Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center

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Yesterday, June 25, 2007, I attended a tour of the Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center hosted by Dennis Northcutt. I was disappointed to see only three couples show up for this. I had expected a standing room only kind of crowd. I personally had not used this facility all that much, and I was interested to find out what I'd been missing.

I was also disappointed that my "Genealgy in St. Louis" website didn't make Dennis' list of 16 websites mentioned on his "Some of my favorite genealogy websites" handout. As his tour went along I was even more disappointed that he apparently has never visited my website, based on his many comments of things the MHS Library was planning on doing (that already appear on the "Genealogy in St. Louis" sites). A few examples:

There were a number of things Dennis mentioned that I was not aware of in their collection, namely

Overall, this is a very nice repository of St. Louis history and genealogy. BTW, you can bring your laptop, but just about nothing else - not even purses. And forget about digital cameras. But copies of items are very inexpensive.

One last thing. Dennis mentioned a number of times that there is real data on their website. I looked, and couldn't find a single online database anywhere. Please take a look at the Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center , and send me the exact URLs so I can post the link on the "Genealogy in St. Louis" website