Sons of the Revolution, Saint Louis

St. Louis members of the Missouri Society (1910-1912) of the


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ABBOTT, AUGUSTUS, LEVI: Great grandson of Uriah Abbott, Sgt., NH

ADAMS, CHARLES BRECK: Great grandson of: Daniel Jenifer Adams lst. Lt. Md.

ADAMS, HON. ELMER BRAGG Gt. Grandson of : Issacher Adams Pvt., Ma.

ALBAN, CHARLES WILLIS: Great Grandson of: George Alban, Pvt., Va

" GG Grandson of: Asa Cook Pvt. Pa

" GG Grandson of: Isaac Bollman, Pvt Pa.

ALLISON, JAMES WM: Great Grandson of: Isaac Allison, Pvt., New York

ANDERSON, THOMAS LILBOURNE: GG Grandson of: John Bullock, Sgt., Va

" Ggrandson of: Elisha Winchel Ens. Ct.

BAKER, JOHN FINLEY*; Great Grandson of John Baker, Pvt, Lancaster, Pa.

BANCROFT, ALFRED LEANDER; Great Grandson of Stephen Bancroft, Pvt., Ma

BARRET, JAMES VAN SWERINGEN: Great Grandson of: Wm. Barret, lst Lt.,

" GGGrandson of Chiswell Barret, Cpt

" GGGrandson of Wm. Winston, Sgt.

All three of the above people " original member of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia

BARSTOW, CHARLES WARREN; Great Grandson of Jacob Barstow, Stg., Ma.

BASCOM JOSEPH, DAYTON; Great Grandson of Elisha Bascomb, 2nd Ltd., Ma

BATDORF, COL. EDWIN*: Great Grandson of George Clup, Pvt. Berks Co., Pa.

BEACH, OSCAR * , Grandson of Ashbell Beach, Pvt., Connecticut Regiment, 1775

BENHAM, GEORGE; Great Grandson of Wm. McKelvey. Pvt., Pa Continental Line

BIDLEMAN, WINSLOW RAPER: Pvt., Pvt, Sergeant, Ensign but does not indicate names or relationships. There is a picture of this man.

BIXBY, WILLIAM KEENEY: Great Grandson of Samuel Bixby , Pvt., Ma.

BLAKE,CEVEDRA: Great Grandson of Royal Blake, Soldier of New Hampshire

BLOCK, GEORGE MONTGOMERY: GGG Grandson of Thomas Walker member of the Virginia House of Burgesses 1775 Commissioner jointly with his son to treat with Pittsburg Indians on behalf of Colonies in 1777.

Also the Great Grandson of Nicholas Lewis, Captain, of Militia in the expedition of 1776 against the Cherokee Indians

BOOGHER, FRANK, M.D.: Great Grandson of Jacob Boogher, Matross Maryland

" G Great Grandson of Edward Mitchell, Pvt, Va.

BOOGHER, JOHN HOGAN: Great Grandson of of Jacob Boogher, Matross, Md,

" GGreat Grandson of Edward Mitchell, Pvt., Va. , Ens, Corporal, & Quartermaster under Crockett in 1781

BOOGHER, LAWRENCE: (Same information as Frank and John Boogher)

BOYD, WM. GODDIN: G Great Grandson of John Boyd, Soldier, Va.

BRANCH, CHARLES: Great Grandson of Henry Bell, 3rd Va., Dragoons

BRINSMADE, HOBART: Great Grandson of Abram Brinsmade, Cpt, Ct.

" GGreat Grandson of James Bebee, Pvt., to Cpt., Ct.

BRITTON Hon. ROY FRANK*; Great Grandson of Nathan Freeman, Pvt.,Ma

" Great Great Grandson of Stephen Rice, Lt., Massachusetts

BROWN, JAMES NEWTON: Great Grandson of John McLaughlin, Pvt., Pa

Trooper 1780 No. Carolina Troops

BUTLER, JAMES GAY; Great Grandson of Ebenezer Gay, Lieutenant, Ma.

CAMPBELL, JAMES ALEXANDER, M.D*.; Great Grandson of Philip Russell, Pvt. V. Wounded 1781. Also Great Grandson of Douglas Oliver, Pvt., Va.

CAMPBELL, RALPH BURDEN*: Great great grandson of Philip Russell, Pvt, Va.

" GG Grandson of Douglas Oliver, Pvt., Va.

