Some St. Louis Divorces & Separations (1808-1863)

This data was received from "Torch" at [email protected] on August 8, 1999.

This data was published in the Gazetta & Republican Newspaper. Date shown is the date published in the newspaper and represents only items mentioned for St. Louis.

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ADAMS, Calvin vs. Sally - Separation- 21 June 1810

ADAMS, Delict vs. James -Divorce- 29 August 1853

ALIDER, Catherine vs. Moses John -Divorce- 10 November 1848

ALLEN, George, vs. Elizabeth - Separation- 23 February 1826

AMBROISE, Louis Duburg , Vs., Celeste (Giguaine) Separation- June 7, 1820

ARMSTRONG, Eulalie vs. John 28 April 1829 (Married about 11 years, deserted in July 1824)

ARMSTRONG, Lucy vs. Quinton - Divorce- 1 January 1850

ARNST, Nicholas vs. Rachel, non resident, - Divorce- 25 May 1843

AUBICHON, Gabriel J, vs. Catherine - Separation- 8 Sept 1838

BAHR, Mary Ann Vs. Frederick- Divorce- 26 May 1852

BALLANTINE, Alexander J. vs. Caroline Griffith, alias LANGWITH, formerly BALLANTINE Divorce 22 January 1850

BANISTER, Benjamin vs. Elizabeth -Separation- He believes that she is somewhat deranged June 1828

BATTLELY, Maria vs, John 6 August 1845

BEAVERS, Thomas vs. Polly- Separation- 17 August 1808

BECKER, Matthias vs. Elizabeth- Divorce-9 July 1853

BELLESSIME, Alexander vs. Mary -Separation- Nov 2, 1808 on 8 Jan 1814 he rejects debts of "anyone in my family"

BENTON,Thomas vs. Signor Separation- 2 Feb 1826

BEVERADGE, W.,vs. Prudence, Divorce 13 Nov 1840 She has left for the second time; he cautions against her influence on the children.

BISHOP, Caroline vs. Newton - Divorce 3 Feb 1853

BLAINE, Elizabeth vs. Silas -Divorce- 1 Sept 1819, by next friend Daniel Dunklin

BLANY, John vs. Sarah -Separation- August 3, 1838

BOBB, Charles vs. Laura A. -Divorce- 5 March 1855

BOLGIANO, Mary Jane - Notes that her husband Francis is mortgaging her land in Hancock, Adams and Quincy Cos., (Illinois) and that it is her property and he has not right to the land. July 16 1835

BOLGIANO, Mary Jane vs. Francis - Divorce- August 13,1838 They were married in Baltimore in April 1829; he is abusive and habitually drunk; they have one minor child, Francis A.

BOOTH, Thomas vs. Mary Ann Catherine- Separation- 4 May 1847

BOTHICK, John vs. wife, name not shown. - Separation-8 March 1827

BOUNDS, Wm. Vs., Keziah-Separation- May 24, 1824

BOYDEN, Julia A vs. Mayhew (non resident)- Divorce- 25 May 1843

BRAZEAU, Nicholas vs. Archange -Separation- she "eloped" 15 Feb 1827

BROCK, Elisha E, vs. Winifred - Separation- 5 March 1823

BROSSEAU, Joseph , vs., Catherine-Separation July 24, 1835

BROWN, Margaret E., vs. Henry, S. (Non resident)-Divorce 18 October 1831 by next friend Wm. Kerr, mentioned four children.

BULCHLER, Rachel, F., vs. James- Divorce- St. Louis 18 August 1853

BURK, Louisa- vs. William - Divorce- August 22, 1834 (absent two years; mentioned infant daughter)

BURTON, Alexander vs. Sarah Adeline- Divorce- 29 May 1835

Calvert, Denson vs. Nancy 19 June 1832

Carman, John V., vs. Nancy 15 July 1837 (she deserted him)

Carroll John B. vs. Polly 2 Mar 1830

Carter, Kinchan vs Edy 15 May 1818

Choquette, Antoine vs "any person" separation 7 July 1819

Choquette, Antoine, 20 Dec 1824 "will pay no debts except my own"

Clark, Henry F vs. Ann B., - Divorce- 28 Feb 1848

Cohen, Alexander vs. Susan Separation (She left 6 Jan) 12 Jan 1832

Cole, Elizabeth, vs. Benoni - Divorce- July 14,1853

Cole, James vs., Mary Notice, 26 March 1846 ( He denies the charges of Mary Cole that he had deserted her and their child, stating that at the time of their marriage her former husband was still alive and therefore this marriage is invalid. He intends to divorce her, but has continued to support her and the child.

