1821 St. Louis Directory

originally published by John A. Paxton

David A. Lossos, (December 25, 2004)

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Street Definitions used by John A. Paxton in his 1821 St. Louis Directory

Paxton's Name Also Known As Paxton's Description
Church Rue de Eglise or 2nd St. bet. Main and Third
Main 1st St. or Grand Rue or Leonor K. Sullivan bet. north Water and Church
Market Rue de La Place bet. north and south A.
North Third 3rd or Barn St. or Rue de Grange bet. Church and Fourth
North Fourth 4th St. bet. north Third and Fifth
North Fifth 5th St. or Broadway bet. north Main and north Third
North Sixth 6th St. bet. north Fifth and Seventh
North Seventh 7th St. west of north Sixth street.
North A Chestnut St. or Rue Missouri bet. Market and north B streets.
North B Rue Guicapan or Pine or Kickapoo St. bet. north A. and C. streets.
North C Olive St. bet. north B. and D. streets.
North D Locust St. bet. north C. and E. streets.
North E Vine St. or St. Charles St. bet. north D. and F. streets.
North F Laurel St. or Washington St. bet. north E. and G. streets.
North G Prune or Greene or Christy or Lucas St. bet. north F. and H. streets.
North H Oak or Morgan St. or Delmar bet. north G. and I. streets.
North I Cherry or Franklin St. bet. north H. and J. streets.
North J Wash or Cole St. bet. north I. and K. streets.
North K. Pear or Carr St. north of J. street.
South A Rue de La Tour or Walnut or Tower St. bet. Market and south B. streets.
South B Elm St. bet. south A. and C. streets.
South C Myrtle or Clark St. bet. south B. and D. streets.
South D Spruce St. bet. south C. and E. streets.
South E Almond or Valentine St. bet. south D. and F. streets.
South F Poplar St. bet. south E. and G. streets.
South G Plum or Cerre St. bet. south F. and H. streets.
South H. Cedar or Bellerive St. bet. south G. and I. streets.
South I Mulberry or Gratiot St. bet. south H. and J. streets.
South J Lombard St. bet. south I. and K. streets.
South K Hazel or Papin St. bet. south J. and Mill creek
Water St. Front St. (Riverfront) along the shore of the Mississippi

Abel Sarah, seamstress, north Fourth, above C

Adams Henry, carpenter, 89 south Third, below C

Adley William, drayman, Market, below Third

Alard L'ange, 67 north Third, above north C

Alexander Walter B., clerk in the receiver's office - d. h. Bennet's hotel

Alexandre see Bellessime

Allen David, grocer, 90 south Main

Alvarez August, farmer, Market, below Third

Alvarez Manuel, farmer, Market, above Third

Ambroise Celest, madame, north D above Main

Amelin Alexis, laborer, south B above Main

Anderson G. south D above Main

Anderson Paul, 201 north Main, above I street

Anduze rev. Aristides, professor of special mathematics and director of St. Louis college, south Church below Market

Armitage Joshua, merchant, 74 north Main

Armstrong John, cordwainer, north C street below Main

Arnold James & co. merchants, 71 north Main, above north C

Arnold Robert, carpenter, 83 south Church, below C

Arnold William, merchant, 71 north Main, above n. C

Ashley William H., lieutenant governor of the State, south B, above south Main

Atchinson Henry, brigadier general in the U. S. army, 99 south Main, s. e. corner south D

Atwood N. B. druggist, &c. 67 south Main

Bacchus John, inquire north Water, corner north E

Baker Ewel, deputy clerk of the circuit court, Market above Fifth

Barga Peter, carpenter, north Church, s.w. corner A

Baribeau Pierre, 126 north Church, s.w. corner north F

Barr William, plasterer, 67 south Third, below B

Bartlet Phineas, carpenter, north Fourth below Third

Bartley Mary, widow, back of the Steam boat warehouse

Barton & Bates, attorneys and counsellors at law, n.w. corner Market and Sixth

Barton David, counsellor at law, south Fourth below Market

Barton Joshua, attorney at law and secretary of state, corner Market and Sixth

Bartrand M., carter, 80 north Third

Bates David G., carpenter, north A, above Church

Bates Edward, attorney at law, and attorney general for the state, n.w. corner Market and Sixth

Bates Nehemiah, bottler, north Third, above north F.

Beaugenou Vital, musician, n.w. corner south Third & south H

Beck Abraham, attorney at law, land agent, s.e. corner south A and Church streets

Beck Lewis C., physician, s.e. corner south A & Church

Beck & Spalding, attorneys at law, s.e. corner south A and Church streets

Becker Frederick, tailor, 49 north Main, above north B

Beebe Elijah, saddle and harness manufacturer, 8 north Main

Beebe Elisha, block and pump maker, cooper, south C, above Church

Belcour J. B. D. 76 south Main, n.w. corner south C

Belfort Baptiste, south Main, below I street

Bell John, merchant, 1 north Main, n.e. corner Market

Bell William, chair maker, south C, above south Main

Bellanger Charles, carpenter, south Water, below B

Bellissime Alexander, tavern keeper, 90 south Church, below south C

Benet Madam, widow, 206 north Main

Bennet William, Mansion house hotel, n.e. corner north Third and E

Benoit Catherine S., widow, 118 south Main, northwest corner F

Benson William H., printer, 51 south Main

Bent John, deputy clerk of the county court, office over the county court room

Bent Silas, clerk of the county court, office over the county court room, Market, above Fourth

Benton Thomas H., attorney at law, north F above Church near Bennet's

Berthold Bartholomew, merchant, 11 north Main

Berthold & Chouteau, fur merchants, 11 north Main

Biddle major Thomas, of the U. States' army, 99 south Main, s.e. corner south D

Bienvenus Eugene, cabinet maker, south Church below H

Billon Charles, clock and watch maker, 23 north Main. n.e. corner north A

Bissonnet Ambroise, north C, above Third

Blair Daniel, watch maker, &c. 35, south Main

Blanchard George, keeper of the Green Tree inn, 85 south Church, below C

Block Eleazar, attorney at law, north Church, n.e. corner B

Blood Sullivan, deputy constable, north Fourth, above north C

Blotnear Mathias, victualler, 7 Market house - d. h. south Church, below the bridge