" GG Grandson of Jacobus Edsall, Captain, Sussex Co., NJ

CAMPBELL, ROY ALEXANDER: (Same Information as Ralph Burden Campbell)

CAMPBELL, WALTER TAYLOR; GG Grandson of Reuben Taylor, Cpt., Va.

CAMPFIELD, CHARLES HENRY; Great Grandson of Surgeon Jabez Campfield,NJ

CARPENTER, GEORGE OLIVER: Great Grandson of Thomas Emerson, Pvt., Ct.

CHASE, HENRY LEVERETT: Great Grandson of Isaac Chase, Pvt. Ma.

CLARKE, CHAUNCEY*; Great Great Grandson of Stephen Clarks, Pvt., Ct.

" GG Grandson of Cornelius Higgins Captain, Ct. also Deputy

" GG Grandson of Hawes Higgins, Pvt & Sgt., Connecticut 1779

" GG Gtandson of Gideon Bushnell, Pvt Connecticut 1777

COLEMAN, FRANK BOURLAND: GG Grandson of Benjamin Coleman, Cpt., NC

COLES, WATER DE ROSSET, GG grandson of William Preston, Colonel, Va.

COMFORT, NORMAN BACON*, Capt.: GG grandson of Jacob Bacon, Corporal, Connecticut, in the Battle of Bunker Hill, and two years prisoner at Barbadoes.

CUTHBERT, CHARLES MCINTOSH; Grandson of Anthony Cuthbert, 2nd, Lt., Pa, promoted to 1ST. Lt for Gallantry; promoted to Captain, of the Co., 1780

" Great Grandson of Lachlan McIntosh, Jr., Colonel, Ga.

" GGGrandson of Wm. McIntosh, Ensign, Ga, 2nd Lt., 1776 2nd Lt., 1777

DANA, LESLIE; GG Grandson of Joseph Lyman, Cpt. Mass. Militia 1776 1777

" GG Grandson of Hezekiah Hutchins, Pvt., -Sgt., Massachussets

DAY, ROBERT COIT; GG Grandson of Samuel Coit, Colonel , Ct. Judge of Maritime Court

DELAFIELD, WALLACE; GG grandson of Joseph Hallett, member of NY Committee of One Hundred 1775. Member of NY Provincial Congress 4775-1776

" GG Grandson of Joseph Spencer, Colonel in the Lexington Alarm, Ct.

" GG Grandson of Samuel Seldon, Colonel, Ct. St. Trooper,wounded, taken prisoner and died in prison NY City, October 11,1776

DENISON, HENRY HEBER*; Great Grandson of Dudley, Chase, Pvt., NH

" GG Grandson of Samuel Chase, member of Provincial Congress of NH

DODDRIDGE, WM. BROWN;GG Grandson of Gustavus Scott , Mbr. Of Maryland Assoc. of Freemen 1775, Md. Convention, 1774 Delegate, Md Congress 1776

" GG Grandson of Samuel Love, Mbr. Of various Md. Conv. & Committee

" GG Grandson of Charles Jones, Mbr. Committee on Arms & Ammunition, Judge also in Frederick County, Maryland

ESTES, JOHN WESLEY; Great Grandson of James Crooks, Pvt., Va. Bunker Hill

EWING, ARTHUR EUGENE, M.D.; GG Grandson of Andrew Pettingill, 2nd Lt,NH

FUNKHOUSER, ROBERT MONROE, M.D. Great Grandson of Zachariah Cross, Pvt. N.C.,

" GG Grandson of John Ennis, Pvt., Sussex Co., NJ. Militia

FUNSTEN, ROBERT EMMETT; Great Grandson of Richard Kidder Meade, Captain, 2nd Va. 1775, Also Lt. Colonel & Aide-de-Campt to Gen''l Washington

GATCH, ELIAS SPEIDEL, GG Grandson of Elisha Hutchinson, Pvt, Ma. 1775

GENTRY, WM. RICHARDS; Ggrandson of Richard Gentry, Pvt, Va.

Great Grandson of Levi Todd, Lt,

GHIO, JOHN BAPTIST; Great Grandson of John Garth, Pvt., Va 1779

GLEASON, HOWARD SHERMAN; GG Grandson of Ephriam Gleason, Pvt., Ma.

GG Grandson of Benjamin Kellogg, Pvt, NY

GGG Grandson of Major Elijah Hyde, Major, Connecticut Light Horse

GG Grandson of Major Tyler, Pvt., Connecticut

GOODE, Hon.RICHARD LIVINGSTON,; Great Grandson of Richard Goode, Major, Virginia Troops; was at the battle of Guilford Court House

GOODNOW RICHARD FREDERICK,; GGG Grandson of David DeForrest, Pvt, Ct.

GRANT, LEE WILEY; Great Grandson of Jonathan Robinson, Captain, Pa.

GREENE, DONALD; GG Granson of James Greene, Captain, Conneciticut,

GREEN, JOHN,* M.D.; Great Grandson of Dr. John Green, Mbr. Ma. Court 1777

GREENE, OLIVER HERBERT, Great Grandson of James Greene, Sr. Cpt, NY

GREGG, NORRIS BRADFORD; GG Grandson of Samuel Gregg, Major, NH

GREGG, WM. HENRY; Great Grandson of Samuel Gregg, Major NH

GREGG, WM. HENRY,Jr: GG Grandson of Samuel Gregg, Major, NH.

GREVE, CLIFFORD; GGG Grandson of Joseph Otis, Colonel, Ma. Brigadier Genl.

GUY, WILLIAM EVANS; Great Grandson of Wm. Guy, Pvt, NC.

" Grandson of David Everett Wade, Pvt, NJ, (Prisoner on Prison Ship)

HANENKAMP, RICHARD PINDELL Jr: Great Grandson of Peter Humrichouse, Ensign and Lieutenant of a Philadelphia Battalion of the Flying Camp 1776

HEDGCOCK, WM. EDWARD; Great Grandson of John Smead, Pvt, Vermont

" GG Grandson of Wm. Smead, Pvt, Vermont

HILL, EWING Jr*: GG Grandson of Abraham Stout, Sgt., NJ, Prisoner of War

HITCHCOCK, Hon. GEORGE COLLIER; gG Grandson of Ethan Allen, Lt. Colonel and Commander of Green Mountain Boys, Captured Ft. Ticonderoga.

HODGES, WM. ROMAINE; Grandson of Ezekiel Hodges, Pvt , Albany NY

HOKE, CHARLES HENRY*; Great Grandson of Henry Hoke Corporal, Pa.

" Great Grandson of Ebenezer Storer, Corporal & Sgt., Ma.

HOLLEY ROBERT EARL; GGG Grandson of Oliver Scott, Pvt., Vermont

HOLLISTER, ELI TREAT; Grandson of Joseph Hollister, Pvt., Ct.

HUBBARD, ROBERT MORRIS; Grandson of Jonathan Hubbard, Pvt, NH

HUTCHINSON, WM. CHRISTY; GG Grandon of Archibald Cary, Lt., Va.

JACKSON, CHARLES CHRISTOPHER; Great Grandson of James Whaley, Va.

" Great Grandson of Edmond Jackson, Va. Served 3 years

JACKSON, EDWARD FISHER; Great Grandson of Edward Jackson, pvt., Ma.

" GG Grandson of Ephraim Jackson, Pvt., @ Lexington Alarm, Ma., Lieutenant-Colonel , and died at Valley Forge December 19,1777

JACKSON, EDWARD FISHER; (con't) Great Grandson of Samuel Murdock, Corporal @ Lexington Alarm, was a private @ Bunker Hill

" GG Grandson of Joshua Murdock, Pvt., Ma, Corporal, Sgt, Ma.

" GG Grandson of Aaron Davis, delegate to the Provincial Congress of Ma.

" GG Grandson of Wm. Fisher, Pvt, NY

" GG Grandson of John King, Captain, Massachusetts,

" Great Grandson of Hezekiah King, Pvt. Massachusetts

" GG Grandson of George Norton, Pvt, Ct., Mortally wounded 12/26/76

" GG Grandson of Eza Thornton, Pvt. Sheffield, Massachusetts

" Great Grandson of Timothy Smith, Lieutenant, Colonel, Lt., Ma.

KENDRICK, JUSTIN SMITH; Great Grandson of Ichabod Marshall, Corporal, Vt.

" Great Grandson of Samuel Kendrick, Sgt., New Hampshire

KENNETT, WM. POTS; Great Grandson of Stephen Hempstead Pvt, Col, Sgt., Ct.

