Extracts of "The Search For Missing Friends"

David A. Lossos, (updated 9/8/2009)

I've purchased the first four volumes of "The Search For Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot". So far I have transcribed Volume I and II for anyone listed that relates to the St. Louis metropolitan area. I intend to continue with the other two volumes at time permits.

Published in 1989 by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, this multi-volume set contains many thousands of Irish-American immigrant "Missing Friends" advertisements that appeared in the Boston Pilot from 1831 to 1916. Volume I contained those posted in the 1831 to 1850 timeframe; Volume II covers 1851-1853.

Items listed below include "Subject", the person(s) about whom the advertisement was seeking information, "Irish Home" usually referred to the town, parish, and county associated with the "Subject", "Local Connection" is typically the place where the "Subject" was thought to be (or have been), and "Ad Placed by" is the person(s) that placed the ad, and usually include the relationship to the "Subject".

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Date Volume & Page Subject Irish home Local Connection Ad Placed by
1842 I-052 Thomas Molerick Killicounty, Co. Cork St. Louis Richard Molerick, brother
1842 I-055 Patrick Healey Lougboy, Co. Kilkenny St. Louis Morris Connolly, brother-in-law
1842 I-060 John Glynn Tulloughmore, Co. Roscommon St. Louis Martin and Malachy Glynn, brothers
1844 I-082 Thomas Redmond St. Louis Mary Dohany, sister
1845 I-097 John Devlin Dunean, Co. Antrim St. Louis James Devlin, brother
1845 I-102 Thomas O'Brien Newtown near Charlesville, Co. Cork Potosi, Washington County Cornelius O'Brien
1845 I-107 James Barry Kilmanehan, Co. King St. Louis Edward Barry, brother
1845 I-108 William and James McGroarty Inver, Co. Donegal St. Louis Hugh Groatry, cousin
1843 I-109 Thomas Larkin Limonahanm Co. Kildare St. Louis Peter Larkin, brother
1845 I-113 Hugh McLaughlin Culdaff, Co. Donegal Jefferson Barracks 1843 John McLoughlin (brother)
1843 I-118 Patrick McGrath Fintona, Co. Tyrone St. Louis Owen Mcgrath, brother
1845 I-127 Bartholomew and Patrick Downing Connero, Co. Cork St. Louis Dennis Downing, brother
1845 I-128 Dennis Burns Cork City St. Louis Abby Burns, sister
1845 I-130 Thomas Shanly Mohill, Co. Leitrim St. Louis Patrick Shanly, brother
1846 I-133 Patrick Clark Ballycaskill, Co. Kilkenny Jefferson Barracks 1828 Julia Clark (sister)
1846 I-134 James Magennis Hegarstown, Co. Louth Boston Margaret Magennis (St. Louis)
1846 I-148 Edward Phillips Londonderry St. Louis Hugh Phillips, brother
1846 I-149 Thomas Rooney Ireland St. Louis 1844 James Rooney
1846 I-164 Dennis Downey Connaught, Co. Cork Boston Patrick and Bartholomew Downey in St. Louis, brothers
1846 I-167 Matthew Hughes and James Keefe Trim, Co. Meath St. Louis Wm. A. Wilson
1846 I-173 Edward Kelly Donegal St. Louis 1844 Catherine and Unity Kelly, sisters
1847 I-195 Thomas Claffy Co. King St. Louis Mary Minlin
1847 I-215 Jeremiah, David, Daniel Manning Kilbrettian, Co. Cork New York 1827 John Manning in St. Louis, brother
1847 I-235 Christopher Branon Crepanes, Churchtown, Co. Westmeath St. Louis Thomas and Mary Branon, son and daughter
1847 I-245 Christopher Branon Cressanea, Churchtown, Co. Westmeath St. Louis Thomas and Mary Branon, son and daughter
1848 I-251 Owen O'Neil Ballinlough, Co. Meath St. Louis 1846 Bernard Blaney, nephew
1848 I-271 Ann Patterson Limerick, Co. Limerick William Patterson in St. Louis, brother
1848 I-276 John and Jeremiah Crowley Bandon, Co. Cork St. Louis and Waterloo, IL 1845 Mrs. Anne Crowly, mother
1848 I-282 Julia O'Connor Bally Garvin, Co. Cork St. Louis Jeremiah O'Connor, brother
