceased) Sophia MICHELS Ernest Kottenstaedt & Helena Baltes 12 May 1857
KRACHT, Georg Georg (Deceased) & Anna Maria WILOH MEIER, Sophia Wilhelm & Maria MEIER Michael KIRCHMA & Margaretha SANDERS 28 Apr 1857
KRAEMER, Anton Caspar (Deceased) & Maria Gertrud PIEPENBREIER FISCHER, Josepha (Widow of Simon BESOLD) Not listed Timothy COERLIN & Barbara KUN (Kern?) 4 Oct 1860
KRAMER, Johann Heinrich Not listed GOECKE, Maria Theresia Not listed Bernard HELLMANN & Margaretha STAHL 31 May 1865
KRAMPER, Bernard (Widower of Elisabeth SANDMANN) Not listed ALBERS, Anna Maria Johann Heinrich (Deceased) & Gesina ROH Johann OSTERMANN & Catharina EBELING 25 May 1864
KRANSUSS, Johann Heinrich Carl & Anna Maria ANDRES ALVERMANN, Catharina (Widow of Carl GOLDSTEIN) Not listed Francis Anton LÖHR [Loehr] & Maria NÜLLE [Nuelle] 13 Jul 1858
KRANZ, Johann Baptist (Widower of Barbara KRATZ) Not listed EHL, Barbara (Widow of Joseph MULLER) Not listed Adam LOOS & Mathais MÜLLER [Mueller] 21 Dec 1857
KRATZBERG, Joseph (Widower of Magdalena GÜNTHER [Guenther]) Not listed ALBERS, Helena Adelheid (Widow of Johann Georg BUMPKE) Not listed Joseph LINKOGEL & Heinrich SCHLANGE 12 Aug 1855
KRAYMER (Kraemer), Johann (Widower of Catharina OSTENDORF) Not listed STIERN, Maria Angela (Widow of Wilhelm Stiern) Not listed Ferdinand Kraymer & Maria Catharina CASSELIUS, his wife. 25 Jan 1855
KREKLER, Carl Francis (Deceased) & Wilhelmina GÖTTE [Goette] GRÖTING [Groeting], Friedericka Johann (Deceased) & Maria Gerhard Groeting & Maria VANDENBERG 5 Nov 1867
KREYMER, Johann (Widower of Maria STURWALD) Not listed HAEFEN, Catharina Maria (Widow of Joseph Haefen) Not listed Anton HOLLE & Elisabeth BUSCHMANN 27 Sep 1859
KRIEGSHÄUSLER [Kriegshausler], Adam Georg Adam & (Deceased) Apollonia QUIDON LIEDHOF, Elisabeth Anton & Maria NIEMANN Herman MINGES & Sophia Liedhof 2 Jan 1862
KRIEGSHÄUSLER [Kriegshausler], Christian Georg Anton (Deceased) & Margaretha DAM PLATZ, Margaretha Gabriel (Deceased) & Anna Maria STRAUB Anton PICKEL & Peter Pickel 16 Dec 1862 Renewed Vows date
KRIEGSHÄUSLER [Kriegshausler], Hermann Adam & (Deceased) Apolonia QUIDON SCHÄTTLER [Schaettler], Eva Bombeii & Catharina ZIEGLER Adam Kriegshaeusler & Nicolaus Schaettler 17 Apr 1860
KRIMM, Leonard Georg (Deceased) & Antonia RETZER SPINDLER, Catharina (Widow of Adam Spindler) Not listed Johann KRAIN & Joseph PETERMANN 21 Apr 1868
KRUCKENKAMP, Anton Not listed ECKERT, Elisabeth (Widow of Johann CAFFY) Not listed Louis Eugene KELLER & Gottfried LUNININK 25 Jul 1867 A representitive from the Alton (IL) dioceses married them - Rev. P. J. BALTES
KRUDWIG, Georg Heinrich & Margaretha SCHLINGSHÄUSER [Schlingshauser] WALDHÄUSER [Waldhauser], Anna Maria Andreas & Margaretha GERLACH Joseph RÖSER [Roeser] & Cecelia PEISCH 11 Aug 1861
KRUG, Reinhard (Non-Catholic) Georg & Martha Elisabeth KILIAN MESCHEL, Veronica Johann Joseph & Rosina SCHMIDT Reinhard Krug, Michael GUSTON & Jakob RIBION 6 Apr 1858 Witnesses appear to have signed the entry.
KRUM, Johann Gerhard Heinrich & Catharina BRINK BRINKER, Margaretha Johann Heinrich & Maria Adelheid JANSEN Heinrich MEER & Catharina HANECKE 3 Feb 1863
KRUME, Gerhard (Widower of Margaretha Krume) Not listed LÜCKE [Luecke], Maria Heinrich & Maria OSTERMANN Heinrich BITTER & Maria BOWER 30 Apr 1867
KRUSE, Conrad Mathias Caspar & Anna Sophia (Both deceased) KRIEGER, Anna Maria Johann Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Elisabeth LAUSE Francis Friederich SCHURMANN & Catharina POLLHAUS 16 Nov 1865
KRUSE, Heinrich Caspar SAHR & Maria Kruse MÜLLER [Mueller], Maria Heinrich & Anna Katharina LOCKWINKEL Mathias Kuse & Elisabeth Mueller 29 Nov 1859
KUHLER, Theodor (Widower of Agnes BRINKSCHRÖDER [Brinkschroeder]) Not listed HENRIKS, Anna Maria Joseph & Elisabeth BURGES Francis SCHROEDER & Theresia WASSERMANN 18 Apr 1854
KUHLMEIER, Francis Heinrich & Theresia EVERS (Both deceased) GASSEI, Anna Maria Hermann & Anna Maria KLEINKAMPER (Both deceased) Georg GRÜNBAUM [Gruenbaum] & Catharina BASGENGER 1 Feb 1866
KUHLS, Francis Joseph & Helena BOETRICH MÜLLER [Mueller], Gertrud Johann (Deceased) & Theresia OEBEKE Ignatius Mueller & Carolina SUMPER 2 May 1862
KUHR, Francis Heinrich & Gertrud SCHLOEMER BAUMANN, Elisabeth Francis & Maria BURCH Joseph KORS & Maria MARX 25 Oct 1855
KUSSMANN, Francis (Widower of Margaretha FISCHER) Not listed GEERS, Elisabeth (Widow of Heinrich Geers) Not listed Joseph & Elisabeth BRANDENBERG 19 Nov 1868
LACKAMP, Hermann Friederich & Helena WALDMANN TEEPE, Maria Hermina Gerhard & Margaretha BRURSEN Bernard Lackamp & Maria MEIER 5 Feb 1867
LAMPE, Louis (Non-Catholic) Not listed HAUSMANN, Anna Not listed Dina Hausmann & F. W. MÜLLER [Mueller] 1 Oct 1868 Witnesses have signed the entry.
LAMPE, Martin Heinrich (Deceased) & Elisabeth VIERLING, Anna Johann & Angela Heinrich MEYER & Theresia DICKNEITE 17 Oct 1867
LANG, Christophor Johann (Deceased) & Anna DOBMANN, Cunigunde (Widow of Johann Dobmann) Not listed Paul Lang & Michael STENGLEIN 25 Feb 1868
LANG, Heinrich Johann (Deceased) & Amalia MÄCHEL [Maechel] MURPHY, Maria Timothy (Deceased) & Maria Daniel & Maria SOWLES 29 Jul 1861
LANG, Joseph (Widower of Maria Anna OTTERBEIN) Not listed SCHMIDT, Margaretha Andreas & Veronica WINDER Peter MAHR & Cunigunda DROSCH 27 Nov 1858
LANG, Paul Pangrati & Cunigunda WEIDNER HENGLEIN, Margaretha Philipp & Gertrud RAAB Johann Lang & Georg LUNZ 18 May 1854
LANGE, Christophor Heinrich Heinrich (Deceased) & Elisabeth CORTE MEIER, Rosina (Non-Catholic) Friederich & Rosina BENTER (Both deceased) Saraphino BERTHOLD & Gertrud GROSS 24 Sep 1854
LANZ, Georg (Widower of Anna Adelheid SAND) Not listed PEISCH, Maria Peter & Catharina LANDGROSS Maria FIDEMEIER & Bernard Fidemeier 21 Oct 1856
LANZETTEL, Banerd (Bernard?) Francis & Maria BREVING KOPP, Anna Maria Francis & Gesina REEHTIN Heinrich KLAUS & Theresia REVE 10 Nov 1857
LASMANN [LARMANN], Caspar Heinrich (Widower of Anna Maria BROERING) Not listed LITTLE, Adelheid (Widow of Anton WESTHOF) Not listed Joseph BENKEN & Maria Angela SAND 4 Dec 1854
LATEUR, Emanuel (Widower of Maria VAN AREN) Not listed VALKENET, Wilhelmina (Widow of Johann ATZEN) Not listed Carl TOUISAINT & Philomena VERBORG 9 Dec 1856
LE LAAK, Johann Wenceslaus & Theodora KARTMANN FRAUENS, Josephina Johann Heinrich & Maria Elisabeth RAEHNS Bernard NISSING Dina OBECK 29 Nov 1856
LEBENS, Peter Mathias & Elisabeth SCHIEFER DETERMANN, Maria Antonetta Anton & Anna Maria Catharina BRUNEN Francis LANZETTEL & Maria Anna OFFERMANN 21 Jun 1859
LEDERLE, Joseph Xavier & (Deceased) Elisabeth DUMBACH HANSMANN, Crescentia Andreas & Marianna BRÜSCH [Bruesch] Francis Hansmann & Johann KAUTZMANN 3 Oct 1859
LEGOST, August Not listed BACH, Regina Not listed Charles VOTTETZ & Elisabeth MITZEGER ? 16 Apr 1868 One of the couple is non-Catholic. Witnesses have signed the entry.
LEIFHELM, Heinrich Stephan (Deceased) & Christina SCHULTE HORSTMANN, Bernadina (Non-Catholic) Friederich & Bernadina KOTZ (Hotz ?) Johann KREYMAR & Christiana HORLMANN 2 Jan 1857
LEISE, Francis Laurent & Catharina HILDEBRAND EBELING, Theresia Heinrich & Catarina KENTER Heinrich Ebeling & Maria Anna THEIR 4 Apr 1861
LEITHNER, Ignatius Christoph & Carolina FRAS LECHANS, Eva Joseph & Elisabeth WIND Joseph SCHOP & Laurent GEIER 5 Jun 1855
LEJOLI, Johann Dominic Peter Nicolaus (Deceased) & Victoria Angelica SAUVAGE (Lauvage ?) CORBEL, Louisa Simon & Maria Louisa DAU Carl GUYOT & Wilhelm LUAINGE ? 11 May 1863
LENHERD, Johann (Widower of Margaretha FORSTER) Not listed LANG, Cunigunde (Widow of Georg Lang) Not listed Johann KRIEBER & Martin STEFFEL 19 May 1856
LENNEMACHER, Johann Not listed TETZEBACH, Theresia Not listed Joseph GRELLNER & Gertrude FECKER 14 Apr 1864 Renewed Vows date
LENZ, Michael Georg & Elisabeth GERBEL HERLOCK, Maria Peter & Theresia SCHANZ Maria Lenz & Katharina DÜRKERS [Duerkers] 20 Nov 1860 Renewed Vows date
LENZNER, Andreas Conrad & Elisabeth HUMMER GÖHL [Goehl], Eva Sebastian & Margaretha MEISEL (Meisch?) Georg FÜRST [Fuerst] & Eva GRAF 10 Nov 1857
LESCHE, Bernard Carl & Gertrud GELZING BROCKAMP, Wilhelmina Joseph & Catharina MORMANN Heinrich ASCHOF & Elisabeth HEIDEMANN 15 Sep 1857
LEUSBRUCK, Bernard Johann Bernard LAUFKÖTTER [Laufkoetter] & Adelheid Leusbruck (Later LÜNEMANN [Luenemann]) BREHM, Maria Georg (Deceased) & Eva ENGELLOT Georg Luenemann & Elisabeth SCHROEDER 28 Aug 1860
LIBEL, Heinrich Johann & Catharina SPINDLER FUNK, Anna Maria Francis & Anna Maria RAUCH ? Johann Lucas LAMBERS & Maria CARIER 8 Aug 1859
LIERSMANN, Francis Francis & Maria Elisabeth ALSERMANN MÜLLER [Mueller], Gertrud Heinrich & Maria Anna WIRGES Heinrich MEHMANN & Maria KRAIMU 14 Aug 1855
LINDEMANN, Conrad August & Johanna Maria GINEKE (GIMKE?) NEUMANN, Elisabeth Joseph & Sophia WINKELHOF Cunigunde GRÜNER [Gruener] & Sophia FEH 9 Oct 1854
LINNE, Francis Libory (Deceased) & Maria KOESTER BERHORST, Catharina Francis (Deceased) & Gertrude HUGENOST Johann Linne & Angela TIMMERMANN 14 Apr 1868
LINNE, Johann Libory & Anna Maria KOESTER (Both deceased) ROTHHOVE, Theresia Bernard Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria MITENDORF Hermann Rothhove & Elisabeth BÜKER [Bueker] 5 Nov 1868
LINZNER, Georg Conrad (Deceased) & Elisabeth MÜRLEIN [Muerlein] HEIDNER, Ursula Mathias & (Deceased) Maria KÜGEL [Kuegel] Andreas Linzner & Cunigunda FÜRST [Fuerst] 9 Oct 1865
LIPPERT, Joseph Georg & Francisca KNEES HÜSER [Hueser], Theresia Francis & Anna Maria SCHAEFER Heinrich TEGETOFF & Anna Angela VOSS 5 Feb 1856
LOBIER [LOBAR], Georg Bartholomew & Eva DODEREICH VOGEL, Helena Friederich & Theresia KALL Johann LENHARDT & Martin STEFFEL 13 May 1855
LODEKAEMPER, Wilhelm Bernard & Maria Catharina MÜLLER [Mueller] CLAR (KLAR), Maria Gertrude Christophor & Maria Elisabeth PROPSTEMANN Johann Lodenkaemper & maria PATZ 1 Feb 1859
LODENKOEMPER, Ferdinand Bernard (Deceased) & Maria Friedericka MÜLLER [Mueller] POTZ, Catharina Caspar Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Maria August LAUMANN & Anna Mathilda AMEND 23 Oct 1860
LODENKOEMPER, Johann Bernard (Deceased) & Maria Friedericka MÜLLER [Mueller] POTZ, Maria Caspar Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Maria Wilhelm LAUMANN & Maria WITLAGE 23 Oct 1860
LODES, Georg Christoph & Anna Elisabeth WIGLES LINHERD, Eva Sebastian & Barbara FICTH Johann HIMMER & Margaretha HÖLZEL [Hoezel] 21 Sep 1857
LÖFLER [Loefler], Leopold Caspar (Deceased) & Victoria KERNER HEILWIG, Catharina Gangolf & Margaretha LANG Joseph Loefler & Theopold (Loefler?) 1 Oct 1863
LOHBECK, Hermann Johann Bernard & Anna Maria SCHNIERING (Both deceased) CAWI, Elisabeth Georg & Catharina HENNEKE Heinrich DIEKER & Mathilde AMEND 4 Nov 1863
LOHBECK, Johann Heinrich Bernard & Maria Anna SCHNIRING BRINK, Maria Johann & Helena KNOLLE ? Anna Maria ROSENGARTEN & Herman LOBEK 30 Oct 1860
LÖHR [Loehr], Johann Bernard ZÖLNER [Zoelner] & Eva Loehr BRENDEL, Elisabeth Johann & Martha SEILER Johann & Margaretha DIETRICH 14 Jun 1859
LOWES, Heinrich Gerhard Bernard & Gesina BACHHEIMS BERLING, Catharina Gerhard Anton & Anna Margaretha TEMM Johan Bernard BRUNS & Anna Maria RUBRUCK 29 Nov 1866
LÜBBERS [Luebbers], Lucas Herman (Deceased) & Thekla HENRIKES HERBERS, Anna Maria Albert & A. Maria BREHR Johann Gerhard ROBBERS & Angela MEST 20 Aug 1863
LÜBERS [Luebers], Stephan Stephan & Elisabeth LUMMER BOESE, Elisabeth Johann Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria Elisaebth BURSCHA Adolph HUHN & Maria MACHIN 29 Apr 1867
LUCAS, Mathias (Widower of Anna Maria ECKERT) Not listed STOETTEMANN, Anna Maria Conrad & Maria Elisabeth WESTERS Heinrich GERLING & Anna Elisabeth KETTELMANN 13 Jun 1859
LUCKEWITTE, Francis (Widower of Christina FECKE) Not listed SCHMÜCKER [Schmuecker], Maria Bernard & (Deceased) Anna Maria HASSE F. Rudolph HEITKAMP, Louis Luckewitte, Clementina EBERT & Catharina Schmuecker 1 Oct 1868
LUDEWIG, Conrad Dietrich & (Deceased) Catharina GROSS SETIKOWSKI, Antonetta Johann Norbert (Deceased) & Barbara LISSEL Johann DEISTER & Mathias GOEBELS 22 Jan 1856
LUDIHAUSER, Kilian (Widower of Maria MÜHLHÄUSTER [Muehlhauster]) Not listed WITTMANN, Francisca Andreas & Barbara RÖDER [Roeder] Anton PEINE & Francis DALHAUS 26 Sep 1854
LUDOLF, Martin (Widower of Anna Maria HEROLD) Not listed STABEL, Anna (Widow of Heinrich DÜSTERHAUS [Duesterhaus]) Not listed Johann Bernard HESPEN & Anna Maria Hespen 24 Jul 1860
LUDOLPH, Heinrich Engelbert & Elisabeth LAMPE, Margaretha (Widow of Wilhelm HENSEL) Not listed Stephan RÜBELKE [Ruebelke] & Georg Ruebelke 31 Mar 1856
LUDWIG, Conrad (Widower of Catharina POCH) Not listed OSTERMANN, Elisabeth Herman & Catharina (Both deceased) Michael BACKHAUS & Carolina WOLF 11 Oct 1860
LÜKE [LUEKE], Anton Heinrich & Gertrud SPRING RICKERT, Maria Francis & Margaretha WALTER Bernard BROKET & Gertrud MERGEMEIER 16 Jun 1857
LÜKENBROKE [Luekenbroke], Theodor Heinrich & (Deceased) Francisca HILING, Anna Bernard & Maria EVERS Joseph WEBER & Francisca PEIK 13 May 1856
LUMMER, Wilhelm (Widower of Theresia OSTERMANN) Not listed BONBERG, Catharina Bernard (Deceased) & Magdalena HAGENHOF Heinrich & Anna Maria FINKE 12 Apr 1856
LUREN, Leonard Johann & Anna HAUPT WENDEL, Maria Anna Wilhelm & Catharina ERBAR Laurent LEONARD & Wilhelm Wendel 7 Feb 1854
LÜTKEWITTE [Luetkewitte], Francis (Widower of Maria Elisabeth MUSTERMANN) Not listed FECKE (FOECKE ?), Christina Bernard & (Deceased) Christina GLÖKE [Gloeke] Heinrich Luetkewitte & Maria SPAUNHORST 30 Jan 1866
LUXUM, Leonard (Widower of Anna Maria WINDEL) Not listed WINTER, Carolina Ignatius & Johanna DAUM Francis NORDMANN & Heinrich BUTZ 2 Feb 1858
MACKE, Johann Heinrich Anton & Elisabeth MOHRMANN BROCKGRETES, Anna Angela Bernard & Theresia BROCKMEYER Heinrich NÜRRE [Nuerre] & Maria Brockgretes 23 Sep 1869
MACKE, Johann Herman Anton (Deceased) & Anna Maria TIMMERMANN LECHTRECK, Anna Gertrud Friederich & Maria Elisabeth RAHE Theodor THIMERMAN & Theresia BÜSKER [Buesker] 29 Jan 1861
MAHR, Peter Johann & Anna Maria HEIL BERNHARD, Elisabeth (Could be SCHMIDT) Johann & Catharina SCHMIDT Peter Heil & Heinrich FUCHT 20 Nov 1854
MAISCH, Joseph Lucas (Deceased) & Johanna BAUER ZIEGELBAUM, Catharina Not listed Joseph MEIER & Clement SCHWARZKOPF 14 Feb 1863
MANEMANN, Johann Clement Herman Heinrich (Deceased) & Magdalena Adelheid RIPADA SCHULTE, Maria Theresia Johann Gerhard & Maria Angela SIBKER Philipp Schulte & Marianna GLASKER 25 Jan 1860
MANS, Hubert Johann (Deceased) & Magdalena DELLERMANN, Catharina Johann Georg & Margaretha Valentin Dellermann & Wilhelmina FLECKE 5 Apr 1866
MARATTE (Maratha), Varner Daniel & Christina VARNER KEMPH, Eleonora Gregory & Maria Anna Rev. Joseph WEBER & Francis WREDE 16 Jun 1861 Bride & Groom appear to have signed entry.
MARCKS, Louis Louis & Christina DRIBAND (Triband) HELBRECHT, Maria Catharina Sophia Johann Heinrich & Catharina Adelheid WEIDEMEIER Francis MINGES & Theresia GOLLER 8 Jul 1862
MARTIN, Leo Hyacinth Anton & Maria Elisabeth LETEBORE SANDERS, Sophia Peter Wilhelm & Maria Anna Willis GROCOTT, A. Maria BOLL, Johann DUMLER & Maria BOSKEN 9 Feb 1869
MATHEIN, Johann Andreas Michael Anton & Anna Maria GRIMM SEVER, Eva Margaretha (Widow of Edward RIPP) (From Illinois) Not listed Johann Grimm & Valentin FORENKOPF 5 Feb 1855
MAUE, Bernard Johann Bernard & Anna Maria KERSLING KÖSTERS [Koesters], Gesina Gerhard Heinrich & Maria Gesina GÖBBELS [Goebbels] Heinrich HENNBUSH & Adelaide Koesters 27 Sep 1855
MAYANS, Jacob Francis A. & (Deceased) Rosalia CORNELIUS KÖHLER [Koehler], Margaretha (Non-Catholic) Albrecht & Anna Catharina LANG Caspar BAUMGARTNER & Bernard BÖWER [Boewer] 9 Nov 1861
MCCARTHY, James Not listed GOOS, Theresia (Widow) Not listed Heinrich & Maria HERBERT 12 Sep 1864
MEEMANN, Herman Heinrich (Widower of Catharina DICKMANN) Not listed SCHNIEDERS, Maria Gesina J. Gerhard & Margaretha WILMES Heinrich Meemann & Maria Catharina NEUHOF 29 Dec 1864
MEER, Johann Bernard Gerhard & Catharina PETERS GRAEFE, Emilia Gerhard Heinrich & Veronica UHLENBROCK Heinrich Meer & Maria ALVERMANN 5 Aug 1858
MEIBÜRGER [Meibuerger], Heinrich (Widower of Maria SANDBOTE) Not listed AUFTERHEIDE, Margaretha (Widow of Heinrich ORTBATS) Not listed Joseph Meiburger & Anna Maria SCHNICKER 17 Jan 1860
MEIBURGER, Joseph Jodoci STOSCHENSTRICKER & Elisabeth BREDEMBERS KATCHENMEIER, Anna Angela Joseph & Anna Angela SCHIER Georg WERNER & Theresia KRÖNERT [Kroenert] 13 Apr 1858
MEIENBURGER, Christophor Heinrich & Elisabeth DÜGER [Dueger] WITHAUPT, Anna Maria Heinrich & Angela Maria CLAUSEN Stephan WITHAUPT & Helena CLAS 23 Jan 1855
MEIER, Anton Anton & Anna Maria EINSIEDEL WEIDLING, Francisca Not listed Lucas LAMBERS & Heinrich SAND 21 Apr 1857
MEIER, Arnold Georg & Elisabeth WELSCHEN (Both deceased) WILSENBURG, Catharina Wilhelm (Deceased) & Maria (Adopted daughter of Anton & Anna KREINERT) Joseph HANIBAL & Catharina HUSMANN 15 Nov 1859
MEIER, Johann Heinrich Francis & (Deceased) Maria STRATERMAN RIETE, Josephina Laurent & Maria HAGESCHMIDT Johann LODEKEMPER & Elisabeth Meier 13 Feb 1855
MEIER, Martin Stephan & Maria Eva SANDBOTE TOBEN, Maria Gesina Heinrich & Maria WALTER Anton Meier & Margaretha Adelheid Toben 7 Feb 1861
MEIER, Martin (Widower of Eva Rosina SPRING) Not listed MÜSELFECHTER [Mueselfechter], Clara [Widow of Johann JOLE) Not listed (Compare Muesenfechtler) Liborius Mueselfechter & Catharina ICHTHERZ 10 Jan 1865
MEIER, Mathais (Widower of Maria Catharina SONDERMANN) Not listed GROTHOF, Anna Maria (Widow of Johann Hermann Grothof) Not listed David SUTMÜLLER [Sutmueller] & Anna Maria NIEDENMEIER 28 Nov 1854
MEIER, Wilhelm Heinrich (Widower of Elisabeth HOLTERMANN) Not listed JOERGENSMEIER, Anna Maria Heinrich & Catharina WITTE Joseph Joergensmeier & Adelheid WESTHOF 21 Sep 1854
MEIHOST, Friederich (Lutheran) Dietrich & Maria TEGELMAR HAGEMANN, Elisabeth (Widow of Benedict SCHRADER) Not listed Heinrich Schrader & Maria ESSELMANN 5 Feb 1856
MEINERLING, Clement Joseph Arnold OLDENICK & (Deceased) Maria Meinerling KOPE, Anna (Widow of Bernard Kope) Not listed Thomas MCGINNY & Anna TUMLAGE 22 Aug 1867
MEINERS, Herman Johann Heinrich & Helena ROBBEN KUCHENBACH, Sophia Christoph (Deceased) & Theresia URBACH Friederich MEERS & Maria METZ 12 Aug 1858
MEINERT, Francis (Widower of Theresia DÖBBER [Doebber]) Not listed HASE, Carolina Conrad & Friedericka WINOT Elisabeth Doebber, Herman NOTTMANN & Carl HERMANN 2 Sep 1858
MELCHER, Johann Michael Laurent & Maria GEIER KEEL, Maria Thomas & Maria FRENCH Ignatius STRECKER & Jacob UMSCHEID 20 Nov 1859
MELLAGE, Christophor Wilhelm & Gertrud SCHLAUPMANN ROHE, Regina Hermann Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Maria HOLTMANN Heinrich Rohe & Maria CAMPETER born Rohe 25 Aug 1857
MENKE, Bernard (Widower of Catharina BÖCKERS [Boeckers]) Not listed KUSMANN, Elisabeth (Widow of Bernard BURLAGE) Not listed Friederich BÜNTE [Buente] & Francisca TRANNEL 30 Jul 1857
MENKE, Carl Joseph Joseph & Maria THIEL PIPER, Carolina Anton & Sophia RECKER Johann Piper & Catharina STRATMANN 13 Jun 1854
MENSE, Bernard Bernard & Maria SCHNEPFENBERG DERWEIDE, Maria Anna Heinrich (Deceased) & Elisabeth STRUWE Stephan REKER & Maria STUKENBRINK 24 Oct 1867
MENSLAGE, Francis (Widower of Dorothea LORENZEN) Not listed KREIMEYER, Maria Elisabeth Maurice & Elisabeth (Both deceased) Bernard KERKWEYER & Anna WISCHMEYER 27 Sep 1866
MERGEMEIER, Adam (Widower of Gertrud BALMEIER) Not listed EWERS (EVERS), Carolina Anton & Anna HÖSGEN [Hoesgen] Conrad KALMER & Francis HELWIG 25 May 1860
MESCH, Friederich Nicolaus (Deceased) & Maria KLEBBA, Maria August & Juliana OLSCHEWSKY August Klebba & Margaretha BITRICK 7 Jul 1864
MEST, Herman Heinrich Heinrich & Elisabeth SANDTMANN (Both deceased) BURKE, Anna Anton & (Deceased) Marianna WIEGMANN Gerhard Heinrich Mest & Margaretha DÜKER [Dueker] 6 Apr 1869
METTE, Louis Carl & Josephine GRENE KANNE, Veronica Joseph & Susanna ADAM Georg Kanne & Elisabeth RIEBSAM 16 Jun 1857
MEYER, Adam Johann & Elisabeth BRABANDT (Both deceased) KÖRBER [Koerber], Anna Margaretha Johann & (Deceased) Margaretha KINDLER Wilhelm SCHROEDER & Barbara MEYER 28 Feb 1867
MEYER, Heinrich Conrad & Anna Maria RESSE DICKNEITE, Theresia Georg & Anna Maria BASE Bernard Meyer & Maria EMKES 29 Dec 1868
MEYER, Johann Baptist Johann Baptist (Deceased) & Maria Anna WAGNER (Woegner?) HÜGLE [Huegle], Paulina Andreas & Not listed Heinrich KEISER & Anna Maria Meyer 19 Jul 1860
MEYER, Johnny (Non-Catholic) Not listed KEIL, Maria Not listed Charles RETTER & Anton GOG 8 Jun 1869
MEYER, Louis Francis & Maria Anna SEGERS RUDLOFF, Theresia Louis & Antonia BERLE Joseph GRUG & Johann LEU 17 Apr 1865
MICHAEL, Gerhard Heinrich Gerhard & Maria KLEEN WESTERHEIDE, Maria Catharina Heinrich Caspar & Sophia ROTHHAUS Elisabeth BUTZ & Friederich MACK 3 Jul 1860
MIESNER, Heinrich Heinrich & Anna Maria BUSCH JOCH [TOCH], Clara Christian & Margaretha MERGES Conrad LUDWIG & Maria TOCH [JOCH] 27 Dec 1856
MINGES, Herman Benedict (Deceased) & Barbara CUIDAM (QUIDAM?) WEBER, Carolina (Non-Catholic) Francis & (Deceased) Elisabeth WENINGER Joseph RUER & Catharina Minges 31 may 1864
MOHRMANN, Gerhard Gerhard & Elisabeth GIESE (Both deceased) LÜCKE [Luecke], Theresia Johann (Deceased) & Theresia HASSE David KOHLMANN & Elisabeth Luecke 9 Nov 1865
MÖLLER [Moeller], Heinrich (Widower of Agnes BRUNING) Not listed ROBBES, Maria Helena Johann Heinrich & Elisabeth BRAUN Johann Wilhelm Moeller & Anna MEIER 14 Apr 1857
MONNETTE, Fabian Nareissi & Clara ST. AMOUR STUART, Maria Anna Jacob & Emilia COOPER Jacob & Emilia Maria Stuart 28 Nov 1865
MÖVERS [Moevers], Johann Friederich (Widower of Maria Anna DEIN) Not listed ROLING, Carolina (Widow of Bernard Roling) Not listed Joseph Movers & Elisabeth SCHLANGE 18 Nov 1856
MUES, Joseph Anton & Catharina SCHULTE FOERSTER, Anna (Widow of Ferdinand) Not listed Joseph MEYER & Elisabeth DUNNERMANN 3 Oct 1865
MÜHLING, [Muehling], Joachim Anton & (Deceased) Maria WILHELM PEPENHORST, Anna Maria Bernard & Gertrud Georg Muehling & Gertrud Pepenhorst. 8 May 1862
MÜLLER [Mueller], Benedict Benedict & Adelheid SCHMERS PLÜSTER [Pluester], Catharina Johann & Maria DÜTMANN [Duetmann] Johann Hermann Mueller & Thekla SCHMELS 19 Jul 1859
MÜLLER [Mueller], Caspar Heinrich Friederich & Maria STOCKMANN FREI, Maria Gottlieb (Deceased) & Francisca HEDIGER Hermann Frei & Antonetta SIPPEL 25 Aug 1859
MÜLLER [Mueller], Francis Xavier Georg & Catharina KNEBEL FUELER, Margaretha Johann & Magdalena STIEFEL Johann KAISER & Maria SCHRÜFER 3 Sep 1860
MÜLLER [Mueller], Heinrich Andreas Albert & Sophia STRUVE NORDHAUS, Gertrude Johann & (Deceased) Catharina Elisabeth NIEMANN Heinrich WESSLING, Sophia Mueller, Stephan EICHOFF & Catharina HANNICKER 27 Jun 1867
MÜLLER [Mueller], Ignatius Christian & Magdalena SCHEIDLER REX, Helena Mathias & Barbara VISSE Andreas JAUCH ? & Agnes ERNEST 2 Sep 1856
MÜLLER [Mueller], Jacob Georg (Deceased) & Margaretha STOLZ WOERTNER, Genovesa Xavier & (Deceased) Barbara STUCKLER Jacob Woertner & Eleonora LOESNER 8 Jun 1858
MÜLLER [Mueller], Jacob Johann & Catharina REICHERT WALTER, Catharina Johann & & Barbara JEBANESCHULZ Johann Georg Walter & Margaretha MARSE 31 Jan 1867
MÜLLER [Mueller], Joseph (Widower of Josephina BOGNER) Not listed EHL, Barbara (Widow of Joseph HASELMANN) Not listed Wenceslaus GADNE & Georg SCHEER 7 Mar 1854
MÜNIKES [Muenikes], Johann Georg & Theresia SCHALZ, Catharina Laurent & Anna Maria FUST Anton FIEDLER, Heinrich Fust & Dorothea VIÖSTER [Vioester] 15 May 1855
MUNSCH, Mathew Francis (Deceased) & Magdalena DURBET FUCHS, Theresia Georg & Dorothea MAY Johann WINTERHATTER & Lena LIEFELD 4 Nov 1869
MÜNZ [Muenz], Bernard Johann & Anna Maria MOOR MIHLAM, Wilhelmina Francis & Margaretha WERNER Anton PECKEL & Catharina FRATZ 18 Nov 1858
MURRAY, Thomas Not listed FINN, Maria Not listed Gottfried VON LUNINEK & Caspar BAUMGARTNER 24 Nov 1867
NACK, Francis Peter & Eva SCHMIDT SIMON, Maria Johann & Anna RIPP Anton LOEHNGEN & Francis Simon 7 Apr 1856
NEFF, Johann Martin & Rosina HALVELAND, Maria Adelheid Johann Wenceslaus & Maria Anna BUHRMANN Heinrich KOSS & Angela KREMER 14 Apr 1857
NEISE (SEISE?), Heinrich Bernard & Elisabeth POHNER DICKNEITE, Anna Maria (Widow of Johann Dickneite) Not listed Henrietta Johanna & Theresia BURSELMANN 8 Jul 1856
NEIST, Oswald Jacob & Gertrud NAUHEIMER DIENST, Margaretha Johann & Barbara BECKER Michael FECHER & Pio (Pionna?) BIEBER 16 Aug 1868
NEUHAUS, Arnold Not listed HECKMANN, Christina Not listed Joseph GRETTNER & Helena RENSEN 6 Dec 1864
NIKOLAS, Johann Michael Bertrand & Maria Magdalena MICHEL (Both deceased) LÜGER [Lueger], Anna (Widow of Georg NIGGENWEG) Not listed Bertrand Nikolas & Conrad COMMANS 28 Nov 1854
NITTEL, Albert Heinrich & Anna Catharina DEHTER WENNER, Elisabeth Caspar & Barbara STAMP Johann SCHULTIES & Conrad EBERT 6 Jun 1854
NOACK, Francis Joseph & Eva SMAET (Smact ?), Maria Mathias & Maria Georg & Theresia WORZAK 2 Jul 1860
NOE (Noë), Michael Joseph (Deceased) & Theresia SCHMITT (SCHMIDT), Margaretha Joseph & Anna Elisabeth SCHATZ Ernest NONTE & Georg RATLER 24 Jun 1862
NOLD, Valentin Valentin & Margaretha HAMMER STRAUP, Catharina Mathias & Maria Anna WEBER Gregory FLEIG & Luitgarde Nold 12 Apr 1858
NOLKEMPE, Francis Heinrich (Convert from Lutheran) Joseph & Not listed PETERSMANN, Maria Anna Not listed Bernard KACKMANN & Maria Anna ESSELMANN 17 Mar 1859 Mentions "Vel Franzen"
NOLTE, Carl (Widower of Catharina WÖRTNER [Woertner]) Not listed DREES, Sophia (Widow of Augustin ENGEMANN) Not listed Heinrich Drees & Maria Anna DEUTERING 19 Jun 1858
NONNENKAMP, Joseph (Widower of Anna Angela SCHRÖDER [Schroeder]) Not listed ULL, Maria Theresia Bernard Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria Adelheid LAU Clement Ull & Anna Catharina HANKE 17 Apr 1855
NÖRSCH [Noersch], Heinrich Theodor & Anna ALTERMANN MOERSE, Anna Conrad & Anna KOEHNHORN Joseph MÜLLER [Mueller] & Joseph KIRCHER 9 Nov 1854
NORTMANN, Georg Francis (Deceased) & Catharina WELKER, Margaretha Georg & Barbara J. STEGER & Mina MÜLLER [Mueller] 12 Sep 1869
NÜNNING [Nuenning], Bernard Heinrich B. H. (Deceased) & Angela GIESE WOLTERING, Anna Maria Johann & Helena HOEKER Johann Bernard Nuenning & Carolina WILLER 10 Nov 1868
OBERKASSEL, Hermann Anton & Maria Catharina HABIG (Both deceased) SCHRÖDER [Schroeder], Anna Maria Heinrich & Anna Maria REHHAGEN Ignatius VOS & Wilhelmina Rehhagen 7 Feb 1861
OCHS, Johann Georg (Deceased) & Margaretha DIETRICH, Anna Johann (Deceased) & Anna Maria Johann DENNERLEIN & Johann HÖLZEL [Hoelzel] 8 Jun 1868
OCHS, Laurent Johann & Elisabeth BENZ SPULER, Christina Aloysius (Deceased) & Agnes SPATH Robert FUCHS & Francis Xavier HAUSMANN 25 Feb 1864
OCHS, Sebastian Georg & Anna Maria KAMPF JECK (TECK?), Dorothea Michael & Not listed Adam GOEBEL & Maria BERENBACH 22 Feb 1859
OFFERMANN, Bernard (Widower of Margaretha PEPER) Not listed PREISS, Margaretha (Widow of Conrad Preiss) Not listed Caspar Preiss & Catharina SCHICK 1 Oct 1856
OLIDES, Hermann Hermann Heinrich & Elisabeth LÜCKE [Luecke] KORS, Regina Jacob (Deceased) & Christina HUNDELMANN Maria BOEVER & Hermann LINDEMAN 29 Dec 1868
OLIGES, Anton Benedict & Maria Elisabeth KUPER BUNNING, Maria Anna Gerhard & Maria Helena FROHR Heinrich STUCKSLODE & Anna Angela HEIM 8 May 1855
ONDINGER, Johann Not listed POPP, Maria Not listed Johann Popp & Margaretha HESS 1 Dec 1864
ORTBALS, Eberhard Stephan & Not listed NORDHOLZ, Elisabeth F. Catharina Joseph & Catharina PICKERT Heinrich HANDING & Margaretha KILKE 18 Jul 1854 Film has ink smear
OSSENDORF, Joseph Not listed ISLER, Francisca Not listed Francis WREDE & Georg KANNE 6 May 1861 Renewed Vows date
OSTERMANN, Wilhelm (Widower of Catharina HELLER) Not listed SIEMERS, Anna Maria Rudolph & Maria Gesina SCHMIDT Jacob Oestermann & Helena HERBES 15 Sep 1857
OTENLIPS, Johann (Widower of Anna SCHOO) Not listed MESCH, Anna Elisabeth Conrad & (Deceased) Anna KÖHNHOREN [Koehnhoren] Joseph Schoo & Maria HANECKE 25 Oct 1866
OTENNIPS, Johann Georg & Maria SANDERMEIER SCHOO, Euphemia Herman & Anna Maria BROCKSCHMIDT Herman LOHBECK & Theresia BUSKER 28 Nov 1861
OVERBECK, Johann Hermann Hermann & Adelaide RENSEN BOCKRATH, Theresia Mathias & Elisabeth WISZMANN Gerhard Overbeck & Anna Maria Bockrath 9 Sep 1858
OVERSTADT, Anton Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria REHKAMP (Refkamp?) LAMFERMANN, Maria Hermann Heinrich & Maria Angela ROLWERS Bernard EWALD & Thecla SCHAP 28 May 1863
PALSMEIER, Friederich Stephan & Anna Maria KALMEIER (Both deceased) ENGELKRAUT, Dorothea Johann (Deceased) & Elisabeth KLEINE Stephan FRESMEIER & Christina BICK 15 Feb 1855
PAULI, Johann Christian & Catharina HOLZHAUER WALDSCHMIDT, Margaretha Georg & Margaretha PAULI Andreas GRÄNER [Graener] & Margaretha LOTT 12 Oct 1858
PECK (PEECK), Carl Ferdinand & (Deceased) Louisa KOCH GÜTTEN [Guetten], Eva Heinrich (Deceased) & Sussana PESCH Johann HARCK & Barbara Guetten 7 Nov 1864 See GÖTTEN
PESOLD, Nicolaus Caspar (Deceased) & Catharina PETZ ZIEGELMEYER, Maria Simon & Elisabeth Johann REINEKEL & Kasimir KLAUSMANN 5 Mar 1867
PETER, Philipp Peter (Lutheran) Not listed NAGEL, Katharina Not listed Joseph DOLIS & Christian REGMANN 22 Sep 1859
PETERBUSCH, Johann (Widower of Elisabeth GREINING) Not listed FLOTTEMESCH, Anna Catharina Christian Friederich & Anna Maria KNAPKE Bernard & Elisabeth Flottemesch 28 Dec 1854
PETERMANN, Joseph Johann (Deceased) & Louise HÖFLING [Hoefling] DUDINE, Catharina Mathias ? (Deceased) & Eva EDEL Adam Spindler & Katharina UDEN 12 Jun 1860
PETERSEN, Julius Leonard (New convert) Johann Renerii ? & Johanna REVESEL (Both deceased) DICKMANN, Anna Maria David & Maria Clara BRINKMEIER Bernard BREITENBACH & Anna Maria ROLFES 7 Nov 1865
PETERSON, Johann Johann (Deceased) & Johanna RIEVESEL KALCHMANN, Maria Anna (Widow of Georg ESSELMANN) Not listed Joseph DEGENHART & Carolina Kalchmann 20 Sep 1859
PFAUTSCH, Adam Adam & Cunigunda STEININGER (Both deceased) KUHN, Barbara (Widow of Martin Kuhn) Not listed Carl DIETRICH & Amalia Dietrich 5 Sep 1865
PFEFFERLE, Stephan (Widower of Friedericka MERZ) Not listed REITERMANN, Maria Peter & Barbara STAUDENHEIMER Anselmo WIEDEMANN & Johann Reitermann 20 Nov 1855
PFEFFERLE, Stephan (Widower of Maria REITERMANN) Not listed ALBRECHT, Maria Elisabeth Ferdinand & Maria Elisabeth LOTT Johann Adma SCHMIDT & Margaretha Lott 16 Nov 1858
PFEIFFER, Gottlieb (Non-Catholic) Not listed GRIMES, Katharina Not listed John RIMER, Nora BRODERICK, James BRABAGON & Henora MULLIGAN 27 Jun 1869
PHILIPP, Andreas Sebastian & Barbara SCHMIDT, Maria Theresia (Widow of Georg Schmidt) Not listed Johann ORTENLIPS & Lucia Schmidt 3 Apr 1863
PHITZENREITER (Fitzenreiter?), Wilhelm Martin Louis Christophor & (Deceased) Elisabeth GERSTENBERG NIESEN, Katharina (Widow of Philipp Niesen) Not listed Joseph HACKMAN & Barbara MOSBACH 24 Jul 1860
PHOLMANN, Johann Georg (Widower of Anna Maria DIKNEITE) Not listed NEISEN, Anna Angela Bernard & Elisabeth BOESNER Heinrich Neisen & Christina HERENLEIN 23 Nov 1854
PICKEL, Anton Jacob (Deceased) & Catharina BELL PLATZ, Catharina Gabriel & Anna STRAUB Peter Pickel & Clara Platz 25 Nov 1858
PICKEL, Jacob Jacob (Deceased) & Catharina BELL SCHMIDT, Catharina Bernard & Margaretha BAPST Wilhelm Pickel & Carl RUNDE ? 8 Jan 1863
PICKEL, Peter (Jacob) Jacob & Catharina BELL (Both deceased) PLATZ, Clara Gabriel (Deceased) & Anna Maria STRAUB Jacob Pickel & Emilia KRÜGER [Krueger] 18 Apr 1861
PLATZ, Johann Gabriel (Deceased) & Anna STRAUB NUNNEMANN, Josephina Wilhelm & (Deceased) Theresia RAPP Johann Baptist DUMMLER & Maria HECHTEL 28 Oct 1869
PLATZ, Johann Andreas & Anna Maria HELLRICH BUSCHERT, Rosina Johann (Deceased) & Anna Maria BILSTEIN Joseph LINKOGL & Heinrich WORTMANN 27 Dec 1855
PLEUS, Bernard Joseph Herman Bernard & (Deceased) Maria Gesina LOWERS ALING, Sussanna Adelheid Johann Herman (Deceased) & Anna Adelheid Bernard Heinrich Lowers & Catharina WISTMANN 27 Oct 1864
POHLMEIER, Stephan Georg & Maria Eva SCRETHE TOHLE, Theresia Francis & Theresia REINEKE Theodor TEVILLEMEIER (Twillemeier ?) & Ursula STEIG 13 Apr 1858
POHN, Heinrich Theobalde & Margaretha SCHWEIZER BITTNER, Catharina Heinrich & Elisabeth BLEI Joseph KIRCHER & Johann KREYMER 11 Nov 1854
POPE, Anton Not listed HÜSTEN [Huesten], Maria Not listed Wilhelm GOEDDE & Theresia STINS 14 Dec 1867
POPPE, Gerhard Wilhelm Gerhard Wilhelm (Deceased) & Maria Angela WOBBE KNIESE, Anna Catharina Anton & Anna Maria HORMANN Herman ESSELMANN & Angela MEST 1 Jun 1858
PORTH, Dominic Heinrich Jacob (Deceased) & Anna Maria ARETZ HOLTHSCHNEIDER, Maria O. Wilhelm & Regina THOME Carl Porth & Maria BARTMANN 20 Sep 1863
POTHAUS, August Anton & Francisca KEMPTNER (Both deceased) HUTH, Elisabeth (New Convert) David & Magdalena (Non-Catholic) Heinrich FORTSCHNEIDER & Gertrude KOCH 4 Jun 1864
PÖTTIGER [Poettiger], Carl Not listed DIVINE, Helena "Ellen" Not listed Caspar BAUMGARTNER & Maria Anna STUTTE 30 May 1863 One of the couple is Non-Catholic.
