St. Louis Scholastic Theses and Dissertations

St. Louis Scholastic Theses and Dissertations

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Comments from Dave Lossos (6/22/2000): Always on the look out for references to St. Louis history and genealogy documents, I recently came upon a working paper (see credits below) published in 1971 that detailed 478 master theses and doctoral dissertations that pertained to St. Louis History. Nearly all of these are unpublished works. For your convenience I am publishing these here online. I've visited St. Louis University twice in the last few weeks, and was delighted with the easy access to these papers on microfilm. I presume the other universities have a similar capability, but I haven't explored them yet. Key to abbreviations: UMT = Unpublished Master's Thesis, UDD = Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, MT = Master's Thesis, DD = Doctoral Dissertation, SLU = Saint Louis University, WU = Washington University

1966 Democratic Campaign in the Second Congressional District of Missouri: A Case Study. Ernst, Thomas John UMT SLU, 1968.
Academy of the Visitation in the Middle West 1833-1949. O'Connor, Sister Francis Marie, V.H.M. UMT SLU, 1949.
Adjustment of the Colored Feeble-Minded Child in Saint Louis. Arndt, H. C. M. UMT WU, 1933-1934.
Adjustment of the Jewish Immigrant in Saint Louis. Keiner, N. UMT WU 1933-1934.
Administrative Problems of Mother's Aid in Saint Louis. Arand, Marguerite V. V. UMT SLU, 1936.
After Adjustment of Dependent Children Supervised by the Saint Louis Board of Children's Guardians Since 1912. Millmar, Frances Marjorie UMT SLU, 1938.
Agrarian Politics in Missouri, 1880-1896. Clevenger, Homer UDD MU, 1940.
Aid to Dependent Children in Missouri with Special Reference to the Desirability of Qualifying for Federal Aid Under the social Security Act. Hammerstein, Virginia Marie UMT WU 1937.
Aid to Dependent Children in the City of Saint Louis, February 1938 to December 1939. Foley, Dorothy Florence UMT SLU, 1940.
Amateur Theatricals in Saint Louis, Missouri, 1875-1890. Thompson, Isabel Cecilia DD State University of Iowa, 1954.
American Party in Missouri, 1854-1860. Brock, Frederick E. UMT MU, 1949.
Americanization of the Croats in Saint Louis, Missouri, During the Past Thirty Years. Mihanovich, Clement Simon UMT SLU, 1936.
Analysis and Interpretation of the Factors Influencing the Decentralization of the Downtown Department Stores in Saint Louis. Klages, Roy Arthur UDD SLU, 1958-1959.
Analysis of Services Rendered to Runaway Adults by Mullanphy Travelers Aid, Saint Louis, Missouri, September 1, 1947 to August 31, 1949. Marcil, Rita Josephine UMT SLU, 1950.
Analysis of Services Rendered to Runaway Children by Mullanphy Travelers Aid Society, Saint Louis, Missouri, from September 1, 1947 through August 31, 1949. Weger, Jane Elizabeth UMT SLU, 1950.
Analysis of Services to Handicapped Persons by Mullanphy Travelers Aid, Saint Louis, Missouri, September 1, 1949 through August 31, 1950. Armstrong, Mary Patricia UMT SLU, 1951.
Analysis of the Food Costs of Firmin Desloge Hospital, Saint Louis, Missouri. Haarman, Mary Maximina UMT SLU, 1942.
Analysis of the Social Services Rendered to a Selected Group of Tuberculosis Cases under the Care of the SLU. McAuley, Elinor Josephine Frances UMT SLU, 1936.
Anheuser-Busch - A Study in Firm Growth. Baluyut, Fernando de Lara UMT SLU, 1961.
Annotated Check List of the Magazines Published in Saint Louis before 1900. Holland, Dorothy Garesch´┐Ż MT WU, 1950.
Anti-Catholic Movement in Missouri: The Post Civil War Period. Stauf, Hilma Margaret UMT SLU, 1936.
Anti-Slavery Movement in Missouri, 1819-1865. Merkel, B. UDD WU 1939.
Applications for Care to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Saint Louis Missouri, in 1940. Golden, Cecil Anne UMT SLU, 1942.