1848 I-301 Mary Kelly Killala, Co. Mayo Mrs. Mary (Welch) Kelly in St. Louis, mother
1848 I-302 John McCarty Knocknavan, Kildorrery, Co. Cork St. Louis 1846 James McCarty, brother
1848 I-325 Patrick Houlihan Manis, Clare, Co. Clare St. Louis John Houlihan, brother
1849 I-341 Patrick Guerin West Keatin, Co. Limerick St. Louis 1847 Michael Guerin, cousin
1849 I-343 Owen Callaghan Bulgaden, Co. Limerick St. Louis father, brother and sister
1849 I-353 Bridget Harrington Ballylanders, Co. Limerick St. Louis John and David Harrington, brothers
1849 I-354 James and Johanna (McNerney) McCormick Knockanny, Co. Limerick St. Louis Margaret Hogan, sister
1849 I-358 Eliza Hennessy Co. Carlow St. Louis Lawrence Hennessy, brother
1849 I-369 Edward Gaines Tempelno, Co. Kerry Patrick Gaines in St. Louis, brother
1849 I-379 Michael and son John Gorman Capanrish parish St. Louis Margaret Unthink, daughter
1849 I-386 Patrick Bradley Loughan, Carrickness, Co. Meath St. Louis Bryan Bradley, brother, and Patrick Bradley, uncle
1849 I-388 William Highland St. Louis John Highland, brother
1849 I-389 James Brogan Antemas, Co. Mayo St. Louis Anthony Hughes
1849 I-401 John Carroll Kilmacon, Co. Kilkenny Patrick Morrisy in St. Louis, brother-in-law
1849 I-409 Owen Hopkins and Richard McCormick Co. Longford and Co. Mayo, respectively St. Louis and Illinois, respectively John Hopkins
1849 I-412 Richard Burn Thorny Bridge, Lisroona, Co. Tipperary St. Louis Mary Ryan, daughter of Richard's sister Mary
1849 I-420 Patrick English Ballylinch, near Carrick-on-suir, Co. Tipperary St. Louis (with Ellen, Johanna and Peggy Dooley) a brother
1849 I-421 John Murphy Inch, Kilconmin, Co. Kerry St. Louis Daniel Murphy, son
1849 I-425 William Martin Sommerstown, Pummerhill, Co. Meath St. Louis Patrick Martin, brother
1849 I-430 Peter Early Balygawley, Eregalkeiro, Co. Tyrone St. Louis 1848 Hannah and Mary Early, sisters
1849 I-436 John Fitzgerald Liselton, Co. Kerry Maurice Fitzgerald in St. Louis, brother
1850 I-438 John Murphy Clones parish, Co. Fermanaugh St. Louis Mary Murphy, sister
1850 I-439 Patrick McErlane parish Maghern, Co. Derry Illinois Henry McErlane in St. Louis, brother
1850 I-440 Henry McErlain Pittsburgh John Nelson in St. Louis, brother-in-law
1850 I-453 John Connolly Youghal, Co. Cork St. Louis Maurice and Ellen (Connolly) Kavanaugh, brother-in-law and sister
1850 I-456 John Murphy Clones, Ulster St. Louis Mary Murphy, sister
1850 I-459 Thomas Rockett Clashganing, Portlaw, Co. Waterford St. Louis Ann Rockett, sister
1850 I-472 Michael Kennedy St. Louis Bridget, Kennedy, sister
1850 I-474 John Quinlan Graffan, Annacarthy, Co. Tipperary Ann Quillan in St. Louis, wife
1850 I-484 Michael Gorman and sons John, Peter and Michael Clarahill, Clonaslee, Queen's Co. St. Louis Margaret Onthank, sister
1850 I-488 Thomas Broderick Killworth, Co. Cork Brother David's wife, Bridget Broderick in St. Louis
1850 I-489 Timothy Curtin Crossberry, Co. Cork St. Louis Jeremiah Curtin, brother
1850 I-491 Micahel Kough Knocklong, Co. Limerick St. Louis (with brother Patrick and Charles Dowd) Timothy Kough, brother
1850 I-504 John Brennan Kilkeasy, Ballyhale, Co. Kilkenny St. Louis Bridget Sheehy, niece
1850 I-517 James Kilmurray St. Louis Peter Kilmurray
1850 I-543 John King Mountbellew, Co. Galway St. Louis 1847 Martin King, father
1850 I-551 Timothy O'Neill Gaffney, Co. Kerry St. Louis Bridget and Margaret O'Neil, sisters
1851 II-005 Dennis and Patrick Touhy (brothers) Glenflesk, Co. Kerry St. Louis James Touhy, brother
1851 II-012 Michael and James Nealor Co. Clare New Orleans (1849) James Nealor in St. Louis, father
1851 II-013 Charles Byrnes Lower Radoney, Co. Tyrone Steamboat bet. St. Louis and New Orleans Henry O'Brien in Buffalo, N. Y.
1851 II-015 Daniel and John Downey Kneigh, Co. Cork St. Louis Timothy and Judy Downey, parents, in Boston
1851 II-018 James Gorman Moat, Co. Queen's St. Louis Michael Gorman, brother, Mississippi
1851 II-021 Stephen Maher Moycarky, Co. Tipperary St. Louis mother
1851 II-024 Edward Powell Ogonnelloe, Co. Clare New Orleans John Powell, St. Louis, brother
1851 II-025 Elizabeth Drury Lisquinlan, Co. Cork New York Patrick Drury, brother in St. Louis
1851 II-027 James Ryan, William and Catherine Ryan Tobin parish Thurles, Co. Tipperary St. Louis Richard Ryan, NJ
1851 II-027 John and Clementine Cooper Nutfield, Co. Kerry Fee Fee, St. Louis County John McCarthy, nephew
1851 II-043 John Leary Co. Kerry St. Louis (1849) Mary Leary and children Margaret and Dennis
1851 II-045 John Ray Ballycosgrove, Co. Cork Jefferson Barracks (1847) Thomas Ray, brother in Boston
1851 II-049 Laurence and Justin McCarthy Caherciven, Co. Kerry St. Louis Richard Kelly, sister's husband. CT
1851 II-050 Bridget McGee Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry New York John McGee, brother in St. Louis
1851 II-051 Patrick Callahan Co. Cork New York Jeremiah Callahan, brother in St. Louis
1851 II-058 Lawrence Walsh Ballindagin, Co. Wexford Cincinnati Bartholomew Walsh, father in St. Louis
1851 II-059 Michael and Norry Clarey Morrough, Co. Clare New York John Clary, brother in St. Louis
1851 II-061 William Crowley City of Cork St. Louis Joseph Crowley in NY
1851 II-067 Joseph, John and Richard Duggan, and Mary Duggan Lundregin Cashel, Co. Tipperary Fee Fee, St. Louis County Thomas and Catherine Duggan, siblings
1851 II-071 Hugh McGirr Lackagh, Co. Tyrone St. Louis - Galena Patrick McGirr, RI
1851 II-076 James Kelly and Terrence Manus St. Deulix, Dublin St. Louis (1850) Patrick Manus
1851 II-080 Michael Killoran Gevagh, Co. Sligo Milwaukee Patrick McDermott, brother-in-law in Bremen, North St. Louis
1851 II-081 Patrick Hennessy Kildorrory, Co. Cork St. Louis (1850) Mrs. Hennessy
1851 II-082 John Devlin Dublin St. Louis (1849) Henry Devlin brother in New Orleans
1851 II-087 James and Bridget Culligan Carroll Drumline, Co. Cavan St. Louis Thomas Culligan, brother in CT
1851 II-101 Daniel and Eugene Enright Ardagh, Co. Limerick Jefferson Barracks William Enright
1851 II-104 Mary Dunne Breanor, Co. Tipperary Albany, NY Rody Dunne, brother in St. Louis
1851 II-108 John Murphy Co. Limerick St. Louis (1850) Edmond Beal, cousin
1851 II-115 John Powers Callan, Co. Kilkenny Quebec Mary and James, mother and brother in St. Louis
1851 II-119 John Sullivan Co. Cork St. Louis Honora Sullivan, wife
1851 II-123 George O'Gorman Watersown, Co. Kildare St. Louis Thomas O'Gorman, brother
1851 II-125 Stephen Aigan Co. King's St. Louis John Aigan, brother
1851 II-126 Patrick Dooley Clonmel, Co. Tipperary St. Louis James Broden
1851 II-134 Mary Farrel McBride Co. Mayo Mary McCormick, mother
1851 II-144 William Cullinan Caherbarrule, Co. Cork St. Louis Patrick Cullinan
1851 II-150 Mathew Riely and William, James and Lawrence Carry Co. Meath St. Louis Patrick McGuiness, brother-in-law
1851 II-153 Thomas and Johanna Meagher Danesfort, Co. Kilkenny St. Louis Patrick T. Meagher, brother