PREE, Francis Heinrich Gerhard Hermann & Catharina KLENE SAND, Maria Angela Herman Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria Adelheid LUCKE Herman Pree & Marianna HUSMANN 29 Apr 1856
PREE, Udalrich (Udalrius) Johann & Ludmilla BROCKE WILKEN, Adelheid Johann Heinrich & Gertrud PRENGEN J. Bernard HEET & Helena Heet 9 May 1865
PREIS, Conrad Not listed ALTACH, Wilhelmina Not listed Peter STUTTE & Georg KANNE 7 Mar 1863 Renewed Vows date
PREISINGER, Johann (Widower of Anna Maria MEIER) Not listed BETSACH, Elisabeth (Widow of Nicolaus KLAUER) Not listed Johann Preisinger & Andreas Betsach 13 Apr 1857
PREISSINGER, Johann Christian & Eva MEIER, Helena Johann & Clara NEILAND Georg LANGE & Johann Preissinger 11 Jun 1855
PRIESTERSBACH, Philipp (Widower of Theresia BOULANGER) Not listed MERTENS, Elisabeth (Widow of Michael WEHL) Not listed Georg Jacob HUG & Margaretha DETERS 15 Nov 1865
PROST, Stephan Johann (Deceased) & Barbara MOUHER MAYER, Catharina Heinrich (Deceased) & Elisabeth Wilhelm THIEBER & Elisabeth BLÖMKER [Bloemker] 19 May 1860
PUTS, Anton Not listed HILDENBRANDT, Margaretha Not listed Joseph KRAULS & Elisabeth KIEUS 30 Apr 1860
RACHEL, Ferdinand Johann Joseph & Julianne HASSEL BURKHARDT, Catharina Andreas & Maria Eva PECKEN Joseph GRELLNER & Johann DIPPEL 22 Dec 1863 Renewed Vows date
RANKE, John Christian & Catharina FUCHS, Maria Georg & Maria Ferdinand GUENZER & Maria JEBANSCHOTZ 17 Aug 1861
RATEL, Conrad Georg & Margaretha WBER LENHARD, Cunigunda Georg & Eva KAISER Johann Lenhard & Magdalena HAUER 20 Jun 1859
RATHHEIM, Jacob (Widower of Catharina MEYER) Not listed BAUMGÄRTNER [Baumgaertner], Barbara Michael (Deceased) & Conigunda MELEIN Bernard HERMANN & Regina REH 13 May 1862
RECHINGER, Nicolas Nicolas & Catharina LOK COGAN [COGUN], Anna Francis & Maria DONAHOW Hanny Cogan & Joseph MULLER 15 Apr 1856
RECKE, Ferdinand Louis Not listed BRUER, Cecelia Not listed Wilhelm BERSCH & Maria GRÜNENBERG [Gruenenberg] 14 Jul 1867 Witnesses appear to have signed the entry.
RECKER, Bernard Anton & (Deceased) Catharina OTTMEIER DÜSBERG [Duesberg], Sophia Wilhelm & (Deceased) Elisabeth POEPPELMEYER Conrad LUCKE & Maria STEINLE 17 May 1866
RECKER, Gerhard Gerhard (Deceased) & Maria Angela HARTMANN SIWERS, Catharina Nicolaus & Gesina BRAKE (Both deceased) Herman BORGMANN & Margaretha Siwers 12 Nov 1863
REH, Georg Johann & Margaretha WEITNER JEBANESCHÜTZ [Jebaneschuetz], Maria Anna Johann & Anna LINTNER Georg BAUMGÄRTNER [Baumgaertner] & Maria Reh 29 Sep 1864
REHBAUM, Bernard Johann & Gertrud LÜCKEN [Luecken] BETKER, Maria Anna Johann Hermann & Maria Catharina SCHULTE Heinrich DEGETHOF & Helena HERBST 1 Sep 1856
REHKAMP, Johann Martin & Anna Maria HEIMANN GROSSERIECHER, Anna Maria Wilhelm & Gertrud ELFRED Joseph & Theresia BÜSCHER [Buescher] 6 Apr 1858
REICHEL (Reichet?), Nicolaus Thomas & Elisabeth MERTES STEIMET (Steimel?), Rosa Robert (Deceased) & Catharina BRUNN Philipp & Margaretha Steimel 5 Sep 1867
REICHEL, Friederich Georg (Deceased) & Margaretha WIEKLES HOEHNDOERFER, Elisabeth Johann TIENDEL & Helena Hoehndoerfer Johann HUMMERT & Anna LIENHART 28 Jul 1856
REICHEL, Friederich Georg & Margaretha WICKLAS LINHARD, Anna Sebastian & Barbara FICK Mathias KRIPPELT & Johann BITTNER 18 May 1858
REINDERS, August Conrad & (Deceased) Elisabeth WILLEMSEN TROLICHT, Anna Stephan & (Deceased) Margaretha BECKERMEIER Adolph Heinrich SANDER & Emma Reinders 24 Oct 1865
REINDL, Francis Leopold & Anna Maria PIERINGER (Both deceased) SCHMIDT, Maria (Widow of Johann MEYER) Not listed Laurent BONNING & Catharina SCHWARZ 15 Jul 1867
REINICKE, Heinrich Jacob & Christina HEIDEMANN (Non-Catholic) SCHMIDT, Hermina Clement & Christina REMPER Jean Gauer, Gustav Schmidt, Wilhelmine Querl & Josohna Spilker 13 Sep 1857 All witnesses appear to have signed this entry.
REITER, Johann Heinrich Gerhard & Maria Helena WOESTE KEMPER, Maria Angela Johann Heinrich & Maria Anna BRINKMANN Bernard NIESING & Anna Margaretha SAND 29 Dec 1856
REITZ, Johann Laurent & Margaretha PLETSCH OCHS, Margaretha Joseph & Elisabeth BUCHHEIT Egidio MOLL & Friederich REX 11 Jun 1855
REMAND, Louis (Widower of Maria BERNARD) Not listed SCHMIDT, Theresia Bernard (Deceased) & Elisabeth Schmidt Joseph MÜLLER [Mueller] & Joseph KIRCHER 8 Feb 1855 Church ceremony after civil ceremony.
REME, Gerhard Nicolaus Heinrich & Agnes BLECKMANN FARWIG, Aloysia Gerhard & Maria Elisabeth HOLTMANN Friederich LÜBKER [Luebker] & Elisabeth Luebker 18 Apr 1854
REMMERS, Friederich Joseph Theodor (Deceased) & Christina STRATMANN, Maria Francis Joseph (Deceased) & Catharina Francis Joseph Stratmann & Anna Elisabeth Remmers 15 May 1866
RENZ, Balthasar Salesii & Maria VATTER (Vatler ?) HUSMANN, Maria Anna Bernard (Deceased) & Wilhelmina KRETE Bernard & Maria Husmann 18 May 1858
RICHARZ, Adolph Johann (Deceased) & Clara REIHN DENDLER, Elisabeth Mathias & Anna Catharina REIHN Michael BRÖHL [Broehl], Helena BÖHMEN [Boehmen] & Wilhelm FIBES 10 Apr 1860
RICHTER, August (Widow of Maria Elisabeth SCHLANGE) Not listed GRONEBAUM, Charlotte (Non-Catholic) Not listed Friederich HUG & Maria BALTES 12 Aug 1868
RICHTER, August Friederich (Widower of Maria RECKER) Not listed SCHLANGE, Maria Elisabeth (Widow of Herman Heinrich Schlange) Not listed Hermann BITTER & Helena HERBERS 2 Apr 1866
RICHTER, Carl P. (Non-Catholic) Gottlieb & Wilhelmina MORGE KOBER, Catharina Georg (Deceased) & Catharina ADAM Geo Kober, Louis SCHINZING, Johann Richter & Josephine SODERER 15 Nov 1866 Witnesses appear to have signed the entry.
RIEDLINGER, Joseph Genovesa Riedlinger (Natural) HONER, Amalia Conrad & (Deceased) Maria MAYER Georg KANNE & Heinrich BRAMMER 28 Dec 1859
ROBBERS, Heinrich Heinrich & Elisabeth BRALLE BREER, Catharina Hermann & Margaretha KAEMPER Heinrich Breer & M. Helena MÜLLER [Mueller] 23 May 1865
ROBES, Johann Gerhard Johann Bernard (Deceased) & Angela BRANGER WALKENG, Maria Agnes Friederich & Maria Agnes WISBECK (Both deceased) Herman STINT & Maria HUSMANN 28 Aug 1856
ROCHE, Johann Heinrich & Margaretha WEHR KOCH, Margaretha Christoph & Anna Maria KAUFHOLD Georg Kaufhold & Herman DREILING 5 Oct 1858
ROCK, Peter Peter & Margaretha ANDARI ? THEVIS, Catharina Michael & Catharina RENNER Johann Thevis & Johann RÜBSEM [Ruebsem] 1 May 1854
ROESLEIN, Anton Friederich & (Deceased) Rosalia LESEÜ [Leseue] SCHMIDT, Johann Maria Elisabeth Ernest & Adelheid PÜTTMANN [Puettmann] Carl Roeslein & Mathilde GOELLNER born Roeslein 2 Jun 1864
ROLFES, Albert Herman Bernard & Maria VOS BORGMANN, Maria Anna (Widow of Jacob Borgmann) Not listed Bernard Heinrich GIESE & Maria Anna Vos 7 Aug 1860
ROLFES, Johann Johann & Margaretha ELLERS LAMPE, Maria Catharina Johann Bernard & Maria Elisabeth GROTE Johann Bernard Rolfes & Helena PERCHMANN 14 Apr 1863
ROSE, Heinrich Heinrich (Deceased) & Augustina THILE LINHART, Anna Sebastian & Barbara FICK Mathias KREPPEBT & Barbara ENGELHARD 20 Feb 1860 Witnesses appear to have signed the entry.
ROSER, Francis Xavier Francis Xavier & Brigita DECKER MEYER, Maria Joseph (Deceased) & Leonora Rudolph, Paulina & Conrad BRISSER and Julia SCHAUB 10 Apr 1866
ROTH, Louis Joseph & Magdalena GUCKENMUS SCHNEIDER, Amelia (Widow of Joseph Schneider) Not listed Johann RUMPE & Mathew JAEGER 9 Aug 1858
ROTH, Roman ? Not listed SCHULZ, Bertha Not listed Julius Schulz & Theophila SCHRAMSHA 28 Sep 1869
ROTHHEIM, Jacob Heinrich & Anna Maria QUIRIM (Both deceased) MEIER, Catharina Christophor (Deceased) & Elisabeth GREPER Jacob SCHAEFER & Alebatina [Albertina?] BROKER 5 Feb 1857
ROTTMANN, Bernard Gerhard & Catharina FUNKE, Anna Maria Heinrich & Catharina Wilhelm SCHROEDER & Maria KRUSE 22 May 1866
RUBBECKE, Heinrich Georg (Deceased) & Anna Maria JOERGENSMEIER BROECKELMANN, Anna Catharina Stephan & (Deceased) Anna Maria HERMES Georg BRÖKELMANN [Broekelmann] & Maria MÜSELFECHTLER [Mueselfechtler] 5 Sep 1865
RUDROF, Georg Georg & Dorothea BÄUERLEIN [Bauerlein] KOCH, Maria Johann Gerhard & Adelaide SCHULTE Johann JEVANNESCHUTZ & Maria SIESENER 16 May 1854
RUDROFF, Johann Michael & Barbara STEFFEN DIEKER, Margaretha Johann & Anna FUCHS Johann LODEKEMPER & Margaretha LOTT 17 Apr 1855
RUF, Carl Not listed SCHMIDT, Henrietta (Non-Catholic) Not listed J. REH & Louise KARDEL 19 Sep 1864
RUHMANN, Joseph Georg (Deceased) & Maria Angela HAMSCHMIDT BORGMEIER, Helena Philipp & Elisabeth THIESING Bernard HELLMANN & Maria GOEBELS 16 Feb 1865
RUNDER, Jacob Benedict & Elisabeth WEISS MINGES, Elisabeth Benedict (Deceased) & Barbara QUIDON Christophor BAUER & Catharina Minges 28 Nov 1861
RÜSKEN [Ruesken], Bernard (Widower of Thekla STAHL) Not listed KINDLING, Maria Sophia (Widow of Johann Kindling) Not listed Johann Herman Ruesken & Carolin WILLER 19 Feb 1867
RUSTIGE, August Joseph & Theresia SCHMÜKER [Schmueker] LÜBERS [Luebers], Helena Johann & Helena Luebers Bernard BADE & Helena Luebers 3 Jan 1860
RUTMANN, Georg (Widower of Mina KNOCK) Not listed DILLMANN, Francisca Christian & Juliana BORZOPF (Both deceased) Christian & Catharina ROSSOW 24 May 1868
SALTZMANN, Aloysius Not listed HAZLER, Josepha Not listed Joseph WEBER & Godfried VON LUNING 11 Apr 1867 Renewed Vows date
SAND, Johann George (Deceased) & Magdalena LEIBOLD SCHMIDT, Maria Samuel & Maria Schmidt Georg Sand & Maria SCHEID 7 Feb 1867
SANDBOTE, Jodocus (Widower of Angela Maria VREDE) Not listed HELWEG, Maria (Widow of Bernard GERLING) Not listed Heinrich MEIBORN & maria Catharina BRIEHUS 14 Jun 1859
SANDERS, Georg Herman Gerhard (Deceased) & Helena BECKMANN KOESTER, Adelheid Gerhard Heinrich & (Deceased) Maria Gesina GILBERS Heinrich Sanders & Margaretha Sanders 11 Sep 1856
SANGUINETTI, Joseph Not listed RAGGIA, Maria Not listed Louis & Joseph DIMARTINI 3 Dec 1864
SARTORI, Julius Ignatius & Regina BURGER BOHN, Juliana Theobald & Margaretha SCHWEIZER Georg KANE & Joseph KIRCHER 27 Apr 1857
SCHAEFER, Conrad Wilhelm & Catharina KATTMAN BLUM, Maria Catharina Adolph & Maria Elisabeth RADE Francis Joseph DEIMEL & Anna Maria KLARAERNST 24 May 1858
SCHAEFER, Daniel Peter & Elisabeth TENGEL KRIEGSHAEUSER, Catharina Georg Adam & Apolonia CUITON Hermann Kriegshaeuser & Maria Barbara Kriegshaeuser 12 Jun 1856
SCHAEFER, Joseph Michael (Commonly called Anton) Friederich (Deceased) & Eva Rosina HORN SCHMIDT, Eva (Widow of Johann Schmidt) Not listed Heinrich BOSSE 24 Sep 1867
SCHAEFER, Julius Aloysius (Deceased) & Maria Anna KINZ? BEHRINGER, Maria Xavier & (Deceased) Gertrud HILBERT Caspar BAUMGAERTNER & Bernard BÖVER [Boever] 23 Apr 1862
SCHAFFNER, Peter (Non-Catholic) Not listed RUWART, Sophia Not listed Jacob Ruwart, Fritz SCHAEFER, Caroline BRESCH & Malinda WORTHOG 28 Nov 1869 Witnesses have signed the entry.