Bobb John & William, brick makers, n.e. corner south Seventh and A

Bompart, Francois, blacksmith, south D, above Main - d. h. s.e. corner south Third and G

Bompart, Louis, cashier of the Missouri Bank, 6 north Main

Boss, Daniel C. & co, merchants, 68 south Main, below south B

Bosseron, Charles, blacksmith, 46 north Main, n.w. corner north B

Bothick, John, stone mason, 85 north Third, s.e. corner north D

Bothick, Thomas, grocer, 85 north Third, s.e. corner north D

Bott, William, painter and glazier, south C, above south Main

Bouche, Francois, boatman, 110 south Church below D

Bouis, Andrew Vincent, 47 north Main, n.e. corner of north B

Bouis, Antoine, Widow, 47 north Main, n.e. corner of north B

Bouju, Joseph, clock and watch maker, silver smith and jeweller, 76 north Main

Bournes, John, grocer, "hole in the wall", north Water, below north H

Bowles, Mary, south Church, s.w. corner D

Boyd, Christopher, grocer, 85 north Church, s.e. corner north D

Boyd, John M., Bennet's hotel, north Third

Boyer, John F., tailor, 24 north Main, n.w. corner of north A

Brackenridge, Henry M., attorney at law, north B, above Main

Bradbury, Edward, turner, north Main, above the Brewery

Bradbury, John, potter and farmer, inquire south D, above main

Bradley, John T., carpenter, north Fifth, above north C

Brady, John, commission merchant, north Water, above the Team boat ferry

Braud & Detandebaratz, merchants, 25 south Main n.e. corner south A

Braud, James, merchant, 25 south Main n.e. corner south A

Brazeau, A., north C east of Main

Brazeau, Louis, 59 north Main, below north C

Brazeau, Nicholas, boatman, south Main, below south I

Bright, Josiah, 54 south Third, s.w. corner south B

Britton, Mrs. widow, 37 south Main

Brown, Mary, widow, back 90 south Main

Brown, Edmund, deputy sheriff, at the office in the jail, north Sixth, above Market

Browne, Edward, clerk in the surveyor's office - d. h. Bennet's hotel

Brown, George, carpenter, north A. above Church

Brown, Joseph C., sheriff of the county of St. Louis, office in the jail, north Sixth, above Market

Brown, William, pump maker, south H. above Third

Burchmore, George, merchant, 76 south Main, n.w., corner south C.

Burns, Amariah, bookbinder, south D, above Church

Burns, Michael, grocer, north Water, above north H

Caillou, Francois, wheelwright, south Church, below south J

Caillou, Louis, laborer, south Church, below south K

Callanen, Laurence, baker, 169 north Main, n.e. corner north H

Campbell, John, commission merchant, 2 Steam boat warehouse - d. h. 178 north Main, above north H

Carr, Francis, attorney at law, 123 south Main, s.e. corner south E

Carr, William C., attorney at law, west of the land office

Carter, Edward C., physician, 32 north Main

Casey, Andrew, cordwainer, 107 south Main, below D

Castor, Daniel, wagon maker, 185 north Main, above north H

Caufman, Joseph, victualler, north Fourth, above G

Cerre, Paschal, south Third, s.w. corner south G

Cerre, Paschal L., 2nd clerk in the Missouri bank, 6 north Main

Charless, Joseph, boarding house and livery stable, s.e. corner Market and Fifth

Charleville madame J. Baptiste, 111 south Church below D

Cheney, Osborn, hatter, south Church, below F

Chenie, Antoine, 2 north Main n.w. corner of Market

Chouteau, colonel Auguste, 12 south Main, opposite the Market house

Chouteau, Auguste P., Indian trader, 94 north Main

Chouteau, Paul L., Indian Agent, southwest corner north Church & C.

Chouteau, Peter, jr., fur merchant, 11 and d. h. 111 north Main

Chouteau, Peter, sen., 124 north Main, above north E

Christman, Jonas, hat manufacturer, 10 north Main

Christy, William, register for the land office for St. Louis district

Clark, Michael W., comb maker, south Third below G

Clark, William, late governor, 103 north Main, s.e. corner north E

Clegg, Joseph, grocer, north Sixth, above north A

Cleland, B., carpenter, north A, above Fifth

Clemmens, James, jr. & co., merchants, 17 north Main

Clemont, Francis, stone mason, north A, above Church

Clemorgan, E., hairdresser, 36 north Main

Clinger, Fanny, washerwoman, 110 north Church, above north E

Codd, James, boarding house, 140 north Main

Collett, Thomas, merchant, 17 south Main

Collier, George, merchant, 19 north Main

Collier, John & Co., merchants, 19 north Main

Collins, Roger, tavern keeper, 83 south Church, below south C

Collins, Martin, tailor, 68 north Church, above north C

Collins, Owen, milkman, north Fourth, above north B

Collins, William, carter, north Main, n.e. corner north F

Conklin, James, tailor, north Fourth, above Market

Conn, Edward, victualler, stall 6, market house - d. h. near governor M'Nair's

Conner, Andrew, bottler, 66 north Church, n.w. corner north C

Conner, Jeremiah, Church, above north B street

Conrad, D. H., attorney at law, clerk of chancery court for the 3d district, north side of the public square above Fourth

Cook, Robert, merchant, inquire at Hanly's, north Water, s.w. corner H

Cornelius, Narcis, tavern-keeper, north Water, n.w. corner of F street

Cosgrove, Moses, stone mason, south Church below A

Cotrell, John Milton, carpenter, north Main, near the Ox Mill

Cowan, John, grocer, 93 north Main

Cowie, John and William, livery stable, south Third, s.e. corner south A

Cox, Caleb, merchant, 3 north Main

Cozens, Horatio, attorney at law, office 32 south Church - d. h. in the rear of 51 south Main, n.e. corner south B

