"Historic Buildings in St. Louis County"

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Updated 2/5/2008

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The book "Historic Buildings in St. Louis County" was published in 1983. This publication is an update of a 1970 report titled " 100 Historic Buildings in St. Louis County". Most have a picture of the building and at least an excerpt, if not a paragraph. There are a few though that only have a picture and the address, but may give the original owners names.

Affton vicinity: Oakland (7801 Genesta)

Ballwin: Barn at Lucerne (910 Clayton Rd at Kehrs Mill Rd)

Bee Tree Park: Eugene Nims House

Bellefountaine Neighbors: Bellefountaine Methodist Church, Daniel Bissell House

Bridgeton: Thomas Lucas House, Mizpah Presbyterian Church, Payne-Gentry House

Calverton Park: Thomas January-Andrew Harper House (49 Bascom) Camp Wyman

Carsonville Vicinity: John G. Watson-John Heinrich Thies Farm (4213 N Hanely Rd)

Chesterfield vicinity: Bonhomme Presbyterian Church, Ludwig or Louis Mertz Log Cabin, T.A. Pappas House, Thornhill (Frederick Bates House-Faust Park)

Clayton: Brentmoor Park, Carrswold (Jen Jensen), First Federal Frank and Crust, Martin Franklin Hanley House (7600 Westmoreland), Leo M. Shanley Building, Stix International House

Crestwood and vicinity: Arban (Sappington) House (5800 Sappington), William Lindsay Long Log Cabin, Thomas Sappington House, Zephaniah Sappington House

Creve Coeur: Clester Log Cabin 12433 Conway Rd), Christian Hackmann House, Herman Hackmann House, Lake School, Tappmeyer Farm

Des Peres: City Hall

Fenton and vicinity: Longwith-DeSalme House, Norrington (John Harris House: Old Smizer rd)

Ferguson: Central School, David P.Thomas (Tiffin) House, "Wildwood" Lamotte House, Dames Court)

Florissant and vicinity: Archambault House, Aubuchon-Herbst House, August Aubuchon House, Baptiste Aubuchon House, Bellisime House, Bockrath-Wiese house, Casa Alvarez, Coldwater School, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Florissant Historic District, Hendel's Market, John B. Myers House, Lucy Patterson House, Shrine of Old St. Ferdinand, St. Stanislaus, Taille De Noyer

Frontenac: Des Peres Presbyterian Church, John Sydner Farm (Oak Valley Rd)

Glendale: Cori House, William McPherson-Leonard Holland House, Thomas D. Yeats-Luther Armstrong House

Grantwood Village: Grant's Farm, Hardscrabble, White Haven

Hazelwood: Old Elm Grove School, St. Cin House, Alexander Stuart-James M. Utz House

Huntleigh: John P. Meyer House

Kirkwood: Brownhurst (Daniel S. Brown House-1201 S. Lindbergh, Cragwold (Edwin Lemp House-Cragwold Dr) , George W. Fishback Place, George Gill House, Halsey-Rode House (E. Washington), History House (549 E. Argonne Dr.), Hoffman-Ward House, Kirkwood Pacific Station, Magic House, Mooreland ( de Pombiray-Moore-Lockett), Henry T. Mudd's Grove, Old Grace Church, Olive Chapel, Archie Robertson-Christopher Kraft House, Spencer Smith-Judge William W. Keysor House

Ladue: Busch's Grove, Andrew Denny House, Ferrieres (Virgil A. Lewis house), John McKnight Farm (Moydalgan)

Lambert Field: old hanger

Lemay vicinity: Samuel W. Forder House, Jefferson Barracks Park

Manchester and vicinity: William and James Bacon Log House, Bacon-Wissmann House (Woods Mill), Brightfield Farm (Jacob John and William Schlueter, on Catania Dr), John Detrich House, Jarville (Renard-Quenny House-Mason Rd), Lyceum, Manchester Methodist Church, Hugh Tumilty House (825 Sulfur Springs)

Marlborough: Coral Court Motel

Maryland Heights vicinity: Zion Lutheran School

Normandy: Wilson Price Hunt House, St. Vincent's Hospital

North County: Larimore House, Henry Meyer-Adolph Lindemann-H.G. Kahre House, Powder House (Fort Bellefountaine)

Orrville vicinity: Gustav Hoppenberg-.Phillip Fick Store

Overland: Gocke-Vance House (Poe Ave) Pond vicinity: Pond Hotel

Richmond Heights: Dr. Samuel A. Bassett Office

Shrewsbury: Cardinal Glennon College Stuart Log Cabin

Sunset Hills and vicinity: Alswel (William Lemp Junior), Roland Kahle-Henry Laumeier House

Town and Country: German Evangelical Church Tyler House (William Tyler House off of Laury Lane)

University City: B'nai Amoona, CASA, Childgrove School, City Hall Plaza, Donaldson Court Apartments, Lantern House Restaurant, T. J. McGarry house (Pershing), Louis C. Perrill Filling Station-7396 Pershing, Standard Oil Co.-7400 Pershing, H.A. Pope & Sons, Inc., Frank C. Rand Mansion, University City City Hall, University Heights Subdivision, William Sutter-Roman Meyer house, Ward Building

Valley Park Grain Elevator (Meramec Station Rd)

Washington University

Webster Groves: John Fulton House, Peers Griffin House, Group Three Development Co. (Charles W. Ferguson House), Jacob and Samuel Hawken House, John Phillip Helfenstein House, Edward Jackson House, Marshall Place Historic District, Old Webster Place, James Spencer House, The Station Store, Robert Studley-Lucien R. Blackmer House, Webster College-Eden, Seminary District, Thomas Young House

West County: Christian Bakemeier Farm