Combs, Magdalen, vs. Theodosius - Divorce- Dec 17,1851

Connell, James vs. Mary - Divorce- Jan 30,1849

Conrad, John vs. Dora - Separation- Aug 10,1853

Cottle, Isaac vs. Mary Ann - Separation- Apr 24, 1818

Couzeneau, Toussiant vs. Nancy - Separation- 20 Nov 1822

Crawford, William vs. Sally - Separation- 28 September 1816

Creely, Jean Baptiste, vs. Mary- Separation- June 3,1815

Criswell, Cresswell, John vs. Hester -Separation- April 18.1821

Criswell, Cresswell, Hester By next friend, Wm. Kidd vs. John 18 July 1825

DABBIN, Victoire-Divorce, 27 Dec 1823, Published in the Inguirer, St. Louis, by next friend Bte. Morain, vs. Pierre

Dargez, Helen vs. Joseph he is non-resident-Divorce- married 23 October 1838. Deserted 26 November 1835*date typed as shown. 20 Feb 1840

Davidson, James vs. Rhoda -Divorce- Married in Washington County, June 1823;she deserted him in 1829 and eloped to Galena or Fever River with another man April 21,1837

Davidson, James vs. Rhoda (Notice that his divorce from Rhoda has been postponed)

dated Feb 21,1835

Davis, John E. vs. Catharine Jane -Separation- August 14,1838

Dawson, Andrew J. vs. Sarah -Divorce- Feb 18,1849

Debbin or Dobbon Peter vs. Victoire nee Morin -Separation- May 24, 1817* also see Dabbin.

De Hodiamont, Emanuel vs. Mary Victorine -Separation- July 12,1836

Delile, Mary vs. Alexander -Divorce- August 18,1845

Delisle, B., vs., Maria date and place missing

Denno, Alexander Vs., Lucilia-Separation - date missing (Alexander DENO married Lucille Gate Feb 29,1826 in St. Louis, Mo.

Deroin, Francois vs Marie an also Mary Vaudry, my wife -Separation- July 27,1816 & July 19,1820

Desjardin, Paulet, vs. Emily Derouin alias Desjardin, Separation- June 2, 1822

Detaille, Genevieve vs. Pierre-Divorce- June 7.1831

Dewitt, Walter vs Sarah - Separation- (Note, he died in 1813 leaving a widow Sarah)

evidently never divorced date of Separation in paper July 5,1809

DODIER, Joseph vs., Eliza, Separation- Sept 22,1819

DOWLING, Richard vs. Martha-Divorce- April 7,1829

DUBAI, Baptiste vs., Margaret formerly LEPONSE- Separation- July 3, 1813

DUCHOQUETTE, J.B. vs., Virginia nee CHARLEVILLE- Separation- Sept 6,1841

(They apparently reconciled and had a daughter subsequent to this notice; he died a few years later and his widow then married Henry LYNCH)

EATON, Rebecca vs., Moses R., (Notice of husbands desertion she is now in Detroit with her three children stated he went by way of Cincinnati to Illinois Nov 27.1822

EDDS, John vs. Nancy -Divorce- County not shown, Burge Creek, Missouri Territory

Posted divorce in the St. Louis paper Jan 11,1817 & 24 March 1819

EDSON, Susan by next friend Pascal Enos, vs. Casper R., - Divorce- April 17,1822

ELDER, Sarah Ann B., vs., Augustine W., Divorce- June 7, 1831

ELLSWORTH, Mary Ann, vs., Thomas -Divorce- 25 July 1844 (married 1833, deserted 5 Nov 1841)

EVANS, Jane Ross. vs. Lambert-Divorce- August 17.1846

FLETCHER, Hannah H., vs., Daniel-Divorce- Divorce- August 26,1834 (he deserted her and their child, four years since)

FLETCHER, D., vs., Hannah W. -Separation- April 20,1830

FLETCHER, John G., vs. Sarah Jane-Separation- August 10,1848 (she took up with a man named George DAVIS)

FLOREZ, Bernardino vs., Leonore-Separation Jan 22, 1844

FUGATE, Joseph vs., Mary Jane-Separation- Jan 22.1848

GAY, Elizabeth-Divorce does not indicate other name- mentions one child April 10.1832

GEISLER, Morris vs., Louise-Divorce- Jan 30,1849

GILL, Richard Vs. Sarah (non resident) August 10,1846

GINGRA, Pierre, vs., Therese-Separation- March 15,1839 Justin GLOSCLAUDE, witness.