SCHAFSTEIN, Carl Christophor (Deceased) & Maria Catharina PIPER NORDMANN, Maria Catharina (Widow of Francis Nordmann) Not listed Friederich WELLINGHOF & M. Catharina SCHAUB 5 Jan 1864
SCHEIBLE, Joseph Andreas & Anna WILLI VOLM, Anna Norbert (Deceased) & Elisabeth SENNER Philipp BIEBER & Catharina SCHNURR 2 May 1865
SCHEITERS, Johann Bernard Clement (Deceased) & Anna Maria NENGERT LANFERMANN, Elisabeth Johann Heinrich & Maria Angela ROBERS Wilhelm EWALD & Maria Lanfermann 2 Oct 1860
SCHEITS, Joseph Not listed WILSON, Catharina Not listed Friederich Wilson & Rosa FLORE 25 Feb 1864
SCHELLHARDT, Johann Heinrich (Non-Catholic) Heinrich (Deceased) & Elisabeth ZITZHOLD, Sophia Gottlieb & Amalia BRANDT H. HANSHESS & Emma GROSZ 11 Aug 1863
SCHENK, Georg Mathias & Apolonia SCHAEDT STAPF, Augusta (Lutheran) Gotlieb & Not listed Gotfried August Stapf & Francisca Schenk 21 May 1857
SCHENK, Johann Not listed KRIEGER, Maria Angela Not listed Thomas TERRENBACH & Philomena LÜCKING [Luecking] 2 Jul 1866
SCHEPPNER, Damian Nicolaus (Deceased) & Anna Maria TRISCHLER WERNER, Margaretha Nicolaus & Sussanna BISCHOF Joseph HEIL & Heinrich HERBER 28 Nov 1861
SCHERER, Georg (Widower of Johanna HESER) Not listed TEUFEL, Barbara Carl & Maria Barbara BOEVEN Johann HESS & Margaretha Hess 21 May 1861
SCHEUERMANN, Joseph Francis & Regina KLEIN, Catharina Johann Heinrich & Clara Maria OTT, Aloysius Klein, Eva BREUNIG & Wilhelm ZÄNGER [Zaenger] 24 Jan 1867
SCHEVE, Johann Bernard Bernard Heinrich & Maria KUPER STAHL, Margaretha Bartholomew & Maria Adelheid BENKEN (Both deceased) N. Scheve & Catharina BRINKER 14 Feb 1867
SCHIERMANN, Johann Gerhard Francis & Angela SCHRADER OVERBECK, Helena Johann Heinrich & Maria Euphoemia WILMERS Herman Overbeck & Carolina Schiermann 23 Oct 1856
SCHIRP, Heinrich Caspar & Gertrud HUSS KNEBELSPRIES, Maria Martin & Elisabeth BART (Both deceased) Francis Joseph BOTTOFF & Lisette HUNDERS 20 Nov 1860
SCHLÖNER [Schloener], Hermann Bernard Heinrich & Maria Adelheid KLENE OTTEN, Maria Gesina Gerhard (Deceased) & Maria LIEN Francis Schloener & Helena SCHULTE 21 Nov 1854
SCHLOSSER, Paul (Widower) Nicolaus & Anna STIERMANN SCHMIT, Christina Friederich & Johanna SABOT Nicolaus PHUHL & Margarita BUSCHKOEHL 27 Feb 1854
SCHLUMPF, Joseph Joseph & (Deceased) Maria Anna HEILIG WIEGLER, Genovefa Joseph (Deceased) & Salome KIEFFER Louis Schlumpf & Joseph Wiegler 26 May 1861
SCHLÜTER [Schlueter], Bernard Heinrich Rudolph Wilhelm & Maria Elisabeth HOLLE, Wilhelmina Anton & Theresia Hugo MASTERSON, Wilhelm Schluter, Josephina Holle & Maria VOSBRINK 28 Nov 1867
SCHMAUCH, Michael Not listed KINKLER, Sara Not listed Joseph WEBER & Johann DIPPEL 21 Apr 1864 Renewed Vows date
SCHMIDT, Friederich Joseph & Elisabeth SCHATZ WAGNER, Elisabeth Heinrich & Juliana SCHEUERTZER Georg RADLER & Johann Wagner 24 Jun 1856
SCHMIDT, Heinrich Johann & Cunigunda WEISS MARTIN, Anna Friederich & Margaretha BETRODT (BOTROT ?) Andreas WACHTER & Eva LENSNER 14 Nov 1859
SCHMIDT, Hermann Johann & Maria KRAWINER BAUER, Cunigunda (Widow of Martin STEPHEL) Not listed Johann LENHARD & Johann GEIREL 23 Aug 1859
SCHMIDT, Johann Johann & Elisabeth BOLSTER RAHMING, Anna Catharina Jacob & Maria KIEFNER Johann ECKERT & Crescentia KOHLMANN 14 Aug 1855
SCHMIDT, Johann Johann (Deceased) & Margaretha HOFMANN RUNKEL, Maria Ursula Michael (Deceased) & Susanna GEORGES Michael Runkel & Magdalena AMEND 2 Feb 1858
SCHMIDT, Johann Joseph & Theresia HUSS KAWE, Elisabeth Johann & Maria Catharina HENEKE Heinrich SCHIOPE, Louis Kawe, Louisa Kawe & Maria BUDEN 22 Apr 1858
SCHMIDT, Johann Adam (Widower of Louisa Margaretha STRADER) Not listed ALBRECHT, Maria Catharina (Widow of Jacob BECKMANN) Not listed Johann Adam HÜFFNER [Hueffner] & Anna Maragretha LOTT 31 Dec 1855
SCHMIDT, Johann Wilhelm Gerhard Heinrich & Maria Elisabeth TEPE (Tebe?) HUSMANN, Bernadina Isabella Johann Bernard & Maria Adelheid WESSLING Dietrich Schmidt & Elisabeth Husmann 3 Jan 1867
SCHMIDT, Joseph August & Maria Benedicta JENEMANN, Maria Theresia Martin & Theresia Herman Jenemann & Helena Jenemann 12 Oct 1869
SCHMIDT, Joseph (Widower of Wilhelmina RITTER) Not listed WISCHER, Henrietta Joseph & Gertrud HENDERMESS Theodor WIRTZ & Anna Carolina GOLDSCHMIDT 7 Aug 1856
SCHMIDT, Louis (Widower of Barbara MEIER) Not listed GERGS, Elisabeth (Widow of Anton Gergs) Not listed Joseph SCHALY & Lucas LAMBERS 8 Nov 1858
SCHMIDT, Reinhard (Widower of Louise BEHLING) Not listed QUINN, Maria Nicolas & Elisabeth Nicolas Quinn & Margaretha KLEINHENS 22 Nov 1855
SCHMIEDER, Philipp Anton & Maria DRESCHER BEECK, Maria Anna Anton & Maria EBLE Carl Beeck & Joseph MEIER 1 Jan 1854
SCHMIES, Hermann (Widower of Adelheid PUTIENLER) Not listed MAUENTOBEL, Maria Carolina Hermann Heinrich & Adelheid SCHLIMER Benedict MÜLLER [Mueller] & Elisabeth BRÜGGIN 28 Nov 1854
SCHMIT, Reinhard Joseph & Margaretha BOLLINGER BOLLINGER, Louisa Georg & Francisca BOLLINGER Johann Bollinger & Maria Josepha Bollinger 16 May 1854 Matters of relationship discussed.
SCHNEIDER, Adam Mathias & Anna CAME (Both deceased) MALTITZ, Ida Caspar & Aloysia BALKENLOH Georg KAME & Catharina STRATMANN 9 Jul 1867
SCHNEIDER, Joseph Philipp & Eva SCHMIDT OTT, Theresia Joseph & Catharina FORENKOPF Adam KOCH & Valentin Ott 14 Feb 1854
SCHNEIDERALBER, Gerhard Heinrich (Widower of Maria Adelheid DETERS) Not listed KOCH, Maria Elisabeth Johann Bernard & (Deceased) Margareth Adelheid SCHULTE Bernard Schulte & Anna Maria BEHR 6 Nov 1855
SCHNELT, Johann Bernard Johann Wilhelm (Deceased) & Elisabeth BOWE RÖVE [Roeve], Elisabeth Bernard & Margaretha OLIGES Lucas FELDHAUS & Adelheid TRANNEL 9 Jul 1863
SCHNIETZ, Heinrich Georg Johann Heinrich & Elisabeth NIEGEWEG (Both deceased) NOLTE, Maria Elisabeth Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Maria WESTFAH Joseph Schnietz & Catharina HEMPKE (Stempke?) 5 Sep 1867
SCHNITZ, Joseph Johann Heinrich & Elisabeth NIEGEWEG (Both deceased) TIMMER, Maria Catharina Heinrich & (Deceased) Maria Adelheid BRUNS Herman Heinrich Schnitz & Maria Catharina HEMKE 10 Oct 1867
SCHNURR, Conrad Joseph & Barbara BRANDSTAETTER VIETCHS ?, Magdalena Joseph & Magdalena HUNT Joseph KRUC & Theresia Schnurr 29 Jun 1854
SCHOENE, Wilhelm Anton & Elisabeth NÜLLE [Nuelle] BOCKRATH, Elisabeth Johann Friederich & Maria WEGESEK Johann Heinrich & Maria Catharina Bockrath 27 Apr 1858
SCHÖNLAUB [Schoenlaub], Edward Louis Christophor & Rosina WAGNER RACINE, Johanna (Widow of Georg Racine) Not listed Edward BRISLAN & Brigitta DURKEN 10 Aug 1862
SCHÖNLI [Schoenli], Conrad Simon & Antonia MUNDING KREUZER, Barbara Johann & Maria Anna TREMER Johann LANGE & Anna Schoenli 5 Nov 1863
SCHOO, Johann Johann (Deceased) & Anna M. BRÖCKSCHMIDT [Broeckschmidt] TIEMEIER, A. M. Catharina Balthasar (Deceased) & Anna Maria SPRENGELMEIER Johann Heinrich ASCHEMANN & Anna Schoo 9 Oct 1860
SCHOP, Joseph Laurent & Magdalena PROPEIL TINKLER, Apolonia Francis & Not listed Severin REICHING & Clement SCHWEIZER 21 May 1859
SCHOPP, Joseph (Widower of Elisabeth FRANZ) Not listed HOF, Theresia Joseph & Magdalena Nicolaus AIFINGER & Heinrich HOLZ 27 Jun 1854
SCHOTT, Ferdinand Joseph & Rosa MEIER GASS, Albertina Joseph & Elisabeth BASER Not listed 18 Oct 1858
SCHOTT, Severin (Stephan) Joseph & Rosa MEIER TRAUBER, Theresia Johann & Theresia KALT Joseph N. SCHOPP & Nicolaus EUFINGER 18 Oct 1858
SCHOTT, Stephan (Widower of Theresia TRABER) Not listed HUTHER, Cunigunda Conrad & Sophia HAAG Joseph SCHOPP & Ferdinand Schott 18 Aug 1859
SCHOTTEN, Wilhelm (Widower of Catharina OBERLAENDER) Not listed VERBORG, Wilhelmina Elisabeth Johann & (Deceased) Henrietta VANBECK Christian Schotten & Catharina Verborg 18 Aug 1857
SCHOWER, Joseph (Widower of Catharina MASHECK) Not listed POLANSKY, Anna Carl & Anna RIBINSKY Bernard HERMANN & Johana Maschek 23 Nov 1869
SCHRADER, Francis Benedict (Deceased) & Elisabeth HAGEMANN MEIER, Sophia Conrad & Magdalena SCHATTER Johann Hagemann & Elisa Meier 10 Feb 1862
SCHRADER, Francis (Widower of Helena WEBER) Not listed DITZLER, Anna Maria (Widow of Carl STROH) Not listed Heinrich BEUGE & Sebastian WACHTER 16 Jun 1863
SCHRADER, Heinrich (New convert) Christian? (Written as Stiani) & Sophia BERKINS MEYER, Catharina Conrad & Magdalena SCHOTTNER Johann HAGEMANN & Augusta Meyer 27 Jul 1865
SCHRADER, Johann Jacob & Gesina LESKEN MEINERS, Anna (From Illinois) Anton & Anna GREDE (From Illinois) Heinrich WUCHERPFENNIG & Angela METZ 19 Sep 1854
SCHRADER, Walther (Widower of Anna Maria FLOHR) Not listed STECKER, Henrica (Henrietta) Not listed Joseph LINKUGEL & Angela BUSCH 30 Nov 1854
SCHRAGE, Friederich Joseph Bernard (Deceased) & Elisabeth WELP ? RÄTH [Raeth], Maria Anna Francis H. & Reinholda BÖTELER [Boeteler] Johann Heinrich LOBEK & Julia LEIMHORST 9 Oct 1860
SCHRÖDER [Schroeder], Heinrich Herman & Elisabeth SCHNILKER TOLL, Elisabeth Bernard & (Deceased) Sibilla SCHUMACHER Bernard ROTTMANN & Maria Toll 9 Jun 1863
SCHROEDER, Heinrich Clement (Deceased) & Elisabeth WILMARING, Carolina Bernard & (Deceased) Anna Maria BRUNDEWIEDE Diderich SCHMIDT & Margaretha Wilmaring 1 Jun 1869
SCHROER, Joseph Francis Bernard & Anna Maria HORACK, Anna Francis (Deceased) & Anna Anton Schroer & Mary Horack 17 May 1866
SCHUHMACHER, Johann Georg Johann & Clara FUNKE TOHLE, Maria Francis & Theresia REINEKE Herman ESSELMANN & Maria JÖRGENSMEIER [Joergensmeier] 13 Apr 1858
SCHUHMACKER, Bernard Herman Johann Heinrich (Deceased) & Christina Adelheid BLOCK SCHLÖMER [Schloemer], Maria Agnes Bernard (Deceased) & Maria Adelheid KLEEN Joseph Schloemer & Maria Gesina BRUNNER 26 Nov 1861
SCHULLING, Wilhelm Herman & Gertrud VANHALL MENSLAGE, Josephina Anton & Catharina BOCKEL Joseph GREANER & Sophia MARSE 2 Jan 1864
SCHULMEISTER, Georg Anton & Elisabeth OBERMEIER HORSTMANN, Sophia (Widow of Heinrich BLUMBERG) Not listed Johann OFFLER & Anna Maria Horstmann 17 Aug 1858
SCHULTE, Bernard Heinrich Bernard Heinrich (Deceased) & Angela Adelaide WESSELS WILMERS, Maria Gesina Johann & Anna Catharina BRUMMER Johann ALBERS & Maria RECHTIN 25 Jun 1867
SCHULTE, Georg Herman (Deceased) & Maria MEINERS BROD, Maria Jacob & (Deceased) Francisca MÜLLER [Mueller] Carl Heinrich WINKE & Clementina EBERT 5 Jul 1864
SCHULTE, Heinrich Friederich & Anna Maria MÜTING [Mueting] KÄMPER [Kaemper], Anna Friederich (Deceased) & Theresia STUMPE Johann Mueting & Maria KULMEIER 5 Jun 1866
SCHULTE, Heinrich Bernard & Agnes LÜRMANN [Luermann] HACKMANN, Louisa Heinrich (Deceased) & Louisa Friederich Schulte, Elisabeth Hackmann, Joseph Hackmann & Maria Schulte 27 Nov 1867
SCHULTE, Johann Johann (Deceased) & Elisabeth GOEDDE MERSCH, Elisabeth Heinrich & Anna KÖNHORN [Koenhorn] (Both deceased) Bernard Schulte & Lisette Mersch 17 Apr 1866
SCHULTE, Johann Bernard (Widower of Elisabeth DETERS) Not listed VOELKER, Maria Helena Gerhard Heinrich & Anna Maria HORMAN Joseph MEIER & Angela MEST 11 Apr 1861
SCHULTE, Mathias Jacob (Deceased) & Maria Eva HATTEN KRACHT, Anna Maria Johann Gerhard & Maria Adelheid WILLO Gerhard Kracht & Catharina Willo 25 Jan 1855
SCHULZ, Johann Valentin Martin & Anna Maria WACHTER WEISS, Sophia Rosa Friederich & Veronica WILSER Gottfried VON LUNICK & Thomas FITZINGER 28 Jul 1868
SCHUMACHER, Heinrich Friederich Theodor (Non-Catholic) Johann & Maria BRANGE ARMBRUSTER, Maria Tobias (Deceased) & Catharina WIND Henry STEIDLE & Meinrad BURKHART 24 Oct 1861 Witnesses appear to have signed the entry.
