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Gaslight Square - barely a blip on the radar (Updated 2/14/2014)

Many of us remember Gaslight Square, if you were lucky enough to live in St. Louis in the narrow period of time that it flourished. To give a feel for how brief it was, I compared the addresses in 1963 (it's peak populaity) with what was there roughly ten years before, and even more dramatic, what was there ten years later.

Surnames being researched with St. Louis roots (Updated 2/14/2017)

Contains both personal Web site links and E-Mail addresses of people with a St. Louis connection. By the way, newest entries are added at the bottom.

St. Louis Memories (Updated 12/14/2016)

As most of you know, on April 4, 2001, I posted a few memories I had of growing up in St. Louis. I received so many great replies that I thought I'd post some of them here. (Newest ones are posted at the bottom). This is by far the most viewed website of all the 300+ websites that make up "Genealogy in St. Louis".

Early St. Louis Photographers (Updated 6/30/2016)

A list of over 1500 early St. Louis photography studios (with their varying addresses and dates of operation) that might help date some of your family portraits. A major portion of this information comes from Tracy Lewis in Anchorage, Alaska. Thanks Tracy. Almost all the information in this list comes from City Directories or actual dated photographs. Latest addition is an excerpt from the 1899 Encyclopedia of St. Louis by Hyde concerning the photography industry in St. Louis at that time.

St. Louis High School Senior Class Lists (Updated 2/5/2016)

So far we have 332 Senior Classes listed with 45,413 names transcribed. Send your list in today.

"Genealogy in St. Louis" Database (Updated 11/26/2015)

One of my pet projects the last few years is the creation of a genealogical database in which everyone included is somehow related to St. Louis. In addition to my own personal and professional research I've entered data into a Legacy 8 database from the following sources: