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Thank you very much for all the information you have made available on your web site. Efforts such as yours are a great help to those of us who are some distance from the sources.

Thank you for all your brilliant work!

Thank you very much for all the information you have made available on your web site. Efforts such as yours are a great help to those of us who are some distance from the sources.

You have an amazing website and am completely impressed by the helpful links on your site. Much more helpful than even ancestry . com.

... you loaned me a St Louis 2006 phone book several months ago. I used the phone book along with my clues to search for my twin brothers who were given up for adoption in 1965. Well I owe you a HUGE thank you because by using your phone book I did indeed find my brothers!!! I would not have found them without that book!

I am writing you, like many of the other hundreds of people who have written, to thank you for your years of dedication to geneaology.

one of the many things i love abt genealogy- the utmost generosity of so many genealogists. thank you and a tip of my hat to you good sir.

I have very much enjoyed your information about St. Louis, MO genealogy. There is so much that I may never get to review it all.

Again THANKS DAVE LOSSOS for this AWESOME WEBSITE. God bless Dave Lossos!!!

Thank you so much! You are indeed a miracle worker.

I was just taking a look at your 'Genealogy in St. Louis' page. What an amazing amount of links.

Finding your site gave me new energy to forge ahead. All researching that family should be as lucky as I, to stumble upon your so very informative site.

Thank you for your wonderful website and the many hours of your time you dedicate to helping all of us trace our St. Louis roots.

Many thanks and appreciation, for this wonderful web site!

Thanks for all your hard work on that website. It is appreciated.

I was so pleased to find the information on your website! Good work!


What a wonderful gift you have made for St. Louis families! Thank you.

I have just left your FABULOUS website and am blown away by the information you have presented there....and especially by its organization.

Dave - you have outdone yourself - again! This is just fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Thank you, very, very much, for all your labors.

Thanks Dave for doing this! You are awesome!

thanks again for your priceless contributions to St Louis genealogy!

I briefly perused the St Louis Gen site and was amazed at the tremendous amount of info.

Thank you for your wonderful efforts.

What a great web-site !!!!!!!

As usual, your Genealogy in StL site again proves to be one of the most invaluable resources for this St Louisan. Already chock-filled with countless avenues to help in search for my family history (and history of our glorious city) another gold nugget is thrown in the mix. And, thank you a thousand times over for your wonderful website. It is quite a treasure.

PS: Thank you for such a wonderful website.

Thank-you so much for the info. You do not know how much it will help us in tracing this family line back to Ireland. This gives us a much clearer place to start our search. Thank-you, Thank-you again for your kindness and help. May you be blessed a 100 times over.

Thank you for all your dedication and hard work to provide information to those of us seeking help with our St. Louis family histories. I am grateful for your web site.

Dave, thanks for putting this site together it is a lot of fun traveling through the different areas of Saint Louis�s time tunnel.

Your site is great. Thanks for doing it.

Thanks for the great service you provide.....

Thank you for being a shining light in the family history world!

Thanks for all you do

What a great job you do with the web site, I always find something helpful.

I love this website and check it whenever I have free time!

Thanks very much for such a quick response. You've been a big help with my research!

thanks for keeping "St. Louis" alive for the many of us who have been gone from there for quite a while.

Thank you for all your good work

First of all I just wanted to let u know, your web site ROCKS

Thanks again for this great site and all you do for the researchers.

You have a very cool very imformative web site, by the way. I love perusing it. Thanks for the opportunity.

I have truly enjoyed your website from the first day I was fortunate enough to it's access.

Thank you for all the work you put into your St. Louis site. I have found it very helpful over the years.

Love the website and the memories it has brought. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to read and share.

I now live in Arizona, but the Memories, thanks to this website, of St.Louis remain with me.

You provide a remarkable service to us.

I have enjoyed using the early photographers of St. Louis information. I have several unidentified pictures of relatives that this site has helped me with.

I stumbled here looking for an old cemetery and found a wonderful site. This St. Louis site is the best I've seen.