SCHUPBACH, Christian (Non-Catholic) Udalrich (Deceased) & Barbara KRACHENBÜHLER [Krachenbuehler] HECKER, Catharina Fr. Joseph (Deceased) & Crescentia Hecker Joseph MÜLLER [Mueller] & Joseph KIRCHER 2 Nov 1855
SCHUSTER, Georg (Non-Catholic) Not listed HOFFMANN, Louisa Not listed Louis BILLMAYER & Catharina PREE 24 May 1868
SCHÜTTE [Schuette], Francis Georg Anton & (Deceased) Theresia LENZER SAHER, Francisca Christian & (Deceased) Laura KALIES Bernard Schuette & Clara Schuette 21 Aug 1856
SCHÜTTE [Schuette], Heinrich Friederich & Elisabeth SESER EILERMANN, Catharina Dietrich & Margareth NIEMANN Heinrich VANFELDE & Regina SCHMÜCKER [Schmuecker] 8 Oct 1857
SCHÜTTE [Schuette], Theodor Bernard & Christina OSTHOF (Both deceased) KEMPNOLTE, Elisabeth Anton & Sophia MÜLLER [Mueller] Heinrich WILMERS & Elisabeth KUHR 6 Oct 1868
SCHÜTZLER [Schuetzler], Friederich Christophor & Justina LEITENSPENGEL WITTE, Antonia Joseph & Maria LANG Joseph OSTERMANN & Sophia Gertrud Witte 19 May 1862 Groom signature looks like Schnizler
SCHWALBE, August (Widower of Henrietta SCHULZ) Not listed BUHMEIER, Henrietta (Widow of Carl SICKMANN) (Lutheran) Not listed Georg KANNE & Herman NORDMANN 22 Nov 1858
SCHWARZKOPF, Bernard Bernard & Anna KLAUS (Both deceased) KLAUS, Josepha Anton (Deceased) & Crescentia HEGLI Johann Klaus & Wilhelm KAISER 9 Aug 1856
SCHWEMMAN, Bernard Bernard PHUHL & N. Schwemman HOLDERMAN, Catharina (Widow of Conrad KREMSHAAR) Not listed Wilhelm HOLTERMAN & Margareth OFFERMANN 21 Sep 1854
SCHWEMMER, Anton (Widower of Conigunda WITMANN) Not listed BAUER, Margaretha Georg & Anna FINDLER Michael MAUTNER & Maria Catharina BRUNS 4 Sep 1860
SCHWERJOHAN, Clemens Herman Heinrich & Maria Gesina REVERMANN SCHROER, Elisabeth Francis Bernard & A. Maria SCHMIDT Ignatius Revermann & Maria DICKMANN 24 Apr 1865
SCHWIETERS (Schwiters), Maximilian Joseph & Maria Anna GEHLE MESSMER, Johanna Carl & Clara DEHNER Gottfried VON LUNINEK & Bernard RENKE 19 Nov 1868
SEEGERS, Theodor Heinrich & Helena VANACKERN BALTES (BATTES?), Helena Christophor & Sophia MICHELS Maria FREI & Christophor Baltes 10 Feb 1859
SEILER, Philipp Not listed ANWALD, Margaretha Not listed Valentin WIRTH & Bernadina ROCHE 10 Apr 1863 Renewed Vows date
SELMANN, Heinrich Georg (Deceased) & Anna Maria BAX, Anna Heinrich (Deceased) & Theresia KNAUP Heinrich BECKERKOT & Maria DIEKNEIT 28 Nov 1861
SENINGER, Johann Baptist Nicolaus & Gertrud KARGER DÜHR [Duehr], Maria Mathias & Maria KARGER Johann FRIEDEN & Maria KIND 22 Mar 1858
SIESENER, Heinrich (Widower of Carolina KOCH) Not listed DIERKEN (Dirken), Helena Otomis & (Deceased) Helena ALBERS Bernard BEHR & Francisca Dierken 24 Nov 1868
SIEVERS, Joseph (Widower of Catharina KRIENERT) Not listed SCHNITKER, Maria (Widow of Heinrich Schnitker) Not listed Conrad FANAI & A. Angela HERBST 24 Sep 1863
SIEVERS, Joseph (Widower of Margaretha SCHRÖDER [Schroeder]) Not listed KRIENERT, Anna Catharina (Widow of Johann Heinrich Krienert) Not listed Caspar WITTE & Joseph WANGLER 3 Jul 1856
SIMEN (SIMON?), Heinrich Herman (Deceased) & Gertrud SCHULTE BÖSKEN [Boesken], Maria Adelheid Gerhard Joseph & Margaretha BOLLMANN (Both deceased) Joseph BUNNING & Catharina Boesken 21 Apr 1863
SIMON, Johann Johann & Marianna PALMER (Both deceased) FELK, Maria Eva Elisabeth Peter Anton & Barbara HELPERT Georg CHRISTMANN & Maria BORK 25 Sep 1860
SISNER, Gerhard Heinrich Gerhard & (Deceased) Catharina MÜLLER [Mueller] KOCH, Margaretha Carolina Gerhard & Adelheid SCHULTE (Both deceased) August BRONSWICK & Maria Koch 12 Jan 1864
SMAKERS, Gerhard Heinrich Johann Wilhelm & Maria Angela DETERS RENFORT, Francosca Heinrich & Elisabeth WEMHOF Wilhelm KUEHENBACH & Anton Renfort 18 Oct 1855
SMITH, Norman John Jacob (Deceased) & Theresia MUHLER (Michler?) MULLIGAN, Catharina J. Thomas & Brigitta COOKS Georg SANDERS & Sara GARRIN 9 May 1866
SÖHNGEN [Soehngen], Anton Anton (Deceased) & Anna Maria PFAF SIMON, Margaretha Johann & Anna RIPP Johann Simon & Johann Peter Simon 18 Aug 1856
SOMMER, Heinrich (Widower of Theresia LÖFFLER [Loeffler]) Not listed SCHORTAU, Maria Anna Johann & Margaretha HAHNO Leopold SEHNHOF & Josephina PIPER 15 Aug 1855
SOSMANN, Herman Bernard Johann Bernard & Euphemia Catharina ESS EDELBROCK, Maria Wilhelmina Johann & Maria Elisabeth WESTEL Johann Bernard Sosmann & Gertrud Edelbrock 29 Aug 1854
SPINDLER, Adam N. PIRATH (Deceased) & Catharina Spindler PETERMANN, Catharina Johann (Deceased) & Lucia HOEFLIN (Hoeslin) Paul GOEBEL & Brigita IMSON 13 Dec 1857
SPRENGELMEIER, Joseph Caspar & Marianna FROHMEIER PEITZ, Anna Maria (Widow of Johann Heinrich HAGENBROCK) Not listed Mathias Sprengelmeier & Anna Peitz 9 Jun 1859
SPRENGER, Anton (Widower of Sophia GRIESE) Not listed ENGELMANN, Josephina (Widow of Joseph Engelmann) Not listed Wilhelm BEITZE & Catharina Beitze 16 Apr 1868
STAMPE, Johann Heinrich Johann David & (Deceased) Maria Gertrud WEBA HEMKER, Emilia Maria Heinrich & Catharina KANSTEIN (Both deceased) Georg STUMPER & Maria STADERMANN 29 Oct 1867
STARK, Georg Robert Adam & Catharina (Both deceased) BUKEL, Catharina Peter (Deceased) & Sophia BEHNER Heinrich ROSENTHAL & Anastasia KATENS 22 Sep 1868
STECKER, Johann Joseph (Deceased) & Conigunda FAULER GEBHART, Maria Johann & Magdalena EICHMÜLLER [Eichmueller] Johann SCHRAUDNER & Georg PFAF 10 Sep 1860
STEFFENS, Friederich Wilhelm Johann & (Deceased) Maria Steffens NESEMEIER, Anna Sophia (Widow of Heinrich SCHNIKER) Not listed Wilhelm BROCKLAND & Louisa his wife 3 Jan 1860
STEINHÄUFEL [Steinhaeufel], Adam Georg (Deceased) & Maria Anna STUBENRAUCH KAUTZMANN, Maria Conrad (Deceased) & Margaretha HELWIG Joseph Steinhaufel & Anna Kautzmann 9 May 1867
STEINKÄMPER [Steinkaemper], Francis Heinrich & Francisca VEHL, Francisca Bernard & Margaretha Heinrich POTHOF & Elisabeth BRUNING 9 Jun 1868
STEINLAGE, Arnold Arnold & Margaretha DIEKER SCHULTE, Margaretha Friederich & Elisabeth HALLERMANN Theodor SCHMIDT & Margaretha WILMERING 23 Apr 1867
STEINWAND, Johann Christian Joseph & Agatha BACH (Both deceased) FLECKE, Philomena Francis & Johanna Francisca Flecke, Catharina WAGNER, Nicolaus KORS & Maria HANECKE 28 May 1868
STEITZ, Martin Mathias & Maria PAULI (Pauly) SCHUHMACHER, Francisca Wilhelm & Maria KLEEN Otto PITTMANN & Ida LUIDICKE 21 Aug 1859
STENGLEIN, Carl Not listed FOPPE, Gertrud Not listed Johann BÖHNER [Boehner] & Andreas LIESUR 23 Feb 1857
STENKEN, Georg Herman Joseph (Deceased) & Anna Margaretha ROLVES BÜTTER [Buetter], Angela Not listed Johann Rolfes & Catharina LAMPE 8 Jul 1862
STENNER, Michael (Widower of Margaretha PREISER) Not listed NEUMANN, Francisca Thadei (Theodor) (Deceased) & Catharina ROTH Adam HEYMOS & Clara MOTZ 23 Oct 1865
STEUTERMANN, Heinrich Francis & Anna Maria SUTMEIER LAMVERMEYER, Anna Maria Caspar & A. Maria ELLEFRU Adolph Steutermann & Maria MEYER 13 Sep 1866
STEUTERMANN, Mathias Francis & Anna Maria SUTMEIER KOCH, A. Maria Elisabeth (Non-Catholic) Herman Heinrich & A. Maria GLASMANS Anton MENTRUP & Maria Gertrud THEL 9 May 1861 Witnesses appear to have signed the entry.
STIERMANN, August Georg & Theresia HENNIG__ KREIER, Elisabeth (Widow of Bernard SCHMIDT) Not listed Heinrich VON FELDE & Margaretha DETERS 19 Feb 1857
STILLERN, Johann Bernard (Widower of Wilhelmina WOLF) (From Westphalia) Not listed MEIERING, Sophia Johann Heinrich & Maria Elisabeth OSTERBRINK Heinrich Stillern & Heinrich KOTWINKEL 26 Nov 1856
STINDT (Stindl), Herman Wilhelm Herman & Elisabeth BERG THOMAS, Anna Maria Johann Bernard & Elisbeth MITTENDORF Joseph SWAFFERMANN & Maria LIEFKER ? 15 Apr 1858
STOCK, Ignatius Joseph (Deceased) & Catharina KAPES VEH, Anna Christophor & Dorothea RUPERT Heinrich WELLINGKAMPF & Catharina WILZENBURG 23 Nov 1858
STOCK, Ignatius (Widower of Anna VEH) Not listed HERBERT, Adelheid Not listed Anton KREINEST & Maria SCHMÄKER [Schmaeker] 28 Nov 1861
STOCKINGER, Adam Jacob Andreas (Deceased) & Juliana KAKER KOHLER, Theresia Alexander & Theophila Johann WERNER & Anna NOWARK 8 Feb 1863
STOLTE, Hermann Willibalde & Adelheid FAYE BRUMER, Maria Rosinna Gerhard & Adelheid BRINKMANN Johann RAPLING & Adelheid SANDERS 3 Jan 1860
STORZ, Johann Georg (Deceased) & Magdalena BREITHAUPT SCHITTING, Rosalia (Widow of Joseph Schitting) Not listed Wendelin WERNER & Balbina Schitting 22 Jan 1856
STRATTMANN, August Joseph (Deceased) & Antonetta FÜRST [Fuerst], Agatha Johann (Deceased) & Anna Maria Gerhard BRUGEMANN & Carolina SCHIEBLE 24 Aug 1869
STRAUB, Mathias Not listed FOS, Wilhelmina (Non-Catholic) Not listed Conrad SCHÜTTE [Schuette] & Georg Straub 6 Jun 1868
STREIT, Georg Georg (Deceased) & Anna Maria BRANDT FLICK, Magdalena Joseph & Helena BEIKOT August SELINGER & Maria FETZNER 23 Feb 1857
STRETER, Joseph Anton & Anna Maria SCHNEIDER SCHEIDEMANN, Maria Christian (Deceased) & Christina RODERMANN Francis STÜVER [Stuever] & Theresia Scheidemann 3 May 1864
STRITZL, Georg Joseph Joseph & Magdalena SOMMER (Both deceased) TRAUTMANN, Rosalia Peter & (Deceased) Maria Ursula SIBOLT Reinold ZIEGLER & Catharina PALZER 4 Oct 1868
STRUMPF, Francis (Franz) (Widower of Catharina OBERLAENDER) Not listed BÜTER [Bueter], Maria Anna Johann & (Deceased) Adelheid BRUNS Johann HUME & Margaretha DIETMER 3 Apr 1861
STUDER, Jacob Joseph & Francis HAUSCH PIEKER, Maria Catharina Johann & Maria Anna SLICK Heinrich SCHLICK & Conrad Schlick 2 Oct 1855
STUMPF, Joseph Not listed FLOTMANN, Louisa Not listed Joseph HUHN, Joseph Stumpf & August STARK? 27 Apr 1869
STÜVER [Stuever], Carl Johann (Deceased) & Maria Catharina BRICKELMANN LARKE, Adelheid (Widow of Francis Anton STÜVER [Stuever]) Not listed Joseph HOLTEBEN & Anton KUPER 4 Sep 1856
SUTMÜLLER [Sutmueller], Caspar Mathias (Deceased) & Anna Elisabeth WESTING STUNNER, Elisabeth Caspar (Deceased) & Not listed Johann Conrad BOEGEMANN & Maria Catharina Boegemann 25 Feb 1868
SUTTER, Johann Jacob Mathias & Catharina STROHHOUK (Strohsouk?) DOLDE, Barbara Heinrich (Deceased) & Catharina HELLRICK Elgenenald & Wilhelm EGWARD 18 Sep 1860
TATUM (Fatum?), Adolph Heinrich & Catharina KNÜMANN [Knuemann] MEIERDMANN, Maria Elisabeth Heinrich & Margaretha SCHNET Gerhard BRÖGIT [Broegit] & Elis. SCHRADE 29 Nov 1860
TEGBEIL, Heinrich Johann & Margaretha DENIES MEYER, Louise Franc & Clara STRUDEMANN Hermann SURRE & Clara Meyer 23 Apr 1856
TEMM (Temme), Alexander Joseph & Francisca HOLKER MEISNER, Theresia Louis (Deceased) & Wilhelmina REMMEL Louis Temm & Catharina GUMANN 30 Sep 1869
TEMPEL, Anton Francis & (Deceased) Catharina STIDEL KOHLE, Catharina Johann Heinrich & Margaretha Caspar WIEDLER & Mina BAUMANN 4 Oct 1863
TENFELDE (Temfelde), Johann Bernard Johann Bernard (Deceased) & Anna Maria HEIDOTTING JANSEN, Anna Johann Gerhard (Deceased) & Anna Margaretha OTTEN Johann Gerhard Jansen & Maria Helena MÜLLER [Mueller] 5 Oct 1869
TENGNAGEL, Heinrich Jacob (Widower of Christina HASSELMANN) Not listed TIEL, Katharina Johann & Barbara SAUER Wilhelm & Elisabeth BALTZER 26 Nov 1854
TENGNAGEL, Heinrich Jodocus (Widower of Elisabeth DIEHL) Not listed OSTERLOH, Johanna Elisabeth Joseph (Deceased) & Johanna Catharina KIEL Friederich Heinrich DECHEDER & Philomena VERBORG 5 Jan 1857
THEISMANN, Joseph Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria Angela SCHLANGE THIROLF, Maria Johann & Catharina HEILWIG Clement Theismann & Maria KAUTZMANN 12 Apr 1866
THEOBOLD, Georg Michael (Widower of Catharina FOX) (Non-Catholic) Not listed HEILWECK, Francisca Gangolph & Catharina JUNG Jacob Heinrich ALLES & Christian Heilweck 4 Dec 1858
THIEBES, Wilhelm Not listed SLOEY (HUEY?), Catharina Not listed Gottfried VON LÜNINEK [Von Lueninek) & Caspar BAUMGARTNER 21 Jan 1869 Renewed Vows date
THIM, Johann Georg & Barbara EICHMÜLLER [Eichmueller] PRACHT, Louisa Peter (Deceased) & Barbara Prackt Ninbrio ? REICHEL & Margaretha KRESSEL 24 Nov 1863
THIROLF, Gabriel Johann & Catharina HEILWIG ANSELMANN, Catharina Johann (Deceased) & Barbara OEL Michael KAUTZMANN & Anna Maria Thirolf 8 May 1862
TIEMANN, Francis Heinrich Wilhelm Heinrich & Maria Wilhelmina VELLOTER (Both deceased) BELTE, Maria Philomena Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria Elisabeth OTTENDICK (Ollendick?) David KOHLMANN & Catharina Belte 27 Jan 1863
TILLMANN, Heinrich Heinrich (Deceased) & Maria KNÜVE [Knueve], Maria Theresia Louis (Deceased) & Elisabeth MEVERING Bernard SCHONHOFF & Maria Catharina BINNER 10 Mar 1855
TIMERMEIER, Henry (Widower) Jodoci & Angela SCHWEIER (Both deceased) NIETERS, Francisca Francis & Maria REIBERS (Both deceased) J. W. SIEMERS & Louise NÜLLE [Nuelle] 29 Dec 1863
TIMMER, Benedict (Widower of Maria GEHRLING) Not listed FLOTTENMESCH, Maria Elisabeth ? Friederich & Elisabeth KLAPKE Heinrich PETERBUSCH & Catharina Flottenmesch 8 May 1855
TIMMER, Heinrich Heinrich (Deceased) & Catharina BORDEWICK, Elisabeth Heinrich (Deceased) & Elisabeth WEGEMANN Joseph FISCHER & Mina HUCK 26 Oct 1869
TIMMER, Heinrich (Widower of Maria BRUNS) Not listed EULEN, Gesina Rudolph & (Deceased) Maria BRÖKER [Broeker] Gerhard BRÜGIN [Bruegin] & Maria Brugin 12 Feb 1861
TOD, Johann Adolph Friederich (Deceased) & Maria Elisabeth VOLMER GELOT, Anna Elisabeth Hermann Heinrich (Deceased) & Elisabeth Heinrich OBERNUFEMANN & Maria KUHR 26 Nov 1868
TOELLE, Heinrich (Widower of Anna Maria SCHNITZMEIER) Not listed SCHNITZ, Anna Gesina Rudolph & (Deceased) Sussanna ENGELKEN Johann Dietrich Toelle & Anna Wuldburga SCHMIDTS 20 Feb 1855
TORMANN, Martin Not listed SCHOLLE, Maria Anna Not listed Valentin WIRTH & Bernard BOEWER 4 Mar 1863 Renewed Vows date
TREMEL, Georg Vitalis & Margaretha PETZ POLSTER, Margaretha Johann & Maria KOESTNER Johann Joseph FRIEDEL & Barbara LANGE 31 May 1859
TRICKEL, Martin (Widower) Not listed SCHMIDTHÄUSLER [Schmidthausler], Waldburga (Widow) Not listed Meindrad BURKART & Elisabeth MARSE 11 Apr 1861
TRORLICHT, Georg Anton Stephan & (Deceased) Margaretha BECKEMEYER ORB, Catharina (New convert) Johann Dietrich & Margaretha KOPP (Non-Catholic) Bernard Trorlicht & Anna PFEIFER 14 Apr 1864
TÜTINGHOF [Tuetinghof], Wilhelm Francis & Elisabeth BRÜGEMANN [Bruegemann] (Both deceased) KERGMANN, Anna Gerhard & Anna Bernard JUNGFERMANN & Margaretha KOTHMANN 13 Nov 1866
TWILLEMEIER, Theodor Bernard & Maria Catharina FANEI RIPENKRÖGER [Ripenkroeger], Maria Anna Wilhelm & Angela Maria WOLF Caspar WITTE & Anton Riepenkroeger 28 Sep 1858
TWILLENMEYER, Theodor (Widower of Maria RIPENKRÖGER [Ripenkroeger]) Not listed BAUMJOHAN, Margaretha Anton & Maria OTTENPOL (Both deceased) Caspar WITTE & Anna Gertrude STUCKENMEYER 3 Jan 1867
UHL, Joseph Andreas & Alfrae MOTT KRIEGSHAEUSER, Maria Barbara Georg Adal (Adalbert?) & Apolonia CUITON Herman & Christian Kriegshaeuser 10 Nov 1856
UHRIG, Theodor Joseph & Rosina Uhrig GÖBBELS [Goebbels], Anna Maria Mathias & Maria ALBERS Edward KESSLER & Helena O'BRIEN 27 Jun 1867
ULRICH, Georg Not listed KAY, Henrica (Henrietta?) Not listed Wilhelm THIEROLF & Valentin WIRTH 4 Mar 1863 Renewed Vows date
UMSCHEID, Jacobus Johann Martin & Gertrud KREBS GEIER, Helena Paul & Josepha MOLITOR Andreas ZULL & Heinrich WALBRING 18 Oct 1858
VAN KOSTEREN, Wilhelm Heinrich & Christina STEVENS MCGRORY, Brigitta Michael & Anna DOUGHERTY Edward McGrory & Magdalena McGrory 16 May 1865
VAULBERTS, Johann Peter Adam & Magdalena SCHROEDER DREIVES, Catharina Adam & Maria Theresia BRESSEN Wilhelm HEINE & Adam DELSCHNEIDER 9 Jan 1855
VENN, Robert (Non-Catholic) Adolph & Maria THOMAS CRUMMCU, Louisa Peter & Anna Maria MEIER Peter & Anna Maria Crummcu and Albert SCHWARZ 1 Oct 1856
VENNEMANN, Georg Not listed SUTTON, Elisabeth (Non-Catholic) Not listed Gerhard HALLERMANN & Sophia BUDENBAUM 2 Jun 1864 Renewed Vows date
VERBORG, Francis Heinrich Johann & Dina UTENBECK (Both deceased) BREHM, Dorothea Georg & Elisabeth (Both deceased) Francis Brehm & Elisabeth Verborg 8 Feb 1866
VERHEUR, Herrmann Johann (Deceased) & Elisabeth ZUDULAR CRANCER, Maria Francisca Johann & (Deceased) Maria Anna ROMEIS (Romers) ? Bernard HUSMANN & Theresia Crancer 1 Nov 1865
VEYRAPAT, David (Non-Catholic, widower) Not listed GRAVELINE, Virginia (Widow) Not listed Josephina MERCIER & Josephina GUITTORRE 17 May 1868
VOGELSMEIER, Conrad (Non-Catholic) Not listed AUERSTALL, Louise Not listed Joseph LANGE & Elisa MAHR 18 Jun 1859 The witnesses appear to have signed this page. The groom also signed.
VOGT, Georg Bartholomew & (Deceased) Anna Maria WOLTMANN KREMLER, Dorothea Bernard & Elisabeth TIEN Johan Adam SCHMIDT & Heinrich HERBERG 5 Jan 1857 There is mention of relationship issues.