GOLDSMITH, Sarah, vs., Eugene-Divorce- Jan 16.1847

GRAHAM, Eliza, vs. Thomas-Divorce, Washington Co., Posted St. Louise paper August 14.1843-married Feb 8,1841 in Mercer Co., Pa' he left shortly after to establish permanent home and did not return. )

GRANJEAN, Julian Ann vs., Abraham, F-Divorce June 7.1831

GRIFFIN, Ellen Aubuchon vs. Hampton-Divorce- Jan 1.1850

GRIST, John vs., Phoebe"alias Smith" Separation- Dec 15,1819

HAGGERTY, Henry, vs., Elizabeth-Separation- May 12,1821

HAIMES OR HAIMOS, Adam, vs. Elizabeth nee FUCHS-Separation Sep 08.1846

HAMILTON, Joseph and Rebecca, Marriage dissolved b Legislative Act. Feb 12.1837

HAMILTON, Richard W., vs., Josette-Separation Jan 20, 1831 (she left him without any reasonable or justifiable cause)

HANKINS, Joseph vs., Mary Ann-Divorce- Aug 9,1853

HARRIS, Lucy, vs., John -Divorce- August 1,1835(he was already married when he married her and is now living with another woman)

HENSLEY, William, vs., wife Nancy &their youngest child-Separation-Feb 6,1835

HIBLER, Daniel vs., Lydia-Separation-April 27,1826

HICKMAN, William D., vs., Jane-Separation-Jan 22,1841

HILL, John, vs., Mary Ann-Separation- Oct 21,1843 "she is tall, slender, red-haired, freckled, has one front tooth missing:

HOBBS, Thomas, vs., Adaline, formerly FAIR, -Separation-Jan 27, 1830

HOGAN, Joseph vs., Elizabeth-Separation- Feb 20,1822

HOLDERMAN, ANN VS., Christopher-Divorce Jan 11,1839-married 1811.deserted 1829

HOLNHOLTZ, Elizabeth vs. Henry (not in county) Divorce-July 6,1843

HORTIZ, Joseph vs. Lenore, formerly MENARD-Separation- Jan 15,1814

IMPY, Francis vs., Rachel-Divorce- March 29,1839 (married Oct 31,1834 in Pa; she spent his money and wouldn't come West with him)

ISBELL, Elizabeth Jane, vs., William-Divorce-Aug 4.1853

JACKSON, John vs., Mary-Divorce- June 4, 1823

JAMISON, Margaret vs., Joseph-Divorce- Apr 3, 1835 (deserted her 2 years ago-'two infant children)

JEAUVOIVE, Louis Joseph vs., Rose Aiguier-Separation- June 9,1829

JERANS, Adam vs., Eliza (non-resident) Divorce- July 14.1848

KIERNAN, James, vs., Susanna-Separation- Aug. 22,1833 (he stated she had abandoned her children and was living in open abandoned profligacy in New Orleans)

KIERNAN, James, vs., Susanna-Divorce- Aug 28,1835

KINCAID, Samuel-Notice August 14,1838- He married Betsy Allen about a year ago in May but found that she already had a husband 'he intends to divorce her.

KING, John E., vs., Mary-Divorce august 23,1846

LAIDLAW, James vs., Josephine-Divorce- August 9.1853

LANCASTER, Sophia C., Vs Aaron A., -Divorce-Feb 23,1843

LASSITER, Joel vs., Mary-Separation- June 15.1816 (a Joel LASITER died in Jefferson Co., in 1825 survived by wife Polly)

LANE, Priscilla, vs., Samuel-Divorce- Date Lost "he treated her brutally and finally absconded down the Mississippi." They were married 9 Dec 1832)

LAUDRIGAN, Cornelius, vs., Catherine-Divorce- Jan 19,1843

LEDUKE, Morris, -Separation Nov 8, 1823 ( LADUKE sued wife Eulalie for divorce in 1829)

LEE, Mary, vs., James-Divorce Dec 8.1848

LEMAN, Joseph . vs " My wife Lercille ORNOOCE" *spelled as shown., Separation July 28, 1819

