Gaslight Square - barely a blip on the radar

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Prompted by an email I received, I decided to list all the favorites haunts that existed in the famous Gaslight Square of the 1960s. I personally have some great, and not so great, memories of Gaslight Square. I remember taking my "one true love" to a restaurant there in 1962. I remember going back in 1963 with a bunch of my rowdy buddies and drowning my sorrows when I found out she had found her "second true love" already.

Looking back, in retrospect, I'm amazed at how brief a period of time this St. Louis legend existed, as attested to in the following chart.

Olive Street Address 1954 St. Louis Street Address Telephone Directory 1963 St. Louis City Directory 1975 St. Louis City Directory
4210 McGrath's residence Dark Side of the Moon Tavern vacant
4212 Lasley and Cavitt residence Butterscotch Lounge no listing
4216 no listing Blackhorse Tavern no listing
4217-19 Gates, Gray, Tschudin residence Roaring Twenties Theater Club no listing
4218 Rick-Felton Plating Co. Bustles and Bows tavern no listing
4223 Hazzard residence Living Room night club no listing
4230 Petring Art Shop Marty's nightclub vacant
4235 no listing Vanity Fair tavern no listing



no listing

Stirrat Sheet Metal Works

Nick C. Stabile tavern

Crystal Palace night club vacant
4237 Long residence Montileone's Café Expresso no listing
4239 Gold's Antique Shop Carl Jack & Charlie Two Cents Plain restaurant vacant
4241 no listing Anadel's Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlor vacant


no listing

Mrs. Walls Cunningham Antiques

The Tiger's Den vacant


The Green House

Kantermans Market Grocery

Smoky Joe's Grecian Terrace vacant
4259 no listing Opera House restaurant vacant
4262 Fine Arts Frame Company Bella Rosa Lounge vacant
4279 Sowell residence Left Bank Restaurant vacant
4283 Manique and Rucker residence Port St. Louis restaurant and Stage vacant
4285 Rucker and Schrick residence Islander Inc. Restaurant vacant
4287 Hodo and McIllwain residence Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant vacant



no listing

no listing

Abernathy's Adams Hotel

Adams Hotel

Magnolia House Restaurant

The Georgian restaurant

no listing

no listing

New Adams Hotel

4300 Westminster Pharmacy Die Lorelei Ltd. Restaurant no listing
4304 Hirschfeld Antique Shop Three Fountains restaurant no listing
4318 Bonnet residence Red Carpet restaurant vacant
4320 Asadorian Rug Company Silver Dollar club no listing