Craig, William, hatter, 78 south Church, s.w. corner south C

Crawford, John, grocer and commission merchant, Market, n.w. corner of Water

Crely, Francois, carpenter, n.e. corner Market & Third

Crevier, Antoine, near the north bastian, above Bennet's

Crutsinger, Alfred, hatter, 77 north Church, above north C

Cummins, James C., publisher of the Gazette, 51 south Main, n.e. corner south B

Cuyler, David C., accounter in the land office, south A, above main

Cyle, Adam, carpenter, 22 south Third, below Market

Dacres, Dorothy, widow, south B, above Fifth

Daggett & Blair, clock and watch makers, silversmith and jewellers, 35 south Main

Daggett & Haldemann, merchants, 75 north Main, above north C

Daggett, James H., clock and watch maker, &c. 35, south Main

Daggett, John D., merchant, 75 north Main

Dangen, Anthony, silversmith and jeweller - d. h. 53 and shop 59 south Main, below south B

Daniels, Aaron, furrier and store keeper, 124 north Main above north E

Darcy, Michael, wagon maker, 79 north Main

Darrow, Zadock, carpenter, north A, above Church

Day, Sarah, boarding house back of the Steam boat warehouse

Deane, William, merchant, 94 north Main, above D

De Camp, Samuel G. J., physician, office 52 - d. h. 22 north Main

De Lassus, Charles, former governor of Upper Louisiana, near Bent's mill

Delaney, Margaret, 111 south Church, below D

Dejardin, Paulet, tavern keeper, south Main, below south I

Delannay, D. 56 north Main

Delisle see Bienvenus

Delisle, Francis, baker, south Water, above south B

Delorier, see Malard

Demoulin, J. Baptiste, widow, north Church, s.w. corner north A

Derouin, Francis, boatman, south Third below A

Derouin, John, 28 south Third, s.w. corner south A

DeSoyres, Louis, merchant, 46 south Main

Detandebaratz, Martial, merchant, n.e. corner south Main and south A

DeWint, Lucinda, widow, 64 north Main, n.w. corner north C

Deys, rev. Leo, professor of languages and director of the St. Louis college, south Church below Market

Dignam, Bernard, cordwainer, 86 north Third, s.w. corner north D

Didier, Pierre, watch maker and treasurer of the state of Missouri, n.w. corner south Church and F

Dillon, Lucy, widow, 170 north Main, n.w. corner north H

Dillon, Walter, grocer, north Water, below H

Dolan, Dennis, tailor, 66 north Church, n.w. corner north C

Dolan, Mary, 112, north Church, above north E

Domine, Baptiste, 112, north Church, above north E

Douberman, John J., ornamental painter, 42 north Main

Dougherty, John, grocer, 107 south Church, below D

Dougherty, Matthew, Drayman, 172 north main

Douglass, Thompson, Justice of the Peace, 176 north Main, above north H street

Doyle, Anthony, laborer, 140 north main

Doyle, Edward, grocer, 81 north Third, below north D

Droddy, Elizabeth, seamstress, north H street, below main

Dubourg, Louis William, Right Rev. Bishop of Louisiana and Floridas, St. Louis College

Dubrauel, Susan, widow, Church, above north A

Dugan, William, tailor, 92 north main

Duchouquet, Francois, south church, s.w. corner G

Duchouquet, Pierre, madame, tavernkeeper, 118 south Church, north-west corner E

Duchouquet, Baptiste, farmer, near Bent's mill

Dumont, see Gueret

Duncan, Robert, south Church, near the bridge

Duncan, William, south Main, below F

Dunlavy, Richard, carpenter, south D above Main

Dunn, John, blacksmith, north Water, above north F

Duponts, Peter, baker, 3 Market, below Main

Durocher, Auguste, tavernkeeper, 205 north Main

Dutremble, Anthony, 87 north Church, n.e. corner n. D

Earl, James D., wagon maker, 181 north main, above H

Earl & Light, wagon makers and blacksmiths, 181 north Main, above H

Easton, Rufus, attorney and counsellor at law, 54 south Third, south-west corner B

Eckstein, Jacob, Jr., tailor, 12 north Main

Edwards, Elexis, blacksmith, north D, above north Fifth

Edwards & Greer, blacksmiths, north D, above Fifth

Elliott, Erasmus Edward, grocer, "Hole in the Wall", north Water, south-west corner H

English, Elkanah, carpenter and boardinghouse, south Church, south-west corner C

English, Thomas, carpenter, north of Gov. M'Nair

Esdale, William, livery stable, south Third, corner A

Essex & Hough, booksellers, stationers & bookbinders, 60 north Main, above north B

Essex, Thomas, bookseller &c. 60 north Main

Estes, Thomas, gentleman, 97 south Main, n.e. corner D

Evans, Joseph, laborer, 206 north Main

Everhart, George, storekeeper, south side market square d. h. south-east corner south Fourth and I

Everhart, Elizabeth, midwife, south east corner south Fourth and I

Everson, Henry, baker, market above Main

Faris, Aaron, boarding house, north Third above A

Farrar, B. G., physician, 68 Main, d. h. 8 north Church

Farrar & Walker, physicians, 68 north Main, above C

Fasseau, Peter, Jr., of the U. S. army, 104 north Main, south-west corner E

Fenn, Zeno, physician, 39 north main, above north A

Ferguson, Alexander, merchant, 7 north main - d. h. south-east corner Fifth and Market

Ferguson, George W. 85 south Church

Ferguson, Peter, plasterer and Justice of the Peace, north C, above Fifth

Ferrary, Rev. Andreas, professor of ancient languages and director of the St. Louis college, south Church

Finney, John, North F, above Fifth

Fitter, William, grocer, 45 north Main, n.e. corner B

Fitzgerald, Michael F., grocer, 77 north Church above C

Flandrin, Antoine, south church, below F

Fleming, Robert, typographer, at the office of the St. Louis Register

Forsyth, Thomas, Indian Agent, 192 north Main, northwest corner I

Fouche, Francois, carpenter, north E, above Fifth

Foughlin, John, grocer, north Water, above Team Boat Ferry

Fountaine, Felix, laborer, n.e. corner north Third & D

Frame, John, blacksmith, 77 north main - d. h. 80 north Church

Freeman, D., late innkeeper, s.w. corner south Third & D

Fry, Jacob, victualler, stall 2 market house - d. h. north Fourth, above C

Gall, Jacob, grocer, north Water north-west corner C

Gamble, Archibald, clerk of the court, for St. Louis county, Market above Fifth

Garnier, Joseph V., Justice of the Peace and Notary Public, south A below Church - d. h. south-east corner south Seventh and A