1852 II-159 Dennis and John Riordan Macroom, Co. Cork Timothy, Riodan, brother in St. Louis
1852 II-165 William Molloy (son of Peter and Bridget) Killala, Co. Mayo Mississippi Owen Molloy, brother in St. Louis
1852 II-170 John O'Neil Rosenallis, Co. Queen's St. Louis His wife in Philadelphia
1852 II-176 Timothy Quirk Coomasaharine, Co. Kerry St. Louis (1850) Johanna Griffin, his niece
1852 II-177 Terence McShane Kilrocken, Co. Armagh St. Louis James and Bryan McShane, brothers
1852 II-183 Walter Dunphy Moncoin, Co. Kilkenny St. Louis Richard Dunphy, brother
1852 II-185 William Flynn Castlebar, Co. Mayo Vermont Patrick Walsh, brother-in-law in St. Louis
1852 II-188 Peter McCabe and James Sweeney Ireland St. Louis married to daughters (Catherine and Mary) of James Callahen
1852 II-190 John and Michael Monahan Maypole, Co. Westmeath St. Louis (1849) Martin Hannin, brother-in-law
1852 II-191 Patrick Reynolds Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim St. Louis (1850) Francis Reynolds, brother
1852 II-193 John Deehan Clara, Co. King's St. Louis Anne Deehan, sister
1852 II-194 Thomas, Peter, and Bridget Curran Tullow, Co. Carlow St. Louis James Doyle
1852 II-196 Michael Coady Co. Kilkenny New York Ellen Coady, sister in St. Louis
1852 II-198 Edward McCarty Ireland St. Louis Mary McCarty
1852 II-199 John Crelly Co. Louth New York Thomas Crelly, brother in St. Louis
1852 II-203 Richard Powers Waterford St. Louis Wife and child
1852 II-204 Edward McCarthy Kenneh, Co. Cork St. Louis Mary Buckly McCarthy, wife
1852 II-207 Timothy Nunan Tankardstown, Co. Limerick St. Louis Patrick Nunan, his brother
1852 II-213 Mrs. Judy Gleason Ballyboy, Co. Tipperary New Orleans William Gleason, husband in St. Louis
1852 II-217 John McCarthy New Market, Co. Cork St. Louis Elizabeth McCarthy, mother
1852 II-219 Bridget and Winifred Burke Moher, Co. Tipperary Canada Patrick Burke, brother in St. Louis
1852 II-221 Thomas Conboy Mount Talbot, Co. Roscommon Brooklyn NY Martin Conboy, brother in St. Louis
1852 II-223 Andrew Moran Vicarstown, Co. Queens St. Louis Julia Flanagan, sister
1852 II-224 Catherine Kenney Swineford, Co. Mayo New Orleans Peter Fox, brother-in-law in St. Louis
1852 II-228 Andrew Cullaton Ireland New York Bridget Cullaton, mother in St. Louis
1852 II-233 Timothy Riordan Cork St. Louis John Riordan, brother
1852 II-241 Micahel Tiernan Co. Leitrim St. Louis James Tiernan, brother
1852 II-247 Thomas and Michael Moore Roscommon St. Louis James S. Dooly
1852 II-250 Thomas and John Flynng Ballybacon, Co. Tipperary St. Louis Edmund Flynng
1852 II-257 John Sullivan Co. Cork St. Louis Thomas Sullivan, brother
1852 II-264 John, James and Thomas Ryan Queens Co. Ireland Bridget Mansfield Ryan, mother in St. Louis
1852 II-266 James Dolan Cruistown, Co. Meath St. Louis Philip Dolan, father
1852 II-272 Thomas Keefe Kill, Co. Waterford St. Louis Margaret Keefe, sister
1852 II-278 William Stanton Skull, Co. Cork Mississippi Johanna, James, and Dennis Stanton in St. Louis
1852 II-295 Peter Foley Limerick City St. Louis Patrick Foley, brother
1852 II-297 Timothy and Mary Riordan Ireland William Welch, Mary's brother