Archaeological Importance of the Cahokia Mounds and Village Sites. Tarr, John S. UMT WU, 1955.
Archbishop Peter Richard Kenrick and the Civil War. White, Sister Mary Emmanuel, R.S.M. UMT SLU, 1949.
Areal Expansion of the City of Saint Louis. Jenner, J. S. UMT WU1939.
Assistance to Unmarried Mothers, Social Security Commission, Saint Louis, July 1, 1940 to December 31, 1940. Karr, Rosemary Josephine UMT SLU, 1942.
Attitude of Charles Dickens Toward the United States as Revealed in His Two American Works and in His Letters. Hilliker, Virginia UMT WU, 1944.
Attitudes and Adjustments of Boys at Cote Brillante High School Preparatory Center, 1939. Evans, John Edward UMT SLU, 1940.
Auguste and Pierre Choteau. Rowse, Edward Francis UDD WU1936.
B. Gratz Brown, the Rise of a Radical, 18501863. Peterson, Norma Lois. UDD MU, 1953.
Background of Professional Baseball in Saint Louis. Lampe, Anthony Bernard UMT SLU, 1950.
Beginnings of Catholic Education in the City of Saint Louis. Winkelmann, Reverend William John, C.M. UMT SLU, 1947.
Beginnings of the Democratic Party in Missouri, 1824-1836. Hines, A. Clarence UMT MU, 1929.
Bishop Joseph Rosati, C.M. and the Diocese of New Orleans, 1824-1830. Murphy, Sister Mary Carmel, M.S.C. UDD SLU, 1959.
Boatmen's National Bank, 1847-1941. Deming, Frederick Lewis UDD WU1942.
Boot and Shoe Industry of Saint Louis; Origin, Growth and Cause of Its Development. Vogt, Herbert J. UMT WU, 1929.
Borough Plan Election of 1962 and the City of Saint Louis and Saint Louis County: A Case Study in Metropolitan Problems. Maloney, Thomas James, S.J. UMT SLU, 1964.
Budgetary Study of Closed Cases, Saint Louis Social Security Commission, June 1937-April, 1938. Keck, L. E. UMT WU, 1939.
Businessman in Politics David R. Francis, Missouri Democrat. Pusateri, Cosmo Joseph UDD SLU, 1964-1965.
Calendar of the Papers of His Excellency Joseph Rosati, C.M. 1809-1843 in the Chancellery Archives of Saint Louis. Busch, Mary Norine UMT SLU, 1949.
Calendar of the Papers of John Dougherty, 1823-1863, in the Archives of the Missouri Historical Society in the Jefferson Memorial at Saint Louis. Wilson, Elizabeth Imogene. UMT SLU, 1953.
Camp Jackson Affair, 1861. Covington, James Warren UMT SLU, 1943.
Cardinal Glennon: His Contribution to Catholic Secondary Education in Saint Louis. Kolmer, Sister Mary Arthur, Ad.P.P.S. UMT SLU, 1962.
Carl Shurz: Editorial Monitor of the American Conscience. Gerstein, Irving UMT WU1950.
Changes in the Saint Louis Manufacturing Profile, 1939-1958. Maledon, William Edward UMT SLU, 1964.
Changing Objectives in Saint Louis Public High School Art Education. Manheimer, Evelyn Alice UMT SLU, 1936.
Child Placement Applications to Joint Intake Department of Catholic Charities, Saint Louis, January 1, 1941, through June 30, 1941. Joyce, Ruth Marie UMT SLU, 1942.
Cholera Epidemics in Saint Louis, 1832-1873. Gorjanc, Daniel UMT Lincoln University, 1965.
City of Flight: The History of Aviation in Saint Louis. Horgan, James Joseph UDD SLU, 1964-1965.
Civil War in Missouri, 1864-1865. Mason, Janie Clare UMT WU1937.
Civil War in Missouri During 1861. Koelling, Harry Carl UMT WU1937.
Clinical and Immunological Study of the 1937 Epidemic of Encephalitis of the Saint Louis Type. Greutter, John Eugene UMT SLU, 1940.
Community Image in the History of Saint Louis and Kansas City. Oster, Donald Bright UDD University of Missouri, 1969.
Consolidation of Street Railways in the City of Saint Louis, Missouri. Murphy, James Lee UMT SLU, 1964.