Garnieu, John Baptiste, boatman, 222 north Main

Gebert, Doctor south Church, below south F

Gates, madame of John, south Third, below F

Gay, Agnes, widow, teacher, north Third, above Market

Geyer, Henry S., attorney at law, s.w. corner Market and Third

Gidding, Salmon, Rev., teacher, Court House, Market, above Fourth

Giguere, J. Baptiste, 98 north Church

Gilhuly, Bernard, storekeeper, 44 north Main, corner B

Gilman, Lucinda, widow, 67 north Third, above C

Girard, Baptiste, south D, below Main

Glinel, Francis, 28 South Third, s.w. corner A

Godair, Antoine, north C, above Sixth

Godair, Baptiste, s.e. corner north D and Fifth

Goddard, T., conveyancer, 57 north Main

Godon, Francois, carter, 110 south Church, below D

Godor, Ann, widow, 141 north Main, above F

Graham, Richard, Indian Agent, 99 south Main, corner D

Gray, Alexander, counsellor at law, 2 Jones' Row

Gray, James, proprietor of the "Mound Garden", near the first Indian mound

Gray & Wright, counsellors and attorney at law, 2 Jones' Row

Green, Job W., 82 & 85 south Church, below C

Greer, Nathan, blacksmith, north D, above Fifth

Greggs, John, carpenter, 28 south C, above Main

Grimau, Alexander, caulker, south G, s.w. corner south main

Grimsley & Stark, saddlers & harness manufacturers, 56 south Main

Grimsley, Thornton, saddler &c. 56 south Main

Gueret, Pierre, south Main below G

Guibor, Auguste, north D, above Fourth

Guittar see Lagrandeur

Guy, John R., 228 north Main

Guye, Francis, tallow chandler, back of 51 south Main in south B

Guyol, Francis M., professor of writing and drawing, St. Louis College, south Church

Guyon, Hubert, merchant, n.w. corner south Church

Haldeman. Peter, merchant, 75 north Main above C

Hale, Elizabeth, north H, west of Water

Hall, John, tavern-keeper, painer and glazier, 26 south Third, corner A

Hall, John L., removed to Potosi

Hamann, M. victualler, south Church, near the Bridge, Stall 4 Market

Hammond, Col. Samuel, 72 south Third, below B

Handley, James, laborer, north Seventh, above Market

Hanlon, James, tallow chandler, north Water, above Team Boat Ferry

Hanlon & Sparrow, soap and candle manufacturers, north Water, above Team Boat Ferry

Hanly, Thomas, merchant, north Water, corner north H

Harden, Jane, midwife, 80 north Church

Harding, C., portrait painter, 42 north Main

Harris, Lemenda, widow, north Fourth above G

Harris, Thomas, well digger, corner north Third & B

Harris, William, comb maker, south Third, below G

Harrison, Daniel, cordwainer, 37 south Main

Harvey, E., widow, at Gov. McNair's

Hastings, Charles, merchant, 82 South Main

Hawken, Jacob, gunsmith, 214 north Main

Heely, Thomas, chemist, druggist, &c. 6 Jones' Row

Hempstead, Charles S., attorney at law, 85 north mian south-east corner D, and south A above Main

Hempstead, Lewis, south-east corner north Third and F

Hempstead, Stephen, 21 north Main, south-east corner north A

Hempstead, Thomas, U. S. Agent, 3 Steam boat warehouse, north Water, n.w. corner H - d. h. near Bennet's Hotel

Henry, Isaac N., & Co., publisher of the St. Louis Inquirer, 52 north main

Hertzog, Joseph, merchant, 85 north main s.e. corner D

Higgins, Wm., tallow chandler, 29 south Church below A

Hill, David B., merchant, n.w. corner Third and E

Hinkley, Charles A., bookbinder and pocketbook manufacturer, 118 south Main, north-west corner E

Hoffa, John, hairdresser, 27 north Main, above north A

Hoffman, David B., merchant, 43 north Main, corner B

Hoffmann, H. L., (M.D.) druggist and apothecary, 14 north Main

Holbrook, John, cordwainer and grocer, 78 & 80 south Main, south-west corner C

Holly, Margaret, seamstress, 98 south main

Honore see Tesson

Horrocks, Edward, baker and boarding house, 14 south C, above main

Horttiz, Jean Baptiste, south Church, below I

Horttiz, Margaret, widow, south Church, n.e. corner J

Hough, Daniel, bookseller &c. 60 north main - d. h. south Third, south-west corner B

Howard, Ann, millinery store, 22 north main, corner A

Howard, William, turner, 114 north Church above E

Howell, Jacob H., merchant, 19 south main

Howlett, Ellen, mrs. of Ryan, north E, above Fifth

Hughes, David, tavernkeeper, south Church, below J

Hughey, William, laborer, north Church above I

Hunt, Harvey, Bennet's Hotel

Ingram, Arthur, merchant, 17 south Main

Irwin, James, carpenter, south C, above Third

Jackson, Samuel, grocer, "Hole in the Wall", north Water below H

Jacobs & Blanchard, tavernkeepers, Green Tree Inn, 85 south Church, and back 86 south Main below C

Jacobs, Leonard, Green Tree Inn, 85 south Church below C

Janes, Joseph, bricklayer, 93 south Third below C

Janes, William, bricklayer and plasterer, 93 south Third below C

January, Thomas H., commission merchant, 2 Steam Boat warehouse, north Water, north west corner H

Jaques, Benjamin T., watchmaker inquire 82 south Main

Jarrett, J. H., cordwainer, 47 north Main

Jennings, Joseph H., carpenter, corner north C and Fifth

Johnston, Campbell & James, nail manufacturers, south Main, south-east corner south C

Johnson, Hugh, storekeeper, 35 north Main, above A

Johnson, Jeremiah, 42 north main

Johnston, Jonathan, hatter, 39 south Main

Johnston, Phineas, tavernkeeper, 84 north Main above C

Johnston, Thomas, cordwainer, 104 north Church

Johnston, William, carpenter, 83 south Church below C

Jones, John, bricklayer, 10 Jones' Row

Julie, Madame, 84 north Third, below D

Keating, Timothy, cordwainer, north D, above Church

Keesacker, John, grocer, 19 south C, above Main

Keese, Absalom, carpenter, north C, above Main

Kells, Thomas, laborer, north F, above Fifth

Kelly, Robinson, chair maker, 21 south C, above Main

Kennedy, John, grocer, 68 north Third above C

Kennedy, William, grocer, "Hole in the Wall", north Water, below H

Kennerly, J. & G. H., merchants, 57 north Main, above B

Kerigan, Roger, carpenter, north Third, above E

Kerr, Bell & Co., merchants, 1 north Main, north-east corner Market

Kerr, John, merchant, 1 north Main, n.e. corner Market

Kimble, Dudley, 85 south Church, below south C

Kirker, James, grocer, north Water, above Team Boat Ferry

Klunk, Joseph, stone cutter, north A above Church

Labadie, Joseph, bellman, south Third below E

Labadie, Sylvester, north of the Brewery

Labarge, Joseph, grocer, 20 south Third below Market

Labeaume, P. A. inquire 51 north Main

Labross, Sarah, widow, seamstress, south Third below G

Labuche, Francois, boatman, n.w. corner Main and south H

Lacroix, Joseph, north C above Third

Lacroze, J. J. & Co., confectioners and cordial distillers, 27 and 29 south Main, below A

Lagrandeur, Louis, 82 south Third, below C

Lagrandeur, Vincent, 77 south Third, s.e. corner C

Laguaisse, Margaret, midwife, 86 north Church s.w. corner D

Lajoy see Salé

Lakeman, James, gunsmith, &c. 200 north Main - d. h. north Church, above I

Laland, Marie, widow, south Church, below K

Lamb, James, grocer, 91 north Main

Lamy, see Duchouquet

Landeville, Andre, storekeeper, 87 north Main, n.e. corner D

Lane, Joshua, boarding house, south D, above Main

Lane, M. M., accountant, 66 south Main

Lane & Merry, physicians, 98 south Main, n.w. corner D

Lane, William Carr, physician, 98 - d. h. 127, south Main

Langham, Elias T., 1st clerk in the Missouri bank, 6 north Main

Langham, John S., clerk in the U.S. register's office near Bennet's

Lardoise see Vichard

Larned, Benjamin F., capt. paymaster in the army of the United States, back 65 north Main, in north C

L'atrisse, John, boatman, 88 south Third, below C

Laurent, Maurice, teacher of penmanship, 46 south Main

Laveille, Joseph C., carpenter, 16 south C - d. h. s.w. corner Church and south D

Lawless, Luke E., counsellor at law, office n.w. corner Third and Market - d. h. 24 north Main

Lebeau, Francis, carpenter, 100 north Church

Lebeau, Henry, carpenter, s.e. corner north C and Fifth

Leblond, Joseph, 66 north Church, n.w. corner C

Lecomte, madame, widow, 44 south Main

Leconte, J. Baptiste, laborer, 171 north Main, above H

Leduc, M. P., collector of taxes, 34 north Main, above north A

Lee, Mary, widow of John, Third, above the Bastian

Lee, Patrick, n.e. corner south Church and C

Le Favre, miss P., young ladies academy, 50 south Main

Le Gris Belisle Pierre, trader, 49 south Main

Leguerrier, Charles, carpenter, 99 north Church

Lemignon, Docter, north B, above Main

Lemonde, Louis, carter, 88 north Church

Leroux, Ellen, widow, south B, above Fourth

Levering, Benjamin, plasterer, &c. south Church, below G

Lewis, Fanny, mrs. of John, south Church below D

Lewis, James O., engraver, &c. 118 south Main

Light, Andrew, wagon maker, 181 north Main, above H

Lindell, Jesse G., merchant, 21 north Main, s.e. corner north A

Lindell, John & co. merchants, 21 north Main, s.e. corner north A

Lindell, Peter, merchant, 21 north Main, s.e. corner north A

Lisa, Mary, widow, 21 north Main, n.e. corner north A

Long, James, carpenter, s.e. corner north C and Fifth

Longdon, ___, 234 north Main

Loper, James, brick layer, 119 south Main, n.e. corner E

Louis, Paul, Indian interpreter, north Water, above A

Lucas, J. B. C.on the St. Charles road � mile from St. Louis

Lucas, William, attorney at law, 1 Jones' row, corner Market and Fourth

Lycett, John C. silver plater 35 and 118 south Main

Lynch, Timothy, tailor, 40 north main

Macfaden, Mary, south Third, below G

Mackey, James, brick house west of the church street bridge

Macklin, William, teacher, s.w. corner north G & Church - d. h. north of the Bastian

Magenis, Arthur, attorney at law, 29 north church, above north A

Maguire, John, laborer, 182 north Main above north H

Malard, H., Indian trader, n.e. corner so. D and Church

March, Clement, merchant, 84 south Main, below south C

Marly, F., widow, south church, below G

Marly, Louis, south church, below G

Marly, Michael, tavern keeper and victualler, south church, below G, stall 7 Market house

Marly, Michael, jr., boatman, south church below G

Marsh, Daniel, painter and glazier, 85 south church

Martin, Charles, copper smith, s.w. corner north D and church

Martin, John, prefect of the studies, St. Louis college

Mason, Ann, widow, south Third, below south A

Mason, Richard, physician, 37 north Main, below B

Massey, David, Missouri hotel, 168 north Main, s.w. corner north H

Mathurin, Jean Baptiste, south church, s.w. corner B

May, James, cordwainer, 57 south Main

M'Adam, James, grocer, 47 north Main, above north B

M'Dermott, Louisa, mrs., of Charles A. south D above Main

M'Donald, Patrick, lumber merchant, s.w. corner church and north G

M'Ewen, Margaret, 111 church, below D

M'Ginn, Bernard and Patrick, victuallers, 11 Market house - d. h. south Fifth, below B