LEVREMONT, Pierre, vs., "my wife Lucille LECLAIR'', Separation-Feb 17,1842

LEWIS, Frances M., vs John-Divorce Dec 31,1823

LEWIS, Samuel, vs., Mildred-Separation- Sept 9.1836

LEWIS, Maria, vs., Charles-Divorce-July 2,1853

LONGEVENT, Joseph vs., Celeste-Separation- Feb 7, 18111 & Dec 25, 1813

LOVE, Mary Ann, vs., William-Divorce- Sept 14,1846

MCGINNIS, Margaret (asks for information concerning her husband Edward, a carpenter, absent about a year) dated June 6,1821

McNEIL, Wm. S., vs. Emeline-Separation St. Louis Arsenal Feb 2, 1832

McNEIL, Emeline T., (Notice: He left her, "harbored with other women." Request printer to inset this notice under his and repeat it whenever William's appeared. Neither appeared again. Feb 9,1832

MAXWELL,William, vs., Nancy E.- Separation- 1846-1847

MEARA, John, vs., Catherine-Separation- April 11,1821

MEBUS, John, (Notice: The conduct of his wife, Margaret, late SCHLEACHAR, of St. Louis has constrained him to separate from her and he will file for divorce in Madison Co., Illinois dated Oct 11,1839

MELLOT, Joseph vs., Adeline-Separation- April 22,1844 (He believe that she went to Prairie du Rocher, Illinois)

MOBLEY, Jacob, vs., Sally-Divorce- Feb 12,1837

MOJIN, Charles, vs., Emily BEYON-Separation-July 2, 1823

MOMAY, John, vs., Ellen-Separation- April 5, 1836

MONTGOMERY, William, vs., Nancy Nee PIERCALL- Divorce- August 24, 1808 (He charged adultery and several prominent citizens testified for him; she supposed to have gone to KY.)

MOUSETTE, Baptiste, vs., Genevieve RICHARD-Separation- August 26. 1815

MURPHY, John , vs., Ellen-Separation- Aug 20, 1836 (She left the night of 18th)

MURRY, Elizabeth, vs., Harrison-Divorce- October 15,1851

MUSICK, Thomas, vs., Matilda-Separation- August 22,1833

MYERS, Jacob, vs., Polly-Separation- May 31,1831

NASH, Ira vs., Rosanna, L., -Separation Oct 31,1810

NASON, Mary vs., Culbert-Divorce- (He abandoned her) Jan 10,1828

NEWBERRY, Mary Ann, vs., Henry-Divorce- April 5, 1842

NICHOLS, March C, nee LYONS, VS. Richard F. Legal Separation- July 19,1845

NORTON, Lydia, vs., Christopher-Divorce- Jan 21,1850

NOYES , Mary vs., Jacob W.,-Divorce June 3,1848

NUNNELLY, Esther, A., vs., Charles G.-Divorce July 29, 1847

PAINE, Noah W., vs., Polly-Separation-Jan 31,1825

PAPIN, Louis, vs. Wife Amelia Caiot-Separation- dated ?

PATTERSON, Wm., vs., Hannah-Separation- May 15,1818

PENRICE, Ann A., vs., Thomas S., -Divorce Feb 23,1853

PETERSON, Peter, vs., Elizabeth-Divorce- June 21,1847

PRENTICE, Nichibald, vs Lucinda nee JOICE-Divorce- Jan 16,1838 (They were married in Kentucky in 1831 and have one child, David; he charges her with adultery' she relocated to Kentucky)

PROUHET, S., vs., Agnes of River Des Peres (St. Louis Co.,) Separation- 21 April 1835

PROUIX, Basil, vs., His wife formerly CHANCELLIER-Separation- July 30,1814

PRUITT, Samuel, vs., Catherine-Separation- May 21,1814

RAFFERTY, William, vs., Martha-Separation- Jan 5, 1837 (She left him 5th inst.)

RAWLINS, Robert B., vs., Alice-Divorce- July 29,1847

RENCONTRE, Antoine vs., Mary Josette ROY, Separation-April 6,1816

RENNOLDS, William R., vs. Edith-Separation- March 4,1846

RIDDLE, Mary J., vs., Abraham-Divorce- May 10,1842

RICE, Marsina, vs., James-Divorce- Nov 28, 1853 (Deserted 2 years before)

ROBERTS, Michael, vs., Ann-Separation- Feb 15,1823

ROBIDOUX, Julie vs., Isidore-Divorce- date missing. (married about 22 years ago, came to Missouri after that. Has one son age 16. Robidoux left her about 4 years ago and went to Mexico)