Construction and Operation of the Telegraph in Missouri, 1847-1860. Sunder, John Edward UMT WU, 1950.
Construction of the Illinois and Saint Louis Bridge (Eads Bridge) at Saint Louis, 1867-1874. Polinsky, Gerald Rudman UMT WU, 1954.
Contemporary Study of the 1939-40 Campaign for Smoke Control by the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch. Dessauer, Philip Edward UMT MU, 1940.
Contributions to the Construction of theWU Cyclotron. Fulbright, Harry Wilks UMT WU, 1942.
Correspondence between Bishop Rosati and Blessed Philippine Duchesne. Webster, Mother Ann Kathryn, R.S.C.J. UMT SLU, 1950.
Cost of Living and the Economic Status of the Teacher in Missouri. Ramsey, Calvin Henry UDD MU, 1932-1933.
Court Treatment of Intra and Inter-racial Homicide in Saint Louis (1943-1947). Newsom, Lionel Hodge DD WU, 1956.
Crusade Against Election Fraud by the Post-Dispatch and Star-Times of Saint Louis in 1936. Cohen, Murray UMT MU, 1953.
Curricular Changes in Public Secondary Schools of Missouri, 1890-1950. Harbin, Calvin Edward UDD University of Missouri, 1952.
Curriculum Development at Harris Teachers College of Saint Louis, Missouri: 1857-1949. Rosskopf, Lea Anne UMT SLU, 1950.
Decade of Economic Growth in Missouri (1830-1840). Kelley, Harry Thomas UMT University of Missouri - Kansas City, 1965.
Democratic Party in Missouri, 1873-1880. Donohue, Mae Florence UMT MU, 1930.
Dependency Index of Saint Louis by Census. Weissman, Irving UMT WU1938.
Desmetiana of SLU. Edwards, Lawrence Edwin UMT SLU, 1937.
Development of Central High School (Saint Louis) from 1853-1945. Hynes, Adele Marie UMT SLU, 1946.
Development of Community Centers in Saint Louis, Missouri. Leies, Brother Herbert Francis UMT SLU, 1937.
Development of Financial Support for Public Schools in Missouri. Leslie, Glenn Freeman UDD MU, 1945.
Development of Home Economics in The United States and Its Significance in the Saint Louis Public Schools. Maloney, Margaret Virginia UMT SLU, 1933-1934.
Development of Licensing in Saint Louis. Trout, Maurice Elmore UDD SLU, 1950.
Development of Playgrounds in Saint Louis. Albright, Blanche Martin UMT SLU, 1938.
Development of Public Institutional Care for Feeble Minded Children in Saint Louis with Special Reference to the History of the Saint Louis Training School. Anderson, Elizabeth Marie UMT WU, 1938.
Development of School Districts in Saint Louis County With Special Emphasis Upon the Application of Missouri Bill No. 307. Detering, Edmund Louis UDD WU1955.
Development of the Department of Education at Saint Louis University, 1900-1942. Labaj, Joseph John, S.J. UMT SLU, 1952.
Development of the Missouri Elementary School Curriculum 1820-1948. Cockrill, David James DD MU, 1949.
Development of the Saint Louis City Plan Commission. Sprengel, Donald Philip UMT SLU, 1962.
Developmental Study of the Social Service Department, Saint John's Hospital, Saint Louis, Missouri, July, 1918 to January, 1948. Lyall, Ruth Elizabeth UMT SLU, 1950.
Developments in Color-Gravure Printing by the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch. Plessinger, Martin Kocker UMT MU, 1953.
Diary of Reverend Nicholas Point, S.J., 1841-1846. Baer, Sister Agnes Marie, C.S.J. UMT SLU, 1952.
Discussion of the Contribution Made to the Solution of the Unemployment Problem by the Schools in the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area. Lanigan, Elizabeth Imelds UMT SLU, 1932-1933.
Disintegration of the Whig Party in Missouri, 1850-1856. Baker, Eula Blythe UMT MU, 1932-1933.
Distribution of Retail Food Sales in the Saint Louis Trading Area. Wettemgel, Charles Albert UMT SLU, 1933-1934.