M'Girk, Isaac, deputy sheriff, at the jail

M'Guire, Thomas, merchant and justice of the peace, 42 north Main - d. h. Market, west of Seventh

M'Gunnegle, James, of the U. S. army, 201 north Main above north I

M'Knight, Thomas, commission merchant, north Water above Team boat ferry - d. h. 202 north Main, above north I

M'Laughlin, Michael, carter, north H, above Main

M'Mamus, Edmund, 61 north Main, below north C

M'Nair, Alexander, Governor of the State of Missouri, north Third near the first large Indian mound

Menard, Aimable, south D, above south Main

Menard, Louis, merchant, 48 south Main

Merry, Samuel, physician, 98 south Main, n.w. corner south D

Michau, John A., cabinet maker, south church below I

Migneron, Louis S., gunsmith, 97 north Main, above north D

Milam, ___, merchant, 43 north Main, s.e. corner north B

Milburn, William, clerk in the surveyor general's office - d. h. Bennet's hotel

Millagen, Richard, tailor, 33 south Main

Millagen & Willi, tailors, shops 52 north & 33 south Main

Millaudon, Philip, merchant, 46 south Main

Miller, Ellen, millener, south B, above Main

Miller, ___, carpenter, 128 south Main

Moderwel, R., merchant, 65 north Main, n.e. corner north C

Molaire, Baptiste, carter, north Third, above north C

Mills, Nathan, victualler, 85 south church below C

Monestes, David, carpenter, north D, above Main

Monet, Francis, laborer, 186 north Main

Montagne, Joseph, blacksmith, north C above church

Moore, Alfred, turner &c. south Third, below F

Moore, Clarissa, widow, 77 south Main, s.e. corner C

Moore, ___, carpenter, 128, south Main

Moore, Daniel S. D., deputy clerk circuit court, Market above Fifth

Moore, Daniel, bacon store, 53 north Main above B

Moore, James, carpenter, north church, corner north I

Moore, Nimrod H. south Church, above south C

Morin, Baptiste, boatman, south church, n.w. corner K

Morin, Joseph, boatman, south church, corner H

Morin, widow of Anthony, south church, corner H

Morrison, John, printer, 51 south Main

Morton, George, carpenter, south church, below south G

Morton, Morgan, carpenter, south B above Main

Mount, Samuel, coach maker, north D, above Fifth

Mullett, Frederick, south-east corner Main and south

Mulligan, Eliza, widow, near the Bastian

Mullin, James, laborer, 84 south church

Murphey, Matthew, brewer, at Brew house, north Main

Murphy, James, south Third, below F

Murphy, Thomas, 210 north Main

Nagle, James, storekeeper, 35 north Main

Nagle & Johnson, storekeepers, 35 north Main, above A

Nash, Hiram, boatman, 20 south Third, below Market

Neal & Liggett, copper and tin-ware manufacturers, 54 south Main, south-west corner south B

Neil, Reverend Francis, principal of the St. Louis college, and curate of the Cathedral

Nevitt, Joseph, boarding house, 65 south Third, below B

Newell, Ambrose, blacksmith, north Third, opposite the Bastian

Newell, Richard W. 43 north main, south-east corner B

Newman, Hannah, widow, north Third, above north B

Nicholson, John, carpenter and builder, 88 south main, below south C

Noise, Maria, widow, n.w. corner main and south F

Ober, Samuel R., merchant, 84 south Main below C

O'Fallon, John, adjutant general of the state of Missouri - d. h. N.W. of the Land office

O'Hare, Mary, widow, south D. above Main

O'Heeley, H. F., merchant, 23 north Main N.E. corner north A

O'Rourck, John, grocer, 91 north Main, above north D

Orr, William, printer, and publisher of St. Louis Register, south A. above south Main

Osborn, Ambrose, blacksmith, north Water, above north G - d. h. hill, near the north Bastian

O'Tool, James, laborer, north E. above Fifth

Paddock, Gaius, boarding house, 24 north Main, N.W. corner north A

Page, Daniel D., baker, 31 south Main

Papin, Joseph, grocer, south west corner north Third & north E.

Papin, Laforce, Indian Trader, 90 north main, above north D.

Papin, Leber, blacksmith, 34 north Main, above A

Papin, Villeray, blacksmith, 34 north Main above A

Parizien, Victor, boatman, 22 south Third, below Market

Park, Mrs., widow, south D. above Main

Parks, Arthur, south Church below south J

Parmele, Sylvanus, musician, 85 south Church

Paul, Gabriel, auctioneer and commission merchant, 73 north Main above north C

Paul & Ingram, merchants, 17 south Main, first house below the market

Paul, Nathan, merchant, 17 south Main

Paul, Rene, 65 north Main, N.E. corner north C

Paxton, John A. inquire 60 north Main street

Payne, Nathaniel D., coach driver, south Church, below south I

Peck, James H., attorney at law, south Fourth, below market

Pell, Jonathan, drayman, 128 south Main, below E

Peltier, madame, widow, 118 south Main corner E

Pendleton, Joseph, student of medicine, S.W. corner Third and south D

Pendleton, Zebulon, teacher, do do

Perras, James, south Church, above south C

Peters, Thomas, boatman, south Church below south G

Peterson, Henry, laborer, south F above Church

Petit, Louis, south Third N.W. corner south G

Philibert, Gabriel, tavern keeper, north Water, N.W. corner F

Philibert, Joseph, 135 north Main N.E. corner north F

Philipson, Joseph, merchant, 56 north Main

Pierre see Duchouquet

Pitzer, George, north Third, above north A

Pocock, Henry, ornamental painter south A. above south Main

Porter, Joseph, cabinet maker, north C. above Main

Potter, John C., lumber master and Tyler to the masonic lodge, office north Water corner of north E. d. h. 83 north Church