ROLAND, Robert, vs., Ulrica-Divorce March 6,1849

RUDD, Johnson, vs. Hannah-Divorce- May 3, 1847

RUELL, Minerva Jane, vs., Jean Baptiste-Divorce-Feb 22,1845

SANDBERG, Peter A., Vs., Rosetta-Divorce Jan 6,1837 (They were married in New Orleans; she "departed with another man")

SCOTT, James vs. Meeky-Separation- March 15,1831

SCHAFFER, or SHAFFER, Nicholas, vs Louise LAPRISSE-Separation-Nov 8, 1834

SHAW, John , vs., Elizabeth-Separation- date lost

SHELTON, Susan, vs.. Wm. H-Divorce March 10,1849

SIMMONS, Nancy nee HIBLER, vs., William M.,-Divorce- Dec 1,1829 (married August 1821 , deserted 1824, two children)

SMILEY, Samuel vs., Dorotha- Divorce-(Desertion) May 10,1820, county not shown but published in the Inquirer, St. Louis, Mo.

SMITH, George A., vs. Elizabeth M.,-Divorce- 24 Sept 1849 (he charged drunkenness, adultery and desertion) Published in Weekly Reveille, St. Louis, Mo.

SMITH, Hiram vs. ZILPHIE, nee SIMPSON -Divorce- Aug 31,1846 (Married Randolph Co., Ark, in 1838, she deserted him Sept 1842)

SMITH, Veronique, by nest friend John Harvey, vs., Charles-Divorce- April 13,1837 (Married October 8, 1834but he left her "that fall" and is present in Santa Fe with another woman)

SNELL, Robert vs., Elizabeth nee SIMPSON-Divorce-March 5, 1849 published in the State Legislature of Missouri, County not indicated.

STEEL, Henry, L., vs. Elizabeth- Separation- St. Ferdinand Twp, St. Lois Co. Jan 14,1845 ( He will not pay her debts but does not say that she has left him.

STEWART, William, vs., Elizabeth-Separation August 24,1818

STEWART, William vs. Mary "or any of the rest of his family under age" Sept 14,1846

STOUT, Adaline, by next friend William MYERS vs., John-Divorce date (?) husband deserted her 2 years ago.

STUCKEY, Allison, vs., Mary-Divorce- Jan 12,1853 (Charges Desertion & Adultery)

SULLIVAN, Virginia J., vs., Thomas G.,-Divorce- Aug 10,1853

THARP, Eleanor, Petition for separate maintenance from her husband William who has deserted her. (Circuit Court) Sept 20,1847

THOMAS, Anthony, vs., Cynthia-Separation- Aug 10.1806

THURMAN, Pleasant, vs., Mary-Separation March 30,1838

TIFFIN, Clayton, vs., Julia G, nee CROW, -Divorce- March 12,1849

TOTTEN, Julia, vs., Spender-Divorce- published in Commercial Bulletin, St. Louis Mo., (Married in New York 1825; he has been a habitual drunk for 2 years)Feb 4, 1841

TRENT, Rosanna, by nest friend William DRENAN vs., William-Divorce April 29,1828 (Married about 10 years ago in Jefferson Co.:he deserted her and two infants about five years ago)

TULLEY, John Vs., Bridget-Separation-May 31,1838

VACHARD, Charles Vs., Margaret-Separation- Published Shepherd of the Valley, St. Louis - Sept 12.1834

VAN GRALMAN,Sarah Jane, vs., Herman-Divorce- Feb 13,1849, county not shown published by State Legislature of Missouri

VIALETT, Nancy Nee CAMPBELL vs., Jackson-Divorce, county not shown March 8, 1849 by State Legislature of Missouri

WEBB,Thomas H., vs., Ruth -Separation- April 30,1844

WEBER, Frederick, vs., Esther-Separation- Julhy 2,1814

WEIDENBACH, John Joseph vs., Barbara-Divorce- Aug 4, 1853

WELCH, Thomas W., vs. Anna-Separation--Aug 20, 1814

WEST, Isaac, vs., Ruth-Separation- Aug 8,1811

WHITE, Hugh, vs. Emeline-Divorce- July 12,1842

WHITLEY, Paul vs., Elizabeth-Separation- Dec 17,1814

WILLIS, Noah C., vs. Theodore, his wife-Separation- June 26,1834

WINES, W.E.D., vs,, Diannah-Separation- Jan 30, 1822 (She and their child left through the persuasion of her mother)