Early Amusements in Missouri: A Comparison of Saint Louis and Other Missouri Towns. Plessinger, Sibyl Hankins UMT MU, 1951.
Early Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis from Citations in the Catholic Press. Stansell, Sister Mary Eustacia, C.P.P.S. UMT SLU, 1953.
Early Controversy Over the Establishment of Public High Schools in Missouri. Fort, Guerry Louise UMT MU, 1936.
Early History of Lead Mining in Missoui. Swartzlow, Ruby Johnson UMT MU, 1932-1933.
Early Roads in Missouri. Wood, Martha May UMT MU, 1937.
Early Stages in the Development of Channel, Nine, Educational Television in Saint Louis, Missouri. Jackson, Lester Bode UMT University of Missouri, 1954.
East Saint Louis and the Railroads to 1875. Gard, Laura M. UMT WU1947.
East Saint Louis, Illinois: A Transportation and Freight Traffic Center. Day, Richard Lorey UDD Illinois University, 1959-1961.
Ecological and Statistical Study of Truancy in the White Public Elementary School of Saint Louis, 1933-1936. Schierding, Lenore Emilie UMT WU, 1937.
Ecological Study of Mental Disorders in Metropolitan Saint Louis. Dee, W.L.J. UMT WU, 1939.
Ecology of Juvenile Delinquency in Saint Louis. Bates, William Mary UDD WU1958-1959.
Economic and Social Adjustments of Jewish Refugees Resettled in Saint Louis from 1937 to 1942. Gideon, Berti E. UMT SLU, 1944.
Economic and Social Life in French Villages of Missouri. Lewis, Donald Fremont UMT MU, 1936.
Economic Development of Missouri and the Implications of Population Change and Family Income. Gibson, Charles Robert, S.J. UMT SLU, 1964.
Economic Development of Saint Louis, 1803-1846. Melom, Halvor Gordon UDD MU, 1948.
Economic Implications of the Taxation Controversy in Missouri, 1929-1931. Clarenback, Fred UMT MU, 1932-1933.
Economic Rivalry Between Saint Louis and Chicago,. 1850-1880. Belcher, Wyatt W. UDD Columbia University, 1946.
Economics of the Community Bonus with Special Reference to the Missouri Boot and Shoe Industry. McGuire, Carl Wilburn UDD MU, 1939.
Education in Saint Louis, 1880-1900; A Case Study of Schools in Society. Gersman, Elinor Mondale UDD WU,. 1969.
Education of a Democrat-Formative Years of Thomas Hart Benton and the Development of His Political Ideas, 1782-1826. Chambers, William Nisbet UDD WU1949.
Education of the Negro in Missouri. Brigham, Robert Irving UDD MU, 1946.
Educational History of the Christian Brothers in the Elementary Schools of Saint Louis and Vicinity, 1849-1925. Beck, Brother Jerome de la Salle, F.S.C. UMT SLU, 1946.
Educational Opportunities in Missouri Public and Non-Public High Schools. McClane, Charles Willard UDD MU, 1942.
Effectiveness of Clinical Contacts in the Treatment of Delinquency in the Community of Saint Louis. McKelfresh, Dorothy Hardeman UMT SLU, 1937.
Effectiveness of the Methodist Orphan's Home Association of Saint Louis as a Child Caring Agency. Ahrens, Mottie Elizabeth UMT SLU, 1942.
Efforts to Encourage Immigration to Missouri After the Civil War. Kidd, Florence UMT MU, 1932-1933.
Election of 1868 in Missouri. Prendergast, Charles Ignatius, S.J. UMT SLU, 1947.
Election of 1912 in Missouri. Yancey, Thomas Ralph UMT MU, 1937.
Embattled Democracy: Missouri Democratic Politics, 1918-1932. Mitchell, Franklin Dean UDD MU, 1964.
Entertainment Features in the Sunday Republican of Saint Louis, 1855-1860. Kroft, David G. UMT WU, 1947.
Entrance Requirements of the College and Universities Attended by Graduates of Saint Louis High Schools. Miller, L. A. UMT WU, 1939.
Ethical Study of the Present Unemployment Situation in the city of Saint Louis up to and Including September 10, 1935. Hamilton, George Bernard UMT SLU, 1936.
