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Big Book of St.
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Irish St. Louis
St. Louis Casa
Loma Ballroom

St. Louis - Then &

1840 St. Louis
Index to 1875 St. Louis
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Surnames being researched with St. Louis roots (Updated 11/18/2015)

Contains both personal Web site links and E-Mail addresses of people with a St. Louis connection. By the way, newest entries are added at the bottom.

St. Louis Memories (Updated 11/13/2015)

As most of you know, on April 4, 2001, I posted a few memories I had of growing up in St. Louis. I received so many great replies that I thought I'd post some of them here. (Newest ones are posted at the bottom). This is by far the most viewed website of all the 300+ websites that make up "Genealogy in St. Louis".

"Genealogy in St. Louis" and George WALKER Bush (Updated 11/7/2015)

No, this is not a political statement. Regardless of your sentiment on the President, I think you will find these treatises both well written and fascinating. Wonder what the connection is? George Herbert Walker and Lucretia Wear (great grandparents of the current President) were both born in St. Louis in 1874, and married here in 1899. Lucretia Wear parents, James Hutchinson Wear and Nancy Eliza Holliday were married in St. Louis in 1866. They both died in St. Louis (1893 and 1942 respectively). David Davis Walker, father of George Herbert Walker, was born in Bloomington in 1840, and married his wife, Martha Adela Beaky, in St. Louis in 1862. They had six children born in St. Louis.

Information on St. Louis Area Undertakers and Cemeteries

St. Louis, Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources and Information.Update 8/7/2015 Crawford County, Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources and Information Franklin County, Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources and Information Update 7/12/2009
Gasconade County, Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources and Information Jefferson County, Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources and Information (Updated 10/4/2007) St. Charles County, Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources and Information(Updated 8/7/2015)
Washington County, Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources and Information Link to St. Louis Public Library's Cemetery List with descriptive locations and interesting facts. Link to FUNERAL HOMES/PARLOURS/CHAPELS/UNDERTAKERS
History of the Bellevue Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Caledonia, Missouri List of Persons buried in the Methodist Church Cemetery at Caledonia, Missouri Link to St. Louis Coffinmakers and Undertakers, 1859-1879
Newspaper articles about destruction of headstones Fascinating articles from 1951-61 about wholesale destruction of headstones at Calvary and Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemeteries. Articles were submitted by Mary Ann Molner of Kansas. Link to Jewish Genealogy Society of St. Louis Online Cemetery Index JGS of St. Louis has the Jewish Cemeteries indexed and searchable. Great online database - and free! Bellefontaine Cemetery Transcriptions for FIRST METHODIST CHURCH SOUTH BURIAL LOT, provided by "S. Wilkins". (March 25, 2003)

St. Louis High School Senior Class Lists (Updated 6/7/2015)

So far we have 330 Senior Classes listed with 45,141 names transcribed. Send your list in today.

Early St. Louis Photographers (Updated 3/16/2015)

A list of over 1500 early St. Louis photography studios (with their varying addresses and dates of operation) that might help date some of your family portraits. A major portion of this information comes from Tracy Lewis in Anchorage, Alaska. Thanks Tracy. Almost all the information in this list comes from City Directories or actual dated photographs. Latest addition is an excerpt from the 1899 Encyclopedia of St. Louis by Hyde concerning the photography industry in St. Louis at that time.

Fabulous St. Louis photos from old glass negatives (Updated 2/20/2015)

Marshall Trucks and his son have put together a website filled with photos from 1906 era St. Louis that he has developed (and offers prints for sale) from glass negatives he purchased. There are scenes I've never seen published anywhere else. Be sure and take a look.

St. Louis Landmarks (Updated 10/21/2014)

In researching a St. Louisian's genealogical past I've found that invariably I link those people to places around the city. This site lists "famous" St. Louis places and show when they first showed up on the St. Louis scene (and, regrettably, when they ceased to exist (like the St. Louis Arena)). I've also added a number of linked photos.

TV Special on Casa Loma Ballroom (Updated 9/24/2014)

For those interested in the Casa Loma Ballroom, and jazz in general, HEC in St. Louis just released an hour-long special - that includes me. Because I was still immobile from my ankle surgery, Cordell Whitlock, former anchor on the local NBC news channel, came to my home to do the interview. I’m only on-screen for a little over a minute, from about 3:50 to 5:15 of the one hour show. BTW, more than half the still photos used came from my collection that I had gathered for my book.

Link to St. Louis Archdiocesan (Catholic) cemetery burial records (Updated 6/22/2014)

This is a link that I've had on my websites for a number of years, but it's buried (pardon the pun) in the link to "St. Louis Cemetery Records". I use this site every day, and it deserves more prominence. Thanks for the comment, Sue.

Illinois Archival Databases (Updated 6/10/2014)

Deaths, Marriages, and a whole lot more

Index to "Genealogy in St. Louis" Database (Updated 3/2/2014)

One of my pet projects the last few years is the creation of a genealogical database in which everyone included is somehow related to St. Louis. In addition to my own personal research I've been entering data into a RootsMagic database from the following sources: (A) "St. Louis: The Fourth City, 1764 -1909" Volume II and III by Walter B. Stevens (2,145 pages) (B) "The Book of St. Louisans" by John W. Leonard in 1906 (603 pages) (C) "Edwards's Great West and Her Commercial Metropolis" by Richard Edwards and M. Hopewell in 1860 (605 pages) (D) "Annals of St. Louis in its Territorial Days from 1804 to 1821" by Frederic L. Billon in 1888 (428+ pages) (E) "Encyclopedia of the History of St. Louis" William Hyde and Howard L. Conard in 1899 (2100+ pages so far) (F) "Final Resting Place" by Kevin Amsler (220 pages) (F) "Tales from Bellefontaine Cemetery" by Carol Ferring Shepley in 2008 (372 pages). In the above website I've listed all birth, marriage, and deaths of those known to have occurred in St. Louis.

Find someone of interest and contact me for possibly more info - Dave Lossos at [email protected]

St. Louis Volunteer Look-ups (Updated 2/27/2014) Please submit single name at one time.

Bobbie Verstraete for St Louis Marriages 1776-1880 (updated 2/27/2014)

Bobbie Verstraetefor St Louis Death Records 1850-1908 (updated 2/27/2014)

Bobbie Verstraete for St Louis Burials Vol 2 - includes Friedens, Salem Methodist, Trinity Lutheran, Christ Church Episcopal, Grace Church Episcopal, Bethany UCC (updated 2/27/2014)

Bobbie Verstraete for St Louis Burials Vol 3 - includes Missouri Crematory (thru 1909), Bethlehem Lutheran, Old Pickers, St. George Episcopal, Bethany Lutheran, Commpton Hill (updated 2/27/2014)

Bobbie Verstraete for St Louis Burials Vol 4 - includes Old St. Marcus, Old Pickers, St. John's UCC, Holy Cross Lutheran, St. Luke's UCC, St. Matthew's UCC, Trinity Lutheran (updated 2/27/2014)

Do you have something to share?

Dave Lossos for 1893 St. Louis City Directory(updated 11/9/2013)

Dave Lossos for 1905 St. Louis City Directory(updated 11/9/2013)

Dave Lossos for 1913 St. Louis City Directory(updated 11/9/2013)

Dave Lossos for 1946 St. Louis City Directory(updated 3/16/2011)

Bob Riggs for Bell Telephone Directory 1941(updated 3/16/2011)

Do you have something to share?

