St. Louis Public Schools Archives

David A. Lossos, (Updated 4/3/2010)

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Sharon Dolan retired as Records Center Supervisor and Archivist for the St. Louis Public Schools as of January 1, 2009. Those of us that used Sharon's expertise and assistance certainly miss her.

I recently called and asked when the Archives will open again.

Here is what I got from Louis F. Kruger, Executive Director of Business Operation.

"The District is in the midst of working out a Memorandum of Understanding with the Missouri History Museum to potentially turn over the contents of the SLPS Archives. In addition, due to severe cutbacks in funding from the State of Missouri and other funding shortfalls, the St. Louis Public Schools is not in the financial position to hire an archivist to oversee the contents of the archives site at this time. All discretionary funds used to maintain the Archives and pay the wages and benefits of an archivist, are being allocated toward educating children the District is required to serve. Due to the items stated above, the SLPS Archives remains closed to researchers until further notice."