VOLMER, Herman (Widower of Francisca DAMHORST) Not listed KLEIN, Josephina Not listed Bernard & Theresia BAUMHOEGER 2 Apr 1861
VONVELDE, Hermann Gerhard & Elisabeth RACHERS KOPF, Clara Elisabeth Friederich & Friedericka RENEBERG F. H. Von Velde & Margaretha Adelheid DETERS 2 Apr 1856
VORNOLD, Hermann Anton (Deceased) & Catharina LÜFTFELD [Lueftfeld] FRENK, Josephina (Widow of Adam Frenk) Not listed Georg KANNE & Wilhelmina KUHNS 25 Oct 1864
VORWALDT, Heinrich A. August Hugo? & Margaretha TRELLING HÖLSCHER [Hoelscher], Wilhelmina (Non-Catholic) Friederich (Deceased) & Elisabeth DEGENHARDT Herman BÖSKEN [Boesken] & Rosalia KÜSTERSTEFFEN [Kuestersteffen] 30 Jan 1866
VOSS, Bernard Heinrich (Widower) Not listed HAAR, Maria Angela (Widow) Not listed Francis Heinrich KLEEKAMP & Catharina KUPER 28 Jul 1867
VOSS, Wilhelm Georg & Catharina SCHULTE HERMES, Maria Catharina Wilhelm & Elisabeth WERNER Georg SCHUHMACHER & Catharina JÖRGENSMEIER [Joergensmeier] 25 Mar 1856
VOSSCHMIDT, Johann David Caspar Heinrich & Maria JETTINGHOF BLANKE, Elisabeth Johann Caspar & Catharina Maria MEIERS Johann BAXMEIER & Maria HAGEMANN 9 Aug 1854
VOSSHEINRICH, Johann Christoph & Elisabeth HEIMANBUSCH SANDER, Catharina Theodor & Angela BRINKSCHRÖDER [Brinkschroeder] Bernard PEITZ & Maria UHLAND 24 May 1856
WACHTER, Andreas Mathias & Anna SIMENI WEISS, Barbara Johann & Cunigunda KNELL Johann L. FRIEDEL & Eva KRAFT 2 Nov 1858
WACHTER, Andreas (Widower) Not listed KOCHTUMLER (Kochtumter?), Catharina Not listed Johann BRAUN & Maria NIEMEYER 17 Dec 1867
WAGNER, Martin Heinrich (Deceased) & Juliana SCHWEIGER SCHNAUS, Maria Heinrich & Margaretha Friederich SCHMIDT & Elisabeth WAGNER his wife 3 Jan 1860
WALSH, Johann Johann & Maria SCEANTON ? MOORE, Maria Richard & Maria HARON Johann SULLIVAN & Bernard BOEVER 15 Jun 1862
WALTER, August (Widower of Walbina WESSEL) Not listed MÖLLER [Moeller], Catharina (Widow of Nicolaus Moeller) Not listed Heinrich BUSCHKÄMPER [Buschkaemper] & Clara ZANKRAFT 30 Jan 1868
WALTER, Johann Mathias & Victoria STOPER (Both deceased) HOLWEG, Maria Anna Johann Georg (Deceased) & Anna Maria NIESLEIN Johann WOLFER & Rosina POLSTER 29 Mar 1864
WALTERS, Johann Johann Bernard & Elisabeth ARENS FECHTEL, Sophia Herman (Deceased) & Catharina Joseph IMBS & Christina Fechtel 14 Sep 1865 Statement about publication in Westphalia and correspondance from Rev. P. GOELDIN
WANGLER, Joseph Conrad & Theresia STEIGER CARPANTIER, Mathilde Joseph & Elisabeth Robert & Louisa Carpantier (Carpentier) 30 Nov 1865
WEBER, Georg Michael & Margaretha HAVERBERGER SCHAEFER, Sidonia January & Anna Maria SCHAAD Heinrich BRAUN & Peter MAR 15 Feb 1858
WEBER, Johann (Widower of Maria MÜLLER [Mueller]) Not listed TAYLOR, Carolina (Widow of Wilhelm Taylor) Not listed Gerhard GRUPENHOF & Maria HIMMER 12 Dec 1867
WEBER, Theodor (Widower of Margaretha WOLTERS [DRENTEN]) Not listed FOECKE, Adelheide Bernard Heinrich & Maria WESSELS (Both deceased) Joseph MEIER & Margaretha Adelheide TÖBEN [Toeben] 7 Nov 1865
WEBER, Theodore (Widower of Anna Maria LUPERS) Not listed WOLTERS, Margaretha (Widow of Bernard DRENTEN-listed as Trenton) Not listed Joseph MEIER & Margaretha Adelheid DÖBEN [Doeben] (Toeben) 28 Nov 1861
WEBER, Valentin Georg (Deceased) & Eva HUMMEL GABATZ, Magdalena Jacob & Catharina BOTH Johann STEHLING & Margaretha Stehling 8 Jan 1855
WEEFERS, Wilhelm Heinrich & Gertrud HOEVERMANN WERNER, Elisabeth Ignatius & Catharina KRÜGER [Krueger] Wenzeslaus Weefers & Catharina Werner 30 Jan 1855
WEIDINGER, Johann Johann & Margaretha FRIBEISEN BÖHM [Boehm], Margaretha Michael & Elisabeth PREISINGER Georg Boehm & Anna Weidinger 22 May 1855
WEISS, Heinrich Michael & Ursula MASQULET, Maria Joseph & Catharina Francisca WERMSING & Maria TABHORN 28 Sep 1869
WEITZDÖRFER [Weitzdoerfer], Stephan Francis Francis Joseph & Theresia PANZNER (Both deceased) SUSSENBECK, Adelheide Laurent & Elisabeth ADAM Vincent Weitzdoerfer & Michael GREFE 4 Sep 1866
WELLINGHOF, Heinrich Francis (Deceased) & A. Maria SCHMETMANN GERST, Anna Friederich & Regina WETSCH Friederich Wellinghof & Regina Gerst 30 Oct 1863
WELLS, Friederich (Widower of Otilia FLAXMEIER) Not listed SCHLESER, Louisa (Widow of Nicolaus STÜRMANN Stuermann]) Not listed Jacob HUHN & Carl BERBRICH 13 Oct 1863
WENDEL, Peter Wilhelm & Margaretha SENINGER (Both deceased) SAUER, Anna Maria Josephina (New convert) Ernest & Christina (Non-Catholic) Joseph ROESER & Wilhelmina PIPER 5 Apr 1864
WENDEL, Simon Wilhelm (Deceased) & Margaretha KENECKE SCHENK, Lucia Johann Peter & Margaretha ZIMMER Peter Joseph PAULY & Mathias WILPERT 18 Oct 1859
WERNER, Carl Joseph Joseph & Maria KRUGMEIER WERNER, Catharina Heinrich & Catharina FREITAG Joseph MEIER & Elisabeth Werner 14 Jun 1854
WERNER, Martin Heinrich & Elisabeth FREITAG WILLE, Nina Diederich & Adelheid RENKE Johann KREYMER & Johann PÖHNER [Poehner] 3 Aug 1854
WERNER, Wendel Mathias & Elisabeth PANTLE GULDE, Antonia Benedict (Deceased) & Magdalena ULMSCHNEIDER Johann STORZ & Anton Gulde 4 Jul 1858
WERRIES, Gerhard Heinrich Heinrich & (Deceased) Elisabeth RIHEMANN REINDERS, Emma Conrad & Elisabeth WILEMSEN Johann WULF & Paulina SCHIF 24 May 1866
WESLING, Bernard William (Named ROBBEN) Wesling, Wilhelm & Anna ROBBEN KRAMER, Dorothea Joseph & Maria WANDROP Bernard BAHR & Heinrich KETTMAAR 27 Aug 1857
WESSLING (Wesseling?), Georg (Non-Catholic) Not listed WOLF, Josephina Not listed Rudolph Wesseling, Anna Maria FITZENUMACHTER ?, Louise GOEBIL & Elisabeth BERGKLT 7 Nov 1867 Witnesses have signed the entry.
WESTERHOF, Heinrich Not listed GRAWE, Maria Not listed Joseph KIRCHER & Georg KANNE 19 Jul 1866
WESTING, Martin Mathias & Elisabeth MENTROP BUHR, Maria Johann & Maria Elisabeth (Both deceased) August Westing & Mina Buhr 10 Oct 1867
WIBBE, Conrad Stephan Stephan & Catharina TÜTING [Tueting], Catharina (Widow of Johann Tueting) Not listed Herman PEICUS & Emma HENNERMANN 18 Jun 1868
WIBELER [WIEBELER], Andreas Heinrich & Maria POEHLER WUEBCUSCH, Clara Gerhard Heinrich & Maria Elisabeth WIEDHOLZ Caspar STINEMEIER & Regina OTTGREIF 5 Oct 1854
WICH, Johann Johann (Deceased) & Maria WACHTER BERNINGER, Victoria Michael & Rosina SCHWING Johann GRELLNER & Regina REH 11 Jun 1863
WICKER, Stephan Theodor (Deceased) & Maria WELTER MASSMANN, Anna Maria Bernard (Deceased) & Maria Anna DECKER Wilhelm STEPHANS & Catharina SCHAPER 19 Apr 1866
WIEBERG, Anton Herrmann (Deceased) & Catharina WEISS, Barbara Mathias & Theresia Anton MEYER & Barbara ENGELHARDT 10 Sep 1867
WIEDLER, Caspar Friederich & Gertrud WITTE, Maria Caspar & Christina Christina DRÖGE [Droege] & Clementina EBERT 28 Aug 1862
WIEGMANN, Heinrich (Widower of Margaretha RITTER) Not listed KAMKOETTER, Maria Catharina (Widow of Francis SANDKEMPER) Not listed Johann Heinrich MEHMANN & Adelheide Wiegmann 6 Mar 1854
WIELAND, Heinrich Johann & Gertrud NITISHEIM ROESLE, Amalia Benedict & Cecelia MIESEL Peter Foerster & Johann FASSBACH 28 Feb 1859
WIENERS, Wilhelm Johann & Anna Maria ELLEN DICKMANN, Christina Gerhard & Gertrude KRÜKENMEYER [Kruekenmeyer] Wilhelm ROLFES & Angela TIMMERMANN 16 Apr 1868
WIERS, Louis Laurent (Deceased) & Maria SCHRADER, Sophia Heinrich & Hedwig Johann WIEDEMEYER & Gerhard POROECKER 9 Jul 1868
WIESNER, Francis Peter & Maria BAUER KILLE, Emma Jacob & Barbara DRESEL Philipp FRIES & Christian JACOB 28 Apr 1857
WIESSERT, Johann Anton & Catharina IBIL RAPPEL, Louisa Joseph & Marianna POURDIN Johann MEIER & Barbara KOHL 29 Sep 1859
WILLE, Johann Heinrich Johann Dietrich & Adelheid RENKE HEITMANN, Berta Emilia (New convert) Carl Francis (Deceased) & Sophia Charlotte SIMON August TAPHORN & Adelheid SANDERS 9 Jan 1862
WILMES, Francis Not listed GÖTTING [Goetting], Anna Not listed Wilhelm HOLTERMANN & Catharina RENKEN 29 Jun 1869
WINEKE, Caspar Joseph & Theresia BALKE LINHOP, Elisabeth Thodoci & Angela KLAUS Joseph KORS & Francis SCHULZ 27 Oct 1857
WINK, Johann Stephan (Deceased) & Anna Maria ANHÄUSER [Anhaeuser] WENDEL, Gertrud Wilhelm & Margaretha SELINGER (Both deceased) Johann DÖTSCH [Doetsch] & Peter Wendel 6 May 1862
WINKLER, Heinrich Herman (Deceased) & Thekla JANSEN BUSS, Louisa Maria Johann Heinrich & Catharina Maria LÜRS [Luers] Heinrich STEVENS & Maria Gesina Winkler 8 May 1861
WIRTNER, Jacob Francis & Barbara STICKLE LOEFFLER, Albertina Fidelis & Elisabeth STICKLE Joseph DOTZLER & Catharina GOETZ 21 Nov 1854
WITHAAR, Herrmann Not listed TIMPEL, Margaretha Not listed Gerhard Withaar & Elisabeth SPIELER 30 Nov 1865 Renewed Vows date
WITTE, Bernard (Widower of Catharina TRIENS) Not listed HAMLING, Elisabeth Johann Herman & Anna Margaretha JANSEN Rudolph Jansen & Catharina LIEGE 17 Apr 1855
WITTE, Bernard Heinrich (Widower of Maria Agnes OSTERBROCK) Not listed ORLINGHAUS, Anna Catharina (Widow of Bernard TRIEN ?) Not listed Heinrich RELLER & Catharina LIEGSE ? 27 Jul 1854
WITTE, Edmund August & Theresia PHILIPPS MICLO, Philippina Nicolaus & Philippina BATO Theodor Witte & Rosa HESSLER 14 Oct 1865
WITTMOND, Conrad Heinrich (Deceased) & Anna Maria DICKMANN BEHRENS, Maria (Widow of Bernard DEISTER) Not listed Peter Behrens & Agnes Deister 29 Dec 1856
WITZL, Adam (Non-Catholic) Georg LINTNER & Margaretha Witzl BICHTELBERGER, Philippina Sebastian & Margaretha Adam Witzl, Johann Bauer & Louis SCHMITT 10 Nov 1868 Witnesses have signed the entry.
WOHLFRON, Anton Anton & (Deceased) Maria Magdalena HAERING [HARING], Eva Johann & Catharina SEFFERT Peter HUSGEN & Alphonse Wohlfron 6 May 1856
WOLF, Martin (Widower of Helena Wolf) Not listed BERINGER, Catharina Michael & Rosina SCHWOHN Michael Beringer & Johann STEININGER 25 Sep 1855
WÜLING [Wueling], Johann Francis (Deceased) & Maria Elisabeth MEYER, Maria Catharina Friederich (Deceased) & Maria Agnes Friederich WILKER & Maria SCHULTE 3 Nov 1868
WULING, Johann Bernard Francis Georg & Maria Katharina WERNER GARKÄMPER [Garkaemper], Theresia Bernard & Angela SCHIETZ Bernard GÖHR [Goehr] & Anna Katharina Willing 5 Nov 1859
WÜLLING [Wuelling], Heinrich Georg Francis Georg (Deceased) & Maria Catharina BÖRNER [Boerner] WITLACKE, Maria Elisabeth Stephan & (Deceased) Maria Lisette LODENKÄMPER [Lodenkaemper] Johann Wuelling & Catharina HALTERMANN 7 May 1863
WUNDER, Ignatius Fridolin & Catharina KAISER NEININGER, Berthilia (Bertha?) Leopold & Eugenia TILKEN Christophor BÖHM [Boehm] & Philipp HEUSNER 10 Dec 1856
WUNDERLICH, Ferdinand Anton & Elisabeth SCHUHMANN MEIERER, Anna Maria Mathias & Anna Maria MICHELS (Both deceased) Wilhelm Meierer & Margaretha Meierer 14 May 1855
WUNSCH, Benedict Anton (Deceased) & Rosina FEILER, Anna Michael & Maria Anna HEGELE Francis KLUG & Jacob FEINDER 25 Oct 1855
WÜRSEL [Wuersel], Wilhelm Adolph & Catharina DILMAN DIECKE, Josephina Adolph & Brigitta KEMPER Joseph TENE & Augustine ROSTIGE 30 Jan 1858
ZAPF, Johann Andreas & Anna Maria WEISEDING WELCHER, Margaretha Johann & Dorothea LIEB Johann KREIMER & Johann DIERAUF 27 Aug 1854
ZEISER, Ignatius Johann & Lucia ROTH ROHR, Anna Paul & Elisabeth ARON Johann ICHTHERZ & Maria SCHMIDT 22 Aug 1855
ZELLER, Johann Johann (Deceased) & Maria Elisabeth BRUN, Maria Theresia Wilhelm & Anna Francis STÜVER [Stuever] & Maria RUTER 20 Jul 1869
ZENGEL, Wilhelm Valentin (Deceased) & Maria Eva WALTER BREUNIG, Eva Wenceslaus (Deceased) & Margaretha HERVERT Joseph Zengel & Emma STERF 16 May 1867
ZIMMERMANN, Francis (Widower of Louisa FERKEL) Not listed HERZING, Anna Margaretha Johann & Ursula Georg FORELL & Catharina HEINMANN 10 Nov 1864
ZIMMERMANN, Johann Wenceslaus & Anna MESSENSCHLAGE (Both deceased) ZIMMERMANN, Anna Maria Anton (Deceased) & Anna Maria Johann BRAUN & Margaretha HERZING 27 Feb 1865
ZINSELMEIER, Joseph Stephan & A. Maria BLECKMEIER KUHLMEIER, Theresia (Widow of Anton Kuhlmeier) Not listed Heinrich JÜTTENMEIER [Juettenmeier] & Elisabeth HELWEG 24 Sep 1863
ZIPF, Carl Sebastian (Deceased) & Maria LINDAUER DOLDE, Louisa Heinrich (Deceased) & Catharina HENRICH ? Heinrich Dolde & Christian STAHL 9 Jun 1862
ZISTER, Francis Xavier Aloysius & Agatha EFNER MÜLLER [Mueller], Walburga Jacob & Anna Maria STEINER Peter HEIL & Catharina HAUSER 27 Nov 1855
ZWARTS, Johann Francis & Aldegunde ZEGERS WELLINGHOF, Helena Francis & Maria SCHMERTMANN Heinrich Wellinghof & Anna BOLLMANN 5 Jun 1862