Powers, James, Market above Main

Pratte, Bernard, merchant, 7 north Main, above Market

Price, Christopher, 12 south Third below Market

Price, Risden H., north Church N.W. corner B

Priman, Paul, north Third above north B

Primm, Paul, tailor, 45 south Main - d. h. south B. above church

Provanche, John Louis, N.E. corner north B. and Church

Provenchere, P. south Church, west side, above the Bridge

Purdea, Francis, drayman, south Church near Bridge

Purdy, James J., carpenter, north A above Church

Quigley, Daniel, victualler, stall 10 market house - d. h. south Fifth street, below B

Ramsay, James, grocer, north Third, above north E

Ranken, Hugh, 25 north Main, above north A

Ranken, Robert, merchant, 25 north Main, above north A

Rankin, John & Samuel, tanners and curriers, south F above Main

Rawlings, Margaret, mantua maker, 9 Jones' row

Reams, John, tailor, 83 south Church, below C

Rector, colonel Elias, post master, office north A above Main - d. h. north third on the hill above Bennet's

Rector, Stephen, surveyor, N. E. corner, south C and Church

Rector, general William, surveyor of the U. S. lands in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansaw, office west of Bennet's

Regis, Vasseur, N. 78 south Third, s.w. corner C

Reed, mrs. Chloe, widow of captain John, south D above Fifth

Regnier, Francis, teacher of French, south Church NW. corner south F

Reilly, Robert, porter-house, 9 south C. above Main

Renard, Hyacinthe, north Main, near the Ox mill

Renshaw, Wm., merchant, 52 south Third, N. W. corner B

Reynolds, Fabritius, 82 and 85, south Church, below

Reynolds, Obediah, stone-mason, 150 north Main, s.w. corner north G

Rice, Edward, laborer, north C, above north Church

Richard, Eulalie, south Church, below south F

Richards, Jane, widow, boarding-house, 43 north Main S.E. corner north B

Riddick, Thomas F., president of the Missouri bank, south Fourth, below south F

Riley, ___, victualler, stall 9 market-house

Riviere Philip, Madame, south Church, below F

Robb, George H., merchant153 north Main, N.E. corner north G

Roberts, Michael, cordwainer, 141 north Main, above north F

Roberts, Thomas, victualler, N. W. of the Bastian - stall market-house

Robidoux, Joseph and Francis, merchants, 71 and 75 south Main N. E. corner, north C

Robinson, Richard, 218 north Main

Rocheblave, Phillipe, carpenter and justice of the peace, 26 south C above Main

Rochford, Francis, teacher, north E. above Fifth

Rogers, ___, farmer, near Bent's mill

Rollet, Michel, 100 south Main corner D

Rollins, Henry, cordwainer, south D. above Church

Rollons, Miles, drayman, north Fourth above G

Rosegrant, John Allen, carpenter, 98 south Main, N. W. corner south D

Ross, Charles, R 64 north Main, S. W. corner C

Rowcount, Anthony, wheelwright, back 214 north Main

Roy, Lewis, victualler, 208 north Main - stall 5 market-house

Royard, ___, farmer, south Third below D

Rule, William K., merchant, 72 and d. h. 68 north Church

Rupley, Jacob, carpenter, 16 south C - d. h. S. W. corner south Church and D

Russell, Jesse D., sign and ornamental painter, 17 south C above Main

Russell, John, potter, , 17 south C above Main

Russell, John S., turner and chair maker, , 17 south C above Main

Sale, Jean south Third, below south G

Sale, Lambert, south Third N. W. corner south I.

Salois, Joseph, 81 north Third, above north C

Samuel, Giles M. and Co., merchants, 65 north Main N.E. corner north C.

Sanguinet, Marie Anne, widow, 49 south Main

Sauguinet, Simon, south Church, S. W. corner s. e.

Sarpy G., merchant, 31 north Main above north A

Sarpy John B., merchant, 11, & D. h. 31, north Main

Sarrade John, confectioner and cordial distiller, 5 North Main

Saugrain Madame, widow, sw. corner South Church and J

Saulnier Michael G., professor of languages, St. Louis College

Savage William H., auctioneer and commission merchant, 66 south main, below south B

Scavener Joseph, carpenter, south Third, SW. corner E

Schatle David, victualler, stall 3 market-house

Schewe Christopher Frederick, painter and glazier, south Church, above C

Scollin John, grocer, north Water, N. W. corner C

Scott Alexander, merchant, 72 north Church

Scott Moses, justice of the peace, south B. above Fourth

Scott & Rule, merchants, 72 north Church above north C

Seward Benjamin J., merchant, south C. SW. corner Fourth

Seward & Collett, merchants, 17 south Main

Seymour Nathan, tailor, south A. above Main

Shackford John & Co., merchants, 58 south Main, d. h. Market, west of Fifth

Shannon Mary, widow, 20 south C. above Main

Shehan David, victualler, 9 Market house

Shepard David, bricklayer, 86 north Church, SW. corner north D

Shidley David, victualler, north Fourth above C.

Shidley & Fry, victuallers, north Fourth, above north C

Shurlds Henry, attorney at law, office, NE. corner north Church, and north B - d. h. 37, north Main

Simonds John, senr., painter & glazier, north Fourth above north C

Simonds John, junr., deputy constable, north Fourth above north C

Simonds mrs., widow, 77 north Church

Simoneau John B., labourer, south B. above Church

Skerky mrs. of Wm. 24, south C above Main

Skinner Alfred & co., grocers, 82 south Church, below south C.

Skinner mrs., boarding house, 42 north Main

Smith & Dougherty, grocers, 107 south Church, below D.

Smith Eliza, widow, gentlewoman, 7 north Main, above Market

Smith & Ferguson, merchants, 7 north Main, above Market

Smith Frederick, hair dresser, 61 south Main

Smith Jesse, accountant, 82 south Church, below south C

Smith J. J. Jr. & Co., wholesale and retail druggists and apothecaries, 67 south Main, below south B

Smith John B. N., farmer, 3 miles SW. of the bridge

Smith John, merchant, 7 morth Main, d. h. NW, corner south Fourth and south A

Smith John, grocer, 107, south Church below D.