Bernadine Bishop for 1934 St. Louis COUNTY Directory (COUNTY residents only, not CITY). (updated 3/15/2009)

Laura McBride for "Historic Buildings in St. Louis County". Click on this link to view what buildings are contained in this book, and Laura will tell you all about it. (updated 2/5/2008)

Joan Schaller Yeckel for 1887 St. Louis City Directory. (added 11/19/2007)

Dave Lossos for 1980 St. Louis City Directory Includes "Address" directory. (added 5/3/2008)

Dave Lossos for 1954 St. Louis STREET ADDRESS Telephone Directory. (added 11/19/2007). As the title states, this "Bell Telephone Directory" is totally structured by street, then address. This was the last phone directory issued in 1954 before St. Louis switched from six to seven digit telephone numbers. So, to use it, ask for an address, and I tell you who lived there!.

Dave Lossos for 1925 St. Louis City Directory No "reverse address" included.

Dave Lossos for 1979 St. Louis COUNTY Directory Includes "Address" directory (added 5/3/2008)

Dave Lossos for 1975 St. Louis City Directory Includes "Address" directory (added 5/3/2008)

Joan Schaller Yeckel for "TERNION" 1937-1938 - the Washington University Student-Faculty Directory & Handbook (added 5/12/2008)

Dave Lossos for 1875 St. Louis City Directory I only have pages including "AAberg thru Breintenbueher" and "Knapmeier thru Zylewicz"

Dave Lossos for 1939 St. Louis City Directory Includes "Address" directory

Dave Lossos for 1957 St. Louis County Directory Includes "Address" directory

Dave Lossos for 1963 St. Louis City Directory Includes "Address" directory

Dave Lossos for 1974 St. Louis Telephone Directory

Laurel Treat for "Old and New St. Louis" , by Cox, published in 1894. The St. Louis Public Library has an index that can be used before making requests. The book has wonderful photos and reproductions of drawings and paintings of people, but the pages and binding won't withstand any kind of scanner. I can try to get shots of pages with my digital camera. (Added 3/8/2006)

Joan Schaller Yeckel for South St. Louis Gymnastic Society Annual, 1905-1906. This Society was located at 10th and Carroll. It was also known as the Sud St. Louis Turnverein. The booklet has a list of about 500 members with addresses. I would be happy to look up members and addresses. (added 8/2/2003)

Linda Nehring for 1860 St. Louis Census Index

Laura McBride for St. Louis Marriages (1767-1850). Missouri Vital Records CD: Selected Counties, from Listed are 13,951 St. Louis marriages dating from 1767 to 1850. (updated 8/11/2006)

Peg for "The German Element in St. Louis" (1893 book)

Connie Reichart for Osage County, Missouri church records St. Joseph in Westphalia, Sacred Heart in Rich Fountain, and Immaculate Conception in Loose Creek. I know there are a lot of people in St. Louis that have connections to Osage County. In fact, among the St. Joseph, 11th and Biddle, St. Louis marriages there are about 20 marriages where the individuals settled in Osage County. These 3 churches were established by 1845. (added 12/28/2007)

U. S. Zip Codes (Updated 2/12/2014)

A useful website for finding zipcode locations (Thanks Linda for the tip).

U. S. Area Codes (Updated 2/12/2014)

A useful website for finding area code locations (Thanks Linda for the tip).

Masonic Orphanage Transcription Project (Updated 1/10/2014)

I recently received the following email:
The Masonic Home of Missouri (formerly The Masonic Home for Children and the Elderly in St. Louis) will be celebrating their 125th Anniversary this year. We are working towards putting our ledgers in a searchable database for all to be able to access. We simply do not have the staff to do this project and are turning to volunteers to help us. Due to the age and brittleness of the ledgers, the data entry would have to be done in our offices in Columbia, Missouri. These ledgers, which detail information on who was admitted, from where and in some instances recount individual children's' information would be wonderful additions to any researchers notes.
I was hoping that you would be able to post on your page about our need for volunteers to help with this project (this is the same project that Bethany Harrison has told you about on the page). At this time we are not able to do research nor supply information from the ledgers to researchers regarding the contents of the ledgers since they do not have table of contents and are quite detailed (and lengthy), so all requests for information cannot be fulfilled until we get the project moving along.
Rhonda Stone Lightfoot
Membership Relations Coordinator
The fact that the they are only allowing on-site transcriptions of the ledgers obviously precludes many of us from taking part in this project, but if you can help out it certainly seems worthwhile.
Contact details:
6033 Masonic Drive, Suite A
Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 814-4663
1(800) 434-9804
Rhonda's email address is [email protected]

New Book on Cardinal History (Updated 12/9/2013)

Just out from Bill Nunes, one of the most prolific historians in the St. Louis Metro area. It's THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS 1926-2013: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY, 352 softbound pages in a 9x12 format with 425 pictures. For an autographed copy send a check for $23.00 to Bill Nunes 3029 Mark Trail, Glen Carbon, IL 62034 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

Irish Research on the Internet (Updated 9/12/2013)

Some suggestions for the latest genealogical websites and addresses available for researching your Irish ancestors.

Books for Sale (Updated 9/7/2012)

Some books I'm clearing from my library. First come, first serve.

Link to Bellefontaine Cemetery Association website (Updated 9/6/2012)

The long awaited online database of burials at St. Louis' largest Protestant cemetery is now operational (although a little tempermental). Be patient for it to load, it's well worth it.

Link to "Timeless Generations" website (Updated 7/27/2012)

A few weeks ago I attended the Missouri State Genealogical Association's annual conference in Columbia, Missouri. One of the vendors had on display something that totally impressed me. "Timeless Generations" literally turns your family tree into an original piece of artwork. Take a look at her website and I think you'll be impressed also.

Link to "Family Tree Tours" website (Updated 7/26/2012)

Family Tree Tours, a leader in genealogy research travel, and a specialist in German Heritage Tours, is designed to help the traveler/researcher make that contact in Germany that will culminate in a visit to walk in their ancestor’s footsteps. For more information on Upcoming Heritage tours or to book a private tour, visit, or call 888-798-2208.

Link to Normandy High School Alumni website (Updated 7/22/2012)

I know the effort involved in maintaining a single high school alumni class website, and the herculean effort to put this website of 58 senior classes together is truly remarkable. I received this link from Bobbie Verstraete, and on the website you will find details on all the classes from 1924-1982, including teachers and classmates. Great Job!

Map of Early Irish Parishes in St. Louis (Updated 3/7/2012)

This is a map I created using the 1870 Ward map of the City of St. Louis. On it you will see the location of all the parishes within the St. Louis city that were formed up to that time with a predominant Irish congregation. I've also listed the date the parish open (and in some cases when they closed). Use your default graphics program to enlarge the image until you can clearly read the section of interest.

Some miscellaneous St. Louis birth records (Updated 1/24/2012)

Thanks to Karen Charen.