I love your site and I have aquired very much information from it. I also enjoy learning more about the history of St. Louis.

Your St. Louis site is wonderful. Thank you for all your time & efforts.

I continually find something new or find another direction to find information from your site.

Thank you for ALL you do!!

I really appreciate all the work you do Dave.

Thank for your help and the information that you gave me, it turns out that this is the XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX that we have been looking for. XXXXXX XXXXXX is the father of my sister-in-law. Since getting this information from you we have contacted Ernest who was absolutely delighted to make contact with his daughter who he hasn't seen for 65 years. He said that he had often thought of her and wondered how to contact her as he didn't know her adoptive surname. They have been corresponding regularly and talking on the phone. I know you usually only search for deceased people, so many many thanks for your help in going beyond your normal criteria it is really appreciated. You have helped her to fill in the empty space that she always felt was their. Again many many thanks.

Hi i love your web site. i can look at the history of st. louis all day. i love old photos. i'm a proud st. louis resident.

This is absolutely the BEST! I found it by accident and I keep coming back and find new and interesting things all the time. I grew up in St. Louis and I truly am proud to have had the childhood I had there in South St. Louis. Sounds like countless others do to!

Genealogy in St. Louis is AWESOME! I visit this so often, it is one of the best resources. Thanks for all that you do. I am forever digging to see what is new and it seems I always came back to you!

I am extremely impressed with all the work you have put into your website on St. Louis. I have been researching for over 30 years and must say you are one of the best.

I really appreciate the website you have. It is wonderful!

I use your site often -it's fabulous.

I LOVE your website!!

I use your site all the time. Thanks so much for running it.

I want to express my sincere thanks to you for all the work you have done in setting up your webpage with all the links for genealogy research in St. Louis.

I have been looking through your website for the past 3hrs. It is a wealth of information and very amazing.

Hey Dave, thanks again for your love of genealogy and St.Louis

I just found your website, and it obviously represents a lot of work, presenting a wealth of information. Thanks for all your good work.

First of all, I would like to say you have a wonderful website. I have referenced it many times. Thank you for all the great sources of information.

First off...awesome site! I have just gotten into geneology, and this site is front and center on my toolbar!

Love your website! So many of those wonderful memories shared by your readers are mine as well. They generate a cozy, familiar vibe.

I love to visit " Memories " as often as possible. It is a wonderful escape into the past.

Thank you very much for your Genealogy in St Louis

Thank you for all you have done for genealogy in St. Louis. Your site is truly amazing!

Just wanted to say how very much I've appreciated your websites. Both of my paternal grandparents were born & grew up in & around St.Louis in 1890's. They married in 1915 & raised their 3 sons in Webster Groves. And they lived there all their lives. I mention this so you can understand how much your St.Louis Portal sights have meant to me. Your pictures have helped me so much to put "a life" to their early lives. Your postcard site has been most informative. Again thank you for all your work. It is obviously a labor of love.

First of all, thanks for this website, Dave...........and what a great idea. It must take up a lot of your time. Hope everyone appreciates that.

Your Genealogy site gets better and better! Thanks for all that you're doing to preserve the history of our awesome city.

Thanks Dave for your site! I think you have really started something�..

Love your website!!!

I just wanted to tell you how much I like the new look of your St. Louis High School Senior Class List.

Dave, did you ever think your website would take off so big like this? what a great terrific place to visit.

Thanks Dave for this great website that definitely joins all of us St. Louisans, no matter what state we live in.

First and foremost I would like to send my sincere appreciation for you web site, truly amazing. I have been using it for genealogy research for a couple of years.

Your website is wonderful. It has given me alot of help in tracing my Irish ancestors.

Wow! You are gold mine of information. I am seeing your name and web links popping up everywhere.

I love your website. It's a great resource.

Thank you so much for your time and effort. I really enjoyed your site when my brother forwarded it to me.

Hello Dave. I have never contacted you before but I have seen everything that you have put online. Very interesting. I am not a professional genealogist, but I have been doing my own personal family history for five years while at the same time having more that a full time job. I have visited the County and City Libraries as well as the Carondelete and Missouri Historical Societies, and the Civil Courts building and City Hall. I just a comment on the Missouri Historical Society--their card catalogs--(actually three different card catalogs) are not very easy to use. Sometimes things overlap. I have also found things in the catalogs that do not exist in their archives. One of the staff members told me that a couple of the cards that I had were wrong and removed them from the files. I'm beginning to think that they really don't know what they have. Just an observation.

Your website is amazing!

There isn't anyway that I can describe to you just how much joy and pleasure you have given us native St. Louis residents with your wonderful web-site. I can personally relive so many of the comments and places that have been mentioned by all of the people that have responded to you. I don't have any additional comments at this time, other than I certainly wish that our world and our city was the same as it was back in the 50's and 60's, back when people actually cared about each other and you didn't even have to lock your front door at night, and you actually knew the names of all of your neighbors. That is all I have to say at this time, except thank you Dave!

I am enthralled with your website and thank you so much for creating it

Thank you very much Dave. It's sad how things like this get lost between generations and it's great how people like you make it a point to keep the history alive.

Thank you so much. I appreciate all your excellent contributions that allow me to learn so much more about my ancestors who lived their lives in St. Louis beginning in 1850. Since I left St. Louis at age 17, I must research from a distance. Your work has been a remarkable benefit to me.

Thanks so very much for all you have done for researchers working on people in St. Louis. It is amazing all that you have done.

Thank you so much for everything you do for all of us who are seeking our ancestors.

I live in Tallahassee, Florida and greatly appreciate all the fabulous resources I've found through your website.

Thank you for your great contributions to history

First I like to tell you, that your site with all the links is for me in The Netherlands a great help.

Dave you Da Man ! Thanks for the memories

Great Site, Dave !!

On another note, I am completely impressed with your web site. It makes me wish my family was from the St. Louis area. I have never seen a more inclusive genealogy web site. It obviously has taken much time and effort.

First let me say that you have done a tremendous job of putting St. Louis genealogy resources online! Thank you for all the time and work you have put in

Thanks for your quick response. I appreciate the time and energy that go into maintaining your website and the help you give those like me who don't know much about geneaology.

I still love your website. I frequently check back to see what new things you have updated or added.

Your site is absolutely spectacular and a real boon to amateurs such as myself.

Just a short note to compliment you on the Titanic chore that you accomplished. Thank you again for all your efforts on our behalf.

I absolutely love your site!

Wow, Dave, that's a lot of work compiling all of that church information. Really, really useful information. Thank you!

Thank you for the memories Dave. I am from maybe a newer generation that found your website while searching for a St. Louis park for my family to congregate this Memorial weekend.

First I must tell you how immensely your websites have helped me in research of my parents and ancestors.

First compliment on the web site. It is an excellent resource for those doing research in the St. Louis Area.

A wonderful and comprehensive site. The power search feature is great. Thanks to all those who did transcription and to those who volunteer to do lookups.

Many thanks for the info about free death indexes. They yielded many low cost & free certificates & tons of info. Thanks, thanks, thanks....

First, thank you for all the good information I find at my fingertips.

I just found your wonderful site with the even more wonderful offer to do a look-up in the 1875 St. Louis City Directory.

I've been looking at your St. Louis site and it has a wealth of helpful information, especially as a large portion of my family has lived there from around 1850 through the present.

I visited your web site tonight for the first time and just want to thank you. I am amazed at the breadth of information there, and found links to some sites of which I wasn�t aware. My ancestors came to St. Louis in the early 20th century, and I am mainly researching in other areas now, but I really enjoyed browsing your site, and will return.

Your site is truly amazing. Not only is it splendid for St. Louis, it is useful generally. I got some exceptional summary historical information.

You are a saint. Thank you so much for doing this work, so people can get in touch with their past. And perhaps mostly remember what will never be known, and in so doing honor something much greater.

I check out your site all the time! Thanks!

What a shame that the MHS doesn't recognize the huge contribution your website makes to the many people searching for St Louis information, myself included. I just wanted you to know that your website has been very helpful to me. I use it frequently. Thank you very much!!

Dave I have seen all of your neat experience and knowledge. You indeed know tons of history and genealogy of St Louis. .

Your site has saved endless hours of searching. One stop shopping in the genealogical world is priceless. Thanks!!

You are really something. I am so excited about all you do.

You are a phenomenon!

Good afternoon Dave, thank you for all you do for others, it is appreciated.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work on the St. Louis area information on the web.

I have to say this is THE BEST website I have encountered in my research. The mass of information if just amazing. Thank you sooo much!!

Thank you for piecing together the tousled fragments of mine and many other people's families stories.

You have amassed an impressive array of work for all of us. Thank you.

what a wonderful thing you have done! Thank you!

WOW. Thank you for your hard work.

What a valuable research tool for all of us history buffs!

Great website!

... thoroughly enjoy your efforts. Keep up the good work, your efforts are truly appreciated.

Thanks again Dave for all your hard work, it is appreciated!

Just a quick email to thank you for all that you do for so many, many people....It's really appreciated

Dave, you have done a fantastic job with this web site.

Thousands thanks, the documents that you sent to me are exactly what I was looking for !

Forever thank you for your wonderful website!


What an awesome website! Thank you for the time you have put into this and for continuing to do so.

Your site is great! Almost too good, it proved to be a distraction from work.

First let me say that your website is one of the most fantastic I've seen. Thank you so much for everything you've posted.

I love Genealogy in St. Louis. I keep coming back to it time after time. It always has something new to help me in my reseach. I have found good friends here. Keep up the good work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

THANK you so very much David, what a great web site, I stumbled across you at RAOGK then to the site you suggested and have found death certs online for my family

I just found your site and I love it.

Not to long ago I asked for your assistance in locating a marriage record of my great-grandparents. You were kind enough to respond with the volume and page number.

I applied for and received a copy of the information, just in time for Christmas! What a gift! It’s because of people like you who care enough to extend a helping hand that renews my faith in my fellow man. Thank you ever so much!

By the way, your website is awesome! Even my genealogy teacher raves about your site and says I am so lucky to have so many ancestors from St. Louis

You're one in a million, Dave. Thank you.

I do a lot of free genealogy lookups, and I have never seen a more comprehensive personal website than your St. Louis one. Wow!

I've tried looking for similar sites for different cities, and have yet to find anything as convenient and comprehensive as your site.

Wow, what a tremendous site, If there was an Academy Awards for websites, you'd be busy snagging Oscars.

Spending hours doing genealogy. Love it.
Spending hours doing St.Louis genealogy. Really love it.
Finding St. Louis memories on Dave's Genealogy site - priceless!

Thanks for a great web site... reading the posting is a real trip back on memory lane.... time goes by much to quickly... but the grandchildren keep us young...

you did a great job on SL genealogy. Thanks for an excellent site.

Thanks Dave. for creating this repository of memories for all to peruse. Huzzah!


Dave,many thanks.You're a genius

Thank you for providing this wonderful web site. For those of us who grew up in the St. Louis area but have since moved out of state this has been a great help.

Your website is just wonderful!! I know you must help many people with it.

This is an invaluable resource! Also great fun to read and remember those wonderful St. Louis days.

Thanks for your hard work. You just don't know what it has meant.

You and your website are invaluable!

Fantastic site. Many, thanks, for what you have done for so many of us.

As a native St. Louisan, your website is by far my favorite! Some of the St. Louis memories have me laughing and still others have me crying. I am impressed with the amazing amount of material you supply.

This is the first time in almost 20 years I have found some confirmation other than family stories that he was in St Louis. You are a wonderful person to do lookups for us poor strangers. There is a special place in heaven for folks like you

This is an awesome site! It’s probably the most useful I’ve ever seen.

First of all, your website is incredible, thank you.

...the website is fantastic. It has shown me the way to all kinds of productive databases and helpful people. Many, many thanks

The amount of work you have put into your site is both massive and excellent. You should be very proud of your contribution to the people of St. Louis. It is by far the most outstanding site I seen and as a life long resident of St. Louis is brings back so many memories.

Thanks to you, I have gained information concerning my grandfather and great grandfather in St. Louis, Mo.

Dave, just started reading your Volume III but it's now 4:00 A.M. and I have to hit the hay.

My God, Dave. I cried when I read some of the "memories" about St. Louis.

I am still reading the "Memories" section of the site. You just have no idea what this means to me.

I came across your site accidentally but, what a wonderful accident it turned out to be. I grew up in St. Louis and spent much of my youth playing in Tower Grove Park... I have so enjoyed reading your site. I don't know which streamed faster…the memories or my tears.

I just wanted to say thank you! I discovered "Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources" yesterday. The majority of my ancestors settled in Franklin, Gasconade and Jefferson Counties, so this is fascintating to me to see names I recognize. Later this summer, my daughter and I hope to get to the St. Louis area to see these ourselves. Wonderful to have a head start on where to look!

Great web site! Lots of useful and interesting information.

Bless you for preserving the history of St. Louis

From everything I can tell, all roads lead to you for expertise in St Louis research

Born and raised in St. Louis. Thank you for the beautiful memories and your effort to preserve them.

Found your site today and really appreciate all of the data on the early churches. I plan on using this as a reference while compiling our family genealogy.

I just can’t believe my luck nor can I thank you enough for the massive amount of excellent work you are doing.

The best site I've come across in a long time.

Gosh your site is wonderful!

As has happened many times in the past, while doing genealogical research I find my way to your web site. Thanks for providing it and all the valuable info.

Dave, your website is worthy of some fine award!

I am amazed on what a wonderful job you have done!

"Holy Cow...IT IS... a Home Run"! Your web-site, that is!

I love your site..I am suffering from information overload, and I LOVE it. I really came here trying to find some certain info..but was side tracked for a couple hours.

Google took me to your site. The detour from a question concerning military service in St. Louis during WWII has now gone on for more than three hours.

To coin a phrase.."what a SITE!!!"

Your site is awesome.

Dear Dave,I can't believe it!! My husband found this site,And I have been glued to it all afternoon

you are the bomb!! thank you!!

Hi Dave,WONDERFUL site you have on St Louis, makes me wish I had some long lost kinfolk in the area!

Thank you so very much for the scans! Your work is very well received and I am so very appreciative of your help! Thank You so much for helping me with my research!!!

I appreciate all the effort you put into your site, it is a tremendous help to me, and covers so much material in a very easy to use format. GREAT STUFF!!!

This is a great website!!

Congratulations on your Genealogy in St.Louis website. I surf it every couple of months. Its one of my best resources...

This is an awesome sight. I have been here all afternoon and evening. Found great things.

Thank you very much, and... thank you for your great site!

This is a great genealogy website when researching for ancestors in St. Louis. Great Job!! Thank you for providing so much help to all of us St. Louis researchers.

I've been smiling for days since I stumbled onto your Memories website, and have read and re-read what others have posted. You have done quite a service to those of us who lived in St. Louis.

I first have to tell you how much I enjoy your website! I've even had the opportunity to share the site with other genealogists. Of all of my bookmarked sites, by far yours is my favorite.

Many thanks for ALL your work. Words fail. Thank you thank you etc. etc!

What a great site. It is a shame that the society does not have all this information.

Dear Dave, Thank you for the extensive family pedigree on my grandmother! Wow. You have some new information that I did not have.

Thank you Dave for your fast is greatly appreciated...

Your work is really appreciated, I would not have gotten very far researching my St. Louis ancestry without your very worthwhile efforts in putting together so many invaluable resources.

...your web page is wonderful, so much information in one place.

I want to thank you for the great St Louis Memories Web Site..and the great sources you have organized and made available for us all to use.

I can't begin to thank you enough.

Thanks Dave for all your hard work. I appreciate all the work and time you spend on our genealogy in st louis. what a wonderful site. always something new and wonderfully interesting. thanks

Wonderful website. I use it most everyday. Thanks so much for all your work. It is my favorite site on the internet.

First, I'll like to say you've got a great site with lots of info. I can't tell you how many times I've been back again and again for information.

Great site. I found info that I was looking for in the Photographers page. Great job ! ! ! ! !

I must mention again how often I use all the information and sites you have provided for everyone and how very grateful I am.

Thanks Dave Lossos for a wonderful website ! Thank you SO much !

First let me thank you for all the wonderful information I have obtained from your site. I live in Colorado and would not be able to do my research without the internet.

thank you for your fantastic site. the work you put into it is awesome. another fact that really impresses me is web tv compatibility.

Great job on your website! Much appreciated!

Your work for St. Louis is ... is truly enriching the lives of MANY people. Your labors of love are truly appreciated!

I started my research with your web site and keep coming back to it and usually find a new path to take. Your site is fantastic. I can't imagine getting this far without your hard work. Thanks a million and keep our St. Louis ancestors "living".

What an awesome website... thanks for giving us a chance to share our memories of the "old neighborhood".

Thank you so very much for your help. You don't know how many years and how many people have tried to solve the riddle

WOW, Dave, great website!

I live in Vienna, Austria now, a long way from St. Louis, but this site has really warmed my heart on this cold October day. Thanks so much for this amazing site!

Thank you very much for all the info you make available to those of us searching for our St. Louis ancestors!

Thanks for all the good work on the genealogy pages! They're helping me find some long-lost ancestors.

Love the Web Site Dave...

Your site is a wonderful gift.

This was a million times better than any therapy and a lot cheaper (refering to "Memories")

I have just found your work on the early churches of St. Louis. It has blown my mind! I can't tell you how much I admire what you have accomplished.

I have found your site to be a great source on Saint Louis and use it often.

Thank you VERY much for your kind offer to do look-ups. Your website is terrific.

Your web site helped me knock down one of my brick walls. Thank you so much for this site. I found information here I would never been able to get otherwise. WONDERFUL.

A cyber-pal on a teacher's website clued me in on this, and I just spent about half an hour strolling down Memory Lane! This is wonderful!!! Thank you SO much for creating it!

This is the most impressive collection of memories about St. Louis I've ever read!

Only two words necessary to describe your site - THE BEST.

WOW - your website is awesome! Best I've ever used! All of my ancestors lived in St. Louis from about 1850 forward, and your site has been my salvation - especially since I live far from your fine state. Thanks for all of the work you have done.

You still have the BEST website for St. Louis research going!!!!!!!!......

I am not really a dedicated geneology person like some. I like to know stories and background of the times not just who begot who. So your time has been of great benefit to me.


Thank you for this site. It was great. I downloaded the "I remember pages". Brought back a lot of memories for me here in Indiana.

Thank you *so very much* for your time and patience in helping me.

I loved your website

This is truly a fantastic resource. I've found it extremely helpful.

There are no more helpful people in the world then fellow genealogists. Thank you very, very much.

I LOVE your website, and enjoy using and recommending it.

Your Internet postings are most interesting and very helpful. You have obviously spent many many hours on them and those of us who use them thank you and would like you to know that you are very much appreciated.

Awesome website!!! I just learned of it early this morning and have spent the last 4 hours exploring. So much information in one place! I sent my cousin the link too. I did visit the St. Louis society's page but was turned off by the outrageous fees. Keep up the good work!

I tried [St. Louis County Library]. I tried the STL genealogical society. They haven't a clue.

What a wonderful website!!!

Many thanks for the memories you have stirred.

I love your website! Thanks for the great work.

I LOVE this website! I stumbled upon this yesterday and I have already sent this to 8 people!

Thanks for the very rapid reply to my query and for making a scan of the reference.

I appreciate your fine St. Louis site very much. Thanks for all the hard work!

Having purchased a copy of "Pictorial St. Louis 1875" many years ago and having spent many, many an enjoyable hour in awe of the beauty and information in this book, I must say I have the highest respect for your project.

Took a look at your site, and was blown away. You are a generous researcher and much appreciated!

thank you for volunteering to do lookups for distant researchers like myself.

You are so wonderful! Thank you so much! I just love your site. I am just starting out in geneology. I am taking over where my grandmother left off.

just happened to stumble upon one of your (many?) web pages and I love it! Memories in St. Louis.............. It's great.

I accidentally found this site, and have been smiling ever since I started reading all the things that bring fond memories alive! My kids can't really believe we did the things we did...and sometimes, neither can I!

Bless you and your generous research assistance!

You are doing a wonderful job on this site. I am originally from St. Louis, now living in Kansas City.

What a marvelous site.

Amazing. Thank you very, very much

your website is SO helpful

Just came across your amazing page with pre-1900 St. Louis churches. Quite useful!

I remember it all, after printing out and reading the 37 pages from your St. Louis Memories, I can't seem to find anything to add. I think that everything has been mentioned. Thank you for posting your memories and adding to the thread all those that others have sent to you. After reading St. Louis Memories, I don't feel that I'm by myself anymore with fond memories of growing up in St. Louis. I stumbled somehow on to your St. Louis web site and was just enthralled.

Thanks. You're a jewel.

AWESOME JOB! Appreciate all the hard work you went to in order to compile this.

I am 61 today and a friend sent this site to me. Oh, what a gift!

Dearest Dave, first I want to say that your web site for Missouri is one of the best that I have visited and thank you and the others for the indept information that you have provided to all of us beginners that are searching, with easy accesability.

You just made my day

Hello! First I want to let you know how helpful your St Louis genealogy site is! Its wonderful with very good info and links! Very extensive, and I thank you for that! It has made my research much easier, and I am living in Kansas City and can't get to St Louis very often. Thanks!

Thanks so much for your help. I knew you would have the information. :-)

Oh my!!! You are my HERO! Thank you so much.

Can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your wonderful genealogyinstlouis site.

You saved me lots of time. I love your web site! Keep up the great work!

.....MANY thanks, Dave, for your volunteer service.

Thanks for the great display of postcards from the 1904 World's Fair.

First, I really enjoy your website for St. Louis genealogy. It makes it much easier for us who cannot visit St. Louis ourselves to research our families history.

I really enjoyed reading your St. Louis memories.

Many thanks for all your efforts on behalf of St. Louis residents!

I love your site. I use it all the time. What an incredible resource.

While looking for something on the internet I click on to this site by mistake and I must say Im glad it happened.

Thanks again for your amazing work.

Thanks for the vast amt of old Church information available on your website. Great stuff!!

Thank you very very much for this info! You've helped me overturn a big stumbling block in my quest for learning more about my family's German immigrant heritage.

Thanks for a GREAT St. Louis website!!!!

I love the Genealogy in St Louis Web site. It has taken me days to go through it and each time I find something new to research.

Obviously I found your name on the web as a volunteer to lookup St. Louis marriages. As a genealogist, I appreciate the effort of the local volunteers.

You have an absolutely fabulous webpage. The scope and quantity of information is amazing

Your site improves and improves. I particularly like the search across years for Post-Dispatch death notices.

I've just been alerted to your web-site and have begun to explore. Thank you for all of your work. This is great!

First let me say that your web-site has been a great help to me in my research!

Hi! Your site is great. Thank you so much for all you do.

Wonderful Americana project you have here. (regarding Early St. Louis Photographers)

I loved the St. Louis Memories!!!