1852 II-306 Michael Welsh Hardy Common, Co. Mayo New York Mary Dolan, mother in St. Louis
1852 II-307 Thomas Mokler Clarahan, Co. Tipperary New Orleans Ellen Mokler, mother in St. Louis
1852 II-311 Patrick Caughlin Cloonbury, Co. Mayo St. Louis William Caughlin, brother
1852 II-312 Margaret and Bridget Temlernan Kilkenny St. Louis Patrick, Mary, and Catherine Temlernan, siblings
1852 II-314 Gerald Walsh St. Louis Dr. John Walsh, father, in Buffalo, NY
1853 II-323 Hugh McKenzie Ireland St. Louis Wife, by way of C. Ferreday in St. Louis
1853 II-328 Daniel and Humphrey O'Sullivan Firies, Co. Kerry St. Louis Honora O'Sullivan, sister in Boston
1853 II-328 Miss Winifred O'Regan Anglora, Co. Mayo Carondelet, MO Rev. Mr. O'Regan
1853 II-330 Michael Sheedy Clash Tralee, Co. Kerry St. Louis John Sheedy, brother in NY
1853 II-338 Lawrence Clarke Cavan St. Louis John Clarke in St. Louis
1853 II-342 Jeremish Haley Causeway, Co. Kerry Quebec John Haley, brother, via Jeremiah Lynch, in St. Louis
1853 II-351 Michael Kegins Donmore, Co. Galway St. Louis Wife and children Ellen Kegins and James and John in Madison, Indiana
1853 II-358 Patrick Curran Flemingsotwn, Co. Tipperary Maine Thomas Curran, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-362 John Walsh Ballycarrick, Co. Mayo St. Louis Michael of James Walsh, brothers, NY
1853 II-364 Simon Griffin Ballin Friar, Co. Tipperary St. Louis to Galena to Chicago Patrick D. Lane in Iowa
1853 II-368 Mary O'Neil Prustown, Co. Tipperary St. Louis William O'Brien in Ireland
1853 II-369 Thomas Murray Kilmathomas, Co. Waterford St. Louis Patrick Murray, brother in NY
1853 II-370 Margaret Reddy Templeorum, Co. Kilkenny New York Richard Reddy, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-373 William, Thomas, Anne and John McLean New York William Tully, cousin in St. Louis
1853 II-375 Owen Daly Newcastle, Co. Galway St. Louis John Daly, brother
1853 II-376 Patrick and James Kelley and John O'Dowd Manchester (St. Louis County) Thomas Kelley, brother
1853 II-377 Catherine McInerny Corofin, Co. Clare Boston Bryan McInerney, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-378 Charles Scanlon Ireland Detroit John Scanlon, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-380 Michael Casey Limerick New York William Heaphy in St. Louis
1853 II-383 Denis Flanigan Knockacleva, Co. Louth St. Louis Mary Jordan, niece
1853 II-387 John Dee Mothil, Co. Waterford St. Louis Edmond Dee, brother
1853 II-391 Richard Anderson Ireland St. Louis Mary Anderson, wife
1853 II-393 John Gorman Phillipstown, Co. King's Baltimore Daniel Gorman, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-397 John Sweetman Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny St. Louis (1852) Patrick and Margaret Sweetman, siblings
1853 II-408 Patrick Power Caherconlish, Co. Limerick St. Louis Ellen Power, sister
1853 II-409 John and Michael Burke Tipperary St. Louis (1852) Margaret Burke, sister
1853 II-418 William, Archibald amd Patrick Morison Island of Rathlinn, Co. Antrim Philadelphia James Maher, brother-in-law in St. Louis