Evaluation of the Emergency W.P.A. Nursery Schools in Saint Louis, Missouri. Vann, M. V. UMT WU, 1940.
Evaluation of Thirty-Seven Diocesan Courses of Study for Catholic Elementary Schools. Albin, Sister Mary Leon UMT SLU, 1936.
Evolution of Advertising in America as Exemplified in Missouri Newspapers. Daspit, Alex Barrow UMT MU, 1930.
Evolution of Constitutional, Legislative and Judicial Protection of civil and Human Rights in Missouri: A Critical and Interpretative Analysis. Mosby, Reba Schinault UDD SLU, 1959.
Evolution of Social and Political Attitudes in Missouri Labor Movement, 1900-1940. Fink, Gary M. DD MU - Columbia, 1968.
Excursion Steamboating on the Mississippi with Streckfus Steamers, Inc. Meyer, Delores Jane DD SLU, 1967.
Experimental Investigation on the Nature and Origin of Microseisms at Saint Louis, Missouri. Ramires, Rex. J. Emilio S.J. UDD SLU, 1939.
Experimental Study of the Concept of Anomie: Its Indicators and Its Relationship to Juvenile Delinquency in the City of Saint Louis. Saran, (Atau), Nephan F. UDD SLU, 1960-1961.
Extra-Curricular Activities in the Seventh and Eighth Grades of Thirty Catholic Schools. Buchheim, Sister Mary Paula UMT SLU, 1936.
Factions and Issues in Missouri Politics: 1820-1822. Parks, Gordon Elliott UMT university of Missouri, 1955.
Factors Affecting Attendance at the Out Patient Department of the Firmin Desloge Hospital of Saint Louis During 1935. Mitchell, Frances Muriel UMT SLU, 1937.
Factors Associated with Interstate Migration: An Analysis of Migratory Movements Between Missouri and Other States, 1949-1950. Wnuczek, Adam. UMT WU, 1954.
Factors in the Growth of Saint Louis from 1840 to 1860. Williams, Mrs. H..D. UMT WU, 1933-1934.
Fairmount Heights - an Italian Immigrant Colony in Saint Louis. Wood, Elmer Shorb UMT WU, 1936.
Father David S. Phelan Versus the American Protective Association in Saint Louis. Walsh, Laurence Edwin, S.J. UMT SLU, 1949.
Father Pierre-Jean DeSmet: Representative of the United States Government to the Indians. Donnelly, William Patrick UMT SLU, 1933-1934.
Federal Public Housing and Its Application to the City of Saint Louis. Boeger, William Joseph UMT SLU, 1950.
Fifty Years of Missouri Labor, 1820-1870. Houf, Walter Ralph UMT MU, 1958.
First Political Struggle for Missouri in the civil War. Sibley, Wilmer Howard UMT University of Kansas City, 1949.
Five Year Adjustment Study of Ursuline High School Graduates. Kohne, Alphonsa UMT SLU, 1942.
Folkways in Creole Saint Louis: The Transition from Creole to American Material Customs and Private Life. Smelser, Marshall Taylor UMT SLU, 1938.
Follow-up Study of Gifted Saint Louis Public School Pupils of the 1920's. Chambers, Katherine (Pfeifer) DD WU, 1956.
Forecast of Income of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Kluge, Vernon Edgar UMT SLU 1964.
Foster Home Care for Children Presenting Health Problems. Anderson, M. H. UMT WU, 1939
Frontier Poetry in Missouri, 1780-1840. Van Ravenswaay, C. UMT WU1933-1934.
Geographic Background of the Power System at the Union Electric Company. Sykes, B.M. UMT WU, 1940.
Geography of the Port of Saint Louis. Mayer, Harold Melvin UMT WU1937.
Geography of the Water Supply of Metropolitan Saint Louis. Barr, Joe William UMT WU, 1937.
German Element in Saint Louis, 1859-1861. Blum, Virgil Clarence UMT SLU, 1945.
German Protestantism in Saint Louis, 18391850. The Relation of German Evangelican and German Lutheran Groups. Roettger, Charles Zastrow UMT SLU, 1958.
Grand Army of the Republic in Missouri. Primm, James N. UMT MU, 1949.
Grange in Missouri, 1878-1939. Carter, Floella Kelley UMT MU, 1940.
Greek Community in Saint Louis (1900-1967): Its Agencies for Value Transmission. Stellos, Marie Helen DD SLU, 1968.
Guidance Practice in Saint Louis Catholic Secondary Schools for Boys, 1940-1941. Powers, James Joseph UMT SLU, 1942.
Guide to Materials for the History of the Indian Missions of the Trans-Mississippi West /Exclusive of the Desmetiana) in the Archives of Saint Louis University. Barth, Arthur August UMT SLU, 1937.
Hanna Family in the Westward Movement, 1730-1848. Hanna, Sister Mary Teresa of Avila, S.S.N.D. UMT SLU, 1954.
Health and Sanitation Standards in Ten Girls' Organized Camps in the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area. Rossfield, Bernice Cecelia UMT SLU, 1938.
Health Knowledge of the Pupils of the Saint Louis Public High Schools in the Fall of 1941. Baxmeyer, Charlotte Emily UMT SLU, 1942.
Health Problems of the Youth of Saint Louis in Relation to the Findings of the National Health Survey, 1935 and 1936. Fuller, Norma Nellie UMT SLU, 1940.
Highway Pattern of Metropolitan Saint Louis. Rebholz, I. UMT WU1939.
Historical Development of the Jewish Federation of Saint Louis. Rosen, Samuel Leslie UMT SLU, 1939.
Historical Study of Child-Caring Institutions Under the Children's Department of the Catholic Charities of Saint Louis. Lahey, Mary Alice UMT SLU, 1940.
History and an Economic Analysis of Milk Supply Problems in the Saint Louis Marketing Area, 1910-1949. Freemyer, Glenn William UMT University of Illinois, 1957.
History and Development of Rosati-Kain Hiqh School, Saint Louis, Missouri. Fallinger, Sister Mary Alvera, S.S.N.D. UMT SLU, 1949.
History and Educational Program of Christian Brothers College, Saint Louis, Missouri. Archambeault, Brother Henry Ernest, F.S.C. UMT SLU, 1947.
History and Present Status of Apprentice Teaching in the Saint Louis Public Elementary Schools. McGrath, Isabelle UMT SLU, 1938.
History of Alexian Brothers Hospital, Saint Louis, Missouri 1869-1949. Berry, Rose Brigid UMT SLU, 1950.
History of Audio-visual Education of the Saint Louis Public Schools, 1904-1949. Cunniff, Ellen Marcella UMT SLU, 1950.
History of Catholic Education in the Mississippi Valley, 1704-1886. O'Brien, John Joseph UDD SLU, 1951.
History of DePaul Hospital with Description of the Development of the Social Service Department Saint Louis, Missouri, 1828-1948. Cartner, Sister Elspeth Ann, D.C. UMT SLU, 1952.
History of Ferguson, Missouri, 1855-1918. Kalin, Berkley UMT SLU, 1959.
History of Guardian Angel Day Nursery, Saint Louis, Missouri 1911-1948. Naggi, Erming Teresa UMT SLU, 1949.
History of Jefferson Barracks, 1826-1900. Mueller, Richard Edward UMT SLU, 1968.
History of Kingdom House. Hagedorn, R. E. L. UMT WU1939.
History of Kirkwood, Missouri, 1851-1869. Dahl, June Wilkinson UMT WU1957.
History of Medical Social Work in Saint Louis 1928-1944. Freund, Emma Jean UMT WU, 1945.
History of Municipal Home Rule in Saint Louis. Schmandt, Henry Joseph UMT SLU, 1949.
History of Public Schools in the Normandy School District. Green, Herbert Lee UMT WU, 1937.
History of Radio Station KSD, Saint Louis, Missouri: With Pertinent and Simultaneous References to the History of Broadcasting in America. Secrest, Luther Clark UMT MU, 1961.
History of Saint Agatha School, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1871-1955. Abel, Sister Mary Gracia, C.P.P.S. UMT SLU, 1955.
History of Saint Alphonsus (Rock) High School 1884-1948. Bocklite, Sister Mary Sylvia, S.S.N.D. UMT SLU, 1949.
History of Saint Bridget of Erin Parish Saint Louis, 1853-1917. Eppich, Sister Mary George, C.S.J. UMT SLU, 1951.
History of Saint Frances' Home for Girls, Normandy, Missouri, 1887-1950. McGinnis, Henry Andrew UMT SLU, 1951.
History of Saint Joseph's Home for Boys in Saint Louis, Missouri from 1835 to 1949. White, Frederic UMT SLU, 1949.
History of Saint Leo Center in Saint Louis, Missouri. Castlen, Joseph William, Jr. UMT SLU, 1950.
History of Saint Leo's Parish, Saint Louis, 1888-1950. McTigue, Sister Mary Xavier, C.S.J. UMT SLU, 1951
History of Saint Louis, 1804-1816. Kirkpatrick, Robert L. UMT WU1947.
History of Saint Louis, 1817-1826. Becherer, Floyd Oliver UMT WU1950.
History of Saint Louis, 1827-1836. Parks, Thomas E UMT WU1948.
History of Saint Louis, 1837-1847. Mayer, Herbert Theodore UMT WU1949.
History of Saint Louis, 1848-1853. Ross, Oscar Nervene UMT WU1949.
History of Saint Louis, 1854-1860. Clemens, Cyril Coniston UMT WU1949.
History of Saint Louis, 1865-1876. Soraghan, C. V. UMT WU1936.
History of Saint Louis, 1878-1882. Moehle, Oden Frank UMT WU1954.
History of Saint Mary's Home for Girls in Saint Louis, Missouri, 1843-1948. Liebig, Emma Theresa UMT SLU, 1949.
History of Saint Mary's Infirmary School of Nursing, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1933-1958. Smith, Clemmie Jean UMT SLU, 1958.
History of Saint Vincent's Hospital of Saint Louis and Related Developments. Lannen, Sister Eleaner, D. C. UMT SLU, 1953.
History of Soccer in the City of Saint Louis. Robinson, James Francis DD SLU, 1966.
History of St. Elizabeth Academy, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1822-1932. Kohnen, Sister Mary Loyola UMT SLU, 1932.
History of St. Francis Xavier (College) Church, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1837-1943. Kramer, Urban J. UMT SLU, 1944.
History of St. Joseph's Institute for the Deaf in Saint Louis County, 1837-1944. Ashton, Alberta R UMT SLU, 1946.
History of the Acquisition, Development, and Restoration of Forest Park: 1870-1910. Kearns, Kevin Corrigan DD SLU, 1966.
History of the Annie Malone Children's Home Saint Louis, Missouri 1888-1948. Mountjoy, Amy Rhodes UMT SLU, 1949.
History of the Bank of Saint Louis. Poelker, Sister Jeanne Marie, C.S.J. UMT SLU, 1959.
History of the Brewing Industry in Saint Louis 1804-1860. Lindhurst, J. UMT WU1939.
History of the Brick and Tile Industry in Missouri. Roberts, Clarence Nelson UDD 1950.
History of the Bryan Mullanphy Emigrant and Travelers Relief Fund Saint Louis, Mo., 1860-1939. Glucklin, Morris UMT WU, 1946.
History of the Care of the Aged by the Little Sisters of the Poor in Saint Louis, 1869-1946. Kowalski, Helen Marie UMT SLU, 1947.
History of the Catholic Italians in Saint Louis. Galus, Walter John UMT SLU, 1936.
History of the Catholic Poles of Saint Louis. Mysliwiec, John Stanislaus. UMT SLU, 1936.
History of the Development of Health Education in the Elementary Schools of Saint Louis. Kelley, Katherine Gannon UMT WU, 1946.
History of the First Olympic Theatre of Saint Louis, Missouri from 1866-1879. Johnson, Theodore Clark UMT State University of Iowa, 1958.
History of the Law Department of WU (The Saint Louis Law School) 1867-1900. Williams, Cartus Rhey UMT WU, 1942.
History of the Lutheran Children's Friend Society of Missouri 1903-1947. Bertram, Elizabeth Florence UMT SLU, 1949.
History of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Brown, Gerald UMT SLU, 1967.
History of the Missouri Dental College (The Dental Department of WU, 1892-1901), 1866-1901. Parle, Grace. UMT WU1942.
History of the Missouri State Federation of Labor. Graham, Fred Richard UMT MU, 1933-1934.
