St. Pius V Class of 1957

This is a picture of the Class of 1957 of St. Pius V School taken when they were in about 3rd or 4th grade (about 1953-4)

Here is an attempt to identify some of the students........

1 Michael Noel
5 James Ready
7 David Zeigler
9 Paul Prendergast
10 Carol Boyer
13 John Schoemehl
16 Ellen McCarthy
20 Robert Mantia
21 Martha (or Marsha) Farrell
22 Marsha (or Martha) Farrell
24 Tom Meiger
26 Robert Clynes?
33 Mary Agnes Kenney?
34 Dave Lossos
35 Mary Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
36 Douglas Schlattmann
37 Mary Ann Mennemeyer
38 Jim Sprenke
39 Karen Cordes
42 John Chapman
43 Angelo Vassallo
44 George Petry
46 Lynden Knarr
47 Robert Homann

Others unidentified: Helen Simokaitas, Leo Garvin, Virginia Becker, Connie Rugger, Charles Endres, Carole Reily, Bill McBride, Mike McGilvray, Bob Kraft, Donna Day, Jim Ready, Charlene Tintera, Tommy Bangert

Last modified June 11, 2012
Dave Lossos