  Surnames "T" for 1882 and 1883    Surnames "U", "V" and "W" for 1882 
  Surnames "Y" and "Z" for 1882-83    Surnames "Q" and "R" for 1882 
  Surnames "W" for 1883    Surnames "A" for 1884-85 
  Surnames "B" for 1884    Surnames "A" for 1886-7 
  Surnames "C" for 1886    Surnames "B" for 1886 
  Surnames "B" for 1887    More Surnames "B" for 1887 
  More Surnames "B" for 1886 

Some Burials in North St. Louis Burial Ground/Grace Church Burial Ground (Updated 1/9/2012)

This data and commentary is provided by Susan G. Rehkopf, Archivist,from the Archives of the Episcopal Diocese of Missour.

1890 Reconstructed Census of Metro St. Louis, Missouri (Updated 11/26/2011)

This project is attempting to reconstruct data from the 1890 census. As of November 2007 we had over 200 families, with over a thousand individuals. Add your families today.

Masonic Home (Updated 11/25/2011)

Orphanages and homes are problematic for most genealogical researchers. That is certainly the case for St. Louis' Masonic Home. It is incredibly fortunate for researchers that the following information was preserved by Barb Matchett. Her Aunt and Uncle spent time there when they were kids. She recently came across a document that her Mom had locked away in her closet. It was a record of sorts, of children who had stayed at the home, and it has several pages of the children's names. These pages contained the children's names (including maiden names) and all have addresses of children next to their names. Thank you Barb.

Link to Princeton Heights Neighborhood website (Updated 10/26/2011)

Link to website devoted to the St. Louis Police Department (Updated 10/26/2011)

Early St. Louis Hospitals, Homes, and Asylums (Updated 9/24/2011)

Nineteenth century facilities in St. Louis, with lots of pictures.

In Memory of Father William Barnaby Faherty, S. J. (Updated 8/22/2011)

Father William Barnaby Faherty, S. J. died today, at the age of 96. Fr. Faherty was a prolific writer, and published over forty books on very diverse topics. My personal opinion is that he was the most intelligent and humble person I have ever met and certainly one of the most accomplished St. Louis historians.

In Memory of Keith Zimmer

Most St. Louis researchers know of the tremendous contributions made by Keith to our hobby of genealogy. Keith passed away last Saturday, July 30, 2011. He will certainly be missed. For those not aware, Keith was the guy who's been transcribing the St Louis Post-Dispatch Obituary Index for the past twenty years, a database that I use on a daily basis. His work will live on for many years to come.

Link to Forest Park Highlands Amusement Park website (Updated 7/17/2011)

For anyone that ever visited this St. Louis landmark, you'll want to take this trip back in time. Thanks to Joan Schaller Yeckel for sharing the link

Link to the Offical St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds and Vital Records Registrar Website (Updated 6/23/2011)

Contains all the information available from Archives Department, Genealogy and Historical Research

Index to "Pictorial St. Louis 1875"

It's been 11 years since I published the complete index to the book entitled Pictorial St. Louis - The Great Metropolis of the Mississippi Valley - A Topographical Survey drawn in perspective A. D. 1875 by Camille N. Dry. In the interim some industrious designers have been busy "stitching" the entire thing into one huge image. See what you can do with it now.

User's comments about "Genealogy in St. Louis" websites (Updated 5/7/2011)

Gloria Dettleff's Bethlehem Lutheran Church and Cemetery Transcriptions (Updated March 23, 2011)

Transcriptions of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths and burials from Bethlehem Lutheran Church and Cemetery

Bethlehem Lutheran Church Record Transcriptions Baptisms from 1850 - 1865.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Record Transcriptions Baptisms from 1866 - 1869.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Record Transcriptions Confirmands from 1851 - 1866. More than 300 entries. (Updated 3/23/2011)
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Record Transcriptions Confirmands from 1870 - 1897. Almost 1500 entries. (Updated 3/23/2011)
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Record Transcriptions Marriages from 1850 - 1874. Almost 2000 names listed counting Grooms, Brides, Parents, and Witnesses.
Old Bethlehem Cemetery Transcriptions Over 2,000 burial records. (Updated 3/23/2011)
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Record Transcriptions Deaths from 1851 - 1885. More than 900 entries.

Gloria Dettleff's St. Joseph's Church Transcriptions (Updated March 23, 2011)

Transcriptions of baptisms, marriages, and deaths from St. Joseph Church. Click here to visit the Shrine of St. Joseph website

St. Joseph's Church Baptisms Transcriptions from 1844 - 1849 (Updated 3/23/2011)
St. Joseph's Church Baptisms Transcriptions from 1850 - 1854 (added 2/12/2007)
St. Joseph's Church Baptisms Transcriptions from 1855 - 1859 (added 2/12/2007)
St. Joseph's Church Baptisms Transcriptions from 1860 - 1864 (added 2/12/2007)
St. Joseph's Church Marriages Transcriptions from 1843 - 1853 (Updated 3/23/2011)
St. Joseph's Church Marriages Transcriptions from 1854 - 1869
St. Joseph's Church Marriages Transcriptions from 1870 - 1896 (Updated 1/24/2007)
St. Joseph's Church Marriages Transcriptions from 1897 - 1930 (Added 1/28/2006)
St. Joseph's Church Deaths Transcriptions from 1846 - 1860 (Surnames "A" thru "K" (Added 12/20/2007)
St. Joseph's Church Deaths Transcriptions from 1846 - 1860 (Surnames "L" thru "Z" (Added 12/20/2007)
St. Joseph's Church Deaths Transcriptions from 1861 - 1869 (Added 12/20/2007)
St. Joseph's Church Deaths Transcriptions from 1870 - 1879 (Added 12/20/2007)
St. Joseph's Church Deaths Transcriptions from 1880 - 1889 (Added 12/29/2007)
St. Joseph's Church Deaths Transcriptions from 1890 - 1900 (Added 1/15/2008)
St. Joseph's Church Deaths Transcriptions from 1901 - 1911 (Added 1/15/2008)

MoDOT Archaeological Projects in St. Louis (Updated 3/16/2011)

Some news from MoDOT that should interest any St. Louis historian.

MISSOURI Death Certificates (Updated 3/6/2011)

ALL of the MISSOURI Death Certificates from 1910 through 1960 are available free at this website. These are the actual images, not transcriptions.

Link to Chain of Rocks Amusement Park website (Updated 11/13/2010)

For anyone that ever visited this St. Louis landmark, you'll want to take this trip back in time. Thanks to Robert A. Rouge for sharing the link

St. Louis adoptee writes book of search for biological parents (Updated 10/16/2010)

Five years ago I placed a website on these "Genealogy in St. Louis" pages that dealt with a local St. Louis man who had searched and found the information about his birth parents. Dr. Jerry Cline was now come out with a book entitled "Born and Raised". You can get a signed copy directly from Jerry using this order form.

Link to The Metro St. Louis Live Music Historical Society (Updated 8/11/2010)

A Who's Who, Where's Where and When's When of the Golden Age of St. Louis Rock and Roll Bands, Clubs, Agents, Radio and Fans.

Oldest Known "Picture" of St. Louis? (Added 8/2/2010)

This 1814 pictorial representation of the fur trading post show the buildings that made up St. Louis.

History of German St. Vincent's Orphanage (Added 7/16/2010)

This excerpt of the book entitled "Remembrance of the Diamond Jubilee - June 21, 1925 - 1850-1925 - German St. Vincent's Orphan Society" was transcribed by Dave Lossos on July 16, 2010, using a copy of the book graciously provided by Loretta Smith.

Early St. Louis Executions (Updated 7/1/2010)

Some fascinating articles written in 1899 about St. Louis' early criminal justice with details on the victims as well as the perpetrators.

One Hundred Years Ago This Month(Updated 6/30/2010)

A few months ago I was the recipient of a one hundred year old "yearbook" from Yeatman High School. For those of you not familiar with this high school here in St. Louis, it opened in 1904 at 3616 North Garrison. In 1927 its name changed to Central High School. This yearbook is more of a scrapbook of memories of the class, and it's title is "The Girl Graduate - Her Own Book". It was obviously a pre-cursor to today's high school yearbook. Over the next few months I'm going to be publishing all the photos and articles found it this book, in hopes of finding connections to the people contained in it. I'm also going to add the family histories of as many of the 63 graduating seniors as I can trace. If you see someone that you know send me the info and I'll publsih it on this page. Check this website periodically.

Link to St. Louis radio ads from the 1970s (Updated 6/7/2010)

On a tribute website to the Principia College Radio Station of the 1970s, there are several radio gems from the 1970s relevant to St. Louis. An ad for Tom Boy Supermarkets, Weinmuller Jewelers, etc.... Thanks for the tip, Rob

St. Louis Public Schools Archives (Updated 5/12/2010)

After closing almost a year and a half ago, there is no opening in sight.

Link to a great website devoted to St. Louis Landmarks (Updated 4/19/2010)

Thanks to Mark Jacquemin for the tip.

1845 St. Louis City Directory
I just completed the transcription of the 1844-45 St. Louis City Directory. The OCR of this large publication was well done, but I still found hundreds of errors (and I'm sure I missed many more). This particular directory of St. Louis is important in that it preceded a large influx of immigrants. There are more than 7000 (out of a population of approximately 35,000) people identified, typically with occupation, business address and residence. I've place this work on my website in three pieces:
The preface (27 pages) starts with an extended lament from the author, James Green, concerning all the problems he encountered in putting the directory together. Following that he does a nice job of covering the following topics: A review of statistics of current St. Louis, Directory of Streets and Avenues, Mortality among Children in St. Louis, Public Schools, Kemper College, Catholic Institutions, Catholic Free Schools, Churches, St. Louis Lyceum, Public Offices - United States Offices, Public Offices - County Offices, Public Offices - City Officers, The Bank of the State of Missouri, at St. Louis, Military and Fire Companies, Principal Hotels in St. Louis, Newspapers.
1845 City Directory
The directory itself, with more than 7000 entries, and a list of abbreviations used.
Map of St. Louis in 1840s
A map of St. Louis that I created that identifies the streets in the 1840s. The original directory did not include a map.

St. Louis "Sons of the American Revolution - A Lineage Society" (Updated 3/24/2010)

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (NSSAR) is a lineage society. This means that each member has documented his family tree back to an ancestor who supported the cause of American independence during the years 1774-1783. Men and women who supported the American cause, in any way, are called patriots. Check this website out for information on the St. Louis chapters.

New TV Show on Genealogy (Updated 3/7/2010)

NBC aired its first episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" this past week. This series has been running in Europe for years. Take a peek at an episode filmed by the Irish-based production company here in St. Louis (I'm even in it).

Link to "Original Civil War Pictures" (Updated 1/26/2010)

I received this link from Dusty Reese at City Hall. Thanks Dusty.

Link to fantastic Forest Park Highlands website(Updated 1/7/2010)

Doug has outdone himself. According to Doug it is much better than his first web site on the park. "It even incudes a film clip on the fire! and a front seat ride on the Comet!"


by John B. McGinnis

Link to some Missouri history and genealogy websites, with an emphasis on Irish history(Updated 10/12/2009)

by John B. McGinnis

In Memory of Bob Doerr

Most St. Louis researchers know of the tremendous contributions made by Bob to our hobby of genealogy. Bob passed away September 26, 2009. He will certainly be missed.

St. Louis Stories

"Getting Away With Murder"
by Dave Lossos, (Updated 4/5/2008)
Here's a personal "genealogical" story I've written about the cold-blooded murder of my grandfather in 1929. No one was ever punished.
"On the road to my Great-Grandfather"
by Sylvia F. Wilkins (Updated 6/9/2006)
This is a very interesting account of one genealogist's pursuit to find out the truth of her ancestry here in St. Louis. Most researchers would have given up having to face one obstacle after another.
"Dee and Pearl"
by Dr. Jerry Cline, (Updated 4/27/2005)
A personal account by Dr. Jerry Cline on the path he took in researching his birth family, and the surprising outcome.
"The Hidden Youth of Helen Tappeiner Lossos"
by Dave Lossos (Updated 12/16/2003)
This is a story I wrote to share the research I'd done on the secrets that my mother had kept from me and my siblings.
"The McQuillen Saga"
by Jim Brasher (Updated 9/1/2003)
Here is the complete story of Jim Brasher's bird's eye view of his growing up in a unique Irish family. Told in a fresh, fast-paced style, Jim's words come alive as he paints a picture of St. Louis that many of us knew about, but few of us experienced.
Early St. Louis Orphanages/Asylums
by Peggy Greenwood (Updated 3/31/2015)
Published over a decade ago, this detailed research on how to go about finding our missing ancestors that might have ended up in an orphanage is the best of it's kind that I've seen. In addition it gives a glimpse into a time in St. Louis that few of us have seen before. Thanks to Peggy Greenwood for sharing her incredible work with us all.
Link to "Pioneer Baseball Era in St. Louis and the Civil War"
by Jeffrey Kittel (Updated 7/12/2009)
Suggested by John Maurath this is a great scholarly treatise on little known St. Louis history at the start of the Civil War.
Send me your story for this spot

Free Heritage Quest Online
The following links provide access (from home) to the Heritage Quest databases. All you need is a valid Lubrary Card. For those out of the St. Louis area, I'd be surprised that your local library doesn't provide the same thing.
St. Louis County Library
St. Louis Public (City) Library
St. Charles County Library
Jefferson County Library

St. Louis Irish Immigrants database (Updated 9/8/2009)

I've purchased the first four volumes of "The Search For Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot". So far I have transcribed all of Volume I and II for anyone that is listed that relates to the St. Louis metropolitan area. I intend to continue with the other two volumes at time permits. Published in 1989 by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, this multi-volume set contains many thousands of Irish-American immigrant "Missing Friends" advertisements that appeared in the Boston Pilot from 1831 to 1916. Volume I contained those posted in the 1831 to 1850 timeframe; Volume II has 1851-1853. There are about 4000 Irish names listed.

Gaslight Square - barely a blip on the radar (Updated 8/29/2009)

Many of us remember Gaslight Square, if you were lucky enough to live in St. Louis in the narrow period of time that it flourished. To give a feel for how brief it was, I compared the addresses in 1963 (it's peak populaity) with what was there roughly ten years before, and even more dramatic, what was there ten years later.

GenealogyWise (Updated 7/19/2009)

It appears that all the genealogy blogs and newsletters are touting the new kid on the block called GenealogyWise. And with good reason. It's an instant success. I'm amazed at the number of high-profile names appearing in some of the groups. Speaking of groups, there are more than 2500 already. Basically, GenealogyWise is just like Facebook, but with genealogy as the sole theme. The groups are made up of surname groups, location (city, county, state, country) groups, software groups, etc. etc. Signing up is simple and free, then search the groups for ones of interest. I've already added one called "Genealogy in St. Louis" (you can join by clicking the above link). Be sure and add that one. I also added Missouri, Legacy (the software I currently use), and a bunch more.

Comments on the St. Louis Public Library Obit Website (Updated 8/10/2009)

The plot thickens, again

Pioneer Base Ball Era in St. Louis and the Civil War (Updated 7/12/2009)

Just received this from John Maurath: "With national (and maybe international) attention focusing on St. Louis because of the All-Star Game being played here, you might want to put this story at your website, or a link to it." Indeed I do. What a great scholarly treatise on little known St. Louis history at the start of the Civil War.

Early St. Louis Hotels (Updated 6/13/2009)

Some descriptions and images of hotels that have long since disappeared.

Link to St Peter's & Bethany Cemeteries (Updated 5/25/2009)

I always love to get emails telling me of new databases online that detail St. Louis genealogical data. Thanks to Kim, this is the link St. Peter's & Bethany Cemeteries of St Louis City Missouri

Link to St Louis Police Department Photos (Updated 5/25/2009)

Here's another website sent to me by Katie.

Early St. Louis Orphanages/Asylums (Updated 5/4/2008)

Published over a decade ago, this detailed research on how to go about finding our missing ancestors that might have ended up in an orphanage is the best of it's kind that I've seen. In addition it gives a glimpse into a time in St. Louis that few of us have seen before. Thanks to Peggy Greenwood for sharing her incredible work with us all.

New books on St. Louis football - Pro and Prep (Updated 4/19/2009)

The "Legends Series" is a collection of two books that offer the reader an interesting and unique perspective of high school football in the St. Louis "Metro" area. "Legends of the Gridiron" is a chronological and pictorial history of the first 121 years of the prep game. "The Legends Playbook" is a topical study of our game's development, greatest players, coaches and teams.

Excerpts from "Polk-Gould St. Louis Directory - 1925" (Updated 4/18/2009)

From a copy of this book that I got on eBay, and over time I'm going to transcribe sections that might be of interest to St. Louis historians and genealogists.

Ayslums and Homes - 1925    A list of 97 Ayslums and Homes in 1925 St. Louis. Gives locations and names of administrators
Statistical Facts About St. Louis - 1925    A total of 68 "little known" facts about our fair city. Obviously written to "toot our horn".
Hospitals in St. Louis - 1925    A list of 55 hospitals active in 1925. Gives location and usually names of people in charge.
Cemeteries in St. Louis - 1925    A list of 50 cemeteries active in 1925. Gives location and usually names of people in charge.
St. Louis City Places of Worship - 1925    A list of almost 1100 churches with addresses and in most cases names of clergy.
St. Louis Photographers - 1925    A list of 116 photography studios.

Changes are coming in Franklin County (Updated 4/3/2009)

I just received this note from Steve Claggett: "My name is Steve Claggett and I am with the Four Rivers Genealogical Society. We are the only genealogical society to cover all of Franklin County. There are others that cover sections. For example, Meramec Valley covers the Eureka/Pacific region. When the organization was formed in 1986 they had visions of operating beyond the borders of Franklin County especially to Gasconade County (thus the name Four Rivers), but that vision has never materialized. We have recently filed with the Secretary of State's office to utilize the name "Franklin County Genealogy Society" which we also will start to use, especially on the internet. There is a Franklin County Historical Society which we coordinate with but are not officially associated with. Besides they aren't focused on genealogy. We are housed in the Washington, Missouri Historical Society Museum and provide monitors for the Ralph Gregory Library and the newly organized AME facility which houses original Franklin County Records. The material in the Ralph Gregory Library belongs to Washington Historical Society and our Society. We are in the process of building a more robust web site for our organization. For the most part the content we have is in the library, but we are moving to change that."

Possible St. Louis Public Schools Closings (Updated 2/1/2009)

News was released this week that the St. Louis Public Schools are considering shutting many of its schools. Although not finalized, if even half of these schools are razed, shuttered, or sold, it will be a tremendous blow to St. Louis history. Click here to see the list.

Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis parish websites (Updated 12/27/2008)

This website provides link to just about all Catholic parish websites that exist. Many provide history of the parishes and contact e-Mail and phone numbers.

Pfalzer Bund German Organization in St. Louis (Updated 9/29/2008)

Names of members listed in the 1913 Silver Anniversary Commemorative Book.

Link to 1845 St. Louis City Directory (Updated 9/12/2008)

Another outstanding transcription from Bob Doerr. This time he has completely transcribed the entire 1845 St. Louis City Directory. Take a look via the link above.

Link to Missouri Historical Society Library Online search now available (Updated 8/6/2008)

Under the dubious heading of "Better late than never" the Missouri Historical Society' Library on Skinker now has a searchable index on the web.

Dancing in St. Louis 1927 - 1940 (Updated 7/19/2008)

With the marvelous images received from Sandra Kieffer (through the courtesy of Brandy Brogan), I've put together a small tribute to our parents and grandparents whose major form of entertainment in this period was the dancing halls.

Link to "Wellston Business District" (Updated 7/19/2008)

Wellston Business District, St Louis County, Missouri, ca 1900s-1960s. A Genealogy of Business Addresses. Thanks to Bob Haefner.

Interesting story of St. Louisian Edward G. Eggeling and Confederate President Jefferson Davis (Updated 7/12/2008)

This is a short story about the owner of a floral shop on Grand Ave. Well written documentary on Civil War era St. Louis, and lots of photos to boot. Written by John L. Maurath.

St. Louis Related Books on Genealogy and History (Updated 5/3/2008)

My book collection continues to grow (to the consternation of my wife). The total is very close to 300. Take a look and see if there's something around that you didn't know about.

Link to news article on Catholic Church ban on Mormons accessing "Sacramental Records"(Updated 5/5/2008)

Back in the dark ages (about 25 years ago) I remember often being rebuked by a secretary in a Catholic rectory. Back then only priests or their designees were deemed worthy of viewing their so-called "Sacramental Records". These included baptism (birth), confirmation, marriage, and burial (death) records. For many, many family historians this was a crushing blow, the only avenue left in which to gain knowledge of their ancestors. The Catholic Church guarded the information with the same zeal that they still guard orphanage home records (regardless of the fact that the inmate was there for adoption or not). Somehow (I'd love to know the story behind this) the St. Louis Archdiocesan Parish Records were recorded by the Genealogical Society of Utah. BTW, the Genealogical Society of Utah is dedicated to gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical information throughout the world. Established in 1894, it is an incorporated, nonprofit educational institution entirely funded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka the Mormons). The St. Louis records were microfilmed in the early 1990s, and are currently available (all 242 microfilm reels) at the St. Louis County Library (as well as anywhere in the world with a Family History Library). You might want to avail yourself of these records immediately. Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, current head of the St. Louis Archdiocese, is well-known for his staunch support of Vatican directives, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he takes the next logical step to have the existing microfilm burned.

Link to Missouri Adoption Information (Updated 2/24/2008)

Very useful information for anyone trying to find adoption data in Missouri. Provided by the State Historical Society of Missouri

Mayflower Society(Updated 1/12/2008)

Thinking of joining this prestigious organization? This website (maintained by yours truly) provides a link to the various websites that the individual states host, detailing everything you need to know about joining in the state you live in.

Accessing Online SLCL Database "Nineteenth Century US Newspapers" (Updated 12/17/2007)

I just received an e-mail from Joyce Loving, Manager of the Genealogy Department at the St. Louis County Library. For anyone with a SLCL card consider this an early Christmas present.

"A Tour of St. Louis"(Updated 11/13/2007)

This fascinating book was written in 1878. Filled with illustrations, it also has some unique perspectives of life in St. Louis in this fascinating period of St. Louis development. This link is to a PDF file that I transcribed of the Index. The best part is this is one of a number of books that have been digitized and made available FREE online by GOOGLE BOOKS.

National Personnel Records Center (Posted 10/22/2007)

This announcement was made October 22, 2007. It has special meaning to residents of St. Louis since we reside in the city that is currently the source of this valuable genealogical information. The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) will open for the first time all of the individual Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs) of Army, Army Air Corps, Army Air Forces, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard military personnel who served and were discharged, retired or died while in the service, prior to 1946. Contained in a typical OMPF are documents outlining all elements of military service, including assignments, evaluations, awards and decorations, education and training, demographic information, some medical information and documented disciplinary actions. Some records also contain photographs of the individual and official correspondence concerning military service. To view an original record, individuals may visit the NPRC Archival Research Room in St. Louis, MO. Telephone is 314-801-0850. Research room hours are10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Time Tuesday through Friday. Visitors are strongly encouraged to call ahead to make reservations. To obtain copies of records, customers may write to NPRC at 9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132, fax a request to 314-801-9195, or submit a request through or on a Standard Form 180.

Useful Genealogical Addresses/Telephones in St. Louis (Updated 10/22/2007)

I've tried to list all the pertinent addresses and phone numbers of places of interest to genealogist doing research in St. Louis.

Letters from a St. Louis Immigrant from France in 1844 - 1850 (Updated 9/27/2007)

Gives an insight into life at that time in St. Louis. He mentions two major events: the Cholera epidemic and the great fire.

Link to 1860 St. Louis City Directory (Updated 9/27/2007)

Bob Doerr has completely transcribed the entire 1860 St. Louis City Directory. Take a look via the link above.

Street Names of St. Louis (Updated 8/27/2007)

Here are a few links to websites that shed some light on the changes that have taken place to St. Louis' street names.

Link to Steve Morse's One-Step
Link to "ThomasGene" website
Link to St. Louis Public Library's Street Index
St. Louis' Street names in 1859 - submitted by Bob Doerr

Early (pre 1900) St. Louis Places of Worship (Updated 9/12/2007)

A little background on more than 450 pre-1900 churches, synagogues, chapels, and missions in the St. Louis metro area.

1930 St. Louis Metro Federal Census Volunteer Transcription Project (Updated 8/16/2007)

Volunteers have already transcribed 25,521 names from the 1930 St. Louis Metro census. We're trying to publish the names of every orphan, inmate, patient, boarding student, soldier, prisoner, etc. in those institutions (e.g., hospitals, orphanages, asylums, jails, old age homes, military bases) that are seldom searched. In addition, local communities are also being transcribed. Top five transcriber leaders:
Joan Kaemmer (6916)
Kathy Becker (5244), Ed. Bregenzer (3384), Vern Ritter (2676), Dave Lossos (1890)

Beware of this potential St. Louis County Library scam (Updated 7/10/2007)

Just when you think you've heard of every warning possible something like this comes up.

Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center (Updated 6/25/2007)

Review of the tour, and what's available, at the Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center yesterday

1840 St. Louis City Directory blended with the 1840 Federal Census (Updated 6/12/2007)

I finally completed this project in April, and it's taken me this long trying to figure out how to present it. I made a few hardcopies, and gave one to St. Louis Public Library, St. Louis County Library, and St. Louis City Hall Recorder's office. However, I decided to try and put it on the website, in spite of misgivings about it's size. The hardcopy is 100 pages long, and includes many of the old 1840 graphical advertisements. I'll be putting those out on the website shortly. Lastly, I "created" a detailed city map for the timeframe (the 1840 City Directory did not include one). They can all be accessed through the above link.

Harris Teacher's College Class of 1925 (Updated 3/13/2007)

Including a photo of the graduating senior class, and photo of the reunion held 25 years later.

Link to interactive map of 1804 St. Louis (3/4/2007)

This link provides a fascinating interactive map of downtown St. Louis in 1804. Scroll around the map and magically each house shows the owner of the dwelling. Thanks to Donna for bringing this website to my attention.

Florissant "Yahoo-Group" set up (Updated 2/12/2007)

For those interested specifically in history and genealogy in North St. Louis' Florissant community you might want to join Bobbie Verstraete's new Yahoo Group at

Link to "Built St. Louis" (Updated 10/23/2006)

Without a doubt the finest website on St. Louis' architectural treasures.

Link to Jefferson County (Missouri) Historical Society (Updated 9/25/2006)

For anyone with family ties to our southern neighboring county of Jefferson, I strongly suggest taking advantage of Lisa Gendron's outstanding website representing the Jefferson County Historical Society. It contains loads of cemetery data, newspaper transcriptions, plus lots of other interesting "stuff."

Photo Albums of Old and New St. Louis (Updated 8/30/2006)

Using Goggle's Picaso product I've finally found a way to share old and new photos of St. Louis. I've uploaded about 300 images so far. Add your own to the list. BTW, you do need to sign up for a free Google e-Mail account in order to access the albums.

Millstadt News - 1880 - 1894 (Updated 4/13/2006)

Transcribed by Robert Buecher, this database contains news items about Millstadt, Illinois that were originally published in the "County News" column that appeared in the WEEKLY ADVOCATE of Belleville, Illinois from 1880 - 1894.

Links to Bob Doerr's Transcriptions (Updated 1/18/2006)
These databases are not on the "Genealogy in St. Louis" server, so click "Back" on your browser to return here.

1877 Petitioners to St. Louis Mayor H. Overholz to be a Candidate for Re-election    From an old German St. Louis newspaper.
Births, Dieburg und Kleinzimmern, Hessen, 1812-1830, SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Church    A large group came to St. Louis from Dieburg in 1847; the arrival list (New Orleans) is missing.
Surname Index, Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal, 1981-2005 (NEW 1/18/2006)    WARNING: Takes forever to load.
Indices to obits published in St. Louis Post Dispatch - 1975, 1976, and the first half of 1977 (UPDATED 1/18/2006)    Hopefully the St. Louis Public Library will add these to their databases so that all obits can be searched with the single Google search on this "Genealogy in St. Louis" website.
Gustave Koerner home in Belleville, Illinois (Updated 8/2/2005)

The restoration of Belleville's Gustave Koerner home, on Mascoutah Avenue at Abend Street, has commenced. Gustave Koerner was one of Belleville's most illustrious citizens. Once complete, the home will be opened as a museum, where Koerner's life and political career will be interpreted.

Scholastic Theses/Dissertations pertaining to St. Louis History (Updated 4/29/2005)

Here's a list of 478 papers related to St. Louis History (and Genealogy)

Nice cover story and lead article deals with my "Irish St. Louis" book (Updated 4/16/2005)

The "Irish American Post", (Journal of Contemporary & Irish American Affairs). The cover story deals with an interview between me and the editor on my "Irish St. Louis" book.

Dancing in St. Louis 1927 - 1940 (Updated 2/20/2005)

With the marvelous images received from Sandra Kieffer (through the courtesy of Brandy Brogan), I've put together a small tribute to our parents and grandparents whose major form of entertainment in this period was the dancing halls.

"Lost" marriage records in St. Louis County (Updated 1/13/2005)

Seldom does a person run into genealogical data that has been recently "discovered". This database falls into that category. Karen Elder, Special Services Supervisor at the St. Louis County Department of Revenue, recently found and transcribed a long lost book of marriage records. The majority of the 750+ licenses are in the 1876 - 1888 timeframe.

Index to "Czech-American Catholics 1850 - 1920" (Updated 12/2/2004)

Written by Joseph Cada. It was published in 1964 by the Center of Slav Culture, Saint Procopius College, Lisle, Illinois.

Missouri Soldiers Database: War of 1812 - World War I (Updated 11/16/2004)

Another outstanding database is available online from the Missouri Secretary of State office. The Soldiers Database is a comprehensive database abstracted from the individual service cards and listing more than 576,000 Missourians who served in the military from territorial times through World War I. It includes entries for twelve wars and military engagements in which Missouri soldiers took part. These range from well-known wars, such as the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Spanish-American War, and World War I, to the battles that were peculiarly Missourian, including the Heatherly War of 1836, the Mormon War of 1838, and the Iowa (Honey) War of 1839. The bulk of the service cards, over 380,000 of them, record the fractured history of Missouri during the bloodiest of all American wars – the Civil War.

Robert G. Buecher's Church Transcriptions

St. Peter's United Church of Christ, St. Louis, Missouri    Index to the Baptism Index, 1843 - 1845. This database contains over 250 records. (Last update 9/19/2004)
St. Marcus United Church of Christ    Index to the death records for the years 1880-1899. This database contains over 2200 records. (Last update 9/10/2004)
St. Peter's United Church of Christ    Index to the confirmation records for the years 1844-1875. The congregation was organized on 16 July 1843 as the "Deutsche Evangelicalische Gemeinde in St. Louis, Mo." This database contains over 2000 records. (Last update 11/24/2003)
St. Marcus United Church of Christ    "South Church", AKA St. Marcus Evangelical Church, was founded in the early 1840s. This database contains over 1300 confirmation records. (Last update 9/18/2003)
St. Marcus United Church of Christ    "South Church", AKA St. Marcus Evangelical Church, was founded in the early 1840s. Burials, 1847-1879. This database contains over 1200 burials. (Last update 4/12/2003)
Parkway United Church of Christ, Town and Country, Missouri    This congregation was originally founded in 1838 as Zion Evangelical Church (later Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church, later to Zion United Church of Christ) and was renamed Parkway United Church of Christ in 1958. This database contains 754 records. (Last update 3/28/2003)
St. Marcus United Church of Christ    "South Church", AKA St. Marcus Evangelical Church, was founded in the early 1840s. Marriage Index, 1847-1865. This database contains over 2100 names. (Last update 1/1/2003)

St. Louis' American College of Surgeons - 1938 Yearbook (Updated 7/30/2004)

A list of 152 surgeons listed as practicing in St. Louis in 1938.

National Cemetery Administration's website (Veteran's Affairs) (Updated 7/18/2004)
For years I've been recommending the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery website at "". Long time contributor to these pages, John Sarkis, just informed me of this much better (and more current) website run by the Department of Veteran's Affairs. Thanks John for the tip.

Missouri Medical College (McDowell's College) (Updated 6/19/2004)

for 1868-69, and 1869-70 classes. Provided by Dan Oppliger.

A very good website for the St. Charles genealogy researcher. The Pioneer Project is an opportunity for ancestors of St. Charles County residents to be certified by the St. Charles County Historical Society.

Index to Citizenship Records - St. Louis, Missouri (Added 5/14/2004)

Transcribed from the COURT OF COMMON PLEAS (1841-1847). Compiled by Linda Mahood Morgan.

John Cavender, 1796 - 1863 (Updated 3/27/2004)

An early St. Louis merchant and philanthropist, John Cavender is difficult to find in any St. Louis historical and biographical works.

Link to Veterans of Foreign Wars Online Database (Updated 10/10/2003)

Here is an advanced search box from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) that allows a search of members (many with photos, bios, campaigns, honors). Appears to have just begun, but certainly has the potential to provide a treasure trove of genealogical information. Thanks for the tip, Donald.

Miscellaneous St. Louis Volunteer Databases

Link to database containing 8700 petitioners from Anzeiger des Westens Sonntagsblatt 1877. Provided by Bob Doerr. (Added 8/22/2003) Waiting for your database
Link to St. Louis Pensioners on the Roll, 1883 Provided by Gordon Byers

St. Clair County, IL Marriages (1806-1810) is provided by Dave

Tidbits from St. Louis Newspapers Provided by Laura Edgar (Last Update 3/21/2004) National Guard Missouri 1916 offered by Chris Doehring
American Revolution connections to St. Louis Roster of the MO Society 1910-1912 - Sons of the Revolution. Transcribed by Lesley in California. Waiting for your input
Index of misc St. Louis Obits Obituary entries transcribed by John Sarkis. St. Louis Divorces/Separations (1808-1863) Data from Lesley
Link to Globe-Democrat May 9 1945 - V.E. Day in St. Louis (includes marriages, births, and picture of celebration!). Provided by Laurel Treat Tidbits from St. Louis Newspapers Includes marriages, births, obits, and news articles. Provided by Kelly Hall
Early St. Louis Marriages 1754 through 1835. Salem Lutheran Church. Susan Knighton's Salem Evangelical (German) Lutheran Church Transcriptions
Tidbits from St. Louis Newspapers Includes marriages, births, obits, and news articles. Provided by Kellykid (aka Winnefred). (Last updated September 20, 2002) Mallinckrodt School Graduating Class Lists Includes all graduates from 1945 thru 1960 (nearly 800 people). Provided by June Long.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat Obituaries of Irish-born St. Louisans. Provided by Sean B. Kelly. (Last update 8/25/2002) Link to St. Paul's Evangelical Church - Creve Coeur, St. Louis County, Missouri Provided by Linda Reichert. (Last update 11/8/2002)

Maps and Atlases of St. Louis (Updated 8/15/2003)

St. Louis City map of 1870, showing Ward boundaries

On the map it says, " Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1867..." It is an Augustus Mitchell map. Kindly provided by Joan Kaemmer. (added 8/15/2003)

   Awaiting another map    Awaiting another map

St. Clair County, Illinois

map of Township 1 South Range 9 West of the 3rd Principal Meridian (aka Millstadt)

Outline Plan of St. Louis City and County - 1883.

This particular map shows the township boundaries of St. Ferdinand, Central, City of St. Louis, Carondelet, Bonhomme, and Meramec. (published in "History of Saint Louis City and County..." by J. Thomas Scharf, 1883).

1890 Atlas of the City of St. Louis (Cram).

The original map is 9 3/4 by 12 1/4 inches, and therefore I couldn't scan it in as one continuous image. The middle of the map can be found here and the bottom of the map (around Carondelet Park) and the Map legend can be found here.

Link to 1912 Map of the Metro area.

Covers from Clayton to East St. Louis. Interesting snapshot in time (note Forest Park still has the layout from the 1904 World's Fair)

1822 Map of the City of St. Louis.

A very detailed street map of the City of St. Louis, showing boundaries by Act of Legisature, December 9th, 1822.

   Awaiting another map

Link to Julius Pitzman's 1868 map

Julius Pitzman's 1868 map of St. Louis county (and City) at Scott Williams' website

Federal Bureau of Land Management

Excellent site for searching land grants from the federal government to private ownership (even includes images of the deeds themselves)

Link to 1885 St. Louis Map

Nice, detailed city street map

Shell 1935 Road Map of Metropolitan St. Louis

This is a nice detailed map of downtown St. Louis, with an index to points of interest.

Map of Early St. Louis Cemeteries

Detailed map of downtown St. Louis' pre-Civil War cemeteries

Kerry Patch, 1875

A topographical look at the Irish immigrant's Kerry Patch. (Added 9/18/2002)

1930 Census Maps

I have a whole website dedicated to this topic.

   Awaiting another map

Link to SLPL Map Collection

This site has a complete description of St. Louis Public Library's St. Louis Map collection.

1880 St. Louis Census Finding Aid (Updated 8/1/2003)

is provided by Tracy Lewis of Anchorage, Alaska. This chart will make it a little easier to locate families in St. Louis in the 1880 census.

Link to History of Jacoby Stained Glass Studios (Updated 7/22/2003)

and a link to Oppliger Genealogy. From Dan Oppliger.

Link to the "Common-Place: Early Cities of the Americas" (7/16/2003)

A short history of St. Louis

Link to Census Forms and Form Letters

provided by

Link to Family Tree Legend's Social Security Death Index (Updated 6/23/2003)
There are a number of websites that provide search engines to this awesome data. The one I used to use was Ancestry's Social Security Death Index. However, although they use the same database, Family Tree Legend's search engine seems to be a bit more flexible (e.g., use 3-5 character prefix of a surname for when you're not sure of spelling, and age of death (handy when you have no idea of birth or death dates). Remember, Social Security began in 1936, so naturally people that died prior to that date will definitely not be included. Also, it is not an index to all deceased individuals who obtained a Social Security Number, nor is it a database of all deceased individuals who have received Social Security Benefits, or whose families have received survivor benefits. The SSDI contains information about persons with Social Security numbers whose deaths have been reported to the Social Security Administration. Beginning in the early 1960s, the SSA began to use a computer database for processing benefits. About 98% percent of the people in the SSDI died after 1962, but a few death dates go back as far as 1937.

Probate files from 1802 to 1900 have been indexed and are available through this online database. To date, cases up to 1865 are digitized and images of the case documents are available for online research. These Probate records are searchable by name or date. Another great project undertaken by the State of Missouri.

Link to online "Centennial History of Missouri (The Center State) One Hundred Years In The Union 1820-1921" (Added 5/4/2003)

This is the second volume from this set and contains 351 biographies and photographs of leading men of the first century of history in Missouri (1820-1921). Though this manuscript covers the entire state of Missouri, a good portion of the individual biographies are on people who had resided in St. Louis at some point in their life. BTW, this data is offered by the same wonderful folks that provide me with the free webspace for all these "Genealogy in St. Louis" websites.

St. Clair County, Illinois Databases

Heads of Household for 1880 Census in the Millstadt/Centreville area of St. Clair County. 755 households enumerated. (updated 2/14/2003)

St. Clair County, IL Marriages (1806-1810). 250 individuals listed.

1874 Atlas of St. Clair County Partial List of Patrons Town 1 South, Range 9 West (aka Millstadt/Centerville). 81 people identified.

1874 Atlas of St. Clair County.   List of more than 1400 landowners in Township 1 South, Range 9 West (aka Millstadt/Centerville). With MAP

Link to 1930 U.S. Census Project - An Index to St. Clair County, Illinois Residents

"2943" (Updated 12/9/2002)

is a book filled with memories of growing up in St. Louis in the 1920s and 1930s, and loads of pictures too.

Nationalities of Greater St. Louis (Updated 9/10/2002)

compiled by The International Folklore Federation of Greater St. Louis

1904 World's Fair Postcards (Posted 11/30/2001)

Images of 118 postcards of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Missouri, 1904

Dogtown St. Louis  (Linked 11/18/2001)

Awesome site by Bob Corbett that details many aspects of the Oakland/Cheltenham/Dogtown neighborhood. Some items he includes are complete listings of the 1900 census for that area and alumni of St. Jame's Grade School (with class pictures no less).

Scott William's "Time Portal to Old St. Louis" (Updated 8/8/2001)

Without a doubt this is the best collection of St. Louis History on the internet.

"On Genetics and Genealogy" (Added 5/10/2001)

This is the complete four part series of articles written by Jim Shoemaker. It's a fascinating treatise on the hobby of genealogy converging with the science of genetics.

1821 St. Louis Directory (Added 5/10/2001)

Listing of the approximately 600 households listed by John Paxton in the first ever St. Louis Directory, along with a street naming matrix.

The Premier Issue of the St. Louis Public Library's "Gateway Family Historian" is now available online

Link to St. Louis Historic Contexts (Added 2/16/2001)

A good overview of St. Louis' History and Heritage

Missouri Genealogy from "AccessGenealogy

The best overall Missouri Genealogy web site I've seen

Link to surname index to the Pitzman's 1878 St. Louis Atlas (3/4/2000)

Here's an index of every listed landowner (NOTE: not necessarily every homeowner) in St. Louis metro area in 1878. Find the surname, email Linda and she will let you know if he/she's the right one (along with a description of the property and location).

Catholic Central Union of America (2/9/2000)

The "Central Verein" has been around since 1855. The library holdings of this organization are predominately devoted to sociology, history, economics, philosophy, and theology. But there is a huge collection that is mostly Catholic-Americana with German-American history. Their records are most complete for the time period of the 1930-40s during which there were many displaced St. Louisians of German descent.

Mayflower Education Web Sites (11/12/99)

Contains unique instructional material on the Pilgrims and the Mayflower

OK, I realize that the Mayflower didn't come up the Mississippi and land at St. Louis. But since this is such outstanding material by one of the foremost historians and educators on Pilgrim History, Mr. Duane A. Cline, I wanted to share it with you. Using Mr. Cline's work, I have put together many websites all interconnected along with over fifty original drawings, charts, student exercises, and fascinating historical footnotes.

Personal Genealogy

Lossos Genealogy (Updated 11/7/2015)

Schneller Genealogy (Updated 1/1/2012)

Cujak/Zielke/Silke Genealogy(Updated 1/1/2012)

Webb Genealogy (Updated 1/1/2012)

Gilbert/Opp Genealogy (Updated 1/1/2012)

Knichel Genealogy (Updated 1/1/2012)

Rowland Genealogy (Updated 1/1/2012)

Coe Genealogy (Updated 1/1/2012)

Hewes/Hughes Genealogy(Updated 1/1/2012)

Losos Genealogy (Updated 1/1/2012)

Norton Genealogy (Updated 1/1/2012)

Warren (Mayflower) Genealogy(Updated 1/1/2012)

Laclede/Chouteau Genealogy(Updated 1/1/2012)

Boulicault Genealogy (Updated 8/10/2012)

Sly Genealogy (Updated 1/1/2012)

Marseiler Genealogy(Updated 1/1/2012)

Tappeiner Genealogy(Updated 1/1/2012)

"The Hidden Youth of Helen Tappeiner Lossos"

Mercy High School Senior Class Alumnae of 1963 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin(Updated 11/22/2009)

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