" Great Grandson of Robert Porter, Pvt, Sgt., Pennsylvania Troops

KNIGHT, THOMAS KEYES; Great Grandson of Wm. Broadus, Pvt., Lt., Va

LATHROP, JOSEPH: GG Grandson of Seth Pomeroy, General, Massachusetts

LEE, JOHN FITZGERALD; Great Grandson of Richard Henry Lee, member of the Continental Congress 1774-1780/ Signer of the Declaration of Independence

LEE, WM. HILL; ( Same information as given by Lee, John Fitzgerald above)

LOCKWOOOD, JAMES YEATMAN; GG Grandson of Charles Wilson Peale, Lt., Pa, Captain 1777 , ( Said to have painted Washington from life 14 times)

LUDINGTON, ELLIOT KINGMAN; GG Grandson of Jonathan Harrington, Sgt & 2nd Lt. 6th Worcester County Regiment, 1776, Massachusetts

LUEDDE, WM. HENRY, M.D.; GG Grandson of Michael Everly, Sgt, Ens. Lt., Pa.

MCCULLOCH RICHARDS; GGGG Grandson of Andrew Lewis, General, Va.

MCCULLOCH, ROBERT8* GGGG Grandson of Andrews Lewis as above Brigadier General Continental Army 1776-1777. His statue is one of thegroup around the Washington equestrian statue, at Richmond, Va.

MCELWEE, LUCIEN CLAUDE, M.D*; Great Grandson of James McElwee, Pvt, S.C., taken prisoner at Savannah, held on British prison Ship "Mnificance"

MARTIN GEORGE NAGLE*; GG Grandson of Edward Mitchell, pvt., Ensign ,Va.

Corporal, Quartermaster under Colonel Crockett in 1781

MASON, CHARELS PRESSLEY*; GG Grandson of John Stephenson, Pvt, Pa.

MAYFIELD, WM. HENDERSON, M.D. ; Grandson of Stephen Mayfield, Pvt, NC\

MENDENHALL, HENRY WHITE; Great Grandson of Thomas Mendenhall, Privateersman on the Priavateer Brig "Nancy" of Wilmington Delaware. Made the first American flag displayed in a foreign port at Puerto Rico.

MOORE, CHARLES LUDWIG*, Jr: GG Grandson of Robert John Donaldson, Pvt., & Sgt., Was in the battles of Quebec, taken prisoner @ Paoli

" GG Grandson of James Mooore, Pvt Pa.

MORGAN, HERBERT MOREAN; Grandson of Jonas Morgan, Ensign, Connecticut

NEWCOMB, CHARLES LAWRENCE;GG Grandson of Thomas Newcomb, Lt., Massachusetts troops, Captain 1781 Thomas Newcomb's three sons, Abraham, Oliver and Bryant served in his Company. Bryant being 14 years old.

" GG Grandson of Wm. Brackett, Private and Gunner , Massachusetts

NEWCOMB, CHARLES LAWRENCE; (GG Grandson of Benjamin Floyd, Pvt.

" GG Grandson of Noah Floyd, Private, served in the siege of Boston

" GG Grandson of Benjamin Henderson, enlisted on the ship "Jack"

O'BRIEN, JOHN BERNARD*, D.D.S.; Great Grandson of Simeon Tupper, Jr. Fifer in Colonel Benjamin Tupper's 10th Massachusetts 1781-1782

" GG Grandson of Simeon Tupper, Sr. Private-Lieutenant, Massachusetts

O'MEARA, JOHN BABTISTE;Major: Grandson of Jean Babtiste O"Mera, 2nd Lieutenant in Walsh's Regiment of the Irish Brigade, served under Geo. Washington

PARCE, Rev. DWIGHT ARTHUR; GGG Grandson of Thomas Train, Pvt, Ma.

" GG Grandson of Isaac Train, Private, Massachusetts Regiment

PARKER, GEORGE TURNER; Great Grandson of Asa Parker, Pvt, Massachusetts

" GG Grandson of Simon Parker, Pvt., Ma., @ Lexington Alarm.

" GG Grandson of Matthew Turner, Private, Connecticut

" GGG Grandson of Thomas Turner, private, & Lt. Col. Massachusetts

" GG Grandson of Levi Moore, Corporal, Massachusetts

" GGG Grandson of Jonas Stone, Pvt., & Colonel & Lt. Col. Ma.

" GG Grandson of John Hastings, Sgt, 2nd Lt. , Captain, Massachusetts

" GGG Grandson of Daniel Hastings, Pvt. @ Lexington Alarm, Ma.

" GG Grandson of John Wright, Pvt. Connecticut

" GGG Grandson of Josiah Atkins, Pvt, & Non Comm. Officer, Ct.