Smith Mary, 81 north Church

Smith O. C., merchant, 1 Steam boat warehouse, north water. NW. corner H - d. h. south C above Third

Smith Samuel, professor of Languages, Saint Louis College

Smith Samuel, carpenter, Market below Third

Smith Thomas F., captain of the U. S. army, 99 s. Main

Smith and Wordingham, livery stable keepers and Farriers, north Fourth above Market

Snow mrs., teacher of females, 42 north main

Soulard Antoine, farmer, below the Bridge, Church street

Soy Patrick, grocer, North Water, above north H

Spalding Josiah, Attorney at Law, south A. SE. corner Church

Sparks Sarah, widow, south Third, NW. corner E.

Sparrow Wn. H., tallow chandler, north Water, above Team boat Ferry

Spencer Harlow, cabinet maker, 6 Jones' Row, Market street

Spencer Harlow & James P., cabinet and chair makers, 87 south Main, below south C

Stafford John, cordwainer, south B. above Main

Stall Martin, victualler, stall 5 market house, d. h. near Governor M'Nair's

Stark William, saddler, &c. 56, south Main

Stebbins Samuel, cordwainer, 38, north Main

Stewart Elizabeth, seamstress, south B. above Main

Stewart Wm. 128, south Main, below E

Stokes Wm., farmer, about 2 miles west of the Jail

Strother George F., attorney at law, and receiver of Public monies, for

the St. Louis land district - d. h. NW. corner north Sixth and north C

Sullivan ___, drayman, above Governor M'Nair's

Sullivan H., labourer, 104 north Church

Sullivan Patrick, professor of Ancient Languages, St. Louis college

Sullivan Wm., justice of the peace, office 88 north Main, NW. corner north D - d. h. SW. corner south A and Fourth

Sutton Aaron, cabinet maker, 1 south C. below Main

Sutton John L., blacksmith, 94 south Church below C.

Taliaferro Lawrence, Indian agent at St. Peters, north C. back 65, north Main

Taylor & Bradbury, potters, south D. above Main

Taylor John, potter, &c. south D above Main

Tellier Amant, madame, 91 south Main

Tesson Louis, widow NE. corner of north F and Church

Tesson Michael and Francis, merchants, 43 and d. h. 48 south Main

Thibeau Alexis, boatman, south D. below Main

Thoburn James, merchant, 86 north main, SW. corner north D.

Tholozan John Eli, 49 south Main

Thornton John, gorcer, 65 north Third, NE. corner north C.

Thornton Nichols, cooper, 66 north Third, NW. corner North C

Tillton William P., accountant, 66 south Main

Tobin Bartholomew, labourer, 106 north Church, corner E.

Tracy Edward, merchant, store 4, and d. h. 43 north Main

Tracy and Wahrendorff, merchants, 4 north Main, above Market

Tranor Michael, labourer, north Fourth, above G.

Trudeau Baptiste, teacher, north B. above Main

Vachard C., south Third N. E. corner E.

Valois Erancois south B. above Main

Vachard J., carpenter south Third, below F.

Varner Jacob, grocer 28 south C. above Main

Vasquez Hipolitte, 210 north Main

Vasquez Joseph 210 north Main

Verdin Nicholas, carpenter S. E. corner north and Fifth

Vincent see Bouis

Von Phul Henry, merchant, 13 north Main - d. h. north Water above Market

Waddle Henry, & James Ramsay, grocery, north Third above north E

Wahrendorff Charles, merchant, store 4 & d. h. north Main

Walker David V. physician, office 68 north Main d. h. on the hill opposite the Bastian

Walker rev. Jesse, south Third, below D.

Walker John, deputy sheriff at the Jail

Wallace Howel & Co., merchants 19 south Main below the market

Wallace James B., merchant, 19 south Main

Walsh Hester, grocer 70 south Main

Walsh P, auctioneer and commission merchant, north Main

Ward Rev. Dr., rector of the episcopal Church, south Fourth, below F.

Ward Amos, cordwainer, south D above Church

Ward & Rollins, cordainers 38 north Main

Wash & Carr, attorneys at law, 123 south Main, S. E. corner of south E.

Wash Robert, attorney at law, 123 south Main, d. h. on the hill N. W. of the Bastian

Warner Jabez, constable of St. Louis township, north Fourth above north C.

Watt James, grocer, south Third below A.

Wetmore Alphonso, paymaster in the U. S. army, north Third opposite the Bastian

Wheeler Asa, baker 31 south Main

Wheeler & Page, bakers and grocers, 31 south Main

Wherry Macky, register for the corporation, office south B. above Main - d. h. 124 south Main

White Frederick, attorney at law and Notary public, 97 south Main N. E. corner of south D.

White Joseph, batter 39 south Main

White Isaac W., victualler, south Third below south G

White Seth, cordwainer, 57 south Main

Wiggins Samuel, proprietor of the Team Ferry boats, 4 Steam Boat ware house - d. h. 164 north Main

Wiggins Stephen R., exchange broker, 4 Steam Boat warehouse - d. h. 164 north Main

Willi Samuel, Tailor 52 north Main

Williams Joseph, physician, north B. above Main

Wilson Abel, clerk in constables' office, north Fourth above C.

Wilson Moses E., teacher, north Third above the north Bastian - d. h. 42 north Main

Wolford Ann, widow, 83 south Main

Wonderly David, victualler, stall 8 market house - d. h. south Church, below the Bridge

Wordingham William, livery stable keeper, north Fourth above Market.

Wright B. D., attorney at law, 2 Jones' Row, Market Street.

Wright John J., boarding house, 137 north Main, N. E. corner of north F.

Yale Henry, painter &c. 17 south C. above Main

Yard Jacob, tavernkeeper, Columbian Inn, 82 south Main

Yard Joseph, cabinet maker. 56 north and 119 south Main

Yosty Emilian, widow 82 north Main

Young Benjamin, baker and grocer, 81 south Main