History of the North Missouri Railroad Company. Adams, Mary Louise UMT SLU, 1951.
History of the O'Fallon Polytechnic Institute, 1855-1868: The Practical Department of WU Jerzewial, R. M. UMT WU1940.
History of the Presbyterian Church in Missouri to 1860. Bates, Frances Evelyn UMT MU 1939.
History of the Saint Louis Board of Children's Guardians in Relation to the Care of Dependent and Neglected Children from 1912-1938. Landau, G. E. UMT WU1939.
History of the Saint Louis Brown Stockings, 1875-1877: First Professional Baseball Club in Saint Louis. Battiste, William Powell UMT WU, 1962.
History of the Saint Louis City Hospital Training School for Nurses, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1883-1948. Chase, Hallie Willis UMT SLU, 1950.
History of the Saint Louis County Hospital. Brutton, Ann Mary UMT WU1944.
History of the Saint Louis Provident Association, 1930-1935. Vanek, Alma Rattini UMT WU, 1938.
History of the Saint Louis School of Fine Arts, 1879-1909 The Art Development of Mulkey, Mab WU UMTWU, 1944.
History of the Saint Louis society for the Blind, 1933-1950. Hale, Fuller Rite UMT SLU, 1951.
History of the Saint Louis Society for Crippled Children, Saint Louis, Missouri, From 1927-195]. Sprague, Howard Thomas UMT SLU, 1952.
History of the Saint Louis Stock Exchange. Stanford, Russell G. S. UMT WU1947.
History of the Schism in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Missouri, 1844-1855. Winter, Francis Hauser UMT MU, 1942.
History of the Sisters of Loretto in the Trans-Mississippi West: An Historical Study of Origins and Westward Expansion from 1812-1935. Owens, Sister Mary Lilliana UDD SLU, 1935.
History of the SLU Graduate School, 1834-1900. Kenney, Daniel Joseph, S.J. UMT SLU, 1957.
History of the Southern Overland Mail, 1858-1861. Rebbing, Virginia Lillian UMT WU, 1943.
History of the Thomas M. Spofford Receiving Home For Children 1916-1945. Bridwell, Mabel Mae UMT WU, 1947.
History Of the Hemp Industry in Missouri. Eaton, Miles W. UMT MU, 1938.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, A typical Lutheran Parish in the Growth of Saint Louis. Jabker, Paul William UMT SLU, 1951.
Housekeeping Aide Service, the Works Progress Administration Saint Louis. Schwartz, Beatrice Mary UMT SLU, 1940.
Housing and Attitudes toward Housing in Saint Louis and Saint Louis County. Maxwell, Hazel P. UMT WU, 1948.
Housing Needs of Veterans in Saint Louis: Study of a Sample of Applications at the Saint Louis Housing Authority in August, 1946. Phaneuf, Albert Gregory UMT SLU, 1947.
Hyphenism in Saint Louis, 1900-1921: The View from the Outside. Sullivan, Margaret Justine Lo Piccolo DD SLU, 1968.
Impact of Catholic Hospitals in Saint Louis. Webster, Mother Anne Kathryn R.S.C.J. DD SLU, 1968.
Industrial Beginnings in Saint Louis from 1804 to 1837. Livingston, Don Augustine UMT SLU, 1938.
Infant Mortality of Illegitimate Children in Saint Louis, 1939. Daly, Mary Catherine UMT SLU, 1942.
Influence of Racial and National Groups in Saint Louis Politics (1908-28). Fainsod, Merle UMT WU, 1929.
Inter-municipal Cooperation Among Certain Cities of Saint Louis County and the City of Saint Louis. Brownson, E.C. UMT WU, 1940.
Interscholastic Contest Practices in Public High Schools in Missouri. Van Dyke, Lauren Andrew UDD MU, 1942.
Investigation of the Food Costs of St. Mary's Hospital During 1938 and 1939. Sellmeyer, Sister Mary Carola S.S.M. UMT SLU, 1939.
Isolationism in Missouri, 1933-1935. Sweany, Carol J. UMT MU, 1949.
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This data was transcribed from "A Guide to Resources on the History of Saint Louis" compiled by Selwyn K. Troen in March of 1971