1853 II-424 James Buckley, Michael and Bridget Noughton Furban, Co. King's New York M. Buckley, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-427 Roger Mullowny Elphin, Co. Roscommon St. Louis John Drudy, brother-in-law
1853 II-428 Timothy Mahon Mullingar, Co. Westmeath St. Louis (1849) Christopher Mahon, brother
1853 II-431 James and Timothy Hannon Knockay, Co. Tipperary New York Patrick Hannan, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-437 Catherine Sweeny Kilcrochen, Co. Kerry St. Louis (1852) Peter Sweeny, father
1853 II-438 Paul Murphy Battlestown, Co. Wexford New York Margaret Murphy, mother in St. Louis
1853 II-443 Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, and John Lyons All-Sts-Well, Co. King's NYC Catherine Lyons, sister in St. Louis
1853 II-444 Mrs. Ellen Harkin Meelick, Co. Mayo New York Patrick Harkin, son in St. Louis
1853 II-450 Ann and Bridget McEnvoy Slean, Co. Meath St. Louis (1848) Catherine McEnvoy, sister
1853 II-454 Patrick Hughes and children William, John, Hugh, Thomas, rosy, and Mary Ann Tynan, Co. Armagh New York Edward Hughes in St. Louis
1853 II-457 Edmond Walsh and Hannah Walsh Moycullen, Co. Galway New York Matthew Walsh, husband of Hannah in St. Louis
1853 II-460 Michael Darby and wife Catherine Hennessey Coonaugh, Co. Clare Vermont James and Mary Hennesey, brother and sister-in-law in St. Louis
1853 II-462 Martin Mason Templeton, Co. Wexford St. Louis Mary Mason, sister
1853 II-469 Patrick Berigan, Michael Maher, Patrick Dougherty Ireland St. Louis William Berigan
1853 II-472 Timothy McCarthy Fermoy, Co. Cork St. Louis Ellen McCarthy, sister
1853 II-476 John Foley Portlaw, Co. Waterford St. Louis (1849) Margaret Foley, wife
1853 II-478 Anne Greely Annaugh. Cp. Mayo St. Louis Bridget Greely
1853 II-481 Thomas Kane Dunbeg, Co. Clare New York James Kane, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-485 James Mahoney Gurtnahoe, Co. Kerry St. Louis County (Feb. 1852) William Mahoney, brother
1853 II-486 John Coleman Calremorris, Co. Mayo Pekin, Illinois Catherine Lynch, sister in St. Louis
1853 II-491 Judith Larkin and Thomas Kealy Co. Queen's Matthew Larkin, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-495 Thomas Young Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin Cleveland Joseph Young, father in St. Louis
1853 II-501 Patrick Geary Mason, Co. Cork Washington, D. C. John and James Swayne in St. Louis
1853 II-503 John Trainor Dernalusset, Co. Monaghan St. Louis Bridget Trainor, sister
1853 II-510 William, Michael, Daniel, Mary and Winifred Leonard Lurha, Co. Queen's Edward Leonard in St. Louis
1853 II-518 Bridget and Winifred Burke Upper Church, Co. Tipperary Virginia Patrick Burke, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-525 Timothy Crean Ovens, Co. Cork Tennessee William Crean, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-526 James Ryan Bonnerea, Co. Tipperary Cornelius Ryan, brother in St. Louis
1853 II-527 Peter Fitzpatrick Co. Armagh St. Louis Michael Fitzpatrick, brother
1853 II-529 Philip Kennedy Limerick St. Louis Austin Kanavane, nephew
1853 II-530 Elizabeth Flood Ballinacariga, Co. Westmeath Potosi, MO William Flood, father