" GGG Grandson of Zacheus Gillette, Pvt,, Connecticut

" GGG Grandson of Asahel Case, Pvt, Connecticut

PARKER, Hon. GEORGE WASHINGTON; Grandson of Abraham Parket, Pvt, Pa.

PARTRIDGE, ARTHUR SAMUEL; Great Grandson of Amos Partridge, Pvt, Ma.

" GG Grandson of Abijah Wheeler, 1st. Lt. New Hampshire

" GG Grandson of Francis Cragin, Sergeant, New Hampshire

POST, MARTIN HAYWARD, M.D.: Great Grandson of Roswell Post, 2nd. Pvt, Sergeant, Clerk, Colonel, Vermont Troops. Clerk in Colonel Lee's Regiment 1781

POWE, THOMAS ERASMUS; GG Grandson of Thomas Powed. So. Carolina

" GG Grandson of Henry Wm. Harrington, Brigadier-General, NC,SC

" GGG Grandson of George Hicks, Colonel of So. Carolina Troops 1779

RAYMOND, FRANCIS, Jr: Great Grandson of Hezekiah Raymond, Pvt., Ct.

ROBBINS, CLARENCE; Great Grandson of Abner Robbins, Private, Massachusetts

ROBBINS, EDWARD COOMES, : Great Grandson of Joseph Robbins, Jr. Pvt, NJ

ROBBINS, LEROY KINGSLAND, *Maj: GG Grandson of Joseph Robbins, Jr., Private in the Monmouth County , NJ Militia.

" GGG Grandson of Isaac Kingsland, Private, New Jersey Militia

ROOT, OLIVER BOWEN; Great Grandson of Oliver Root, Lt.,, Cpt., Major, Ma.

" GG Grandson of William Crehore, Private, Massachusetts Regiment

RUTH, JUNIUS BATTE*: Great Grandson of David Ruth, Private, So.Va, No.C.

SANDS, JAMES THOMAS; Great Grandson of Samuel Sands, Ensign, Philadelphia

" GG Grandson of John Sands a soldier of the Pennsylvania line.

" GG Grandson of Job Wright, Captain, New York

SAWYER, ISAAC HOWE; Great Grandson of Samuel Sawyer, Pvt, Massachusetts

" Great Grandson of Thomas Killam, Pvt, Massachusetts Militia 1776

SCOTT, PIERRE CHOUTEAU; GG Grandson of James Lackland, 2nd Lt., Md

SCOTT, WATER SCOTT*; Great Grandson of Robert Quarles, Lieutenant, Va.

SCOTT, WM. SAMUEL; Great Grandson of Wm. Payne, Captain, Va. 1776

SCUDDER, CHARLES WHITE; GG Grandson of Nathaniel Scudder, Lt-Colonel New Jersey. Member of NJ Provincial Legislature, & Speaker 1776, Member of Continental Congress 1777, killed October 15,1781

SHAPLEIGH, ALFRED LEE; Great Grandson of Elisha Shapleigh, Captain, Ma.

" Great Grandson of Abner Blaisdel, Sergeant, 1775 Pvt., 1778


SHELTON, RICHARD THEODORE; GG Grandson of Richard Gentry, Pvt., Va

SCHULTZ, LLEWELLYN BROWN; Great Grandson of Christian Shockey, Private, Corporal, 1777 @ the Surrender of Cornwallis @ Yorktown. (wounded)

SKINKER, THOMAS KEITH; GG grandson of Thomas Blackwell, Captain, Va.

" Great Grandson of Thomas Keith, Quartermaster-Sgt., Va. For 2 years

SMITH, FRANKLIN HUNTINGTON; Great Grandson of Philip Hunt, Pvt, NY

SMITH, RALPH LANCASTER: GG Grandson of Joel Dickenson, Pvt., Ma.

SPENCER, EUGENE JACCARD*, Great Grandson of Noah Spencer, Pvt, Ct.

" GG Grandson of Nathaniel Parker, Pvt, Sussex County, NJ

SPENCER, HORATION NELSON,* M.D.: Grandson of Israel Selden Spencer, private Connecticut State troops 1777

" Grandson of Samuel Marshall, Ensign, Pa. 1781-1782

" Great Grandson of Israel Spencer, Captain, & Major Lt, Ct. & NY

SPENCER, Hon.SELDEN PALMER, PH.D.: Great Grandson of Israel Selden Spencer.

" GG Grandson of Israel Spencer, as shown above)

" GG Grandson of Colonel Samuel Selden ( as shown above)

STEWART, SEYMOUR*; GG Grandson of of James Greene, Soldiers, Va.

STREETOR, WM. CRANDALL*; Great Grandson of Zebina Day, Pvt., Sgt, Corporal and was Drummer in the Company of Captain Nobbs 1780 ( 1776-1780)

SULLIVAN, ANDREW MCCLURE; Great Grandson of Wm. Fleming, Colonel. Member of the Continental Congress, 1779-1781 Governor of Virginia from the 4th until the 19th June 1781

SWITZLER, ROYALL HILL; GGG Grandson of John Starke 2nd Major, NJ, Lt. Col.

TAYLOR, JOSEPH WM. ; GG Grandson of Silas Marsh, Pvt Ct. State Guards

THOMPSON, HENRY CLAY, Jr: GGG Grandson of Owen Roberts, Colonel, Major lst. South Carolina, Killed at Stono Ferry 20 June 1779

" GG Grandson of Richard Brooke Roberts, Captan, So. Carolina, 1779

Aide-de-camp to General Lincoln in 1782

TIRRILL, JACOB PORTER; GG Grandson of Isaac Tirrill, Pvt., Massachusetts

TUNE, LEWIS TILLMAN8*; GGG Grandson of John Morton, member of the Continental Congress and Signer of the Declaration of Independence,

TUTTLE, Rt. Rev.DANIEL SYLVESTER, Grandson of Charles Tuttle, Pvt. Ct.

TUTTLE, GEORGE MARVINE, M.D.; Great grandson of Charles Tuttle

" GG Grandson of Perez Steele, Pvt., Ct., @ the siege of Boston

( Just for information TUTTLE, HERBERT EDWARD related to the two above TUTTLES is living in Monterey, Mexico.

VAN LIEW, THOMAS LILLIAN*; Great Grandson of Dennis Van Liew, Pvt, NJ

" GG Grandson of Denice Van Liew, Pvt., Somerset County, NJ

VAUGHAN, NORMAN MAYNARD*; GGG Grandson of Dan Winchel, Pvt., Ct.

WAGNER, HUGH KIERNAN*; Great Grandson of Jacob Wagner, Pvt, Pa.

WATERMAN SHERMAN JEWETT; GG Grandson of Asa Waterman, Lt. Colonel 17th New York, Militia, 1778.

WILDER, EDWARD BLISS; Great Grandson of John Wilder, Private, @ Lexington Alarm, April 19,1775

" GG Grandson of John Montague, Pvt- Sergeant Massachusetts

WILSON CHARLES ALONZO, M.D.; Great Grandson of Ezekiel Wilson, Pvt, Ma. Wounded in the engagement near No. Bennington, august 16,1777

WITT, THOMAS DUDLEY' Grandson of Abner Witt, Pvt., Massachusetts

WOODS, DANIEL WALDO, Great Grandson of William Pearce, Pvt., Rd. Island

" GG Grandson of James Pearce. Private ( Says he was member of the Kingston Reds 1776)

WOODS, LEONARD RICE (Same as above)

WOODS, LEONARD WALDO*; GGG Grandson of Wm. Pearce, Pvt.,

" GGG Grandson of James Pearce ( Info. Shown above)

WYMAN, HENRY PURKITT; Great Grandson of Nehemiah Wyman Pvt, Ma.

" Great Grandson of Moses Hadley Pvt, Ma.

" GG Grandson of Samuel Cutter, Lieutenant, Massachusetts

" GG Grandson of Edwards Stearns, Captain, @ the Lexington Alarm, Ma.

YOUNG, THOMAS CRANE; Great Grandson of Calvin Young, Pvt., NY Militia

� after the name denotes there is a picture of the individual.


John Andrew Jackson SHULTZ 1838 died St. Louis December 24, 1909 ( l Page)

Rev. George Dana BOARDMAN Miller 1834 died in St. Louis April 24, 1910 (l Page)

Francis Henry LUDINGTON: 1836 Died May 18,1910 ( 2 Pages)

William Danison MASON 1859 dued March 15,1911 ( l Page)

Edwing HILL, 1842 died Jan 7,1912 ( Picture & two pages)

Charles Melville HAYS, 1856 died April 15,1912 lost at sea by the Titanic disaster, , In 1881 married Clara J. Gregg, Daughter of Wm. h. Gregg of St. Louis, Mo.( 2 pages and a picture)